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Rules: list 10 songs you are currently obsessed with and tag 10 people

1. Natsu yuuzora - Kousuke Atari (it’s the first Natsuyuu ending and I honestly love it)

2. Two - Sleeping at Last

3. Favourite Record - Fall Out Boy

4. Earth - Sleeping at Last

5. Fourth of July - Fall Out Boy

6. Venus - Sleeping At Last (This one is just really sweet and I love the imagery oh my gosh)

7. Dive - Ed Sheeran (Too many Ed Sheeran songs to choose from, I love all of them and I’m sad that I haven’t had time to listen to music much lately because when I got the Divide album I put it on to sleep to more than I didn’t)

8. C'mon - Panic! At the Disco and Fun! (Pandora Hearts feels…)

9. Melissa - Porno Graffiti (Can I say that I love every single FMA 03 and FMAB op and ed, I’m picking this one tho cause I have started another rewatch and yeah, I love that song)

10. Ah Yeah - Sukima Switch (Too many songs to pick from, but this opening is amazing in my opinion. Also love the second Haikyuu ed)

This was such a struggle to pick??

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Ed Sheeran*


All Time Low

Panic! At The Disco

Troye Sivan

Jack’s Mannequin

Melanie Martinez


My Chemical Romance

5 Seconds of Summer

Twenty One Pilots

Blue October




Full House

Fuller House








Daniel Howell

Shane Dawson









Literally any animal


* if you like this ill love you forever

Hohenheim, in canon: So you’re Greed, you say? Ah yes, you’re the evil creation of my blood-brother homunculus monster who slaughtered everyone I held dear and is currently planning to slaughter everyone again, but on a 100x larger scale. I met your brother Pride recently. He tried to murder me. You’re the one who’s been dad-ing my son lately? Thanks for that. Doing me a real solid here. I haven’t had much time for dad-ing lately. Ed needs the guidance, and the exercise. Btw I’m not even going to ask if you’re evil or not since that seems rude. I just trust you. Your siblings have killed thousands. Please take good care of my son.