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Edward John O’Brien (b. April 15, 1968)

It’s a very human thing. Music, at the end of the day, is communicating something—emotion, a feeling, a rite of passage, where you are in life… It’s something that’s felt by everyone.

Happy birthday, Ed! 

Jim and Harvey take Ed in for questioning on Oswald's disappearance
  • Jim: what I don't understand is why you would hurt him. You two had a good thing going on
  • Ed: Well. Nothing lasts forever
  • Harvey: Well you two seemed you would, Gotham was rooting for the two of you
  • Ed: I. Not. Following.
  • Jim: ...
  • Harvey: ..
  • Jim: Oh wow
  • Ed: Wow what?
  • Jim: Ya know, for a mayor and chief of staff, you guys were very out of touch with your people
  • Ed: What are you talking about?
  • Harvey: Seriously? You don't know??
  • Ed: ..

I think I’ve figured out why Ed saying to Oswald “Love is about sacrifice” bothered me so much.

He’s right, of course. Sacrificing something willingly is one of the deepest and truest ways to prove one’s love for another. 

Asking or expecting someone to sacrifice something for you to prove their love is abusive.

I’m a slut for Nygmobblepot as much as the next person, and I love Ed dearly…and of course, I don’t think Ed was intentionally being toxic, but kids…Nygmobblepot is not the poster-child for a functioning, healthy relationship. This is Gotham.


GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [2/5] male characters » Mad Hatter

Does this look like a kid’s story to you?

So I’m wondering, has any of our fandom’s great gifset creators, done a “Rise and Fall of Oswald Cobblepot” by season yet? Or if anyone has chart making as a hobby, I think that would be an interesting one to see.

I was thinking earlier about how far Penguin has fallen but then I realized him being shot and tossed in the bay doesn’t actually seem like that bad in comparison to other “lows” he’s had.

Take S2. You think him holding his dear mother as she dies would be as low as he could get, but then he finds himself in Arkham with his brain being melted out of his ears. And then, he loses his newly found father! It’s like does this kid ever catch a break!? But in the end he’s the one saving the day as Butch blows Galavan to bits.

It just seems like the lower he falls, the higher he rises. I think that depending on how he gets himself out of this, if he has his wits about him, he can turn this around rather quickly. He’s bounced back from worse! And even higher than before. I think it’s one of the things we all love about him. His ability to get up no matter what knocks him down.

Ed hurt him. He let himself be vulnerable and he was earnest and it didn’t matter. He still lost this fight. He is undoubtedly down right now. But he won’t stay there. It’s only a matter of time before The Penguin rises once more.


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