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so i have thoughts on robert learning to be proud of his sexuality that i want to share please indulge me i have a lot of feelings about this

  • so robert really struggles with his bisexuality sometimes and liv is a perceptive bean and she makes him a funny drawing all in the bi pride colours and it takes like like a month to work up the confidence to do it, but he hangs it on the wall by his desk and liv is so proud of herself and aaron is so proud of robert and it’s Nice
  • robert likes to read in general and he starts reading some lgbt books and books about bisexuality and for the first time in his life he realises that other people get what he went through to come to terms with his sexuality and it’s a really nice feeling
  • robert has never ever been to pride in his entire life but when him and aaron have been married for like three years he decides he wants to go and its mad and overwhelming but robert has this moment where he realises he can be a happy out and proud man, he’s just got some things to work on and thats okay too 
  • aaron and liv are the ones who find out when bi visibility day is and they convince vic to bake robert a purple and pink cake and robert just laughs and laughs when he sees it but he really appreciates how much effort they’re making (especially aaron) and it’s the first bi visibility day he ever has as an out bi man and it’s the start of a whole new life really