this dystopian setting is giving me a lot of feelings

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How do you feel about the new Insurgent trailer? I'm really excited but I think that they are going way to far away from the book and I'm mad but I love it so much

Alright, so I’ve gotten a lot of asks with a similar question, so I’m just gonna put my reply/review here. (Hi btw!)


First of all - WOW. I can’t really put it into words, because I have mixed feelings about this. Don’t get me wrong, I love it because I’m VERY biased towards the book. However, I had to watch it a few times from a neutral perspective, where I was paying close attention the details in every second of that trailer. And the only sentence I could process in my mind during those two and a-half-minutes trailer was, “what is that???”

Is that supposed to be the disk that caused the whole Insurgent plot? It’s clearly not what I expected. In my mind, it was a bit… smaller. Just a tad bit. I suppose that’s where the video of Edith Prior is being stored in? I guess the icon is there to make it look cooler, so good job props-team! 

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The location for the factionless’ was really cool! Caleb was right, it is insane. I was a bit shocked when I saw that it’s located underground. Or is it? Either way, it gives me that sort of vibe! Speaking of factionless - Evelyn. She is SMOKING HOT, like OH MY LORD. In my head, she was supposed to be a bit older, along with a darker voice. Honestly, if I have not read the books before, I would believe that Tobias and Evelyn are at the same age, not having the parent-child relationship. Naomi is 46! FOURTY-FREAKIN-SIX! It’s crazy how young and beautiful she looks like. Now we all know where Tobias got his genes from. 

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Not gonna lie, it was REALLY REFRESHING to watch different sceneries. Back in Divergent, we were stuck in the Abnegation and Dauntless locations, most of the part. However, since all of the factions will be included in this one, it just gives me the sort of feeling that this movie will be a WHOLE LOT different than the first one. One thing I love about this is the fact that they have managed to keep the whole.. future-dystopian-mood. Although the set of Erudite and Candor makes it seem like it’s more futuristic, rather than dystopian.

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Over to our main focus when we first saw the trailer - FOURTRIS. Of course it would be those two lovebirds we all hold dearly. And yes, the BIG QUESTION everyone is so curious of, why is she half naked? Why is she taking her top off, in front of someone she was so afraid to get intimate with in the first movie? Even I don’t know the answer to this. Have they decided to let them do BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW in the SECOND movie, when Veronica put it as an ‘open mind’ for us in the THIRD book? I’ve read and gotten a lot of theories about this, which includes:

  • 'I’ll be your family now’ part - movie version.
  • 'I’ll fight the bad dreams off’ part - movie version.
  • A similar fear landscape / simulation (???)

I put my bet on the first two sheories for this matter! And speaking of Fourtris, after watching the whole trailer over and over again, I feel like they’re going to put more focus on the part of them being partners, rather than lovers. Which is quite obvious when I think about it, because being my least favorite book from the whole trilogy (personal opinion ofc, it was REALLY heavy to read for me), angst and distrust and everything that could be an issue in a relationship, happens in this movie. I guess it’s just that one intimate scene that will make it all up! (Does that mean the movie will have a raise on the age-rate?)

PS: To think that we got to see that steamy make out scene of FourTris in 3D?! SO READY FOR THIS! 

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IS THIS WHAT I THINK IT IS? CHRISTINA DURING THAT HEARTBREAKING SCENE? Aka the truth serum moment?! This is what I call a spoiling teaser! I wanted her reaction to be a surprise! That scene was like a fatal blow to the TrisTina friendship! It’s going to be a dramatic moment, and I can’t wait to see it! 

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They’ve given us a fair amount of teasers when it comes to Candor and Erudite, but VERY few shots of Amity! Well, most of it contains Eric and his maids chasing after Tris and co. As a FourTris shipper, I know which specific scene I want to see while they’re in Amity. AND I’M SURE MOST OF YOU KNOW AND WANT TO SEE IT AS WELL. I just sincerely hope that even if their focus is the partnership of FourTris like I said earlier, that peace serum scene will be included! I need it. I CRAVE for it.

I wanted to put my opinion on the new characters, but all of them have only a few shots in this trailer. So I’m going to wait until they release other teasers, so we can get a better shot of ‘em! Especially Marlene, Lynn and Johanna.

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But I’d like to add a short note that Keiynan seems like the perfect Uriah for me, it’s exactly how I imagined him to be! And the connection between Tris and Uriah seems like a really good one! 

If I had to judge how the movie is going to be based on this trailer, along with all the teasers we have gotten so far, I’m saying it again guys; it’s going to be so different from the first one. It’s a huge gap between the two movies, and that extends all the way from how the sets look like, the amount of action and effort they have put in the second movie and not to mention, the thoughts and flow the directors have for each movie. They’re diverging into two different paths, where Divergent seems quite small comparing to what we’re going to witness on Insurgent. The first movie seems like an introduction, instead of having both as two movies with equal contents.

Moreover, I have no absolute clue how Robert is going to deal with Allegiant being divided in two parts. While the trilogy is categorized as action movies, Allegiant has more conversations and explanations regarding their past and their ancestors, rather than the action everyone is expecting of. What I’m worried about, is not about the part where both movies will be all talk. It’s about how the plot will be divided in. Hence, that’s a topic I will talk about another time!

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Nonetheless, I’m still pretty pumped up for the movie, even if it’s not what I have expected. Even if I have said all of this, I’m pretty sure when I’m in front of the screen, I wouldn’t complain at all. I fell in love with the series thanks to the first movie (it was a rather nice introduction to the books, which I finished in a short time), so there’s a big chance I will fall more in love with the trilogy after watching Insurgent!