this dummy xd



Apparently this sword has never seen battle or something, despite supposedly having been owned by big-name samurai like Nobunaga and Kenshin, so they’re characterizing him as the laziest doofus ever. Almost every single line he says is like, “Nooo, I don’t wanna woooork!!” And “My specialty is being utterly lazy, what do you expect?”

And when he’s sent to the repairs he;s like “Yay, now I don’t have to do anything!!”

You adorable dummy you XD

I hope they will eventually bring in  his brother Fudou Kuniyuki. It’d be funny if Fudou is the exact opposite of Akashi, ‘cause Fudou’s been through some tough shit XD

And the Odagumi family continues to grow~ XD XD XD


I really love perfectlylogicalexplanation’s AU. Like. REALLYYY LOVE IT. But I just realised that I didn’t draw new fanart for this lovely au . So I immediately started drawing again and made this! A Big Dipper au version of Mabel’s Guide to Life! 

Although, I’m not really sure in the au that there IS one though…sorry ‘bout that if it doesn’t X( But I just thought in a what if scenario…what would a little sister do if she’s if she wants to practice her makeup skills but has no girl friends to practice on…hmmm…who could be her practice dummy?…Dipper of course XD 


“Hi! It’s another edition ooooof…MABEL’S GUIDE TO LIFE! And in this episode we’re doing makeup! It’s gonna be a great episode folks ‘cause we have a special volunteer, my brother!

“Shhhhhh!…It’s a surprise though!” –Mabel

“Zzzzz…” –Dipper

…Poor unsuspecting Dipper he’ll in for a surprise when he wakes up. I won’t think he would be mad though. Annoyed sure! But He loves his sister too much to be mad about something like that :)