this dumb thing has been sitting in my drafts for a while now im just going to let it go

SO like a year ago i went to a tgi fridays with my cousin, the Hostess™ there is really cute (glasses, smol-ish, short blonde-ish hair bangs, adorable smile i diE), we talked for a min it was a nice time,,whatever. im having a Gay Crisis she kept lookin over and smilin makin eye contact, im makin it a bigger thing in my head proBABLY but anyways, i leave i don’t do anything. i text my friend and she says i should’ve left her my number. i go into a rANT about hOw i could do that if she’s not even my waitress and she’s like ,,,just fuckin,,leave your number on a receipt on the hostess stand???? bitch tf. and im like wow genius, what a concept. my friend calls me a useless gay. i go back like ,,,a month later with some coworkers. shes /there/. we continue to be cute i guess skdjnfds but i tell my coworker about my previous fuck up and shes like do it!!! so i leave my number on the stand when shes gone and we go. nOthing happens; i tell my friends i /did it/, i get zEro texts or anything so naturally i AVOID going to fridays for a year lmaooo. a year later, this past spring semester, i have film production, we get into groups for like half the semester to shoot some short films. one day im talkin to one of my friends in the group (i end up crushin on the bitch bc im usEless, she’s a mess and Straight™ so thats,,that) and i tell her how i live like an hour south of campus and i work at this mall (the same mall where fridays is) and shes like omg i have a friend who works there. inner me is like ,,,could it be??? the Hostess™?? so i ask, oh what does she do. she says the friend is a waitress. im like ,,,oh, she says sadly. (dumbass me didnt factor i’ve avoided the place for a year and people tend to ya know, MOVE UP in the workplace so naturally the progression from hostess to waitress is a Thing that /happens/ but im a MESS so whatever). everyone in my prod. group is USELESS so i’ve been stressed for mOnths literally carrying this entire group by a thread, the last two weeks has been us shooting my movie that i wrote bc my partner, we partnered up to write a script but,,,as i said,,,useless. so i wrote it and have been directing it and no one is making this an easy thing SO last day for my movie my friend in the group comes up to me and says she has a friend who’s gonna chill for a while, asking me if that’s okay. im like ,,,yeah?? thats fine of course!! the girl is,,,smol, blonde-ish hair, glasses, bangs, cute ass smile,,,,,IT DOESNT REGISTER IN MY HEAD THO that heY bITCH!!!!! ,,,,she looks familiar!!!!!! (this campus is str8 up an hour away from my work/home and im tiRED and stressed like there was no possible way right,,,wrOng son!) i say hi to her tho, give her a hug, a kiss, we’re hispanic so everyone in miami is fucking throwing around cheek kisses but my useless gay ass is already,,flustered. i’m trying to wrangle my actors (my two best friends so thats a mISSION) trying to get my shit ass crew to actually pay attention,,, i talk to The Girl tho and im like it’s been a time in this class,,, her friend tells her what my short film is and The Girl is like omg thats funny i’d love to watch that and im like gURl ,,thanks. (i think she’s cute obvs,,,still not putting the pieces together) we talk while i calm tf down before i murder this one boy who does nothing but complains,, she tells me she works at fridays and im like oh cool thats cool v nice,,i get distracted go off to do things,,, her friend in my group is messing around so i look to her and im like pls fucking control your girl here. later tho, the girl LEAVEs, comes to say bye and shes like v nice to meet you i hope you’re okay after this and im like look love me too they are,,,,a handful as you can see. she laughs she says yeah i’d love to see how it ends up looking tho and im like if i can show you i would but idk maybe ask ya friend later and i get distracted before i can get my shit together and like ,,,,get a number or whATEVER bc nO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING even tho i gAve them directions. i realize she’s gone like 20min later dsjfbsss. fast forward like 2 months or so maybe less, my cousin is like omg lets go to fridays endless apps are back for good. and im like bitch lehgo. we’re sat at fridays we eatin we having a good time,,,,,this waitress walks by and im ,,shook. im like,,,,oh shit. i know her. where do i know her. i think about it for like 5min and it all fucking CLICKS like it crashes down into me 2 fucking months later that this gIRL i’ve been pining over for a YEAR now,,,,is the same girl who i met at school that one day,,,is the same waitress taht walked by. and im like woooow what a DUMB bitch, djhfsjks. do i do anything tho??? nOpe. my cousin and i hang out/catch up via our fridays dates so like,,,every so often she texts me and we meet up there. it’s been like,,,4 months of us just going to fridays for endless apps there’s at least 3 different waitresses that know us and our order. we sit down and they wave at us now skjdfhd. i subtly am always looking for the Hostess™, am always hoping that i will be sat in her section so i can tRY THIS SHIT AGAIN AT LEAST but aLAS no. im like always a section away from her or shes not even there oR she is but shes like fuckin wiping tables or something idk whatever. i tell my friends every time tho and it’s their favorite story bc like of course. today my cousin and i went,,,we are sat down,,,20 min later sHE walks by me, stOps at the table behind me and takes their order,,,,the universe is truly fucking with me and i have hAd it. so yeah. not really a happy ending but like can you believe that shit. 

@effortlessly-opulent here it is i saved it in my drafts just in case , i wasn’t about to rewrite this whole mess