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“Neat where others were sloppy, organized where they were confused, sure of himself while they floundered, he cut a swath through England’s murderers that left the police far behind.
Unimpressed by titles, unfazed by difficulties, untiring in his labours, Hercule Poirot stood as a bulwark protecting English society from legions of lady poisoners, gentlemen stranglers, and murderers of all sorts and persuasions who, without his efforts, would have escaped justice.
Though he occasionally berated himself for his few mistakes and miscalculations, he knew his own worth well enough. Spurning false modesty, he allowed as how he was ‘the greatest mind in Europe.’”

- ‘Hercule Poirot, The Man and the Myth’ by Jerry Keucher, from The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Agatha Christie by Dick Riley and Pam McAllister

Am I the only one who’s iffy about Launchpad’s characterization in the new Ducktales? (Thoughts in tags)

hi it’s 1 am here but i guess it’s a good time to post a dumb idea i drew for

quick, lazy explanation: while i was writing that sancirc au, my friend asked me about the comic and when i showed it to them, they were hooked. at the same time, they were also very into bendy and the ink machine and eventually they suggested i make a crossover thing for it

needless to say, i had a bit too much fun in the end~

a word about the fe fanbase and how fucking stupid it is

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  • Everyone: Mrs. Mina Harker is an angel from heaven
  • Dracula: damn this paragon woman always thwarting me
  • Dracula: how dare
  • Dracula: I despise her so much
  • Dracula: and by despise I mean we're getting married
  • Dracula: I’m hate-marrying her dumb perfect face
  • Dracula: sweet hate-marriage revenge
  • Dracula: that’ll show her

anonymous asked:

U called for cuddly daisugas? What's Daichi and Sugas fav way to cuddle? Does one of them prefer being the big spoon/little spoon? Also I love picturing them with big mugs of hot cocoa in fluffy sweaters and cuddled up on the couch together watching old holiday movies. Daichis hand is mindlessly carding through suga's hair and Suga just sighs and sinks into daichi's side. They're both happy and content and nothing could ruin it in that moment.

Daichi and Suga have been working on their cuddling technique for years. They’re pretty much experts at this point. 

Their default position is in the basement of Suga’s house, curled up on the couch, with Suga’s head nuzzled in the crook of Daichi’s neck, with his arms around his chest and his legs over Daichi’s, while Daichi runs fingers through his hair and pets up Suga’s thighs - all while underneath a blanket. Runner up position is Suga laying down on his back with Daichi on his chest, so he gets to rub his back.

As for spooning that’s also a favorite - when they sleep together that’s 85% of how it happens. Usually Daichi ends up being the big spoon, because Suga just really likes being the little spoon. Plus, Daichi’s just so warm naturally - he’s like a space heater. But they do alternate, and when Suga is the big spoon, he takes the job very seriously. Lots of tummy caresses and arm petting and calves rubbing and back of the neck kisses.

And obviously, when its cold, that’s all they really do - cuddle. Make some cocoa or tea or coffee (or some hot wine, even though Daichi doesn’t really like it, it’s one of Suga’s favorite things and Daichi can drink it down because a tipsy touchy-feely Suga is worth it). They just get under the covers and cuddle for hours. Lots of kisses and cheek rubbing and noses in each other’s necks. Lots of quiet conversations, usually ending up with both of them laughing. Maybe a movie or just showing each other dumb videos on their phones. It’s perfect- so perfect they sometimes back out of team bonding activities to stay home and just cuddle.

(They’re like a married couple, it’s gross.)

I know that a lot of people think that we are crazy. But we must not fear those with no imagination. They’ll think that they are living the perfect life whilst we are watching ‘’ dumb’’ tv shows and reading ‘’ stupid’’ books. 

But life is like what us fangirls say: Don’t judge a book by its cover- because you might have a normal life but we have an extraordinary one.