this dumb movie lol

Is this really a thing?

GUEST: Hey, I’m really interested in seeing that thing with Brooklyn.
CONCIERGE: Which part of Brooklyn would you like to see?
(The guest grunts and rolls her eyes.)
GUEST: Well, hopefully, the whole thing.
CONCIERGE: Depends how much time you have.
GUEST: Huh? Well, how long is it?
CONCIERGE: I’d say you’d need a few days for the “whole thing,” but I can recommend some parts.
GUEST: A few days? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Do you know anything about theater?
CONCIERGE: Yes, but you asked about Brooklyn.
GUEST: No. We already saw Brooklyn. We want to see Brooklyn in that play. We read in the paper it’s starting tonight.
CONCIERGE: Oh. Saoirse Ronan. She’s starring in The Crucible.
GUEST: (Rolls eyes as if to say “That’s why I said.”)

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Relationship status: i got bf

Favorite color: pink!!

Lipstick or chapstick: i live for lipstick

Last song I listened to: um? idk dumb bf was listening to some dumb grateful dead song earlier i think lol

Last movie I watched: 13th (documentary about mass incarceration) it fucked me up ! highly recommend.

Top three tv shows: steven universe, buffy the vampire slayer, and friends

Top three characters: sailor moon, lego batman, and Joey Tribianni– the ultimate comfort character

Top three ships:  harley/ivy, willow/tara (buffy), and polygems (including rose)

Books I’m currently reading: communion by bell hooks (which i highly recommend for sapphic women who also love men) and in defense of food by michael pollan (which i don’t recommend unless yyou want to hate yourself)

ty!! u da best!!

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