this dumb movie lol


Tex (‘82) || Rumble Fish ('83) || The Outsiders ('83) || That was Then… This is Now ('85)

Emilio Estevez and Matt Dillon in S.E. Hinton Film Adaptations

tfw you have like 15 children that you love more than life itself

I just watched night at the museum 1&2

And let me tell u these two killed me like they’re so tiny yet so brave and act like bros and and ajhsnabsjddk each time one of them gets in trouble the other is like I’ll save u leave my bro alone!! but they would just end up like

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28 or 23 with ford and any character of choice, please :D

28. “I thought you loved me” I’ll do Stan and Ford.

“Please. Just listen to me.”

“Why would I want to listen to anything you have to say?! I can’t trust you anymore!”

“I know, but please just listen to what I have to say-”

“I thought you loved me!”

“I do! I do love you! You know that!”

“What are you watching?”

Stan jumped and the remote resting on the armchair tumbled to the floor. He swore under his breath. 

“A drama romance,” he replied, reaching to pick up the remote.

“A drama romance,” Ford repeated.


“I didn’t take you for the type to be interested in this type of genre.”

“I didn’t either. It’s actually good, besides the mushy, awkward parts.”


“How about you pull up a chair and I’ll tell ya about it.”

Ford scoffed. “No thanks. Not really my type of thing.”

“Ah c’mon, Sixer! The drama is really intense in this one! You missed 45 minutes of it but it’s only going to get worse. It’ll be great! It’s more drama than romance.”

“Alright then.” Ford pulled up a chair next to Stan.” Humor me.”

“So it’s called Her Husband and-”

“Wow. A great name.”

“Okay so the name is terrible. Anyway. The wife, Clara, has the perfect life. At least that’s what she thinks. Unknown to her, her husband has a dark secret.”

“A dark secret, huh?” Ford replied sarcastically.

Stan rolled his eyes. “Okay so this movie sounds clichéd.”

“Very. Tell me again how this is so appealing?”

“I’m getting to it. Yeesh. As I was saying, the husband has been going away at night when she’s sleeping and doing who knows what? Even I’m not too sure. One of Clara’s friends suspects her husband of going out at night but Clara doesn’t believe her until she finally places a hidden camera. She catches him in the act and demands why he’s been going out at night. She assumes he’s been cheating on her and now she’s been blowing up at him.”

“So I presume all this yelling is what’s so good about this movie?”

“Okay, mister sarcasm. It’s only been 45 minutes, you know how slow things get. It’ll only get better. I can tell. I bet she has some twisted backstory or something.”

“Guess the only way one of finding out is watching the whole thing.” 

Stan clapped Ford’s back.“I knew you would be interested! Ooh! Did you see that slap she threw at him?”


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Is this really a thing?

GUEST: Hey, I’m really interested in seeing that thing with Brooklyn.
CONCIERGE: Which part of Brooklyn would you like to see?
(The guest grunts and rolls her eyes.)
GUEST: Well, hopefully, the whole thing.
CONCIERGE: Depends how much time you have.
GUEST: Huh? Well, how long is it?
CONCIERGE: I’d say you’d need a few days for the “whole thing,” but I can recommend some parts.
GUEST: A few days? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Do you know anything about theater?
CONCIERGE: Yes, but you asked about Brooklyn.
GUEST: No. We already saw Brooklyn. We want to see Brooklyn in that play. We read in the paper it’s starting tonight.
CONCIERGE: Oh. Saoirse Ronan. She’s starring in The Crucible.
GUEST: (Rolls eyes as if to say “That’s why I said.”)