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Is this really a thing?

GUEST: Hey, I’m really interested in seeing that thing with Brooklyn.
CONCIERGE: Which part of Brooklyn would you like to see?
(The guest grunts and rolls her eyes.)
GUEST: Well, hopefully, the whole thing.
CONCIERGE: Depends how much time you have.
GUEST: Huh? Well, how long is it?
CONCIERGE: I’d say you’d need a few days for the “whole thing,” but I can recommend some parts.
GUEST: A few days? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Do you know anything about theater?
CONCIERGE: Yes, but you asked about Brooklyn.
GUEST: No. We already saw Brooklyn. We want to see Brooklyn in that play. We read in the paper it’s starting tonight.
CONCIERGE: Oh. Saoirse Ronan. She’s starring in The Crucible.
GUEST: (Rolls eyes as if to say “That’s why I said.”)

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nickname(s): Bean, Bri, Elf, Banana

star sign: Leo

height: 5′5

time right now: 4:07pm

favourite music artist: ummmmmm Aaron Tveit?

song stuck in your head: lol Honestly this really dumb thing.

last movie watched: Rogue One

last tv show watched: The season 2 premiere of Colony.

what are you wearing right now: Black skinny jeans, a tshirt cut into a tanktop and a flannel shirt.

when did you create your blog: November 2011. But I had a different blog before.

what kind of stuff do you usually post: A lot of Lost and then whatever passing interests I have on top of that. But I’m easily influenced by my dashboard.

do you have any other blogs: Yes. But I’m currently only really using this one.

do you get asks regularly: Not too frequently. 

why did you choose your url: Back when I started becoming more and more of a lost blog I wanted a clear way to express that so I settled on a combination of two very recognizable parts of Lost. I think at the time, I thought it would be temporary but since I can not keep track of people changing their urls at all, I decided against ever changing it.

hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

pokemon team: I was Instinct but I’ve deleted the app for now.

average hours of sleep: 5-6ish 

lucky number: 1, or any of the Lost numbers. 

favourite character: Kate Austen.

how many blankets do you sleep with: One usually, sometimes two.

following: 721 - down from even more at one point. lol

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@alvi-la @jeremy-bentham @lostlastsforever756 @mikhailbakunins @doriardyn @patsywalker @shephardjack @sayid-jarrah-of-lost  @apicturewithasmile probably forgetting a lot of people….