this dumb movie lol

I just watched night at the museum 1&2

And let me tell u these two killed me like they’re so tiny yet so brave and act like bros and and ajhsnabsjddk each time one of them gets in trouble the other is like I’ll save u leave my bro alone!! but they would just end up like

Is this really a thing?

GUEST: Hey, I’m really interested in seeing that thing with Brooklyn.
CONCIERGE: Which part of Brooklyn would you like to see?
(The guest grunts and rolls her eyes.)
GUEST: Well, hopefully, the whole thing.
CONCIERGE: Depends how much time you have.
GUEST: Huh? Well, how long is it?
CONCIERGE: I’d say you’d need a few days for the “whole thing,” but I can recommend some parts.
GUEST: A few days? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Do you know anything about theater?
CONCIERGE: Yes, but you asked about Brooklyn.
GUEST: No. We already saw Brooklyn. We want to see Brooklyn in that play. We read in the paper it’s starting tonight.
CONCIERGE: Oh. Saoirse Ronan. She’s starring in The Crucible.
GUEST: (Rolls eyes as if to say “That’s why I said.”)