this dumb british love of my life


Hey there! My name is Hayley, 16 years old, and I’m seeking someone with a great personality and a quirky sense of humor that matches mine. Since I am from the boring state of Kansas, I’m extremely interested in people from foreign lands and culture.

I love painting with acrylics and watercolors though I have no talent with it whatsoever. I’ve basically spent this entire year on Netflix watching everything from Sherlock to The Great British Baking Show. When I can find the time I also like to play ukulele, read, write and wallow around with my dumb dog.

Music truly is a lifesaver for me; I will listen to practically anything. Rn I’m really in love with I Was Me by Imagine Dragons.

I would really like to meet someone I can talk to about life with. Sometimes I can be up at 1 in the morning with either some extremely stupid thought or a groundbreaking idea that can change the entire world you feel? Or maybe I just want to share a stupid pun. Idk.

I will respect your culture, your beliefs, your sexuality, etc. Please respect me as well :)

Currently, I am learning to speak German, though it’s probably not very accurate. I’ve had two years of experience and if someone that is fluent with the language would like to communicate and help me out that would be fantastic! (Not required haha)

I’d prefer someone age 15-18. Hit me up on my tumblr if you’re interested! littlemissacup

Have a fantastic day!