this dude omg!

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Omg that dude is such a prick! How exactly did he get your number?

I love how I got 13 asks of how he got my number 😂😂 and we use to talk (not in that way) but he had my number for a while and then he came back out of nowhere and he was like suck my dick and I’m like 

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and then he was like I’ll pay you to suck my dick and I’m like okay. and he was like really? I’m like the fuck, no. Then he send me a picture of him holding $2,000 and I’m like cool Monopoly money. Leave me alone please. 

then he was like you need the money I know you do, just suck my dick for easy money 

and then I was getting pist and I told him boy I bet your dick is so small I have to be like *sends picture* 

and then I blocked him 

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Oh, it's your birthday soon?? When is it, and happy early birthday! I'm doing stuff later because it's my birthday today(EST) :) (This is also a diff anon from the one asking about your day, thought id clarify)

Mines on the 26th! So a lil bit still a way to go bUT omg dude HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANON!!! I hope you have a great day and I hope you can spend it with great people!

THIS MEANS THAT THE KISS WAS CANON. GUYS OMG, GUUUUUYS AAAAHAKSHAKHSKDH If you can find the source on Kubo’s twitter, please do post it

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EDIT: Ok, since this post is getting surprisingly popular, I just wanna say that I’ve not personally confirmed this, SO DON’T BUY THE BLU-RAY FOR THIS REASON ONLY, GUYS LOL


Mystic Messenger x Cheese in the Trap Crossover

I (horribly) attempted to try and draw MM characters in one of my favorite art styles, which is Soonkki’s, who created the webtoon: Cheese in the Trap. I’m very influenced by their style, especially with how I draw eyes and expressions. So yeah, when I was playing through Zen and Jumin’s route, I can’t help but see some parallels between some MM characters and CiTT, so I’ve been wanting to try and draw them in Soonkki’s style for a while… but I kind of… butchered it lmao.


the saga continues……

part 1 // part 2


The full opening VCR and the ending!!


Day 6: Aliens/Food

Hunk’s stomach can take a lot, but not everything…..

The aftermath:

It’s ur girl Jennie 🍄 

edit: I know this one isn’t that good but it was my first so bare with me