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Indirectas de Leiftan

ESP: ¿Recuerdan que el familiar de Leiftan destrozó nuestra habitación? ¿Y que después él mismo dijo que los familiares se parecen a sus dueños y a nosotros se nos hizo extraño porque Leif era un pan de Dios?

ENG: Do you remember one day Leiftan’s companion destroyed our room? And he said “The compaion looks like the owner”? And this sounded strange cuz Leiftan was sweet and relax?

darkibooty  asked:

concept: colonel and damien makin flower crowns and mark comes in and he's like "MY TURN" and he makes them badly and everyone's aLIVE AND HAPPY AND I WANT MY DAMIEN BACK

lmao and celine is just sitting nearby shaking her head like gdi these boys

but dude omg what if colonel ends up making damien’s flower crown out of blue flowers and celine’s crown out of red flowers.

I love someone.

She’s the kindest person, incredibly intelligent, stronger than anyone you’ll ever know, her talents are endless, her sense of humor is fantastic and on top of all of that she is the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on.

She is - Taylor Swift

Does Drake Walker have a job?

He lives in the palace right?

If MC chooses Drake, do you think he has to move out? Yes, obviously!! But what then… Where does he get a job if he has no experience…? No degree (does he have one? Did he talk about it in a diamond scene I didn’t pay for?) King Liam would probably offer a glowing recommendation emphasizing Drake’s good qualities even after his boy steals his girl: hard-working, strong, punctual but would Drake take it? Like if Liam offers him some job from some Duke or whatever tending to a bigass farm would Drake be like “nice! Thanks man” or “I can’t accept this, Liam. Then I would be a cushy Noble like the rest of the court where everything is handed to me because of my relationship with you. Also, I’m banging MC now and it’s weird to have you so kind to me anyway.” If anything, Drake insisted to help around the palace with tough work so he could ‘earn’ a spot in the palace but other than that is he getting a salary or are MC x Drake f*cked?


thank you 3 for having us in for the early Q and A, you were hilarious as ever and you mean the world to us all ^~^

also I can’t believe I was sat right in front of Brandon Turner, holy crap that dude is awesome omg