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Mp100 super 5 headcanons?

Woah dude holy fuck I was just about to make a post about the super 5 lmao. Yeah I got a few up my sleevies!!

Shibata is pretty much the dude who breaks up any argument(which happens a lot for various reasons). If a fight is getting a little too heated he just has to step in between the two and they stop real fast. He never had to use force which is good because he would rather not. He’s not stupid. He knows using force against them would just make it worse.

Hatori keeps to himself and only really talks to others when spoken too. He’s always too busy with his gadgets and things he forgets to actually talk with people. Minegishi is normally the one to get curious with what he’s fiddling with and holds a conversion with him about it. So naturally he’s closer with him than anyone else. Even though Serizawa does small talk from time to time.

Shimazaki surprisingly is the most serious about the whole “World Domination” thing. He kinda left everything he had behind to do this so obviously when something goes wrong he gets ticked. Sure he has his fun side. He’s drawn eyebrows on Minegishi when he dozed off with whiteout to match his hair. Kept unplugging hatori’s things when he would look away. Always playing the “I’m blind” card, but he’s a really determined guy. He puts his whole being into things, and can be very scary when he needs to be.

Minegishi is a little shit. Shimazaki is the prankster and goofy guy but Minegishi isn’t afraid to lie to someone’s face just to fuck with them. In fact it’s gotten him in trouble many times when people would actually fully trust him and the boss would tell him to knock it off. He would for a while but when people are so gullible he can’t help himself. He has to do something to them. It’s one of few things he actually enjoys doing at the place.

Serizawa isn’t just close with the boss, but Shimazaki too. Since they both are considerable the strongest of the 5. They spend a lot of time together with missions and such. Shimazaki warmed up to the guy pretty quickly and Serizawa the same. Sure other’s speak to him a little, but Shimazaki is one to keep a conversation going which is good since Seri sometimes doesn’t know how. Serizawa always felt comfortable around Shimazaki which was great for a nervous wreck like him.


Octavia isn’t going to die. Period. That’s my 2nd prediction after the one in which I think Bellamy will likely pull the finale lever in Season 4. 

Okay, I’ve got to say something. I’m totally fine that many of you don’t like Octavia. That’s your opinion and … whatever, tbh. But, I’m not gonna lie, it’s super annoying to see all the Octavia hate on my dash every time I peek on here every hour or so. 

Nauseating, honestly. 

I think the hate she gets is a little overthetop, peeps. But, that’s just my opinion. 

I guess what’s annoying about it, too, is that people aren’t sympathetic to a 16 year-old girl whose trauma is pretty significant… and also sympathetic to Bellamy, who loves his sister more than anyone else besides his people as a whole and Clarke. Like, dudes, …the Blake relationship is a central part of the story, and it’s so fucking real when it comes to siblings relationships (I use to hit and bite my brothers, too …SUE ME. It’s not okay, but when a girl has anger problems like I use to…it happens). Honestly, their relationship reminds me of the relationship I once had with my brothers during my teen years. 

Anywho, that’s just my little vent after seeing so much … disdain for her. 

*sigh* but again, that’s just my opinion and I won’t fight you on it. It’s a personal preference, I suppose. 

You do you, fam. 

p.s. I’m not looking for a discussion or a fight. Just wanted to vent. I also don’t think any less of people that don’t like her…I do get it to a point… I just think people get a little crazy about it. 

To anyone and everyone who wants more diversity in their YA summer reading:

You should 100% read Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan


-Persian lesbian main character whose voice is absolutely wonderful and charming and achingly real. If you don’t love Leila, you don’t love yourself, tbh.

-other notable lady characters include, but are not limited to: a vampire techie, a gorgeous Jewish athlete who’s having a hard time coping with the loss of her brother, a hot hot literature teacher, and, of course, a mysterious transfer student from Switzerland

-(the dude characters are pretty cool too: a WASPy gay drama queen, a laid-back black dude who loves zombie movies, a loud seventh-grader, and a conservative Persian dad who is distressed about how much hip hop is about butts)

-hilarious lines such as: “I try to keep my mind busy through the silence. Is there chocolate-flavored gum yet? Did I remember to clear my browser history of lesbian folk music sites? I’ve been learning a lot about Ani DiFranco. I don’t even like folk music, but I guess I’d better see what all the fuss is about if I am to join my people.”

-it’s very engaging and not too long: I knocked it off in an afternoon because I couldn’t put it down


-(seriously though I teared up a time or two which isn’t actually that big a deal because I cry over everything but still it’s really good and you should read it)

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Dude, if it's a time for compliments I cannot miss out on this. I love your art so much, it's amazing. And your suck a god damn inspiration too. Like, I pretty much entirely got into art because of you, not to mention how much you've inspired me to be a better person in real life. Your the coolest cat around my dude and all these compliments are well deserved!

holy fuc ok thank you what the hell, thats really cool to hear and im totally not cryin :’’)

thegoldenavenger replied to your post: i took benadryl and went for a nap while rdj’s…

This is beautiful i want to hear more ;v;

i unfortunately don’t know a ton about, like, history in general (ten year old me who was obsessed with knights and stuff would be So Disappointed in me) so it was just like. my brain building a generic Old Timey setting with knights and royalty and people on horseback and stuff. Nat had borrowed a v pretty yellow dress but she was secretly wearing pants and boots underneath and had like 5 knives in case shit got real,,,,

there was like a running gag where tony knew Way Too Damn Much about like. Everything??? And physically could not shut up because he was so excited??? you’re a smith dude you shouldn’t know all of this pls chill “uhhh yeah i mean my father insisted that I was well read,,,he,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,was an,,,,academic” just a whole lot of “uh yeah my mother taught me to dance/play instruments/do So Much Math And Science/have really great penmanship and in-depth knowledge of your legal/political system” how long do you think this boy would last before he starts secretly trying to build old-timey repulsor gauntlets 

It’s time for summer headcanons !

-the squad going to the beach!! Alex being insecure because of his cookie pouch and he tries to laugh it off but the others all tell him how beautiful he is and try to blow raspberries on his belly. He ends up tossing his shirt off and beating every one of them at swimming races ‘cause he’s a natural

-Aaron is content to stay in the shade reading, thank you very much, but the squad won’t stop bothering him so he ends up sighing and taking his shirt off too. they all stop talking and just gape. when he starts to get nervous Herc just yells “holy shit dude you’re RIPPED!!!” followed by whistles from LaF and John

-Alex gets a bit jealous of Aaron’s body but he reminds him again that he’s beautiful and that real muscles don’t always show and seeing his performances in the sea, he’s probably pretty “ripped” too

-they build sandcastles together ! they bury one of them in the sand (maybe Herc ‘cause he’s the parent friend willing to calmly sit and let the others to their thing, or Alex ‘cause John dared him to) and take lots of dumb pictures

-girls and boys hit on LaF and each time they pick one of the members of the squad to show that they already have a boyfriend; Herc glares at the intruders the whole time, scaring them away, John starts making out with LaF, Alex clings to them like a koala and Aaron gets super flustered but goes into Smooth Mode, placing his arm around LaF’s waist and staring people down with a cold smile

-there’s just a lot of flirting going on between these dorks it’s great

(please add you hamburr, aaron/everyone, lams, burrcules ideas)

my dudes, it is i lila and im too sleepy to write up another real ( i say that like the last one wasn’t short as all heck ) intro post but here’s a pretty shirtless gif of dirk for your troubles .. the general jist is that dirk is a muggleborn who pretended to be a halfblood in order to become a knight cause liSTEN that’s all he ever wanted and then he found out he had magic and he was like ?? im in. but he wasn’t in. so he lied. and now he’s a knight of monaco who ( it was part of an additional treaty thing and trades etc politics etc ) was lent to china during the duration of the wedding to act as protection for alice. dirk honestly feels neutral about the wedding ( what?? muggleborn neutral?? listen man, he’s decided to not let blood things affect him so … yeah ) but tbh doesn’t want to be here? cause this was never part of the deal .. too many royals someone’s gonna notice

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Hi! So I just figured out that I'm bi and I'm hearing all these terrible things and rumours about bi people and I'm really upset because I've never been accepted for how weird I am by anyone except my bf and I thought I would at least be accepted by the LGBT community. Please help I just really want someone to fully accept me for who I am.

Smol bean! Precious lil cinnamon roll!
I’m bi too my dude! And it’s pretty great ^-^

I made a tiny tag for you (and anyone who wants a lil bi positivity)
Just search this bloggo for

“ bi positivity for the anon bean ”

You’re not broken or selfish or greedy, you’re valid and real and loved so much. ily.


Sonic Boom Episode Ideas

Just for fun. XD (I tried to come up with titles for them too–sorry if they stink; I tried 😅)

Shadow of Himself - When Shadow gets hit on the head, he suddenly thinks he’s a Hawaiian surfer dude.

Maybe Baby - Sonic and Knuckles babysit a troublemaking child together. Hilarity ensues. (Bonus points if it turns out that they’d both actually make pretty good parents.)

Shadow of a Doubt - Sonic keeps accidentally discovering that Shadow has a lot of embarrassing secrets. (This includes being a crazy cat lady–er, dude–and that he talks the way he does to sound “edgier”, and his real voice sounds adorkable.)

Villain of the Piece - Sonic wakes up in an alternate universe where he’s the villain and Eggman is the hero.

Casting Shadows - After Shadow gets injured, he’s forced to accept help from Team Sonic–much to his annoyance. (Could possibly be the beginning of a Shadow redemption arc?)

Been There, Pun That - Sonic and Knuckles make too many puns and get arrested by the Fun Police.

Lost and Founded - We learn the story of how the village was founded. (It is revealed that the village is actually called “Unnamed Village”; the founders were really uncreative.)

Breaking Point - Knuckles reveals his 4th wall breaking powers. Sticks freaks out.

Married Treasure (or Eat Drink and be Married) - Mayor Fink and Admiral Beaverton get married.

The New Knuckles - Knuckles gets zapped by a machine that turns him evil.

Classic Case - Classic Sonic somehow ends up in their dimension, and they have to help him get back home. (The episode ends with Classic Knuckles showing up, causing the last line to be Knuckles delightedly shouting “KNUCKLES JR! :D”)

Family Disunion - Shadow’s father Black Doom returns, much to Shadow’s displeasure. (Bonus if Black Doom is really excited to see his son, and Shadow’s just like “…kill me”)

Trash Dad rankings
  • Subject Delta: Pure. He is a Good Dad and if you murder Little Sisters fuck you that’s your fault not his
  • Lee Everett: mostly pure, you can be a real dick but no matter what you do Clem turns out pretty okay
  • Corvo Attano: Rat Dad. He is exactly 50/50 can go either way but fuck High Chaos I prefer a Rat Dad who teaches his daughter that sometimes death is too good for some people
  • Joel: dude… like… bruh… I get it but like… bruh
  • Handsome Jack: …motherfucker did you just out-Booker-DeWitt Booker DeWitt?

I’m pretty sure gems don’t bleed but it’s a good shorthand.

Thank you.! All  of you guys, I’ve been getting a lot of …unexpectedly nice messages unfortunately most are anon so I have no real way to reply other than posting it here so I’m gonna try to get to them in my next few posts and hopefully it reaches whoever it’s aimed at- Lot’s of cool well wishes, some requests and some telling me what I prick I am for drawing Pearl being a dick to Connie- I like those ones too. I read ‘em all and I appreciate you guys looking at my sketches.

I wish I would have saved that “You’re a dick in the real way!” joke because it would have made a funnier drawing than a shitty title.

Sometimes when you’re a kid you idolize losers. That dude down the street with all the cool toys and comic books seems pretty rad when you’re 12 but when you’re his age and realize he was a shut in without a job who would hang out with a 12 year old he doesn’t seem that healthy.

…Although if he had been alive for thousands of years you may have learned a thing or two from him that would actually benefit you in the long run.

You guys are making me actually have to think about this bullshit. Uh, I get this question a lot so I guess it deserves an answer. Let me start off by saying …I don’t really know much about “bad pearl” outside of an aesthetic thing and where it originated. I don’t know about the au on a very deep level other than how she kinda looks and that I assume it’s associated with the Steven and Steven’s episode. I don’t know if I’m stepping on some toes by making mine look a little different or making Pearl too much of an asshole but honestly if I put too much thought or seriousness into it I get this gross…fanficy vibe and it loses it’s fun. 

If I have to put a spin on the idea or offer any Pearl and Connie backstory other than I’m fucking around and it is what it is I guess my idea would be:

After the Steven and the Stevens episode the Steven in their ….Universe (heh.) disappears- I think that’s standard right?  So Pearl goes on adventures through the warp or…multiverse with Connie to look for him- Maybe Connie is aware maybe she’s isn’t. Maybe she is the only person who even remembers Steven other than Pearl who seems kinda nuts to everyone else and…Is, I guess-so she hangs onto her and they stick together. Whether Connie wants to or not because she needs an ally…or maybe she’s more important to the task at hand in some way then Pearl lets on.  Yeah, I’ll go with that. Let’s play with that idea. 

That or I’m fucking around.

I just like Rick and Morty and I like drawing pearl being a dick.

Whatever makes it more enjoyable for you.

Stay tuned, I got a couple more. I’m just trying to space it out before you guys get too sick of it and more importantly I’m trying to fill out some of your requests. 

Reactions to OITNB (spoilers)

-Could Piper and Alex be any more boring? 

-Laura Prepon’s line delivery was shoddy as fuck

-Tucky made me cry when she was talking to her babies in ep. 1. And at various other times this season. I sympathize too hard. Lemme hug you ;_;

-Taystee also got me pretty bad. That moment when the reality of Vee hits her? Sheeeeit :(

-And Boo. You can tell the actress really feels her character.

-That Norma shit got old real quick

-I am now in love with Flaca

-Caputo is just a chill guy stuck under the man’s big toe. Poor dude

-Angie cracks me the fuck up

-Fucking Chang kicks ass. The Frito crushing scene was one of the best things I’ve ever seen

-Sofia’s situation is heartbreaking

-Poussey is the cutest

-I’m glad to see the show touching on the topic of depression a little bit. Poor Soso. 

-I fucking knew that gross security guard was bad news when O'Neal was talking shit on red velvet and he didn’t even dispute it

-Awesome commentary on corporate bullshit and the failings of privatized prisons and capitalism in general

-Caesar is both hot and scary as shit

-Ruby Rose is hot too, but totally shoehorned in. I’m guessing she’s there in case Laura Prepon ends up not sticking around. That would also explain Alex’s cliffhanger.

-Red and Healy draw a huge “Ew no” response from me but I sense he’s very capable of a redemption arc

-I fuckin’ love Poussey and Taystee’s love for books. It’s adorable. That funeral thing is something my friends and I totally would’ve done back in the day.

-Big Cindy is such an asshole but its so funny

Um…that’s all I got for now. So many good things in this show tho


i saw and met frank iero last night and it was amazing. he’s very sweet and very genuine, even though he was obviously tired. his eyes lit up when i gave him the drawing and he said “it’s all my favorite things!” and showed the merch girl and pointed at sweet pea and said, “look at her fuckin eyes, dude! awesome!” (he giggles and says dude a lot.) he also gave me three handshakes! and he was just so kind and overall lovely and it gives me an overwhelming sense of happiness and relief to know that he’s a real, wonderful, talented person! and i hope everyone who hasn’t met him yet will experience that too.

(also, he kicked out the rude girl at my show, which was admittedly pretty fucking awesome. he went from bashful and sweet to GET THE FUCK OUT in 0.2 seconds. nice.)

If anyone ever tries to tell you that Joss Whedon is a For Real Feminist and any examples of sexism or misogyny in his work must be the result of Executive Meddling, please keep in mind that when he had 100% creative control and exactly zero executives to deal with, he made Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, in which two straight dudes fight over a pretty girl like she’s a shiny trophy and who has zero agency, and who ultimately dies in order to make us sad for one of the dudes and not, you know, sad for her.

Confession: I feel like one of the strangest things I like is making characters who aren’t the prettiest of the pretty but have disproportional faces; eyes slightly too wide/narrow, large/small or low/high nose ect. They seem more real to me then if they conformed to conventional beauty standards. Your generally just some dude/chick, why would you be the most attractive person on the planet?


I dunno about you guys, but after last night I need to sleep for about a week to recuperate from all the dancing. Channeling your inner Carlton Banks? Not easy, that dude is fly as hell. But anyways – big shoutout to the guy who organized everything for getting everyone together to celebrate something pretty cool, if you ask me, and to my girl Noel for being born and all that fun stuff, and for not stepping on my toes too much out on the dance floor.

But now that the fun’s over and done with… who wants to go out and see a ‘lil bit of Chicago? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m lovin’ everything that the Institute has got to offer, but I got a taste of real life the other day when we hopped around town, and now I need more. Besides – I wanna find a cool pizza place nearby that delivers for the days that I’m too damn lazy to drag my ass out of bed. I love food, don’t get me wrong, but my napping game is so strong that sometimes moving just isn’t on the agenda.