this dude is savage

infinite as friends:
  • sungkyu: friend that will get on your ass about the pencil you didn't return to him like 10 fucking years ago, but also can be a great dude who's like an older brother. but still petty af.
  • dongwoo: always happy friend who is always there for ya, is an embarassment to be near sometimes tho, makes you question your friendship sometimes.
  • woohyun: 100% player. but very nice. smoothe ass pick-up lines is a bonus.
  • hoya: #savage, #sarcasm101, loyal i guess, dude will take a challenge to the end
  • sungyeol: tol. nice, cute. will take truth or dare very seriously. can't stay on one thing for a long time.
  • myungsoo: artistic friend, can walk down the street with pride b/c he's handsome, but at the same time he's too handsome wtf dude, the actual cinnamon bun.
  • sungjong: warms your heart, can be savage af, is a 100% angel at the same time, makes you look like a bum when you're next to him,

Jack stared at his Godmother with disbelief, he wanted to shout at her, to thank her and arrest Marian all at the same time. “Oh chin up Skippy, you’ll get over it.” Marian stated

“Somehow I think it won’t be that easy, you’re the Head of the MM gang I have to take you down.” Jack replied, wishing that he had never come to this funeral.

“You heard what Fru Fru, Nick and Robin said, we have to work together to bring down the Underworld trio.” Marian persuaded handing Jack a Vodka martini.

Jack gave the vixen he once trusted a Questionable look, if he agreed to this alliance his and Skye’s carreers could be over but if he didn’t he would never have justice for his family.

HEY FOLKS THIS IS A SNEAK PEEK AT THE NEXT CHAPTER OF TAKE A STAND!!! The amazingly brilliant @reddoshirousagi06 has drawn this meeting of Maid Marian and Agent Jack Savage, thank you so much Dude this drawing is great!!!

Next Chapter is out on Sunday but if you want to catch up here’s a link…

bahorel going to the gym one day with lots of marks on his neck and all of the Straight Dudes ™ going like “wow dude u hooked up with a savage one lat night wow dude so str8 yes″ and bahorel going like “haha wait till you see the other guy” and they’re all “?? wha-”
so feuilly enters the place with his neck 10 times more marked than bahorel’s

cue to all of the Straight Dudes ™ looking very confused

when i was in highschool i did like some photoshoot n my sister did my make up n everything and this guy at my school says to me dead ass

“no homo but you looked really pretty in your facebook pictures,”


i got nohomo’d by a straight boy. i fucking love this its my favorite thing he ever said n also a v pure compliment… 

but it also make me wonder if no boys ever flirted with me because i read as a “dude” or as my bf’s friend put it “youre a savage dude bro”