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Can you please write some adorable reddie cuddling fluff? I've been reading tons of angst and I'm gonna cry 😭

with pleasure my dude

(FYI - they’re a little older in this, nearly 20, as theres a few lil mentions of smexy times and some teasing and making out etc because i don’t write that very much and wanted a change, sue me)

please listen to tee shirt by birdy to get super cutesy vibes and all the feels <3

It was still dark out when Eddie woke up, squinting up to look out the window at the early morning sky. He checked his watch, seeing it was 5:45 am, and smiled. He still had hours to kill before waking up. He felt something move from underneath him and he turned his head to come face to face with Richie’s sleeping form. And he smiled.

Richie had snuck in again last night, just before midnight like clockwork, and begged Eddie to just fall asleep on top of him. So he had, and god was he happy he did. Eddie had fallen asleep on his front, leaning on Richie’s shoulder and tucking his face into his neck, softly sighing as Richie stroked the side of his face to help him fall asleep. He had slept for a good few hours until he woke up, but those few hours were pure bliss. 

Richie shifted again and let out some air through his nose before blinking open his eyes slightly. He saw Eddie staring at him and he smiled.

“You’re staring again.” He whispered. 

“You look cute in the morning.” Eddie said quietly and Richie chuckled, his chest rumbling and making butterflies erupt in Eddie’s stomach. 

“Thank you. You look pretty adorable too.” Richie said, pressing a kiss to Eddie’s forehead. “What time is it? Do we have to get up now?” Richie asked sadly and Eddie shook his head, holding his wrist with the watch on to Richie’s face.

“We have ages. Go back to sleep if you want.” He said and Richie shrugged.

“Don’t wanna if you’re gonna be awake.”

“I’ll fall asleep too. You know I can’t stay away for too long.” Eddie pointed out, and snuggled into Richie’s neck, pressing a kiss at the base of his throat. Richie hummed in appreciation and rested his hand on the side of Eddie’s face, stroking the hairs just behind his ear. Eddie loved it when Richie was gentle with him, compared to how brash and loud he could be outside or with the others. He loved that side of Richie, it was fun and adventurous and he never knew what to expect from him, but soft, sleepy, Richie was his favourite. 

Eddie started pressing soft kisses across Richie’s neck, listening to the soft noises he was making, and then kissed behind his ear, making him shiver. Richie moved away slightly and Eddie whined, trying to kiss him again.

“I’m way too tired to flip you over right now, please don’t kiss me there until I’m wide awake and ready to go.” Richie joked, but Eddie stopped, knowing he was right. Even though Richie was more dominant in more than one aspect, when Eddie tried to take control he was putty in his hands. Eddie settled on resting the side of his face on the pillow and just staring up at his boyfriend instead. He was so beautiful, all freckles and pale skin and bright, brown eyes. He looked different without his glasses, but a good different. Older, more mature. Less like ‘Trashmouth Tozier’ or ‘Bucky Beaver’ that he had been known as during school. Now, he was just Richie. And Eddie loved just Richie. 

“What are we doing today again?” Richie asked after a short while of peaceful silence.

“Bev asked us to come to the movies with her and then we’re helping Stan pack for College. After that, nothing.” Eddie said sleepily. Richie nodded.

“Wanna get dinner tonight?”

“Not another pizza, Richie. My face is already breaking out from yesturday’s binge.”

“No,” Richie snorted. “Not pizza. Like, real food. From a restaurant.” Eddie smirked and looked up at him.

“Are you asking me out on a date, Tozier?” Eddie nearly died when he saw Richie’s face turn a little pink.

“Would that be so terrible?”

“Only a little bit.” Eddie teased and Richie rolled his eyes, gently flicking Eddie’s ear.


“You love me.” Eddie hummed and Richie smiled, kissing his forehead.

“Yeah, unfortunately.” Eddie scoffed and started to scoot away from him.

“I’m never snuggling with you again.” He threatened and Richie grabbed him before he could move further away, flipping them over and pinning Eddie underneath him. Eddie let out a breath, not expecting that at all, as Richie beamed down at him. “I thought you were too tired?”

“I perk up when you start getting fiesty and bratty.” Richie said and Eddie tutted at him.

“Bratty, pft! As if!” Richie leaned down rubbed his nose against Eddie’s fondly, making his heart melt.

“You’re so cute when you try to prove me wrong.”

“I’m not cute, I’m manly!”

“Shut up, Eddie. You’re adorable.” Richie said, kissing Eddie’s jaw. “Cute, cute, cute!” He kissed his nose, his cheek, and his collarbone for each word and Eddie bit his lip, holding back a smile.

“If the others could see us right now they’d puke.” He said and Richie laughed.

“I think Stan would bust a nut, being in the same room as us would be the most action he’s gonna get.”

“Don’t be mean!” Eddie frowned, swatting Richie’s hand. “Stan is gonna find somebody soon, just you wait.”

“He still won’t get as much as I do.” Richie raised an eyebrow, making Eddie go red.

“Shut up. I just put up with your horny ass because I have too.”

“I never hear you complaining, like, in fact, I always hear you telling me not to stop.”

“Okay, that’s enough.” Eddie warned, pointing a finger up at him.

“Billy Boy would be so shocked at the filthy words that have come out of your little mouth, Eds. He’d be asking everyone where his precious little best friend has gone!” Richie grinned. “The answer, by the way, is underneath me. Or on top of me when I’m lazy. Like the good boy he is.”

“Do you kiss your Mom with that trashy mouth?” Eddie asked. Richie shrugged.

“No, but I kiss yours. And man does she love it-”

“Don’t make me say beep beep, you’ve been so good recently.” Eddie groaned and Richie sighed, before flopping onto his side, his arms getting tired. Eddie slowly moved back so he was lying beside him and reached up to move some of Richie’s wild hair out of the way. “You’re beautiful.” Eddie whispered, and for once, Richie didn’t make a joke. He just smiled.

“So are you. I got real lucky.”

“Yeah, you did.”

“Shut up.” Richie teased, pressing his lips to Eddie’s, the two of them lazily moving and intertwining hands. When they eventually broke apart, Richie closed his eyes as Eddie carried on playing with his hair. “Can we, just…stay here forever?”

“The bed sheets would get so gross.” Eddie grimaced and Richie laughed.

“I hope you never change, Eds.” He said and kissed him again. Eddie deepened the kiss, running his tongue over Richie’s and pulling his body flush against his. He sighed into his boyfriends mouth and then pulled away, grinning like an idiot. 

“Yeah, let’s stay here forever.”

Mi mom and I playing cuphead (Isle I)...
  • Dont ask me how i convinced her to play with me
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Mom: this looks adorable
  • Me: yes, but we better prepare
  • Mom: come on, its just a game.
  • (mommy, you innocent lil duck)
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • (during introduction)
  • Mom: why would the casino let kids gamble in first place?
  • Me: i mean, the devil its the owner and there is no confirmation they are kids just young men.
  • Mom: how old do you think they are?
  • Me: 17?
  • Mom: really...
  • Me: anyway, they are dorks no matter their age
  • Mom: that's true
  • ------
  • Mom: you are going to play as Cuphead, because he is just as irresponsable and impulsive as you.
  • (im not even offended)
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Mom: this is easy, i dont know why were you so worried!
  • Me: this is just the tutorial...
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • (the root pack)
  • Me: that carrot is high as hell
  • Mom: i wish we were high as hell
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • (goopy le grande)
  • Mom: what even is this thing?
  • Me: oscar de la olla's lost bastard deformed child
  • Mom: *wheeze*
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • (Cagney Carnation)
  • Me: in this world is kill or be killed...
  • Mom: more like, kill or get f*cked rigth in the ass by a mutant flower.
  • (oh mommy, if you only knew...)
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • (Hilda Berg)
  • Mom: hilda berg? More like... Hilda Verga!!!
  • Me: mom!
  • Mom: sorry, i just hate her.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • (Ribby and Croaks)
  • Me: The Princess and the frog vibes right here.
  • Mom: that only gives me more reasons the take their souls
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • (at the Die House)
  • Mom: who the f*ck this dude think it is?
  • Me: emm, the devil's right hand man?
  • Mom: that dosn't give him the right to treat us like that! Look at us! We are adorable!!!
  • ########################
  • Notes:
  • -My mom loved Mugman at first sight
  • -She hated Hilda at first sight
  • -She hates Naveen from the princess and the frog movie to this day
  • Expect more soon! (ish)
Not much of a Sex God

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Requested by anon: Hi author nim! Can you please write a scenario where the reader sleeps with either Xiumin, Baekhyun or Chen and they act like they are the best sex she’ll ever have but they actually suck in bed? I think your sarcasm would fit this perfectly.

Ok so I love you anon. I have had the best time writing this because I keep laughing at how mean I’m being and it’s just been so much fun. <3 I’m so mean omg.(Might have written half of this while drunk so I’m hoping it turned out alright!)

Reader x Baekhyun

Warnings: Fuckboy Baekhyun, smut, teasing.

Word Count: 4752


“I gave her the best sex of her life, she should thank me!” You didn’t think you could roll your eyes any harder even if your life depended on it. The guy at the booth behind you had been bragging about his sexual prowess the entire time you’d been in the club. You’d come out to celebrate your friend getting a promotion at work, not to hear about how magical some dude’s dick was and all the adventures it had been on.

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Buzzfeed Unsolved - Supernatural: Season 2 quotes pt. 2

  • “Give that baby a basketball.”
  • “Why someone who choked on a peanut doesn’t get to be a ghost?”
  • “So you think 90% of the people who have stepmothers are like ‘aww my stepmother, I’d like to bury an ax in her face.’?”
  • “I feel like a fancy little lord in this room.”
  • “I’m not doing this because I want to steal. I’m doing this because I want to give the ghosts significant reason to haunt me.”
  • “Be the first ghost to murder someone in history. We’ll get it on film, you’ll be famous.”
  • “You know me, I’m a fan of conspiracy theories.”
  • “Spoiler alert: it’s probably aliens.”
  • “Oh man, see now you’re asking the right questions. Now you’re acting like a detective and not like a jackass.”
  • “I bet if George Clooney was on The Tonight Show and you set him on fire, one of his feet would burn, and the other one would probably still be planted there on the floor in a very nice shoe.”
  • “George Clooney is probably very flammable you’re right.”
  • “I don’t trust anyone who says ‘I seen it happen’.”
  • “Can you imagine just being out, having a good night with your pals, drinkin’? And you know, toward the end of the night when you’re like, ‘yeah, what a fun night this has been,” can you imagine just exploding?”
  • “Is it very European to burst into flames?”
  • “Put that pen down you just look like a jackass.”
  • “You have a different standard of ‘cozy’ than normal people do.”
  • “How many people were poisoning each other?”
  • “Everyone’s always like, ‘how could they have done all this? How could they have gone so crazy and killed so many innocent people?’ Well here’s why, ‘cause they’re all insane.”
  • “They were lost in the sauce, that could be the whole footnote of the Salem witch trials.”
  • “The doctor’s not writing prescriptions, he’s just pointing at things and saying ‘yup, that’s a witch’.”
  • “If you had someone practicing witchcraft in this house you would know.”
  • “The ghost sounds a little bit like Lil Jon.”
  • “I think everyone needs a hobby, and if you don’t have one… That’s when you’re probably gonna start killing people.”
  • “It’s a real thing that happened, all those people danced ‘til they died.”
  • “We just never stay anywhere nice.”
  • “I don’t want to kill the vibe, but we could just turn the lights on.”
  • “No, no, no, you’re gonna scare the ghosts away.”
  • “We’ve never ghost busted anywhere.”
  • “A ghost sitcom?”
  • “We can never go back there.”
  • “Shadows do tend to follow you though. That’s sort of how they work.”
  • “You gotta fuckin’ calm down man.”
  • “Ghost 101. One, knock a book off a shelf. Week two, uhh, hold a candlestick in the middle of the hallway. Three… sheets.”
  • “Stop telling the ghosts to follow me home.”
  • “This is one of the best days of my life.”
  • “Dude I thought I saw something fly in front of me.”
  • “Ghost, I’m beginning to suspect you’re not real.”
  • “I’ve just realized what I’ve gotten myself into again.”
  • “You know, a ghost has probably whispered point blank in your ear, but you’ve probably never heard it because you were busy grumbling.”
  • “Are we doing more of this, or can I use the jacuzzi tub we’ve been blessed with.”
  • “We’re just two guys sitting in a tub.”
  • “You make it sound like you’re listening to a recording of Pavarotti.”
  • “Is it Daft Punk?”
  • “The DJs Daft Punk came into out suite at night, and gave me a little diddy, that’s what happened.”
  • “You’re right, it was a ghost marching around for seven hours.”
  • “I never said I wanted to murder you!”
  • “I think you might intellectualize too much.”
  • “So, this is sort of a night out with spirits.”
  • “You look so scared already.”
  • “I’m gonna buy you one of those for Christmas.”
  • “I’m bad at feeling.”
  • “So the takeaway here is… every little sound is a ghost?”
  • “That sounds like a great idea. Let’s lock ourselves in the murder room.”
  • “I think you just wanna see me freak out.”
  • “Why have I never seen the moon’s boner?”
  • “This is the dumbest example you’ve ever given.”
  • “I think the moon having a boner is as realistic as ghosts.”

Ok.  I found this picture earlier and it’s like a worm that’s worked its way into my brain.  I can’t ignore it.  I won’t be able to sleep until I poke fun at it at least a little.

-Kate is SO tired, as @rikerssexblouse would say, she has literally become one with the couch.  Her hand positioning is perfection and I’m sure it wasn’t at all uncomfortable.  She also seems to have lost a leg somewhere, but I digress.  

-Poor Jennifer.  As we’ve seen before, she looks like someone has threatened her to show up to this photo shoot.  I want to rescue her.  

-WHERE IS GARRET’S OTHER ARM!?  Is it sewn into the fabric of the couch?!  Like, where does his sleeve stop and the cushion begin… does anyone know?  Could that be his hand on Kate’s head?  

-RDM is just huggin himself back there.  I feel you bro, I need a hug after witnessing this disaster too.

-Roxanne has to pee but is following Garret’s lead and is gonna smile through this pain, dammit.

-Tim may have a broken wrist but I’d need to see the x-ray and Ethan might *might* be laying on top of his legs.

I’m digging how they chose the fabrics for Jennifer, Ethan and Beltran to be kinda like the throw pillows that would come along with this sofa.  You’ll note that they’re the ones who look least happy to be there.  Am I reading too much into the irony there?  Probably.

-Beltran is also sporting the “I have no hands/lower arms” look so as to make the rest of his body appear bigger than Roxanne and Jennifer combined.  That added to the expression that reeks of “someone just told me my dog has died and I’m trying to hold it together” really makes this a good portfolio picture for him.  Did he forget to smile?  Dude, you’re bringing down the whole happy-furniture-store vibe here.  Take a cue from Garret, he’s so happy you can see his teeth.  Anyway, Beltran, I love you, but you and the other throw pillows are really killing the mojo.

-Bob Picardo is just praying that this picture never gets published anywhere.  Sorry Bob, prayers aren’t always answered.

Bonus: what is the weird white outline at the end of the couch by Jennifer (does she have a third pant-leg hanging down there?) and where does the floor start against that #weneedmorebeige wall?

I Could've Been Watching Goblin {TVD 8x11 Review}

OK! Hi all. For those who read my reviews you know I write this in real time which means any mistakes I make at the beginning might be cleared up in the end. There will be anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Steroline, anti-Bamon sentiments. I will probably reference other shows and Julie’s blatant misogyny. If you don’t like it don’t read. This was done on my phone so beat with me. Let’s go.

1. So I don’t remember if this is from 8x09 or 8x10 when Sybil explains that opening the door from Cade’s world into this world will destroy everyone in this world but that is literally Buffy season 5.  Glory is a hell goddess who wants the key back into her dimension but if the key (who is Buffy’s sister) opens her world then the dimensions will bleed together and reality will cease to exist. LIKE??? Does Julie even know what an original thought is?

2. Is it supposed to be super evil that Cade killed Sybil and Seline?

3. So Bonnie doesn’t know what Cade looks like?

4. Cade is a petty villain. Him breaking up a couple’s marriage is like Katherine “breaking up” Tyler and Caroline because she slept with Klaus.

5. Damon is entirely annoying and I get that he’s supposed to be annoying Stefan by being all “my humanity is back!” but they’re BOTH boring me because HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE SEEN THIS? One of them chained or vevained or bleeding out or WHATEVER while the other is being the annoying brother being like “get your humanity back on!” like I’m OVER IT.

6. I could be watching Goblin now.  A show TVD could’ve used as a road map for interpersonal relationships.

7. “Contrary to your popular belief, it’s not all about you” that’s rich coming from Damon and from the show dedicated to centring everything around Damon.

8. So did Matt just get his job back? Like just like that?

9. “Left behind by the first settlers” so we’re just going to ignore that they would be colonizers then. I guess.

10. Lol Caroline’s other obligations is a time capsule?


12. So is Caroline just not going to be there to help get Stefan’s humanity back or…? I watched the “Inside ‘You Made A Choice To Be Good’” and Julie Plec said something along the lines of Caroline is living her life and just waiting out Stefan’s non-humanity because she’s over it and you know what if Stefan had chosen to turn off his humanity just for the fuck of it then I would be like Caroline, girl, do you but considering he did this for her daughters, I would like to see more commitment and not just “I’m staying positive.”

13. So Matt can say that it’s still Stefan who tried to get him to destroy the entire town but he can say that Damon turning and effectively killing Vicki is a long time ago, him murdering Tyler wasn’t him. OK true. Not transparent at all TVD.

14. It’s hard to keep giving him a pass. But Damon gets all the passes in the world? WHY?


16. Goblin is a Kdrama btw. Since my followers have been asking.

17. Ugh I every time I see BE I actually just groan.

18. Why is Damon giving him pancakes and not blood? Is Stefan not a vampire? Is he drying Stefan out? What’s the point of this?

19. I’m actually still really irritated that Matt said that he couldn’t keep giving Stefan a pass. Damon has killed so many people in this town. LIKE OMG. But Matt has a knack of blaming Stefan for shit that ISN’T HIS FAULT.

20. Also Matt calling intern dude and intern dude being like “I am a person not just your Wikipedia” is giving me Bamon vibes.

21. Oh my God, I am literally only 10 minutes in.

22. Oh his name is Dorian.

23. My anons keep telling me how Ian has these huge ass arms. I’m not seeing it.

24. The race track is giving me OTH vibes.

25. The twirl is cute, I will admit that. If there’s one thing BE can do, it’s Enzo twirling Bonnie.

26. But they just don’t have chemistry that it can sustain my interest.

27. Ugh Matt’s annoying me.

28. Cade is not intimidating.

29. There is SO MUCH TALKING.

30. Can they just get to when Stefan kills Enzo already?

31. Does Caroline work at The Grill?


33. Things are taking too long to happen.

34. I want to find Bonenzo cute but like … ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

35. People are talking a lot.

36. Wow, I found Damon mildly amusing in this scene. “I thought you promised you wouldn’t do anything stupid?” “When did I ever promise THAT?”

37. But Damon always does something stupid and people give him a pass but Stefan sacrifices and it’s hard to forgive him. Mmkay.

38. 21 minutes and 41 seconds.

39. The music is telling me that the stakes are super high but I don’t feel anything but boredom because people are JUST. TALKING.

40. No but seriously, does Caroline own The Grill or what?

41. “For generations we thought we were cursed” just like how the Whitmores thought they were cursed? Original, Julie. Also remember when the Whitmores weren’t cursed it just so happened that Damon was murdering all of them? But oh yeah that’s easy to forgive. My bad.

42. Talking talking talking talking

43. This is the final season though?

44. Stefan agreeing to kill Elena is too ridiculous for me to even be mad at it.

45. It actually just looks painful when Bonnie hugs Enzo like her arms are stiff.

46. “Your selflessness is part of what makes you you.” “Your humanity is the one thing who makes you who you are.” “Because that’s what makes you you.” How many times are we going to repeat the same sort of line?

47. BE kissing is just awkward.

48. Maybe run Bonnie? Like why are you walking? Like fam you’re taking for fucking ever. Enzo is no longer able to come into a house that you thought you owned. SHOULDN’T THAT BE A LITTLE I DUNNO SUSPICIOUS?

49. Don’t vampires have super speed? Like superhuman speed? I always thought a vampire would be faster than a car. So if Damon is so pressed about Stefan killing Elena like I would think he should just vamp speed to where he is.

50. Bonnie’s reaction to Stefan killing Enzo was anticlimactic. Stefan killing Enzo was anticlimactic. Bonnie turning Stefan human was anticlimactic because there wasn’t even a struggle. He just stands there!

51. Although I do find something poetic in the fact that Elena’s blood is in Stefan’s system.

52. I don’t care for Bonenzo but seriously Julie taking away Bonnie’s happiness at every turn is a blatant hatred of her character, I don’t give a shit if she says she gets an unexpected happy ending, the unexpected happy ending will probably be her and Enzo reunited in death or something.

53. Also Bonnie let out a psychic blast with her cry of pain like Cade did, if Bonnie becomes a next devil I will lose it. Or maybe her psychic world will be all angelic and shit and Enzo’s soul will be there and that will be her happy ending.

I was extremely bored this episode.  

Cisco Week Day 1: In which our reader learns why Cisco is so jealous.

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Anon Request: an you please write about Cisco being jealous over Barry or Jay (pre zoom arc) because Cisco thinks you like them but can’t get it through his surprisingly thick skull that you want to be with Cisco and no one else 

Warning: None!

Your name: submit What is this?


“Okay I got another one, why did Sally fall off the swings?”


“Because she didn’t have any arms! Knock, knock.”

You can’t help the small smile that formed on your face as you geared up for the punch line. “Who’s there?”

“Not Sally!!” Barry breaks out into a full on laughter, snorting a bit from his corny joke and you can’t help but laugh along with him because his laugh is the funniest thing you’ve ever heard.

You glance over, seeing Cisco standing in the doorway, holding a few spare parts. Your grin grew widener from seeing him because God, he just made you feel like a giddy school girl. Before the particle accelerator explosion and the whole Wells being the Revered Flash, you were hired as a mechanical engineering by Wells Prime to work at STAR labs, post explosion.

You were paired up with Ronnie at the time and even took part in building the accelerator, which is where you met Cisco. He looked like a fan boy when he first started, geeking out over every little word Harrison said but always getting shut down by Hartley.

“Come on Hartley, lay off him for once.”

You stepped in one day when Hartley was scolding Cisco on all the “junk” he had in his work station. At first, you weren’t going to get involved with whatever rivalry they had but something in you just couldn’t stand the fact that someone was putting Cisco down the way Hartley was.

“But out Y/N, this has nothing to do with you.” Hartley said back, sending you a glare that made your blood boil.

“Actually, it does. Cisco here is with Ronnie and I with building the accelerator and you’re distracting him with your content nagging and belittling him.” You say, stepping towards Hartley. “I’m sure Dr. Wells wouldn’t be happy knowing that one of his employees is wasting his time with childish bullying. Plus, this isn’t even your department so it’ll be wise for you to leave, we’ve got work to do.”

You didn’t leave much room for argument as Hartley quickly closes his mouth, setting his lips in a firm line before storming passed you. “This isn’t over.” He said before taking his leave.

“Yeah, keep telling yourself take.” You called out before turning your attention towards Cisco as he stares at you in awe. “W-What? Is there something on my face?” You ask quickly.

Cisco blinks a few time. “ there’s not, it’s just one has stood up for me. Against Hartley of all people.”

You shrug your shoulders a bit. “It’s fine, really. Hartley could be a jerk sometimes and from personal experience, it wasn’t cool what he was saying to you.”

Cisco continues to stare at you and you can’t help but feel a small blush forming on your face from being under his gaze. “Besides all of that, we haven’t been introduces yet.” You say quickly, holding a hand out. “I’m Y/N L/N” You smiled.

Cisco soon shakes your hand. “Cisco Ramon.” He states, eyeing you up and down, a small smile forming on his face.

“Well Cisco, it s pleasure to meet you but I should probably head for my lunch break.” You say, pulling you hand away slowly about to turn and leave when you thought of something. “Did you want to join me?”

“What?” He looked thrown off for a second. “Are you being for real?”

You couldn’t help but smile. “Of course I am. If you coming with you should hurry, Big Belly’s is having a special on their burgers.” You soon turned and left out the room with Cisco right behind you. Since then, you two have been stuck together ever since. During after the explosion and training Barry, to fighting meta-humans, you two were always together but you felt yourself growing more feeling for Cisco, long before the explosion.

It didn’t help your feeling at when he flirted with Plastique or when he was kidnapped by Leonard Snart, you’ve never been so worried before in your life. After he came back to the lab and threaten to leave, you couldn’t handle the thought of losing him again.

You waited until Wells was done to talk to him before coming int the room. “I see Wells got to you before I did.” You said, giving Cisco a smile when you notice you came in.

“Here to give me the same speech as he did?” Cisco asked, sitting down on metal steps, looking at the failed and broken accelerator.

You come over and sit down next to him. “No, just here to be,” You say, look at Cisco, seeing him playing with the small bolt between his fingers. You sigh to yourself. “Look Cisco, I know you had a rough couple of days but I want you to know that it isn’t you fault. You did what you had to do to protect your brother.”

“Yeah but at what cost? Selling out my best friend? Putting everyone in danger?” He asked and you tell how much this is eating him up.

You shake your head. “No one thinks you sold Barry out Cisco, we’re all just glad that you’re back and unharmed.” You said. “I heard you and Wells, I know that you’re staying with us and it’ll be better this way.” You soon leaned into Cisco, wrapping your arms around him.

“You’re too awesome and too great of a guy to let Snart or anyone tear you down.” You say softly, hugging him tightly before pulling back. “So come on, we still got a whole bunch of bad guys to catch.” You smiled brightly.

Even thought you felt it, you couldn’t bring yourself to tell Cisco how you felt about him. Even when Lisa came to STAR labs and it became clear to you that he had some feelings for her, you just couldn’t win and just decided to hold back your feelings, especially when he was seeing Kendra. You were officially friendzoned without even being told it.

Even though you tried to go out and date, none of them came close to Cisco but soon, dating anyone would be put on the back burner when Jay and earth-2 Harrison came through the breaches, along with Zoom.

So now here you were, working on a formula to help Barry become faster but you two couldn’t focus because we both trying to out do the other with corny jokes.

“Hey Cisco, dude, I’ve got a funny joke.” Barry says.

“I’ve heard it already, thanks.” Cisco quickly cuts him off, going over to his work station. Both you and Barry share a look of confusion.

“Is it me or has Cisco been acting not like, well..Cisco.” Barry whispered too you.

You nod your head, looking at Cisco with his back towards you two. “Yeah, you can say that again. He’s really killing my vibe!” You and Barry look at each other before breaking out into a fit of giggles.

Cisco slams down one of his tools before turning to face you. “Can you both cut it out! Some of us are actually trying to work!”

“Okay…I’m going to go find Harry..” Barry gets up before speeding out of the room.

You get up out of your seat before going over towards Cisco. “Care to share what that was all about?” You ask, watching him fixing whatever tool he was working on.

You step closer, leaning up on your tip toes to look over your shoulder. “Helloooo~ earthland to Cisco.”

He soon jumps, not expecting you to be so close which causes you to step back. “What is wrong with you!?” You ask, crossing your arms. “You’ve been acting weird for two weeks now? Is it Harry? Dante?”

Cisco takes a deep breath. “Nothing, it’s nothing already so just drop it.”

You narrow your eyes. “No, I’m not just going to drop it. Somethings bothering you and you better tell me or else I’m raiding your secret candy stash.” You say, seeing the defeated look on his face.

He remains silent thought, playing with the tool  in his hand which causes you to give him a stern look. “Francisco Paco Ramon..”

“I saw your doppelgänger okay!” He let out quickly, to quickly you almost didn’t catch that.

You stare at him for a moment. “Okay..? Is that it? Is it because my doppelgänger was evil or something?” You ask, crossing your arms. “Cisco, Caitlin and I already been over this, none of us are going to turn evil.”

Cisco shakes his head. “I-It’s not that..” He chews on his lower lip, he eyes gaze and yours while you wait for him to continue. Cisco sighs, rubbing a hand over his face before leaning back against his deck.

“She was..she was with my doppelgänger.” He says, giving you a look.

“Oh,Oh?” You blinked a few times before it slowly hit you. ”..ooooh.” You let out, knowing what he means by with.

“And, she looked so much like you but evil and mean, still amazingly beautiful and just, but…she wasn’t you.” Cisco says. “And she had powers too, I don’t know what they were but they made me see things.”

“Like what?” You ask, coming over and lean back against the deck next to Cisco as he continues.

“Visions. Her powers were like mine, well…more like Reverb’s. I don’t know but they were Visions not only from the future but from ever multiverse that’s out there.” He says, looking down at his hands.

“What were the visions Cisco?”

Cisco take s a deep breath before gaze into your eyes. “Us.”

You feel a small blush forming on your cheeks, ‘no Y/N don’t get your hopes up, he could mean anything!’ You think to yourself as you try to remain calm but the way he said, us, it sent your heart beating fast.

“What do you mean” You ask.

Cisco looks away from you for a moment. “She…she showed us, together.” He says, rubbing the back of his neck. “It’s just like when I vibe, I’m surrounded by imagines and events that’s happened or going to happen and it was the same with her powered, like she had me trapped in vibe mood with only imagines of you. Of us.”

“How do you know it wasn’t just her playing a trick on you? How do you know any of those imagines were real?” You ask.

Cisco looks at you. “Because she told me. And plus, I felt it, like I was on ever earth at once. There was one of us where we were filthy rich, living together or another one where we were both dirt poor but happy…because we had each other. We always had each other.”

You look down, the blush growing more. “But what really drove it home was a vision, from this earth, from the future.” He continued and you see the sad smile forming on his face as if he’s talking about a distant memory.

You stayed in silence, watching how tensed Cisco became as he continued. “It was raining and…everyone I’ve ever known were gathered around a grave and…my family was there and Caitlin, Harry and Jess. Oliver and everyone, Joe, Wally, Iris and Barry…and you. You were all there, dressed in black and…it was raining..”

Cisco takes a deep breath before he went on. “I stepped closer and saw everyone gathered around my grave.”

You start to feel your eyes swelling with tears, with out thinking, slid close to him, lacing your fingers through his as you rest your head on his shoulder. “Cisco..”

“But that wasn’t even the worst part of it. It was seeing you there…you were pregnant Y/N.” Cisco lets out, barely a whisper as your head shot up, looking at him.

Cisco gripped your hand tighter. “I couldn’t touch you. I couldn’t hold you and tell you that I’m alive and that I..” He stops, shaking his head. “When we got back from Earth-2 those..visions, I keep vibing them but I didn’t know what to do.”

“You could of told me about this Cisco.” You say.

“I know, I know but…when I see you laughing and talking with Barry or any other guy..I can’t help but get upset.” Cisco lets out, rubbing the back of his head again, shifting a little under your gaze.

“Cisco, are you telling me’re jealous? Of Barry?” You asked, surprised that this is coming from him. “The guy who’s literally ruins every relationship he has with a girl because he’s still in love with Iris.”

Cisco looks away but not before you saw the small blush on his cheeks. “I can’t help it okay? I don’t know, it’s like..I know we’re going to be together and know that there’s a future out there where we’re married and having kids together…I can’t help but get jealous.”

You feel a small smile forming on your face before you pinch Cisco with your free hand. “Ouch! What was that for!?”

“You’re so stupid Cisco.” You let out, whipping away a stray tear. You feel Cisco arms wrapping around yours, comforting you.  You close your eyes, feeling the warmth wrapping around you before speaking. “I love you Cisco, only you. And I’ll try as hard as I can to make sure we have a future together.” You say softly, feeling him wrapping your closer to him, his lips pressing against the top of your head.

A crash sound soon brings you back to reality as you pull back a little, Cisco arms still wrapped around your waist.

The noise is heard again and cursing from the other room and you both know know who it is. “You should go make sure Harry doesn’t wreck anymore of your stuff.” You say with a smile.

Cisco chuckles as you feel him letting go of you as you step back fully. “Yeah, you’re right let hope he doesn’t throw anything at me this time.”

You giggle. “Good luck Cisco.” You say he turns to leave out the room but not before stopping, coming back over to you and cupping your face, planting a sweet, tender kiss against your lips.

Cisco pulls back, grinning from ear to ear.

“I love you too.”


First story of Cisco week!! Hope you call enjoyed in and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

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Going on vacation in a week and a half (Dominican Republic). Wanna craft me a vacation playlist?

What Is Love- Haddaway

Africa- Toto

Red Red Wine- UB40

Rock Me Amadeus- Falco

Father Figure- George Michael

The Joker- Steve Miller Band

Angel- Shaggy

Soak Up The Sun- Sheryl Crowe

Barcelona- Ed Sheeran

Bennie & The Jets- Elton John

Rhiannon- Fleetwood Mac

Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe- Kendrick Lamar

Mr. Vain- Culture Beat

Burning Love- Elvis Presley

Bonfire- Childish Gambino

Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen

Dude Looks Like a Lady- Aerosmith

(I can’t get no) Satisfaction- The Rolling Stones

Jumping Jack Flash- The Rolling Stones

No Sleep Til Brooklyn- Beastie Boys

Burning Down The House- Talking Heads

Lick It Up- KISS

Crocodile Rock- Elton John

Closing Time- Semisonics

Come On, Eileen- Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Dancing With Myself- Billy Idol

Surrender- Cheap Trick

Train in Vain- The Clash

Hip To Be Square- Huey Lewis & The News

Don’t Bring Me Down- Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Avenue- Eddy Money

Lola- The Kinks

You Really Got Me- The Kinks

Good Vibrations- Marky Mark &The Funky Bunch

All Beach Boys

Berhana’s EP

Have You Ever Seen The Rain- Creedence Clearwater

Higher Love- Steve Winwood

Ride Like the Wind- Steve Winwood


Longview- Green Day

How You Remind Me- Nickelback

Hey Ya- Outkast

Maneater- Hall & Oates

Doves Cry- Prince

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)- The Proclaimers

Mambo No. 5

Love Somebody- Rick Springfield

Jive Talkin- BeeGees

Livin For The City- Stevie Wonder

PYT- Michael Jackson

Mony Mony- Billy Idol

My Prerogative- Bobby Brown

Need You Tonight- INXS

Never Let You Go- Third Eye Blind

Oh Pretty Woman- Roy Orbison

Thank you merciful Poseidon

Guys, whatever prayers/good vibes/weather wizardry you’re doing to kill Irma, KEEP DOING IT.  Something is obviously working and I can sleep for the first time in 2 days :D

Btw, have you guys seen the beaches around this thing draining?  Check this crap out!

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Which period of relationship has been your favourite and which has been your least favourite? Boyfriends, fiances, just marrieds or exesbutclearlystillinlove? and why.. For whenever you next have spare time to answer, I always enjoy reading your insightful Robron posts :)


So my brain roughly sort of splits it all up as:

  1. Pre-affair era
  2. Affair era 
  3. First and Second Break up era
  4. Abuse era
  5. Boyfriend era 
  6. Fiancé era
  7. Husband era
  8. Third break up era 


also happy long post day, this shit is going under a cut

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I saw my uncle yesterday and picked up on some creepy ass vibes with the way he was talking to my little cousin. I kept an eye on him the whole time he was there and told my little cousin’s mom to do the same.

I know we’re family, but I just can’t put shit past dude and if he ever touched anybody in my family, I’d kill dude’s ass.

Gather round kids, it’s story time

So I was just reminded of this story by a post my friend tagged me in, and it’s one of my favorite stories about myself, so i wanted to share it, since most of y’all, irl or online, don’t know it.

okay. so the first thing you gotta know about me is that i am a classic college kid. so i’m having a girl’s night out with some of my friends, and we’re at a bar my one friend’s boyfriend’s dad owns or something? i don’t know, but they let us in and everything was chill. so we’re sitting at the bar and this guy comes up, and is tryna chat me up, and he seems nice enough, pretty pushy, but he buys me a drink so whatever. then he lets slip that he’s 37. 

introduce kill bill sirens.

i’m like okay, that’s cool, but i’m a bit young 4 u. so, okay bye. 

he decides that this is not goodbye, and starts tryna take my arm and stuff, tryna buy me another drink, and i’m having none of it. luckily right then one of my friends walks by and i grab her, and in a panic “get me out” moment introduce her as my girlfriend. she girl-code’s it up, and is like “oh yeah, we’ve been dating for a year, it’s great!” dude takes it pretty alright, buys us both a drink, leaves, and eventually she leaves too. 

he takes that as a cue to continue hitting on me.

at this point, another one of my friends comes up, assesses the situation, and begins asking me about how my baby is doing (i don’t have a baby). I start hamming it up about how they grow up so fast, yada yada yada, dude is like, oh, alright. hits on her, buys us both a drink, and then leaves. So me and my friend are just talking, doing our thing, everything’s good.

and then this dude decides that the third time’s the charm. 

by this point i have had three drinks that he alone had bought me, not to mention the few i had had earlier. he is killing my vibe, keeps getting in my space, and will not take no for an answer. so i am reasonably pissed, and i just gotta think up a foolproof way to make him leave.

so he’s still tryna get me to come home with him, and i turn to him and say “I’m sorry, i can’t talk to you right now. it’s time to scream.” and i just. fuckin start yelling. we’re next to a live band, so no one else hears me, but this dude is just standing there, confused, as i screech through my teeth. i’m not even making eye contact with him, i’m staring straight ahead at the wall, i am committed, i am ready to go. 

he, a bit nervous, turns to my friend and goes “what’s she doing?” my friend (bless her) shushed him and says “it’s time to scream.”

and this dude, this poor dude. he not only accepts it, he’s so goddamn stubborn that he stands there. and waits. for three minutes. and i know that might not seem like a long time, but just real quick, stare at your wall and imagine screaming, and hold that for three minutes. it became some sort of drunken game of chicken- if i stopped screaming he’d continue trying to sleep with me, and if he walked away he’d pretty much have to stay away. 

i am proud to say that after three minutes of listening to me screech, he finally looks down and shuffles away. 

the rest of the night went well. some more stories meant for a different time, but that was definitely the highlight of the event. bonus points because it spawned a new phrase within the friends group. now, whenever we’re faced with a difficult, unnerving, or irritating situation that we can’t leave all we have to do is say 

“it is time to scream.”

and we’re all on the same page.

In the world of superpowers, I totally drew the short straw. Barry got super speed. Ronnie could fly and shoot fireballs. Me? I get headaches and nightmare visions of people being killed. That’s not a superpower – it’s cause for therapy! But, my mom always said that the glass is half-full, so maybe it’s time to quit wallowing and see what this Vibe dude is capable of. Step one: Get in shape! 

Joe hooked me up with a guest pass to the CCPD gym. Thanks to a donation from the Thawne family, it’s stocked with the latest exercise equipment (though I swear some of the machines are straight-up instruments of torture). I thought I’d beat the rush and get there early, but by nine o’clock the place was already hopping. My electric blue tracksuit stood out like a neon thumb amidst the sea of gray CCPD-issued sweats. 

Where to begin? I’ve never much of a runner (minus chasing down the ice cream truck or sprinting from my neighbor’s bloodthirsty Papillon) so I nixed the treadmills. The punching bags were all taken by the beat cops and the stationary bikes had been co-opted by forensics. I headed over to a rack of weights – those seemed pretty safe. I’d finally snagged Kendra’s digits so maybe I’ll surprise her one our first date with two tickets to the gun show! Pow pow! I grabbed a set of 10lb dumbbells and started pumping away to the beat of “Eye of the Tiger.” I was really gettin’ into the zone when P. Spivs, Barry’s new girl, popped up beside me. She grabbed the twenty-pounders and started doing some squats and lunges while lifting the weights over her head. That girl is ripped. 

The endorphins were flowing, so I asked Patty if she’d be game for some light sparring. Two seconds later, she had me pinned down, spread-eagle, with a knee on my chest and a triumphant gleam in her eye. Looks like Barry’s not the only lightning fast one in that relationship! She offered to teach me some hand-to-hand combat maneuvers, like the deadly elbow strike and crushing ax stomp. I was really getting into the superhero swing (Zoom better watch his back!) when things went south – Patty was a little over-enthusiastic demonstrating the nutcracker choke and I may or may not have passed out… 

I came to five minutes later, but by that point I was so sore and dizzy that I decided to call it quits for the day. As I refueled with a well-earned Big Belly burger, I got to thinking: my power is mental, so why should I worry about getting buff? If my experience at the gym is any indication, in a confrontation with Zoom, I’d be dead meat. For real, Barry’s the only who stands a chance. But with him out there fighting, he’ll need some serious brainpower helping him out! Maybe I should focus on exercising my brain. How about some Sudoku, crossword puzzles, or a stimulating game of chess? Yeah… that seems much less painful.

Going to Hell
  • Follow Me Down: crickets + is She giggling? I think she-OH MY GOD SHES NOT LAUGHING
  • Going To Hell: religious whispering
  • Heaven Knows: r u sure this isn't "we will rock you"
  • House on a Hill: wOAH PRETTY
  • Sweet Things: guitar game hella strong + there's a dude now apparently
  • Dear Sister: oh this is nice like this-wait its over
  • Absolution: mountain man vibes
  • Blame Me: @that bit at the beginning; nICE
  • Burn: chill acoustic vibes
  • Why'd You Bring A Shotgun To The Party?: guns + i'm ready to kill a man
  • Fucked Up World: dRUMS??? ?????
  • Waiting For A Friend: more chill acoustic vibes nICE + harmonica i think?
lol fucking kill me, “caught” at sephora

i went lifting with a partner on boxing day at a mall kinda far away, which was a big fuckin mistake. we were in sephora and i told her that i wasn’t getting good vibes and she agreed so i was like ok cool, we aren’t lifting. i actually bought two things (i had a gift card from christmas) and we walked out, and as soon as we left, this dude in all black came and asked to speak to us. i was actually confused since i had purchased two things & i thought my friend put her other stuff back cause we agreed we had a bad feeling. apparently the feeling was not mutual and she didn’t feel anything was wrong & my dumbass had NO idea she lifted! of course this motherfucker was LP, he asked if we had walked out with stuff we hadn’t paid for and she said yes and i was SHOOK, i really thought she just dropped her basket!!!!! but anyways yeah he took our info and said we’re banned from all sephoras for a year, luckily i gave him only my ID that had my name on it but i did use my sephora acc to check out so they probably have my address as well. i’m super fucking mad she didn’t drop her stuff when i told her i had a bad feeling. needless to say i won’t be lifiting with her ever again & i guess i won’t be going to sephora for awhile lol.

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Warren trying to be a bad boy and keep his Mohawk but sometimes he's lazy and lets it get super curly everywhere and long and his s/o loves it and begs him to keep his curls because he looks like the fluffiest sheep ever and he's like "babe it's killing my bad boy vibe" but when his s/o tugs at it a little he's gone.

i think warren has a pretty good excuse for not cutting it if ur pickin up what im settin down my dude

I was tagged by @marksepticpie to post 10 songs I’m really into right now. Thank you so much for the tag!

1. Cold Cold Cold - Cage the Elephant (my friend showed me this song I can’t stop listening to it)

2. Dusk Till Dawn - Zayn & Sia (Heard it a while now and I really like it)

3. The Killing Moon - Echo & The Bunnymen (Gotta thank Donnie Darko for this one!)

4. A Phantom Pain - Metal Gear Solid V OST (It has that 80s vibe and I fucking love the 80s dude)

5. Novocaine - Fall Out Boy (I’ve been listening to a lot of Fall Out Boy lately but this one is always stuck in my head)

6. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) - David Bowie (One my favorite songs in general)

7. Tears of the Dragon - Bruce Dickinson (What can I say, he’s my fave singer and this song is just so great)

8. Battle Symphony - Linkin Park (This song makes me feel badass and sad at the same time, but I love it nonetheless)

9. Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons (I love the chorus very much and the whole song is just perfect tbh)

10. Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez (She combines creepy and cute in the most wicked way and I fucking love it)

I tag @snakecest @ladyy-strange @king-of-the-outpost @brucewayneistrans @kiefersan

(you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to)