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My sisters been sending your (amazingly) written metas, but I'm still confused as to what "Performance!Dean" is. Could you explain? ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Hi! Thank you!

Performing!Dean is a tag that many of us use to explain the way that Dean portrays himself to the outside world, suppressing parts of himself that he doesn’t think should be outwardly shown.

It’s a form of SUBLIMATION (a psychological term meaning to repress emotions / a part of oneself), a term which he actually uses in 12x05.

It’s a great example. The writers KNOW that we associate Dean’s love of pie with women / being comfortable / the home and family feeling, and cake with the repressed side of him (it is repeatedly used in this context, Dean really wanting it but never allowing himself to have it or just nibbling at the edges). It’s quite a famously known concept.

So… when Sam asks Dean if he wants pie and Dean says no, which basically never happens, when Sam then looks so DONE and starts talking about how Mary is gone and… (the implication being he is about to mention Cas being gone too)… then Dean says nope nope I am FINE and Sam FINALLY calls Dean out on it, saying “Dean, it’s called SUBLIMATION”.

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And Dean finally relents and says “Yeah, its kinda my thing”. (And then later in the diner he is seen to have eaten a whole slice of cake in front of Sam and no-one makes a big deal out of it….)


Because THIS is Dabb again taking what has been IN THE SCRIPT and in the show for 12 years and building on it, making it BLATANT. Because we are building to endgame now, SPN isn’t likely to last past season 13-14, so the character arcs that were set up in season 1 (and 4 for Cas) need to be tied up, so we, the audience NEED it to be made obvious when it has just been in the subtext. THAT IS WHY SO MUCH IS SO BLATANT THIS SEASON. Ie Performing!Dean, Destiel, Sam and the MoL story, Mary being the catalyst for Dean’s self acceptance arc and Sam’s self forgiveness arc around Lucifer (which I think will be much more blatant next season re: Jack as his mirror).

With Performing!Dean it started to be made a bit more obvious since Sam told Dean that he was ‘kind of butch’ and people probably thought he was ‘overcompensating’ in season 2 but it still stayed subtext, Dean checking out a few guys here and there, only really getting with women when he was having his ‘I’m going to go to Hell and need comfort’ or ‘Sam is dead, Cas left’ moments or since he met Cas, whenever Cas had left, making Dean feel crappy and rejected or had just DIED, using it as a coping mechanism, even blatantly role playing in season 9 after he feels so bad about kicking Cas out of the bunker etc to the point that in 12x18 it is so blatant that this is what it is about, they even have Dean saying outloud that he is settling for Sam’s omelette mere seconds after clearly having settled for the waitress because she wasn’t what he really wanted on top of all the other give aways…

Anyway, it’s not just about his sexuality or feelings for Cas, there are many other aspects too, and those are the ones that are cemented in seasons 1-3. Most of these seem all to stem from John and if you see snippets from John’s journal it makes sense.

John says he is proud of Dean when he kills monsters, womanises, drinks etc etc. So guess what a young impressionable Dean learned was the best way to act in life?

Now, over the years bits have come out here and there. Every time we see Dean with a sexual partner he has been the submissive one, he is clearly an extremely giving lover and very caring. He is not a dude bro womaniser at heart, he cares for all the women he sleeps with enough to be kind and gentle with them, even the waitress in 12x18 who really he doesn’t REALLY CARE about, she’s just a coping mechanism, but he is still extremely sweet with her.

He drinks for years of course, he is a functioning alcoholic for most of the show, but lately he has switched to coffee… unless something really bad is going down. Like when we saw the empty bottle in his room in 12x19…

He listens to old rock music because it reminds him of his mom and dad, not because he is a real metal head. Yeah absolutely he loves it too I’m sure, but really it’s the emotional pull. And we haven’t heard him do so since 12x07. Just saying. He also admits to liking Taylor Swift in season 10, after firstly saying HELL NO, same with the cucumber water in 12x07. It’s not the music or the water or whatever as such, that is absolutely NOT what we are saying is making us feel Dean is bisexual or has a hidden side to himself, its the fact that he HIDES it first then admits to it afterwards, that is the essence of Performing!Dean.

When Sam drinks the cucumber water, no-one batted an eyelid, that means nothing to us, because Sam is super comfortable with who he is in THIS respect, even though he carries guilt etc, but that is another subject. But because Dean made a huge deal about how uncool and basically unmanly it was, after all we know of him over the years, THEN went and drank it anyway, saying “shut up” when Sam is like “seriously?!” THAT is where the Performing!Dean meta comes from. And Sam is the same as us, he doesn’t care if Dean is bi, or if he likes Taylor Swift or cucumber water or WHATEVER, what he DOES care about is the fact that Dean feels the need to hide it from him.

There are so many small points along the series that point to a lot of Dean’s persona being fake or exaggerated and how sometimes Sam knows and sometimes he doesn’t, it would be funny if it wasn’t tragic.

Deep down Dean Winchester is a soft, kind and generous soul who just wants to be loved and to help people.


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So yeah, the fact of the matter is that Performing!Dean has been there all along, since the PILOT, over the years it has been showed to us that it exists then some of the walls have started coming down. If anyone dares to tell me that Performing!Dean isn’t a thing (which I was told earlier this season, lmao) then I will kindly point them towards 12x11 and 12x22.

Also, let us not forget that even though 12x11 was mostly an exposition for Performing!Dean when he lost his memories, again harking back to the HEART is the person, NOT their memories theme of the season, we also were given the golden snippet that DEAN RODE LARRY BEFORE HE GOT WACKED WITH MAGIC. This is to show us that Dean’s walls are coming down this season. When Sam called him up on it in a way that seemed to be taking the piss, Dean, rather than attempt to deny or tell him to shut up actually embraced it and gloated about how GOOD he was at it. ATTA BOY DEAN!

With the resurrection of Mary and Dean’s near - complete death experience it seems that Dean got to the point in season 12 where he just didn’t want to hide from himself anymore and so let these walls down further, there were small snippets of this in nearly EVERY episode. 

12x11 was the exposition for casual viewers to see this side of him more clearly (in the same way that 12x19 was for Dean and Cas’s clearly more than platonic relationship, which will not be built on with HUGE LEGO BRICKS since Cas died), and now with the grenade launcher as a metaphor, Dean literally blew down his walls in 12x22. The culmination of this story was his confrontation with Mary where he explains WHY he always had this facade, because he had a shitty childhood, had to be a parent to Sam and that it wasn’t FAIR and he didn’t cope with it well at all.

So. There we have it. Performing!Dean is REAL, it was there ALL ALONG, we were RIGHT in seeing it because it is confirmed in 12x11 and then addressed and to some extent dismantled in 12x22, and the meta idea that the grenade launcher is associated with Performing!Dean was ALSO used.

Just… wowzers.

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I don’t expect Dean to suddenly act completely differently now, he won’t, there are just some aspects of him that will be slightly more obvious or he won’t hide certain parts of himself. He still isn’t completely done with this, as Jensen himself said that there will be more of this to come in season 13…

I expect him to perhaps once or twice order a slice of cake or an ice cream sundae, to listen to the radio and not turn it over if a pop song comes on, to be more open with his feelings towards his family (and yeah, Destiel is a part of this for sure), a nice turn around but also not jarring, because it’s just a PART of Dean, not his whole self, a lot of what we see is really fully him, so it’s not that he is going to completely radically change!

Anyway, its all very exciting as the metaphorical death of Performing!Dean is just a part of what most of us see as a positive endgame for TFW and it is all looking pretty good so far :D

Forgot to do one when I hit 3K so here’s a silly (late) compilation of me being a stupid ENTP irl.
As some of you know I do this every time I get 1000 more followers because I always think it’s cool when bloggers show their faces!! Reminds you that they’re an average schmo just like everyone else you see 😂😂
Also the dude in the top left is the ENTP I usually post about who’s dating the ENFP 😉

Breakfast of Champions lip reading update:

Update:  “whoever / whatever said that, ?? Must be an asshole???”

Mouth those words and test it for yourself while watching Dylan.  :) 

But of course, it’s entirely possible Dylan is swearing probably every other sentence while in the company of dude friends. If that is the case, it makes sense that she’d show the clip sans audio. Naughty Dyl. lol  

The latest message suggestion is that we need someone that reads lips in American native accent.  That would be me..well, except that I’m no lip reader. :-/  Anyone out there that wants to contribute to solving this?  Feel free to send me a message. :) 

It is interesting though to me that she selected footage of Dylan in most probably late ‘98/early ‘99 sporting longer, wavy hair and wearing his trench coat that he would be wearing while murdering classmates.  Sue could’ve opted to show clean cut Dylan being interviewed in the RNN clip or perhaps a family selection from home (well, darn..) but instead, she is appears to be completely comfortable in her unconditional love for her son allowing the audience to see him as he was and yes, even wearing his infamous trench coat while acting entirely sociable, ‘normal’ and likeable.  In the clip she’d chosen, she is not trying to control or alter the audiences’ tiny glimps of daily Dylan. This is the real Dylan. clearly not the ‘evil Columbine Killer’ and yet there he is wearing that foul trench coat. This is the young man she interacted with daily, dressed exactly in this manner. She has faith and trusts that the audience will reserve judgment and embrace this individual as he was as naturally as she does herself, as his mother. Well..except maybe for the audio being nixed for a few peppered swear words as part of the usual teenage dude banter. lol   But again, it’s an interesting clip that she is comfortable with being shown. In her unfaltering love there is complete trust. Sue has come a long way in the last year and a half in her very public ‘Mother’s reckoning’ and in so doing, has become bolder and braver as she touches lives and enlightens so many people with her truth and wisdom. 

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Thank you for your additions to the Chloe post. I didn't know how to word my reservations about a redemption arc for her and then you did it.


i’m not saying it can’t be done, but i don’t think ml has the scope or the skill to handle it well — and it really feels like every show lately subverts/plays with their alpha bitch trope? (or at least the ones i’ve seen lately: gravity falls, dude that’s my ghost, spectacular spiderman, ouat, teen wolf, etcetcetc — even bonnie from kim possible and diamond tiara from mlp had their moments, iirc)

idk, at this point i’d really like to see the bitch character played straight, and chloe’s…

tbh chloe’s kind of flat. she does things because the writers want her to do things, and 99% of the time, the writers want someone to get akumatized. that kind of fits her into the narcissist model pretty cleanly — her reasons given don’t need to be any deeper than ‘she wanted to’ and ‘but other people didn’t do what she wanted.’

it’s not that she’s completely incapable of caring — she probably cares about ladybug, andre, sabrina, and adrien to some extent — it’s that their needs and emotions don’t blip on her radar. (they don’t need to, because she’s more of a plot device than a character, but in the context of the argument…)

she’s just a teenage girl, but even as a teenage girl, that’s a huge amount of innate empathy to lack.

teenage girls (all teenagers and young adults, really, in my experience) tend to get wrapped up in their own emotions and problems and do tend to place those emotions and problems as higher priority than anyone else’s, but even then most of them could look at their sobbing best friend and say ‘shit man you’re not feeling so good today, i’d better lay off.’

like. they might not know quite how to lay off, or how they react might not help, but generally seeing someone they care about display a strong emotion tends to garner a reaction of some sort.

chloe, as far as i’ve seen, doesn’t react. as far as i’ve seen, nobody’s ‘human’ to chloe except chloe.

‘well, she could’ve learned that behavior from her mother’ falls really flat to me because i know people who were trained like that — my grandmother and my sister’s bio mother especially were really frickin awful people — and it fucked them up but it didn’t kill their empathy.

now, my brother’s friend — an aspie in a similar situation — was pretty chloe-like.

—right up until he got out of his abusive home life and had the energy and peer pressure to be nice again.

but chloe isn’t being abused. at worst, she’s neglected. she could be looking for validation, but she goes to school (and has been for at least four years) and she’s surrounded by examples of how to get that validation without hurting people, and she seems to neither notice nor use any of them. 

and i’m pretty sure it’s because she doesn’t realize she needs to; nobody’s ‘human’ to chloe except chloe, and that’s… well, i’m pretty sure that’s the definition of narcissism.

(as a side-note: she doesn’t really seem to be looking for validation either — her reactions and self-respect seem to be static no matter how people react to her. she’s the subject of everything from frustration (marinette), tolerance to gentle censure and rejection (adrien), pure rejection (ladybug), coddling and affection (her father), adoration to hatred (kim/dark cupid), pure adoration (sabrina), pure censure (alya) — right down to actual killing intent (evillustrator) — and chloe remains just as sure of herself as she started out.)

TL;DR right now chloe’s a plot device with narcissistic patterns, and i don’t really see how a show like ml could pull off a decent redemption arc in the format that it uses. also i’ve had a void of unabashedly bitchy antagonist characters and would appreciate this one staying that way.

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I've only followed Black Sails through gifs (and shipped some things) but now I see all your flailing I want to watch it too

Dude. DUDE.

Like. I think part of the reason I’ve been so disappointed in O*nce lately is that I have been bingeing Black Sails and it is SO GOOD. The writing, the characters, the plot lines, the twists and turns, all of it is just. so. good? 

Like. Listen. There is maybe one milquetoast, typically hetero relationship on the show, and even that one involves a woman who is bi. But it’s not, like, poorly done? 

Every single character has an arc, and growth, and motivations, and they betray each other and they hate each other and they love each other. 

The women run the fucking world in this show, and neither the writers, the show, or the actors shy away from that. The men are super pretty and mostly a bunch of assholes, but you fall in love with them all anyway. The women you kinda just stare at in awe, but in the end you love them too.

Every single one of the characters is flawed, and honestly most of them are downright horrible most of the time, but somehow, we end up loving them all anyway. 

The plotlines of the show are always present, and they arc over all four seasons. The writers keep you in suspense from episode to episode, but it never feels trite, it never feels like they’re stringing you along (TWD, I’m looking at you). The number of times I just let my jaw drop before muttering “What the fuck. OH WHAT THE FUCK!” (okay, there was some yelling too) at something is honestly astronomical at this point, so obviously now that the series is done it’s time for a rewatch. 

I can think of one death on the show that felt a little Game of Thrones-y, and honestly I think that’s just because I’d gotten so used to them eliciting drama and tragedy without the usual GoT torture/death porn tactic. 

And the scenery, and the cinematography, and the choreography, and the FUCKING SOUNDTRACK OMG as if Bear McCreary didn’t already own my fucking soul, they are all so good.

The series finale was the best payoff of any series end I think I’ve ever watched. It wasn’t so much that it was tied into a neat little bow (it wasn’t, not really) but that the show ended in a way that brought it full circle. 

I’m still super bitter about my fave getting killed, but even in that, they executed the death masterfully and it was for a reason - it moved the story to where it needed to be, yes, but it also shed a light on who that person truly was, there at the end. 

At the end of the day, this is a show about, of all the trite things, love. In all it’s forms, in every iteration, the most important thing about this show, the thing that draws you in, the thing that makes you invested, is watching the way these characters navigate around each other, to each other, away from each other. 

And the writing and the acting are fucking phenomenal on every level. Honestly it may be one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. 

1000000/10 would recommend.  

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au where the four are long distance internet friends! :D

listen….. yes. 

i didn’t edit this i’m sorry

i’m not sure what this turned into but it sure wasn’t my Plan. also. i apologize for the egregious french. a big shoutout to @megatraven for helping me out with one of the phrases before i threw proper french and caution to the wind. i was not teaching myself french at midnight. one day

for reference because it’s not mentioned until the end: mari is still in paris, alya is in martinique, nino is in morocco, and adrien is in nyc bc why not 

Marinette lifts her head from her desk in surprise as a chime interrupts the music.

Ayyyy, here he is!” Alya cheers.

Took you long enough,” Nino mumbles.

Marinette rubs her eyes. She doesn’t know if she was actually conscious before they started talking again. “Huh?”

Adrien laughs. “Morning, Marinette.

She groans and puts her head back down. “Nino, what time is it?”


Chop chop, Nino,” Alya says.

Shut up I had a video open full screen. It’s 10:36 for me, so it’s 11 for Mari.

Marinette sighs and sits up straighter. “Well. I’ll regret this in the morning.”

Sorry, Mar,” Adrien apologizes. “I had fencing.”

“I know you did,” she says quickly. “I didn’t have to stay up.”

Alya snorts.

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the second chance hotel

big props to the stud @bigdimbros for helpin me wit the spelling…


It was finally over.  We were done our undergrad: all of the late nights of study and the long hours of test prep had paid off. Jared, Chris, Michael, Dan, and i were finally all done.  We had just walked out of our last exam and were on our way out to the coast for a week of well-deserved rest.

Dan picked out the place. I couldn’t believe we got it so cheap. We had two rooms in a grand old hotel. Honestly, though, it seemed more like someone’s mansion.

Creepily, though, it felt like we were the only people there.

As soon as we arrived, we went straight to the bar.  It was past noon, so we felt that we were well within societal boundaries to consume some alcohol.  The place was totally deserted. There was one bartender - a tanned, muscled guy who looked ready for spring break to start up again.

“Hey guys” he greeted us warmly… “What’ll it be?”

“We’re gonna need shots!” i said.  "We just finished our last exams - now its time to loosen up and kick back!“

"I hear that,” said the bartender pulling down a bottle.  "You all seem like a bunch of smart dudes,“ he pointed the bottle tip at me, “what’s your major?”

"Double major,” I puffed out my chest, bragged, "math and physics!”

A gleeful smile crossed the bartender’s face. He poured five shots. They were a bright red color and went down easy.

Soon, we were lost in an afternoon of craft beer mixed with sugary shots.  I had never let myself go so much. I knew I didn’t have to wake up early for once. That 7 AM physics lab I taught all semester damn near killed me.  I felt like I owed myself a good drunken night out.

We all stumbled back to our rooms. Chris, Jared, and I shared one. Dan and Michael shared the other.  I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I didn’t wake until there was a scream from the other room.

Chris, Jared, and I rushed over.  The scream had come from Michael who was standing in a towel, soaked, like he’d just come out of the shower.

He was looking at Dan.

Dan, normally, was our pudgy friend with the thick glasses and the heart of gold. Our Dan, who had the buzz-cut hair because he never wanted to think about it.

Dan was about a hundred pounds lighter than he was last night. His hair was newly shaggy and blond, cut like some kind of a surfer.  This Dan had abs.  This Dan had pecs. Not huge pecs but they were there, they were clear. Unlike the rest of us, this Dan wasn’t looking at all freaked out.

"Like… what’s up hun?” he said. Lilting, light.

“Uh…Dan buddy…do you notice anything weird?” Jared asked, a little shaken.

Dan hopped out of bed. To our shock he was wearing a lime green thong. He shuffled over and looked at himself in the mirror. Carefully. You could almost hear the gears grinding in his brain.

“Yah…” he said slowly, intensely staring at his thick pointer finger running through the center groove of his eight-pack.  "I thoud be totes hungover right now.  thweet!“

What should we have done? Taken him to the doctor?  For some reason it never occurred to us. It’s only now, in this one moment of clarity that I understand. We couldn’t do anything that morning. I felt like we should drive Dan to the hospital, and I bet the rest of the boys did too. The hotel kept us tranquilized. So, instead we went for breakfast.

Though the day it turned out that Dan didn’t just look different. He talked different too. Permanently. He called us “hon” or “babe” or “gurl” a lot. And he wanted us to call him the same. He’d answer to Danni, but only if you insisted…  and that lisp!!

Also… I never knew a thing about Dan’s sex life. I do know for sure that Danni was super gay. Whistle at bros on the boardwalk gay. Take ‘em back to the room for a quickie gay.  Brunch was like his spirit animal.

We were all nervous about what had happened. People don’t just turn into the swishy version of themselves overnight, do they?  None of us could get the energy to call the cops, though.  Instead all we could do was return to the bar, keep getting drunker. All of us that was, except for Danni - he was up in the room getting laid by some guy we could have sworn was with his girlfriend wen we saw him on the beach. Danni had gone up to him wearing his white and pink booty shorts, sporting an obvious hardon. Goodbye girlfriend! Haha that was classic Danni for you.

We still remembered Dan… but it felt like reality was.. healing… up aound Danni. His whole suitcase was full of those booty shorts and we were getting less freaked out by the hour…

"You gotta admit,” Chris said "Danni’s hot…ya know, if you were into dudes…”

"Haha! Is there something you need to tell us Chris?” Jared laughed.

When it came time to stumble upstairs, Michael practically begged Chris to swap beds with him.

Chris looked Danni over critically. Well, as much as he could eight drinks in. Chris was a tall skinny guy, like a pipecleaner. He was fucking shitfaced. I noticed a weird look in his eye.  Sure Danni was a fag now but he was also a walking sex dream.  Chris was probably sizing him up for fuck, drunk as he was.

“Sure whatever” Chris said, nonchalantly. He and Danni stumbled off.  Meanwhile Jared, Michael and I went to our room.

“I’m gonna grab a shower guys” said Jared. Michael and I took the beds, leaving Jared to the cot.  I remember hoping that nobody else was gonna turn into a Danni overnight.

Ten minutes later there was a crash in the bathroom. A big, heavy crash.  Michael and I went to go see if Jared was alright. We were afraid he had hit his head or something worse.

Well… he hadnt hit his head… but he had fallen.  He was like a half a foot shorter. Jared was now about five feet tall, but built like a brick shithouse. I thought Danni had sprouted a chest but Jared had PECS. BIG FUCKING MUSLCE TITS. Abs. An enormous ass. There he was, buck ass naked, giggling like a schoolgirl in the shower.

“Wanna join me bois?” he asked with a little shake of his plump ass. His shirt but thick cock swung opposite his frequency.  "Come on in and let me suck you all off…or maybe one of you wants to fuck this hole while I suck the others off? C’mon out boys…the waters fine!“

You wouldn’t think we needed to make an excuse… but each of us did. Something just didn’t feel Right. I, for instance, said I just really needed to read my book. We each backed out slowly.  

"So…um…” Michael stammered.


“I guess Jared might as well share a room with Danni”

A half hour later we delivered a fucking fabulous version of “Jer” - as he insisted we call him - over to Danni.  Jer liked tight muscle shirts and athletic shorts and backwards ball caps - you wouldn’t think it’d take half an hour to put that all on but Jer wouldn’t leave the room until he was “fine an fuckable”

Chris answered the door. Still the same old Chris thank god- but he looked a little disappointed when we pulled him away back to our room.

“Oh my god!  Honey you make thuch an awthum himbo!  You wanna fuck or get fucked?” we overheard through the door as we made a retreat back to our room.  Well… that and the bedframe pounding on the wall…

I’m glad I practically blacked out. I don’t think would have slept otherwise. I kept having these dreams about a wizard with a magic wand that came into our room and pottered us into sissy fags like Jer and Danni. I woke up in a cold sweat.

I was almost surprised the next morning when we were all still ourselves. That didn’t last long.  I was in the shower trying not to think too loud (it had been a long time since I thought drinking the hangover away was a good idea).  Michael had gone to wake up Danni and Jer (turned out those fuckers had been uh…UP for hours already - no hangovers for them just hard ons) and Chris was getting dressed.

When I came out of the bathroom, Chris was only barely Chris. He was still tall and had the same face, but his body had filled out - a lot.  He looked like the supercharged quarterback of a  pro football team. Athletic but not perfectly cut - this body was made for the field not just a photo shoot. I couldn’t see his naked dick (thank fuck) but I could see his sizeable package wrapped tight in a pair of under armor boxers.

“Yo!” he said.  "Look what happened man…ain’t this totally great?“


“What’s wrong bro?” asked Chris

“Like O M Geee!” Danni said from the door.  Jer followed up with a “Hello boyfriend material!”.

Michael just rolled his eyes.  "Fuck…really? Okay ‘bro’ what’s your name?“

"Ha…ya my friends call me Topher” said the hunked out version of Chris.  "You should kno that! You’re my bros!“ he laughed the dumbest, most vacuous laugh I have ever heard in my life.

If the bottle blond hair didn’t give it away, the growing bulge while he checked out Danni promised that this was also the gay version of Chris.

Topher was like the all-american boytoy. He wore flip flops, board shorts, and a crew neck muscle t that stretched across his chest, revealing very prominent nipples.  When he wasnt ordering bacon and eggs with a bud on the side, he was checking out the ass of every dude in sight. He mostly talked about beer, football, and getting ass. I’m sure that’s all he thought about too.

I admit I’m surprised we still all got along so well.  Michael and I were suddenly two straight nerds in a group of oversexed fags. We’d all been friends 4 years, that much was the same.  Conflicting memories were in our minds - getting into the honor society with Chris battled with the memory of cheering Topher on at his first college game. Late nights of d&d were conflicting with strip shows we’d been dragged to at the local gay bar.

Somehow we still weren’t calling the doctors.  This didn’t make any sense.  What was going on? There wasnt any pattern.  I had a double major in math and physics an I couldn’t see the pattern.

All day I think Michael and I were just waiting for the eventual.  I started wondering what we’d turn into.  Strippers?  Drag queers?  Most of the gay dudes we’d known in college had been just pretty normal dudes who happened to like dick but whatever was happening to us it wasn’t like that.

We still just kept spending time chilling at the beach and drinking at the bar.  Just a regular vacation with our three best friends who all turned porn-star gay overnight.

Michael and I took the small room that night and the fuckfest in the next room kept running through my mind. I dropped in and out of sleep, making sure that our curse hadn’t hit me or Michael while we were unconscious.

It didn’t hit Michael until almost noon the next day.  I had almost forgotten how fucked up the entire situation was until Michael went up to the room for a nap. Twenty minutes later our amateur bodybuilder Mikey came down the stairs.

He was huge. And he knew it. And he loved it.  He liked to go around in as little clothing as possible. He would only ever put on a speedo, and even then only when we left the hotel room.  It got…awkward when he saw the bartender for the first time - Mikey almost popped outta his pouch.

Just like a bodybuilder he was fucking obsessed with his tan…so sure enough it was a nude beach when Mikey decided it was. That suited the others just fine - Jer especially loves to run around naked.

The conversations were so real…

"I’m telling you Danni… you bulk up a little an you’re gonna be a total stud!” Mikey would say

“Ugh…” says Danni “and ruin my figure?! No way - I don’t need ta be covered in muscle - ma bubble butt does all the advertising I need”

Theyd both laugh. Mikey would call Danni a whore…Danni would call Mikey a beast and Jer would just slip his big hands to his lycra-covered crotch and start playing with himself.  Topher just kept giving us an earful of his dumass laugh.

I spent all day hanging out with the cast of sluts in the city until I finally broke. I was in a room with Mikey and Jer in the other bed.  Mikey was pounding Jer’s ass without even thinking about me in the next bed over. From the sound of it, Topher was enjoying himself with Danni’s hole too. I wanted the room to myself – I was sure they’d all be happy to share a bed.

That night was when I decided to run.  It had gone from a maybe that I’d be next to a certainty.  I didn’t like anything I had seen so far - a bubbly twink…a slutty himbo…Mr boytoy himself and an oiled up lunk.  None of those is my idea of a good life.

I… I wasn’t just going to give up and become a gay whore!

I was smart! I was confidant and brilliant and I had the whole world in front of me! I had job offers piled up on my desk back home. I had a future…these freaks were living solely for today now. Their futures completely obliterated like their brain cells.

I needed to be in charge of my life.

I decided to wait until we all went down to the beach. Then I’d make an excuse an go up to the hotel room and take my bag and catch the next bus back to the city.  I’m sorry guys but youre on your own to get home - if you ever do.  I’m gonna ditch our apartment an take one of those job offers far, far away.

We finished up brunch and Mikey suggested that we go down to the beach like it was some brilliant plan.  Everyone agreed and I said I’d meet then down there. I said I had to piss.

I headed to the room.

Heavy footsteps behind me.

I turned around

It was the bartender looking like the fuck-brain jersey-shore-reject he probably was.  All tan muscles tight clothes and hair gel. Maybe he was the guy making this all happen, or maybe he was just another victim like my friends.  Whatever.  I wasn’t going to be a victim

“You cant escape, he said, "So dont even try…”

I went into my room and slammed the door.  He followed me in.  Duh! Staff have keys! I chastised myself for that.

I tried to ignore him…focus on throwing my shit into my totebag.

“You’ve already been committed since you had those first shots” said the bartender.  "Mostly I’m just weirded out that you went this many days without jerking off.“

Just ignore the…

"What?” I implored out loud.

“The shots I gave you.  They turn you into a gay fantasy.  The only question is which one.  Your friend Danni only lasted a night before he cummed, so he’s a pretty vanilla twink.  Knows he’s hot an dresses the part…but you can find 20 of those in any club. Boring. Uninteresting. Not very valuable.”

“Honestly most dudes can’t even wait that long…I’ve had dudes check out barely bi.  Most get as far as being dedicated cocksuckers but your group dude… your friends were seriously repressed.  Plus when college guys share rooms you gotta plan a sock on the door you know?”

“Then your pal Jer.  Rubbed one out in the shower that night.  He lasted long enough to turn into a pretty hot himbo – he’s got any job he wants dancing.  He’s not even dumb…he just thinks about cock so much there isn’t room for anything else.”

I’d stopped packing.  There was only one thing I heard really clearly… “So all i have to do is not cum…”

“But you’re gonna.” said the bartender.  "Like… every dude cums.  Even if you cage it up or just never touch your dick again youre still gonna have a wet dream or something.  Men cum.  Thats what we exist for.“

"Now your boy Topher - he must have waited until he had the room to himself for a couple minute and then he went to yank.  He waited long enough that now we have a totally basic slutty jock - lots of muscle…lots of confidence…not too much happening up in the brain dept. You can rent a guy like him out for serious cash every night. And he’ll love it!”

“And then there’s Mikey.  You know that nap was just an excuse to explode the volcano…he’s a bodybuilder now …prob’ly gonna spend life as a personal trainer.  He can count reps an’ calories like a pro but that’s all he counts. You didn’t notice but mikey bought you all breakfast cause he didn’t wanna figure how to split the check.  He’d love to split my ass though.”

“The longer you wait, the more extreme it gets. The more your cock is gonna lead you into the places no straight man even knows about. To be honest, the longer you wait, the more masc youre gonna be.”

“So you got a choice bro…how long are you gonna wait?”

Then the bartender just left…quick as he came.

I wonder how quick he actually came…assuming he took the drink…just how deprived is he?  He definitely made it longer than Danni…maybe even longer then Jer…but I’d bet if I told him to bend over he’d be eating pillow before I got my fly unzipped.

What if he was lying and the curse only worked at this hotel…that was fucking ridiculous though…but no more ridiculous then some potion that turns you into a fag.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this…but what was the alternative? I had to turn myself before I got too kinky.

I whipped my cock out and tried to think of something sexy.  It had been a few days so it didnt take long for me to be at full burn.

There were footsteps coming up the stairs. The heavy ones had to be Mikey…

I pumped fast…but before I could bust a nut Jer showed up.

“Hi boyfriend!” shouted Jer in that perma-excited voice he has now.  "Let me help you with that!“

They were all there.  Mikey and Jer and Topher and Danni. Cocks were coming out to tug it with me.  Jer was on his knees working my dick with his whore mouth an his stubby cock with his practised hand. I felt fucking incredible.

I feel like they all knew…course they knew what they were doing.

"I’m gonna blow” I gasp.  Even at the last minute some part of me was trying to hold back.  Trying to keep it from happening.  Trying to hold onto my nerd ass a little longer…but I was past the point of no return. Jer had just sucked harder wen I said it.

I looked across the room at a mirror.  My straight ass was in the middle a jerk orgy that even I found hot.

I could see Mikey beating his little dick and Topher stroking a cock that was gonna be legendary in this town. Danni had simply collapsed on the bed an started vigorously fucking a dildo.

These were my friends

These were my bros

No these were…

My cock exploded in Jers mouth.  I saw him take my huge load like a pro…it only started leaking out down his chin cause he literaly couldnt fit anymore

i exploded too.  my skinny frame burst out with heavy swollen muscle.  my balls dropped like sumone had thrown a bag of gold in my lap…an my fuckstick…i was a fuckin 10" monster.  i’d hurt goin in any ass i picked

an then theyd never feel full again…i wuz definitely…

i looked in the mirror again…i wuz older than the others…i looked maybe 30 or so… an i wssnt smooth like them either…just enuff dark hair that ud never doubt i wuz a real man

never doubt that these were my boys

never doubt thst i wuz…

“So wats ur name bro?” asked topher

never doubt that i was there…

“Master.” i said

wait…wuz that rite?  whatever…there wiz fresh cum churning in balls an it needed release


like hi gurls!  its me danni.  this is where i have to take over the story telling.  once master joined the rest of us in our new dubble awesum lives he stopped talking so much… actually he stopped talkin at all.  'master ’ wuz the last word he ever said.

we were all in the smaller of our two hotel rooms - room 69 of thr second chance hotel.  u like that room name?  i renamed all of them myself… the room where i first changed in now known as 'room DTF’.

i wuz busy reaming out my boipussy with this awesum rubber cock that i found in jer’s luggage. but inremember stopping for just a second when master emerged

he wuz amazing.  like a total god yknow?  i wasnt really into the whole master/boy thing but well… im getting ahead of myself

topher looked confused about what was goin on til jer kissed him…snowballing sum of masters cum into his dumb mouth…then he understood.  he had a physical need to obey master now

next jer kissed mikey.  the bodybuilder gave an animal grunt wen he tastdd the cum and felt masters powrr over him

and last wuz me…now my twink ass does watever my master commands.  i’m still not into master/boy porn or anything…but i kno fo sho that hes my master an i’m his boi.  simple science fact

jer swallowed the remaining cum.  he understood his place in life - an he knew how awesum it wuz

“welcome home master” said Jer…

master gave out a deep grunt.  he had a cockhungry look in his eyes.  pure sex drive

i knew he wanted my ass doggy style.  it felt like the most natural way to receive an order from my master deep in the animal part of my brain

an without question, i bent over presenting master with my twinky ass..i have a firm hole an gurl i luv to put it 2 use

topher handed me a bottle of lube.  i gave my hole a generous dose then lined up against masters cock.

him thrusting in and out of me felt like the best thing i ever done.  this wuz my fuckin birthrite

i came wen master did an just soaked the bed in my sweet cum.  i eagerly licked it up because when master grunted his dumb grunt i knew what he wanted

i found sum clothes in my masters bag an dressed him.  a leaher thong that looks like it got painted on him.  i found his boots.  so natural that they were his boots.

by the time we made our way downstares master had to stop an ruined mikeys ass for any lesser man too.

still he said nothin…just those stupid an sexy grunts.  i dont kno for sure but i think master has his brain totally outta the loop.  i think we"re getting orders direct from his horny cock

“can i help u sir?” said the clerk at reception. master moved rite past him into the managers office.  nobody could say no to him

“hello sir… what can i help u with?” said the manager.  he wuz this fussy little fag…maybe 50 an goon bald.  i dunno if he wuz a fag to start i guess…but to minutes in he wuz eating masters cum an staring up at him in worship"

“come with uth doll” i said

he nodded…unable to resist the pull of a real master.  we ked him to the empty bar where that bartender was polishing glasses

“Ah…hello.  u decided to join us then…” he said looking at masters huge bulge stuffs into his thong"

master grunted in return.  everyone in the room got a little harder

“you better believe it honey” i said. “.  now…about ur thpecial drink…u made it?”

“you got it…” said the bartender. “so the bug guy doesnt talk huh?”

“master doesnt need to thpeak 4 us to obey his will…your invention?” i asked.  i could feel masters will steering my wirds

“yeah…he said.”. sorry tho one shot per customer. no redos :)

“ith for him” i said an pushed the manager forward.

a few seconds later the manager had downed the red liquid

“Look gurl - u wait til tomorrow morning.  then u jerknoff like ur life dependth on it…i guess it does actually”

“tomorrow morning…” the manager stuttered

“yeah…any sooner an i’ll make thure u never touch your pathetic dick again…got it babe?” i asked

he nodded then made a retreat to his office.

“interesting how he turned out” said the bartender.  "i never made a master b4 an ive watched guys go even a little longer.  maybe theres sumthing special abiut him…“

"oh fo sho” i said

“i dont kno wat u did to the manager but u should kno i cant get push around so easy” he warns me

“dont worry…were masters bois.  once u tastd his cum its like u grt hooked rite up to what his cock dethireth” i gestured at the group behind me.  "but ur his partner…this hotel is under new management.  i’m gonna fill this place with the kind of men who need changing…underthand?  and ur gonna change em"

the bartender thout for a minute

“deal.  he said reachin out hisbhand.  "partners”

we shook on it. master wuz busy getting blown by jer

the next day we had a new manager - sure he wuz a little young 4 the job but he sure luvd to please the guests.

a few days later we had a new staff of receptionists…all charming young men- enclusing topher.  he checks guys in an if theyre lookin good he checks them out too.  then he takes there bags up to the room".  if the tip is big enuff he’ll stay all nite

Im masters personal assistant now…my ass is ready to go wenever he needs a quick distraction.  thats usually no more than four times before noon.  he like to sleep in

mikey heads up our gym.  he doesnt sit at the desk ever but he checks every peace of equipment on every man in there at lesst once a day…

jer is in charge of entertainment.  thats whatever he decides it is.  master has been growing his kinky side lately - rite now hes all about rubber jockstraps an nothing else.  jocks are a good choice for jer - his ass is for anyone but master has got his lock on Jers cock.  

these days the hotel is moving faster then my cock in jers hole.  the bar is always packed…the hotel is booked solid…an we break a bed almost evety night.

i do my tour every day to make sure things are running smooth an everyone is lubed up nocely.  i walk past reception - topher is there - an a confused looking man walks in.  i recognize him as a conservative preacher whose always spewing his hate on tv…he’s here because master called him an commanded him to cum.  nobody says no to master

i overhear topher say “welcome to the second chance hotel sir.  i see ur reservation says u’ll need to be staying with us for to nights.  if u’ll follow Zane here to the bar for a complementry drink ill take ur bags up to ur room”

New Beginnings - Part 1

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,050


   “It’s five o’ clock. Where the hell are they?” Dean runs his hands through his hair, glancing at the clock for the millionth time as he paces the perimeter of the room.

   They’ll be here. Don’t stress out. And it’s not five yet.”

   “4:57. Close enough.” He pulls back the curtain to peer out the front windows.

   “Dean, babe, come sit down.” You pat the empty spot on the couch next to you.

   “I can’t. I find myself incapable of staying still.”

   “I know. Come sit anyway.”

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For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, introduc-

Oh shut up, I’ll introduce myself


I’m flowing like a pitbull
I’ve th’ darkest punchlines in a fistful
I’m th’ show that th’ kids wanna watch
I’ve got th’ power t’ make ‘em stay up late an’ miss school
Girls are like
Ahh he’s cool
Confusing nothing about me, Simple

I’m a bad mother- SHUT YOUR MOUTH

I’d stress th’ girls an’ give all th’ pretty ones wrinkles


I’m so great, flying around with no cape, I’m so baked
I graffiti my name on sky scrapers
Heroes tell me t’ stop, I’m like
Shut up, don’t hate

I use my power for entertainment from th’ mind th’ way I gave a girl an orgasm in home base

“ Why you gotta take my girl? Get your own date! 

Why you here in my galaxy?

Get your own space!

Hot for the teacher

Imagine you’re Abel’s teacher (age 5) and you’re in a relationship with Jax, but he’s pushing you away. 

Part V 

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When it was going good, it was great. The club became your closest family, and you learned to became best friends with some of the old ladies. You weren’t an old lady yet but you sure learned your way around the club. You were now too used to long night rides, to having sex at the storage of TM, and to wear more leather than usual. Jax was everything you could ask for. Abel was now used to see you around the house more often, and it amazed him every time, to see his favorite teacher on his house and after classes.

But when it was bad, like lately, it was awful. Jax had been distancing himself from you more often than not. You still didn’t slept together, but it hurted your feelings to see how much of an asshole he was being to you lately. He snapped at every single thing you did and it might be your imagination but whenever Abel seemed to show a bit of affect to you, he wold went totally nuts. 

You were currently at his house, having coming back home early, Abel’s having a dentist appointment. He had giving you a spare key to his house weeks ago, and it was the first time you used it. You heard the car pull in and smiled, getting up and opening the door. 

“Hey dude.” You waved at Abel who smiled at you and came running. You picked him up, seeing the annoyed look on you, via Jax Teller. You sighed and put Abel down.

“You’re coming to play with me, Mrs. (Y/N).?” You nodded and caressed his hair, watching him go straight to his room, probably to take out his toys. You watched Jax walked over the door frame and shake his head, placing his keys on the little table next the door, as you closed it behind you both.

“What are you doing here?”

“Excuse me?” You asked lifting your eyebrows. He took off his kutte and shook his head. 

“You can’t come around any time you want. You’re confusing the shit out of Abel.” He said, sitting down on the couch and putting his feet on the coffee table. “He asked me today if you were gonna be his new mommy. He has a mother, you know? He’s had two already.” So that’s what it was. Jax didn’t want to go steady. He didn’t wanted you to be a constant. 

“If you have a problem with us, you might as well say it. Cause i don’t hear you complaining when i’m sucking your dick…” You had tried to keep the volume down but it was impossible. You were getting worked up.

“Look, doll, i’m just trying to see what’s best for Abel and Thomas.” You scoffed, throwing your hands in the air. 

“And i dont?” 

“Look…” He said, looking up at you from his seat. “Go back to paint by numbers and blowing dirty noses.” You looked at him, eyes as wide as plates. “Let me handle my family.”

“I thought you say i was part of the family.”

“I think it’s clear you don’t belong with us.” You frowned, grabbing your purse and looking at Jax, before you slapped him as hard as you could, wanting to cry right in front of him. He stood there, looking at you for a few minutes and then looking down. 

He let you walk out of the door; Everything has been said. Despite all the times you’ve spent in the clubhouse, despite how much Jax told you he liked you and how many times you felt like you belonged, Jax was there to remind you that it was all a big fat lie. But this was on you; and you were going to fix it first thing tomorrow morning. 

The end is coming omg 

elenuvien  asked:

whenever there's a discourse about fans i realise that western fans seem to think almost everyone in japan watches anime and reads manga. that most queer people follow animanga hence majority of them have opinions about representation in this media. meanwhile, from what i know, while omnipresent it's something not enjoyed by many and even frowned upon as "immature". the idea that 99% of fans tweeting kubo is part of lgbtq and thus tells us how community feels about it is ridiculous.

Hope you don’t mind I answer this publicly but I just really wanted to address this because I feel like this is a common misunderstanding - Anime is not that mainstream in Japan, especially not how people imagine it to be.

The only anime that can be called “mainstream” are Studio Ghibli Movies (and now Kimi no Na wa) and animes for kids or for all ages, such as One Piece, Detective Conan, Doraemon, Pokemon, Sazae-san, Chibi Maruko-chan, etc. These are the animes that everyone knows, that are regularly used in advertisements, and referred to in Pop Culture.

Other animes do not share this wide audience. They show late at night and are targeted to those, mostly teenagers and young adults, who regularly watch anime and buy their merchandise. That’s why the anime industry is structured the way it is. That’s why every season there’s always a couple animes with cute girls for the otaku dudes who like that stuff, and a couple animes with pretty boys for the fujoshis who like that stuff. That’s why the majority of anime is based off of a manga or light novel or video game. It’s all about drawing from audiences that are already there.

YOI has managed to draw some more viewers- namely skating fans, due to its exposure from Evgenia and Johnny Weir, but for the most part its Japanese fandom is still majorly straight women who enjoy anime focused on relationships between two pretty men. And everyone knows that.

Japanese LGBT communities have been silent about YOI, and the Japanese LGBT people I asked this about theorized that it was because it wasn’t really a big deal. They’ve seen homoerotic relationships between men before in BL-ish anime targeted to women. That’s not what they’re interested in. Hourou Musuko - an anime not targeted to fujoshis, otakus, focusing on transgender characters and the difficulties they face - that’s something. A mainstream anime having a clear, confirmed lgbt character who was depicted positively - that’d be amazing. A character saying clearly “I am gay” on a mainstream anime- that’d be ground breaking. (Think how many times have you heard an anime character say that??)

But all in all, characters who are implied to be lgbt aren’t all that uncommon in anime. But either they’re targeted to otakus or fujoshis, they’re too ambiguous, or most people don’t watch it or take it seriously (usually a combo of all three) which is why Japanese LGBT websites and magazines focus on dramas and live-action movies.

(On a sidenote: Are people really saying that Kubo is in the LGBT community? Seriously??? This is the woman who said “I don’t draw yuri because I really like men” like what is this bs)

edit: Elenuvian later commented that they meant “western fans thinking that 99% of the Japanese fans who tweet Kubo are lgbt, which is ridiculous” not “western fans think that Kubo is lgbt”. But yeah both are ridiculous.

Teen Wolf’s The Beast Theory: Is Danny The Beast Of Gévaudan?

-In 3x16 at the neon party, two onis stare at Danny for a while; Danny NOTICES them, something only a supernatural creature can do. (Since this scene, we were pretty damn sure he was something.)

-But let’s go back to season 3A. In 3x06, Aiden touches his scar, and Danny reveals him it’s from a surgery. In Teen Wolf terms: he’s actually a chimera.

-Remember in the same season when HE DISCOVERED THE TELURIC CURRENTS, HELPING TO SAVE HIS FRIENDS? Which we now due to recent events that they’re used by the Dread Doctors. Think about it, why else would he know about something as random as teluric currents?

-After that he was poisoned and almost killed with mistletoe, a pretty harmful poison for werewolfs, but just for werewolfs. Could it poison a chimera too? 

-Danny’s last name’s Mahealani, which means full moon in hawaian. (C’MON JEFF, SERIOUSLY?)


- Lately Keahu’s been posting several strange photos with supernatural thematic, but this one in particular caught our eye (forget about his abs for now, just for now). Doesn’t this background remember you to the tunnels where the Dread Doctors hide? 


anonymous asked:

Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, All That We've Lost

Damn, nonny, that really sounds like an angst!fic title - didn’t I break enough feels with my last Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan post? I will not let the name of Saner become synonymous with angst! XD
(ohmigod you should hear @lilyrose225writes laughing at me rn. although since I’m not writing this one…?)

I’m springboarding off my previous play in @punsbulletsandpointythings‘ TINDD sandbox (thank u so much) because I’m just too tempted. Also, this became more meta than summary. So, um, thank you nonny :) 

I could try again if you want me to actually fill the prompt tho 
this ran away with me and it got really really really long

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Relief (Tracy's bday fic, E/E)

Local sex god Enjolras finds someone who interests him every week. After having sex with them, he never talks to them again. Bartender Eponine looks on and shakes her head at it, until she gets drawn into his stress-relief. E/E

AN: Happy belated birthday my dear Tracy! I hope this lives up to your expectations, and to the prompt you gave me all those months ago…

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!!!! Guess who has another hc lol !!!

well its more like an au rather than a headcanon but i just thought i’d share it-

so i was thinkin’ of this in the shower and u know that soulmate au where the first word(s) your soulmate says when u first meet them are marked on your wrist well in this one it goes by age so like it doesnt just show up right when you meet them (this is only for the sake of the plot of the story idk if its an actual thing or not riprip)
and the age where u get your mark is about middle school/junior high right
so this is a matsuhana au and makki is like one of the first ones in his class to get his mark and he’s all hyped and stuff abt it
but all his mark says is “i’m so sorry” so he’s a little distraught because its such a common phrase and whenever somebody says those words to him he has to like lowkey check the other person’s wrist to see if what he said when he first met them was on the other person’s arm
every single person he has confronted even up until his first year of highschool he has found out that they arent his soulmate
and so highschool rolled around and he was stiLL trying to figure out who his soulmate was
mattsun still didnt get HIS mark tho bc he’s what other people call a “late bloomer” meaning his mark didnt show up in junior high
makki is always encouraging him and stuff like “dont worry dude you’ll get your mark soon i promise it”
but makki was On A Hunt himself and so one day he was just daydreaming while walking across the street and he bumps into this girl and her immediate response is “i’m so sorry”
and makki just thinks “eh its another one” so he lifts up his wrist and shows his mark and says “hi”
and the girl starts freaking out because she lifts up her wrist too and right under her palm it says that two-letter word
and so they both start freaking out in the middle of the street and then go into a nearby store to talk and stuff
apparently the girl hasnt found her soulmate yet either
and so they’re like “wow okay you seem chill i sense a connection here this might just be it”
so they exchange numbers and stuff and right after his confrontation makki goes straight to mattsun and mattsun has a fe e li n g in his stomach when makki tells him all these things but he doesnt know what the feeling is/means so he ignores it
and so makki and this girl start dating right and mattsun is the bestest most supportive best friend ever like “yea you go man there he is that’s him that’s my bestie over there with his girl”
but still he feels that something is off and he cant quite place it, and it just makes him lose his mind whenever he thinks about it too much so he just brushes it all off
and then mattsun gets his mark, and right when he gets his mark he knows he’s fucked
like he was just chillin’ in his house one day when his skin started to itch like crazy out of nowhere, and so he started scratching his skin, and lo and behold there was one word right under his palm
and he just fucking loses it
he cries and cries and cries until he cant even make tears anymore because now he knows why he felt the way he did when he saw makki and his girlfriend together
now he knows what all those negative feelings meant
and so mattsun tries to explain this to makki but makki doesnt understand, makki thinks that mattsun is just jealous because his mark hasnt shown up yet, and that hurts mattsun even more because he DOES have his mark but makki just wont LISTEN to what he has to say and his mark is apart of a memory that both of them were supposed to cherish forever
the memory of the day they first met
mattsun was playing kickball in the park one day with a bunch of other boys and he accidentally kicked it too hard and so the ball hit tiny makki like square on the face, and as mattsun went to go get the ball he shouted “i’m so sorry!” @ makki
and makki, ever the one with a filter, looked up at mattsun’s face and immediately whispered, “caterpillars”
and it was at that moment that they became best friends 5ever
and so Back To The Present mattsun is very hurt and he tries to defend himself but makki, being hella dense and stubborn, does not want to hear any of it so he’s like “okay you know what? i think we need to take a break, maybe figure this all out, and when you find out what your mark is we can talk again. okay?”
but mattsun just exPLODES like he says all this mean shit and stuff to makki because makki just woNT LISTEN and ofc he doesnt mean any of it he was just pushed over the edge, but makki doesnt know that
and so makki just decides that he has to cut it off with mattsun before anything else between them gets seriously damaged
so makki just stops hanging out with mattsun and stuff and mattsun thinks its for the best, they boTH think its for the best but it really isnt because mattsun had literally Just found out who his soulmate was only to not be able to see them anymore, and makki thinks he’s more depressed than usual bc he misses his girlfriend but really its because of all the time he’s been avoiding mattsun, and mattsun is just Torn Apart by the idea that he not only lost his soulmate but also his best friend, and everything is just rlly sad and angsty between them
and then makki’s girlfriend breaks up with him because she finally found her real soulmate, and you’d like knOw if u found the Real Thing
when makki asked what he did wrong she said he didnt do anything wrong, if anything it was her because she knew he wasnt her soulmate, and yet she just went along with it because she was afraid she would never have found her actual soulmate
and so makki is so heartbroken he goes to the first person he thinks of, which is mattsun
and just like that mattsun accepts him and they cry together and hug and tell each other how stupid they’ve been and overall they just make up
and then mattsun brings up his mark
like they’re hugging and stuff and being affectionate and he out of nowhere asks makki “do you remember the first day we met” and makki was like “you mean that time in the park when we were five and you hit me in the face with a kickball lol yea” and so mattsun shows makki his mark and all the gears in makki’s brain start working into overdrive and all of a sudden he’s crying again, they’re both crying again but this time its tears of joy and relief
mattsun is laughing at makki like “i tried to fuckin tell you but ur stubborn ass didnt wanna fuckin listen smfh” and makki is like wiping tears from his eyes and he says “i’m really fuckin petty arent i” and mattsun is just like “the pettiest of them all”
and so right after that they decide to watch movies and cuddle and stuff and then they officially got together the next day

aaannnd that’s basically all i have for this one, i didnt realize it’d turn into such a long post i think my mind just went off on its own for this omg
i hope u liked it and if u actually read up until this point i congratulate u tysm for reading all of that lmao and also i’d love to hear your opinion on this, whether its an ask or a response or even if its just in the hashtags (bc i literally check All the reblogs to see if there are any interesting hashtags yes i am That Person™) peACE OUT BECAUSE I DONT KNOW HOW TO END THIS POST LMAO👉😎👉
In the End I'd Do It All Again

A/N: I haven’t written anything in quite a while and this is my first phanfic altogether so I’m a bit nervous about uploading this. But I hope you all like it.

Title: In the End I’d Do It All Again

Genre: School AU I Angst 

Warnings: Alcohol

Description: “Lester, you’re with Howell.” With these words their English teacher assigns Dan and Phil to be partners for a project. The two boys have never spoken before but they quickly discover that they have quite a lot in common. Phil just hopes he won’t screw it up.

Author: phancywork

Betas: phangirlingforphan, deadbeforeithappens

Word Count: 7000

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anonymous asked:

What would Yoongi be like as a boyfriend? Please and thank you. <3

The one who got teary eyed when you successfully recreated his mom’s cooking, then flipped you off when you called him out on it. Yoongi tends to categorize himself as a “typical man from Daegu”. He plays off as a straight forward and simple man that isn’t very in tune with his emotions. Part of this is true, but in reality he’s a sentimental guy who’d rather not express his emotions so easily.

He’d be the boyfriend who tries not to act mushy, but is actually a fluffy squish ball that appreciates all things Kumamon and relaxing. He’s not a man of personal displays of affection, and is slow to open up to others. 

When he is comfortable, he’d be a little too comfortable. This includes falling asleep on your living room floor, filling his mouth to the brim, and making the ugliest of faces when your outfit is downright awful. 

 He’s usually unfiltered, and he’d tell you how it is. So when you somehow manage to drag him on shopping sprees, he’d tell you exactly what he thinks. But if you spent hours trying to handcraft something, he’d tell you it’s beautiful even if it’s the ugliest thing in the world. Yoongi chooses when and when not to speak his mind, because he is mindful of the feelings of those he loves.

Days with Yoongi would include the obvious: sleeping in at home. Seriously, nothing hits the spot more than relaxing at home. He doesn’t need any fancy pancy nights out on the town. Why spend so much money anyways? And when he’s not sleeping, he’d leisurely flip through the latest interior design magazines and talk about what he’d like to do if he had a whole house to his own. 

On the occasion that you guys do go out, it’d be at quiet places where you two can avoid the hustle and bustle of others. Yoongi would much rather walk around calm and serene places with pretty views. A few examples would be parks with trees in bloom, sea side board walks, and late night strolls with cityscape views. 

It also turns out that Yoongi’s a sucker for aesthetics. There’d be many times where he’d have a camera glued to his face, and you’d be the muse of his work quite often. Please be patient with Yoongi, because every time he sees something pretty he’d have to stop and get a few shots. 

Most people would label Yoongi as a lazy and blunt dude, but he’s really a softie who doesn’t let just anyone in. Show him unconditional love and affection and he will slowly and surely do the same. 

-K (wrote a lot because Admin J is Yoongi trash heh)

highlights of the 2k16 game awards
  • kojima in the crowd, free to roam in his domain
  • breath of the wild and every fan is fucking deceased
  • music was either fucking abhorrent or amazing for you
  • harambe why are we still making jokes about harambe
  • uncharted won like half of the fucking show what the fuck is this popularity contest shit
  • inside developers are happy and so am i
  • that dragon cancer was an emotional win and i hope the family has a good night
  • the entire time people wanted to see the mass effect andromena trailer
  • seriosuly every time me:a was mentioned someone was like “so you motherfuckers show us the trailer” in the game awards tag
  • the walking dead game obliterated me, two poc main characters again AND the new dude is hispanic??? sign me the fuck up
  • the random shouts in the crowd. in particular the person who chanted “nolan” for when nolan north won best performence and the one dude who shouted overwatch twice for the goty announcement
  • all the untucked button up shirts
  • the guy who walked in front of the camera at that one point
  • me:a trailer finally fucking showed an hour late with star bucks

feel free to add anything i forgot

I don’t really have the energy to get into everything about this film and since we know there is a longer, darker and what is guaranteed to be better cut out there that’ll hopefully be released at some point I’m saying “fuck it” with this one. This film was a blast when it wanted to be but it’s also a giant hot mess that was edited with a hatchet. In the interest of parity (it’s been clear I’ve been off the Marvel bandwagon for sometime and have given them lots of criticism while giving BvS and Apocalypse much more of a “pass”) here is a bullet point list of the things I disliked and liked about SUICIDE SQUAD:

My dislikes

  • I enjoyed Cara Delevingne (major smoke) but her pop'n'lock dance at the end was laughable at best

  • Slipknot exits truck “that’s Slipknot he can climb anything” end of scene and character development…also killing him 10 minutes later because fuck it

  • There is an Asian who is a Samurai…there is a Latino who is a gang member…there is an Aussie who’s more-or-less “that’s not a knife” 2016…if there was a Canadian character I’m sure it would be a bottle of maple syrup

  • Harley’s jacket that says “property of Joker” is the only honest representation of that relationship…the film asks the audience to believe Harley and Joker are equals in their relationship but her entire existence is due to the madness of a man wanting to destroy the world…He’s an abuser and she’s the victim, to ignore this fact completely is extremely dangerous

  • Harley has always chased the Joker, the Joker only pursues Harley to save her from Batman…having the Joker lie around and moping over her absence is simply atrocious and one of the worst character personality changes I’ve ever witnessed 

  • If you were to cut the Joker entirely you would have the exact same story and would save an extra 20 minutes…he’s of ZERO consequence to anything that happens

My likes

  • every word Viola Davis says and every decision she made as an actress

  • Will Smith (hasn’t been this good in a considerable amount of time - he rocks this like it’s the late 90′s again), Margo Robbie (she’s simply perfect, everything about her slays completely), Joel Kinnaman (I love the dude and this is the first film I’ve seen him in where he really gets to show what he can do), Cara Delevingne (minus her weird dance), Jay Hernandez (there was a lot more of that character/development than I would’ve thought), Jai Courtney (who does the most with what he’s given and is actually watchable…high praise), Killer Croc worked more than I ever would’ve thought on the best of days…for the little he’s in I like what Jared Leto was doing but it’s clear any of the bits that would make that character who he is/make any lick of sense were axed

  • simply having Ike Barinholtz and the sheriff from Stranger Things there was enjoyable

  • Ben Affleck doing the Batman voice outside of the costume gave me a full-on partial

  • The action was well-shot, staged and executed…once the film starts moving it never stops nor looks back, for better or worse that’s pretty much the best you can hope for from any film

In many ways the film reminded me of Guardians of the Galaxy (the kooky story, the eccentric characters, the tone being all over the place, the use of source music, etc…) which still makes this film work even in this incarnation of it. It’s still highly watchable and I’d even go so far as to say it’s satisfying. I’m hoping we get that longer cut though so we can view this film as Ayer shot/intended it to be…then we can accurately judge it but for now you could (and have this summer) do FAR worse than this.