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Every time I think about Shanks I lose my shit. Dude’s only got one arm, no devil fruit powers, and impressive as shit Haki. He’s not a carrier of the Will of D and he’s the only one of the Yonko who’s just “normal.” As far as we know no one on his crew has any Devil Fruit powers either. He stopped Akainu’s fist with one hand on his sword.

Shanks showed up 15 minutes late to the war with Starbucks and was like “children behave” and they fucking did.

And this is just what we’ve seen of him. We’ve barely seen what Shanks can do. 

I’m so torn because on the one hand I love seeing a new side of Sarek but on the other hand every time he shows her even a modicum of kindness I’m filled with so much anger on behalf of Spock, like have you spoken to your son lately???? or did you already disown him??? You personally brought her to her ship and hand picked her captain but refused to acknowledge Spock for 18 goddamn years for joining Starfleet??? Sarek my dude what’s the deal????? She’s got a piece of your motherfucking katra and you use it to encourage her from light years away after she commits mutiny but you will show Spock nothing but disdain for most of his life??????

The Crows as people from my college orientation group
  • Inej: the girl who didn't talk at all but casually scaled a tree when a badge got stuck up on a branch
  • Kaz: the dude who somehow got 3 plates of food when we're only allowed one?? I saw someone walk by and place a plate down next to him like an offering. And when someone was like "you can't eat all that in 30 min" he just ate ALL THREE PLATES like wtf dude
  • Jesper: the boy who showed up super late most days and point blank told our orientation leader he was too hungover to get up before noon
  • Nina: the girl who came up with all the group cheers (GBO ON THE GO) and busted the craziest dance moves when anyone so much as mentioned dancing
  • Wylan: the guy who was always humming to himself who didn't actually talk during discussions
  • Matthias: the boy who complained about every activity but also showed up to everything
  • Kuwei: that kid who showed up on the first day and then didn't show up again. Where'd he go??? The group cryptid

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My sisters been sending your (amazingly) written metas, but I'm still confused as to what "Performance!Dean" is. Could you explain? ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Hi! Thank you!

Performing!Dean is a tag that many of us use to explain the way that Dean portrays himself to the outside world, suppressing parts of himself that he doesn’t think should be outwardly shown.

It’s a form of SUBLIMATION (a psychological term meaning to repress emotions / a part of oneself), a term which he actually uses in 12x05.

It’s a great example. The writers KNOW that we associate Dean’s love of pie with women / being comfortable / the home and family feeling, and cake with the repressed side of him (it is repeatedly used in this context, Dean really wanting it but never allowing himself to have it or just nibbling at the edges). It’s quite a famously known concept.

So… when Sam asks Dean if he wants pie and Dean says no, which basically never happens, when Sam then looks so DONE and starts talking about how Mary is gone and… (the implication being he is about to mention Cas being gone too)… then Dean says nope nope I am FINE and Sam FINALLY calls Dean out on it, saying “Dean, it’s called SUBLIMATION”.

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And Dean finally relents and says “Yeah, its kinda my thing”. (And then later in the diner he is seen to have eaten a whole slice of cake in front of Sam and no-one makes a big deal out of it….)


Because THIS is Dabb again taking what has been IN THE SCRIPT and in the show for 12 years and building on it, making it BLATANT. Because we are building to endgame now, SPN isn’t likely to last past season 13-14, so the character arcs that were set up in season 1 (and 4 for Cas) need to be tied up, so we, the audience NEED it to be made obvious when it has just been in the subtext. THAT IS WHY SO MUCH IS SO BLATANT THIS SEASON. Ie Performing!Dean, Destiel, Sam and the MoL story, Mary being the catalyst for Dean’s self acceptance arc and Sam’s self forgiveness arc around Lucifer (which I think will be much more blatant next season re: Jack as his mirror).

With Performing!Dean it started to be made a bit more obvious since Sam told Dean that he was ‘kind of butch’ and people probably thought he was ‘overcompensating’ in season 2 but it still stayed subtext, Dean checking out a few guys here and there, only really getting with women when he was having his ‘I’m going to go to Hell and need comfort’ or ‘Sam is dead, Cas left’ moments or since he met Cas, whenever Cas had left, making Dean feel crappy and rejected or had just DIED, using it as a coping mechanism, even blatantly role playing in season 9 after he feels so bad about kicking Cas out of the bunker etc to the point that in 12x18 it is so blatant that this is what it is about, they even have Dean saying outloud that he is settling for Sam’s omelette mere seconds after clearly having settled for the waitress because she wasn’t what he really wanted on top of all the other give aways…

Anyway, it’s not just about his sexuality or feelings for Cas, there are many other aspects too, and those are the ones that are cemented in seasons 1-3. Most of these seem all to stem from John and if you see snippets from John’s journal it makes sense.

John says he is proud of Dean when he kills monsters, womanises, drinks etc etc. So guess what a young impressionable Dean learned was the best way to act in life?

Now, over the years bits have come out here and there. Every time we see Dean with a sexual partner he has been the submissive one, he is clearly an extremely giving lover and very caring. He is not a dude bro womaniser at heart, he cares for all the women he sleeps with enough to be kind and gentle with them, even the waitress in 12x18 who really he doesn’t REALLY CARE about, she’s just a coping mechanism, but he is still extremely sweet with her.

He drinks for years of course, he is a functioning alcoholic for most of the show, but lately he has switched to coffee… unless something really bad is going down. Like when we saw the empty bottle in his room in 12x19…

He listens to old rock music because it reminds him of his mom and dad, not because he is a real metal head. Yeah absolutely he loves it too I’m sure, but really it’s the emotional pull. And we haven’t heard him do so since 12x07. Just saying. He also admits to liking Taylor Swift in season 10, after firstly saying HELL NO, same with the cucumber water in 12x07. It’s not the music or the water or whatever as such, that is absolutely NOT what we are saying is making us feel Dean is bisexual or has a hidden side to himself, its the fact that he HIDES it first then admits to it afterwards, that is the essence of Performing!Dean.

When Sam drinks the cucumber water, no-one batted an eyelid, that means nothing to us, because Sam is super comfortable with who he is in THIS respect, even though he carries guilt etc, but that is another subject. But because Dean made a huge deal about how uncool and basically unmanly it was, after all we know of him over the years, THEN went and drank it anyway, saying “shut up” when Sam is like “seriously?!” THAT is where the Performing!Dean meta comes from. And Sam is the same as us, he doesn’t care if Dean is bi, or if he likes Taylor Swift or cucumber water or WHATEVER, what he DOES care about is the fact that Dean feels the need to hide it from him.

There are so many small points along the series that point to a lot of Dean’s persona being fake or exaggerated and how sometimes Sam knows and sometimes he doesn’t, it would be funny if it wasn’t tragic.

Deep down Dean Winchester is a soft, kind and generous soul who just wants to be loved and to help people.


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So yeah, the fact of the matter is that Performing!Dean has been there all along, since the PILOT, over the years it has been showed to us that it exists then some of the walls have started coming down. If anyone dares to tell me that Performing!Dean isn’t a thing (which I was told earlier this season, lmao) then I will kindly point them towards 12x11 and 12x22.

Also, let us not forget that even though 12x11 was mostly an exposition for Performing!Dean when he lost his memories, again harking back to the HEART is the person, NOT their memories theme of the season, we also were given the golden snippet that DEAN RODE LARRY BEFORE HE GOT WACKED WITH MAGIC. This is to show us that Dean’s walls are coming down this season. When Sam called him up on it in a way that seemed to be taking the piss, Dean, rather than attempt to deny or tell him to shut up actually embraced it and gloated about how GOOD he was at it. ATTA BOY DEAN!

With the resurrection of Mary and Dean’s near - complete death experience it seems that Dean got to the point in season 12 where he just didn’t want to hide from himself anymore and so let these walls down further, there were small snippets of this in nearly EVERY episode. 

12x11 was the exposition for casual viewers to see this side of him more clearly (in the same way that 12x19 was for Dean and Cas’s clearly more than platonic relationship, which will not be built on with HUGE LEGO BRICKS since Cas died), and now with the grenade launcher as a metaphor, Dean literally blew down his walls in 12x22. The culmination of this story was his confrontation with Mary where he explains WHY he always had this facade, because he had a shitty childhood, had to be a parent to Sam and that it wasn’t FAIR and he didn’t cope with it well at all.

So. There we have it. Performing!Dean is REAL, it was there ALL ALONG, we were RIGHT in seeing it because it is confirmed in 12x11 and then addressed and to some extent dismantled in 12x22, and the meta idea that the grenade launcher is associated with Performing!Dean was ALSO used.

Just… wowzers.

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I don’t expect Dean to suddenly act completely differently now, he won’t, there are just some aspects of him that will be slightly more obvious or he won’t hide certain parts of himself. He still isn’t completely done with this, as Jensen himself said that there will be more of this to come in season 13…

I expect him to perhaps once or twice order a slice of cake or an ice cream sundae, to listen to the radio and not turn it over if a pop song comes on, to be more open with his feelings towards his family (and yeah, Destiel is a part of this for sure), a nice turn around but also not jarring, because it’s just a PART of Dean, not his whole self, a lot of what we see is really fully him, so it’s not that he is going to completely radically change!

Anyway, its all very exciting as the metaphorical death of Performing!Dean is just a part of what most of us see as a positive endgame for TFW and it is all looking pretty good so far :D

BTS Scenarios: Fake bf at the club

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Clubbing with your friends is quite the regular happening. It wasn’t that you loved it so much that you couldn’t go without it as there were many downsides but you loved the feeling it gave you. A kind of adrenaline running through your veins in the crowded room. Faces blurry in the dim room, illuminated by the many coloured lights. The music was so loud that the walls practically shook with the beat and you could feel the floor vibrate under your feet. An environment you could drown in in one of both ways. In that moment it was the pleasant one until you ran in to one of the downsides.

You were dancing with the girls of your friend group when some random gut started grinding into your back. You tried to tell him off but he had a tight grip on your hips. You couldn’t scream as you wouldn’t be heard over the loud music and your friends were suddenly nowhere to be found. You tried to hurt him and get him of you but you didn’t have to struggle for a long time as Taehyung had already made his way to you and pulled the guy off you. Behind him stood Jimin, Jungkook and the girls. “Excuse me, can you keep your filthy hands off my precious girlfriend.” He said calmly but his eyes were ice cold and deathly.
“Hey man, I didn’t do anything wrong.” The guy defended, putting his hands up in front of his chest.
“Sure you didn’t.” he sounded unamused and laid his arm around your shoulders, about to walk away.

Sadly, it didn’t end there. The entire night, guys were all over you and Tae stepped in every time, either subtly showing the guys that you were “taken” or actually telling them off.
It was getting late and yet another guy was trying to get into your panties with no luck, but Taehyung was sick of it and walked straight up to you.
“Hey babe.” He said, ignoring the dude that now stood behind him. He placed his hand on your hip, pulling you to him and locking his lips with yours. The alcohol and heat of the club making the kiss a lot more loving than it should have been.
“Why can’t they take a god damn hint.” He grumbled pulling away. You were stunned but slightly thankful for his action as the guy had left.

He stayed with you the rest of the night and no one dared to come up to you anymore.
“I ship it” One of your friends whispered into your ear from behind you earning a slap to the stomach.

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Man,,,idk If you’ll alow me to rant for a sec,i got a few things i need to get off my chest.

*Deep Breath* I just love Jacksepticeye so fucking much dude,like, he makes my day so much better every day. whenever i’m feeling sad or lonely i just turn on one of his vids and his smile melts all my goddamn sadness away, for a little bit at least, and he’s so positive and makes ME want to be a little more positive too.He does so much for us all the time,staying up late and waking up early and being on tumblr all the time and actively looking at and showing off his fanbase’s work because he appreciates it genuinely. and the work he and Robin put into any video, especially the Anti videos and they get better and better every fUCKING TIME AND HIS ACTING IS GETTING SO MUCH BETTER AND THE STORY AND HOW HE ACTUALLY SEES WHAT WE’RE THEORIZING ABT AND INCORPORATING IT INTO THE STORY AND MAKING US FEEL LIKE WE’RE ALWAYS APART OF SOMETHING AND JUST F U C K DUDE.

He’s such an amazing dude who just wants to do right and make the world a better place and in my eyes he is 100% doing that,so i just want to thank him if he sees this and also he better know how loved he is,the modest bastard hahah.

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And for all the people saying I should’ve known because tumblr:

1. The death scene looks like so many other times when Arthur was near death in Merlin’s arms, I thought I’d passed it already like five times by the second season. Seriously, that dude is near death like every three episodes.

2. Either I wasn’t on tumblr yet when the show ended, or I wasn’t following fandom people, so I didn’t see the shitstorm at the time, nor would I have given a shit about it.

3. No one I follow talks about the death scene or reblogs anything about it, how the fuck should I have known? My dash as of late is the occasional happy, fluffy Merlin scene, Sterek, and a flood of 1D from a certain someone (Alex)

4. Merlin Fandom: None of your AUs are labeled AUs so for all I knew, they just kind of lived forever and chilled out in modern London! As a fandom, you are actively deceptive!

Breakfast of Champions lip reading update:

Update:  “whoever / whatever said that, ?? Must be an asshole???”

Mouth those words and test it for yourself while watching Dylan.  :) 

But of course, it’s entirely possible Dylan is swearing probably every other sentence while in the company of dude friends. If that is the case, it makes sense that she’d show the clip sans audio. Naughty Dyl. lol  

The latest message suggestion is that we need someone that reads lips in American native accent.  That would be me..well, except that I’m no lip reader. :-/  Anyone out there that wants to contribute to solving this?  Feel free to send me a message. :) 

It is interesting though to me that she selected footage of Dylan in most probably late ‘98/early ‘99 sporting longer, wavy hair and wearing his trench coat that he would be wearing while murdering classmates.  Sue could’ve opted to show clean cut Dylan being interviewed in the RNN clip or perhaps a family selection from home (well, darn..) but instead, she is appears to be completely comfortable in her unconditional love for her son allowing the audience to see him as he was and yes, even wearing his infamous trench coat while acting entirely sociable, ‘normal’ and likeable.  In the clip she’d chosen, she is not trying to control or alter the audiences’ tiny glimps of daily Dylan. This is the real Dylan. clearly not the ‘evil Columbine Killer’ and yet there he is wearing that foul trench coat. This is the young man she interacted with daily, dressed exactly in this manner. She has faith and trusts that the audience will reserve judgment and embrace this individual as he was as naturally as she does herself, as his mother. Well..except maybe for the audio being nixed for a few peppered swear words as part of the usual teenage dude banter. lol   But again, it’s an interesting clip that she is comfortable with being shown. In her unfaltering love there is complete trust. Sue has come a long way in the last year and a half in her very public ‘Mother’s reckoning’ and in so doing, has become bolder and braver as she touches lives and enlightens so many people with her truth and wisdom. 

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please please please tell us about your latin class

okay so i’m super tired right now and it’s been like 4 years since i was in high school so i’ll try to think of all the stories i can, but i will most likely add on to this in the future

  • first and foremost: my professor was a brony. not like, a creepy, “why aren’t they pandering to me” brony, he recognized that this was a children’s show meant for kids and fully was okay with that, but he also owned a rainbow dash hoodie and wore it to school after lots of insistence from the students
  • he was the youngest teacher in the school; he was a graduate of this school back in the day, and some of the teachers were old enough that he actually had them for teachers too. he tried to avoid commenting on this but sometimes his face would betray him, especially about one specific math teacher that everyone hated
  • going back to the bronies shit, a bunch of creepy bronies wanted to start a brony club at school so naturally went to him to be the sponsor, he had to be after school anyway so he’s like yeah, why not. all the brony club ended up being was him grading homework while a bunch of kids huddled around one kids phone watching episodes of mlp
  • one semester latin was first hour / the first class of the day. this kid walked in 15 minutes late one day, with a cake from the grocery store across the street, and set it down on the table in front of the teacher without saying anything. the teacher and everyone in the room is looking at him like “dude, what the fuck?” but he just says nothing, sits down, gets out his textbook and just waits for class to restart. some girl, for whatever fucking reason, had paper plates and forks in her locker so we all just ate the mystery cake instead of having class
  • i was late literally every day when it was first hour and he never wrote me up and also didn’t say shit about me eating breakfast in his class after showing up late

basically, either that post i reblogged was written by my actual latin teacher (i still have not ruled this out), or every latin class is taught by a chaotic good millennial who is trying to subvert the oppressive high school regime

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Thank you for your additions to the Chloe post. I didn't know how to word my reservations about a redemption arc for her and then you did it.


i’m not saying it can’t be done, but i don’t think ml has the scope or the skill to handle it well — and it really feels like every show lately subverts/plays with their alpha bitch trope? (or at least the ones i’ve seen lately: gravity falls, dude that’s my ghost, spectacular spiderman, ouat, teen wolf, etcetcetc — even bonnie from kim possible and diamond tiara from mlp had their moments, iirc)

idk, at this point i’d really like to see the bitch character played straight, and chloe’s…

tbh chloe’s kind of flat. she does things because the writers want her to do things, and 99% of the time, the writers want someone to get akumatized. that kind of fits her into the narcissist model pretty cleanly — her reasons given don’t need to be any deeper than ‘she wanted to’ and ‘but other people didn’t do what she wanted.’

it’s not that she’s completely incapable of caring — she probably cares about ladybug, andre, sabrina, and adrien to some extent — it’s that their needs and emotions don’t blip on her radar. (they don’t need to, because she’s more of a plot device than a character, but in the context of the argument…)

she’s just a teenage girl, but even as a teenage girl, that’s a huge amount of innate empathy to lack.

teenage girls (all teenagers and young adults, really, in my experience) tend to get wrapped up in their own emotions and problems and do tend to place those emotions and problems as higher priority than anyone else’s, but even then most of them could look at their sobbing best friend and say ‘shit man you’re not feeling so good today, i’d better lay off.’

like. they might not know quite how to lay off, or how they react might not help, but generally seeing someone they care about display a strong emotion tends to garner a reaction of some sort.

chloe, as far as i’ve seen, doesn’t react. as far as i’ve seen, nobody’s ‘human’ to chloe except chloe.

‘well, she could’ve learned that behavior from her mother’ falls really flat to me because i know people who were trained like that — my grandmother and my sister’s bio mother especially were really frickin awful people — and it fucked them up but it didn’t kill their empathy.

now, my brother’s friend — an aspie in a similar situation — was pretty chloe-like.

—right up until he got out of his abusive home life and had the energy and peer pressure to be nice again.

but chloe isn’t being abused. at worst, she’s neglected. she could be looking for validation, but she goes to school (and has been for at least four years) and she’s surrounded by examples of how to get that validation without hurting people, and she seems to neither notice nor use any of them. 

and i’m pretty sure it’s because she doesn’t realize she needs to; nobody’s ‘human’ to chloe except chloe, and that’s… well, i’m pretty sure that’s the definition of narcissism.

(as a side-note: she doesn’t really seem to be looking for validation either — her reactions and self-respect seem to be static no matter how people react to her. she’s the subject of everything from frustration (marinette), tolerance to gentle censure and rejection (adrien), pure rejection (ladybug), coddling and affection (her father), adoration to hatred (kim/dark cupid), pure adoration (sabrina), pure censure (alya) — right down to actual killing intent (evillustrator) — and chloe remains just as sure of herself as she started out.)

TL;DR right now chloe’s a plot device with narcissistic patterns, and i don’t really see how a show like ml could pull off a decent redemption arc in the format that it uses. also i’ve had a void of unabashedly bitchy antagonist characters and would appreciate this one staying that way.

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I've only followed Black Sails through gifs (and shipped some things) but now I see all your flailing I want to watch it too

Dude. DUDE.

Like. I think part of the reason I’ve been so disappointed in O*nce lately is that I have been bingeing Black Sails and it is SO GOOD. The writing, the characters, the plot lines, the twists and turns, all of it is just. so. good? 

Like. Listen. There is maybe one milquetoast, typically hetero relationship on the show, and even that one involves a woman who is bi. But it’s not, like, poorly done? 

Every single character has an arc, and growth, and motivations, and they betray each other and they hate each other and they love each other. 

The women run the fucking world in this show, and neither the writers, the show, or the actors shy away from that. The men are super pretty and mostly a bunch of assholes, but you fall in love with them all anyway. The women you kinda just stare at in awe, but in the end you love them too.

Every single one of the characters is flawed, and honestly most of them are downright horrible most of the time, but somehow, we end up loving them all anyway. 

The plotlines of the show are always present, and they arc over all four seasons. The writers keep you in suspense from episode to episode, but it never feels trite, it never feels like they’re stringing you along (TWD, I’m looking at you). The number of times I just let my jaw drop before muttering “What the fuck. OH WHAT THE FUCK!” (okay, there was some yelling too) at something is honestly astronomical at this point, so obviously now that the series is done it’s time for a rewatch. 

I can think of one death on the show that felt a little Game of Thrones-y, and honestly I think that’s just because I’d gotten so used to them eliciting drama and tragedy without the usual GoT torture/death porn tactic. 

And the scenery, and the cinematography, and the choreography, and the FUCKING SOUNDTRACK OMG as if Bear McCreary didn’t already own my fucking soul, they are all so good.

The series finale was the best payoff of any series end I think I’ve ever watched. It wasn’t so much that it was tied into a neat little bow (it wasn’t, not really) but that the show ended in a way that brought it full circle. 

I’m still super bitter about my fave getting killed, but even in that, they executed the death masterfully and it was for a reason - it moved the story to where it needed to be, yes, but it also shed a light on who that person truly was, there at the end. 

At the end of the day, this is a show about, of all the trite things, love. In all it’s forms, in every iteration, the most important thing about this show, the thing that draws you in, the thing that makes you invested, is watching the way these characters navigate around each other, to each other, away from each other. 

And the writing and the acting are fucking phenomenal on every level. Honestly it may be one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. 

1000000/10 would recommend.  

I remember one time...

I was cramping SO BAD, I mean in tears.
So my bf at the time came in the room & was like “get up, put some shoes on, we’re going for a walk & don’t tell me no”

So I got up. We walked - we talked - this “cure the cramps walk” turned into something so romantic. & before I knew it the cramps were gone. From then on out every time SHE came he’s ready for the walks & yoga, & don’t forget the care package☺️

How sweet right?! I know!!! 😍😍 made me fall even more in love with him.

Just to find out the whole second year of our relationship he was cheating smh.

Still to this day I never can grasp why he showed me so much love even in the smallest ways like a Cure the Cramps Walk & was HARD BODY cheating. It’s sucks dudes always wonder why sweet girls be so cold hearted & talk rough. Here’s an example.

Yeah time heals all wounds but still.

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au where the four are long distance internet friends! :D

listen….. yes. 

i didn’t edit this i’m sorry

i’m not sure what this turned into but it sure wasn’t my Plan. also. i apologize for the egregious french. a big shoutout to @megatraven for helping me out with one of the phrases before i threw proper french and caution to the wind. i was not teaching myself french at midnight. one day

for reference because it’s not mentioned until the end: mari is still in paris, alya is in martinique, nino is in morocco, and adrien is in nyc bc why not 

Marinette lifts her head from her desk in surprise as a chime interrupts the music.

Ayyyy, here he is!” Alya cheers.

Took you long enough,” Nino mumbles.

Marinette rubs her eyes. She doesn’t know if she was actually conscious before they started talking again. “Huh?”

Adrien laughs. “Morning, Marinette.

She groans and puts her head back down. “Nino, what time is it?”


Chop chop, Nino,” Alya says.

Shut up I had a video open full screen. It’s 10:36 for me, so it’s 11 for Mari.

Marinette sighs and sits up straighter. “Well. I’ll regret this in the morning.”

Sorry, Mar,” Adrien apologizes. “I had fencing.”

“I know you did,” she says quickly. “I didn’t have to stay up.”

Alya snorts.

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New Beginnings - Part 1

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,050


   “It’s five o’ clock. Where the hell are they?” Dean runs his hands through his hair, glancing at the clock for the millionth time as he paces the perimeter of the room.

   They’ll be here. Don’t stress out. And it’s not five yet.”

   “4:57. Close enough.” He pulls back the curtain to peer out the front windows.

   “Dean, babe, come sit down.” You pat the empty spot on the couch next to you.

   “I can’t. I find myself incapable of staying still.”

   “I know. Come sit anyway.”

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Week Two!

We’re entering the second week of Hashimada Bigbang! Remember, the themes are throne and blood.

The first week has been wonderful! We enjoy every works submitted for our bigbang. So happy knowing that this ship is still sailin’ :D

If you missed posting for week one, do not worry! We allow late entries. Lately we also got an issue with tagging that doesn’t show up in tumblr search. If you’re afraid this would happen to your post, just mention us instead!

Keep the fanworks coming, everyone!

Teen Wolf’s The Beast Theory: Is Danny The Beast Of Gévaudan?

-In 3x16 at the neon party, two onis stare at Danny for a while; Danny NOTICES them, something only a supernatural creature can do. (Since this scene, we were pretty damn sure he was something.)

-But let’s go back to season 3A. In 3x06, Aiden touches his scar, and Danny reveals him it’s from a surgery. In Teen Wolf terms: he’s actually a chimera.

-Remember in the same season when HE DISCOVERED THE TELURIC CURRENTS, HELPING TO SAVE HIS FRIENDS? Which we now due to recent events that they’re used by the Dread Doctors. Think about it, why else would he know about something as random as teluric currents?

-After that he was poisoned and almost killed with mistletoe, a pretty harmful poison for werewolfs, but just for werewolfs. Could it poison a chimera too? 

-Danny’s last name’s Mahealani, which means full moon in hawaian. (C’MON JEFF, SERIOUSLY?)


- Lately Keahu’s been posting several strange photos with supernatural thematic, but this one in particular caught our eye (forget about his abs for now, just for now). Doesn’t this background remember you to the tunnels where the Dread Doctors hide? 


Hot for the teacher

Imagine you’re Abel’s teacher (age 5) and you’re in a relationship with Jax, but he’s pushing you away. 

Part V 

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When it was going good, it was great. The club became your closest family, and you learned to became best friends with some of the old ladies. You weren’t an old lady yet but you sure learned your way around the club. You were now too used to long night rides, to having sex at the storage of TM, and to wear more leather than usual. Jax was everything you could ask for. Abel was now used to see you around the house more often, and it amazed him every time, to see his favorite teacher on his house and after classes.

But when it was bad, like lately, it was awful. Jax had been distancing himself from you more often than not. You still didn’t slept together, but it hurted your feelings to see how much of an asshole he was being to you lately. He snapped at every single thing you did and it might be your imagination but whenever Abel seemed to show a bit of affect to you, he wold went totally nuts. 

You were currently at his house, having coming back home early, Abel’s having a dentist appointment. He had giving you a spare key to his house weeks ago, and it was the first time you used it. You heard the car pull in and smiled, getting up and opening the door. 

“Hey dude.” You waved at Abel who smiled at you and came running. You picked him up, seeing the annoyed look on you, via Jax Teller. You sighed and put Abel down.

“You’re coming to play with me, Mrs. (Y/N).?” You nodded and caressed his hair, watching him go straight to his room, probably to take out his toys. You watched Jax walked over the door frame and shake his head, placing his keys on the little table next the door, as you closed it behind you both.

“What are you doing here?”

“Excuse me?” You asked lifting your eyebrows. He took off his kutte and shook his head. 

“You can’t come around any time you want. You’re confusing the shit out of Abel.” He said, sitting down on the couch and putting his feet on the coffee table. “He asked me today if you were gonna be his new mommy. He has a mother, you know? He’s had two already.” So that’s what it was. Jax didn’t want to go steady. He didn’t wanted you to be a constant. 

“If you have a problem with us, you might as well say it. Cause i don’t hear you complaining when i’m sucking your dick…” You had tried to keep the volume down but it was impossible. You were getting worked up.

“Look, doll, i’m just trying to see what’s best for Abel and Thomas.” You scoffed, throwing your hands in the air. 

“And i dont?” 

“Look…” He said, looking up at you from his seat. “Go back to paint by numbers and blowing dirty noses.” You looked at him, eyes as wide as plates. “Let me handle my family.”

“I thought you say i was part of the family.”

“I think it’s clear you don’t belong with us.” You frowned, grabbing your purse and looking at Jax, before you slapped him as hard as you could, wanting to cry right in front of him. He stood there, looking at you for a few minutes and then looking down. 

He let you walk out of the door; Everything has been said. Despite all the times you’ve spent in the clubhouse, despite how much Jax told you he liked you and how many times you felt like you belonged, Jax was there to remind you that it was all a big fat lie. But this was on you; and you were going to fix it first thing tomorrow morning. 

The end is coming omg 

So, this is the reason I’ve been annoyed being on Facebook as of late. Scootaloo from My Little Pony, has been confirmed to have gay aunt(s). And everyone is like “why are you pushing LGBT crap in our face? This is gonna ruin the whole show.” Dude, it’s a frigging show about love and acceptance that is aimed towards kids so they’ll learn to, oh, I don’t know, LOVE AND ACCEPT LGBT people instead of being homophobic assholes like yourselves. The same thing happened for In a Heartbeat. People on Facebook bitched about it being on a cartoon. Same with literally every LGBT thing I see on Facebook. Why are you like this? It’s 2017. People are gay. Deal with it.

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Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, All That We've Lost

Damn, nonny, that really sounds like an angst!fic title - didn’t I break enough feels with my last Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan post? I will not let the name of Saner become synonymous with angst! XD
(ohmigod you should hear @lilyrose225writes laughing at me rn. although since I’m not writing this one…?)

I’m springboarding off my previous play in @punsbulletsandpointythings‘ TINDD sandbox (thank u so much) because I’m just too tempted. Also, this became more meta than summary. So, um, thank you nonny :) 

I could try again if you want me to actually fill the prompt tho 
this ran away with me and it got really really really long

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