this dude is in every show lately

highlights of the 2k16 game awards
  • kojima in the crowd, free to roam in his domain
  • breath of the wild and every fan is fucking deceased
  • music was either fucking abhorrent or amazing for you
  • harambe why are we still making jokes about harambe
  • uncharted won like half of the fucking show what the fuck is this popularity contest shit
  • inside developers are happy and so am i
  • that dragon cancer was an emotional win and i hope the family has a good night
  • the entire time people wanted to see the mass effect andromena trailer
  • seriosuly every time me:a was mentioned someone was like “so you motherfuckers show us the trailer” in the game awards tag
  • the walking dead game obliterated me, two poc main characters again AND the new dude is hispanic??? sign me the fuck up
  • the random shouts in the crowd. in particular the person who chanted “nolan” for when nolan north won best performence and the one dude who shouted overwatch twice for the goty announcement
  • all the untucked button up shirts
  • the guy who walked in front of the camera at that one point
  • me:a trailer finally fucking showed an hour late with star bucks

feel free to add anything i forgot

World Twinkle Episode 13, a summary
  • Russia: FRIENDS!!! Sorry I was late I was doing some *looks at bloody clothes* stuff.
  • Allies (Except China): O_O...
  • Russia: I'm glad I get to see my friends ^u^
  • Lithuania: Dude, You have no friends.
  • Russia: WHAAAAT? OuO
  • Russia: *is sick*
  • China: OOOOH your muscles are tense, but still fine af like DaaAAAAAAMn.It's okay my precious snowflake bby, I got special meds.
  • China: *Shows up to meeting*
  • Everyone else: *not there*
  • China: EVERY FREAKING TIME *walks out*
  • Hong Kong: *talking to England*
  • England: *leaves*
  • China: *goes to talk to Hong Kong* Ni hao
  • China: England you f-ed him up
Why So Many People Hate James Potter and Love Snape-Meta

So I’ve been mulling over lately why so many people hate James Potter, and here’s all I can think about: The movies literally erase every positive thing the dude did, show the worst thing he did, and never mention that he changed. (I’ll get to Snape in a minute)

  • For example, James becoming an Animagi and risking prison for Remus. Not to mention the books bring up that “Animagus transformations can go horribly wrong, which is why the Ministry keeps tabs on wizards attempting it.” Implying that he risked disfiguration for Remus.
  • James’ general loyalty to his friend is never brought up, such as Remus telling Harry in DH he’s “A lot like James” because James never would have believed a friend would betray him.
  • In GOF, Hagrid mentions that Harry did by surviving, giving witness, and bringing back Cedric “as much as James would have done.”
  • Harry has a line in the shrieking shack that he’s only saving Wormtail because “His dad wouldn’t have wanted his friends to become killers for Wormtail.”
  • The bullying scene with Snape is shown, but the movies do not show the scene with Remus and Sirius telling Harry that James changed
  • Although the movies do show James in the Order, his hatred of the Dark Arts is never mentioned. 

I’ve also been thinking about why people love Snape, and refuse to acknowledge his complexity as a character, and it hit me while I reread POA last week: Snape’s worst scenes are left out of the movies:

  • In the books, Snape tries to poison a 13 year old’s pet toad. 
  • His fascination with the Dark Arts is incredibly downplayed. 
  • The scene were Hermione’s teeth are enlarged, and Snape says “I see no difference” is left out. 
  • The Prince’s Tale totally leaves out the part where Snape tells Dumbledore he told Voldemort to spare Lily, but not Harry and James. The movies erased that he basically didn’t care about the fate of a baby. 

There so much more I could include, but I’m sure you get the gist–James’ character was assisinated in the films, and Snape’s was glorifed, doing both of those complex characters an exetreme injustice, either leaving them with no redeeming qualities, in James’ case, or downplaying flaws, in the case of Snape. Neither option allowing for rounded out characters.

I work at a cinema and kids under 16 try to sneak into the conjuring 2 pretty much every single showing (it’s 16+ and no ID or under that age = no can do) I went to see the movie myself when 15 mins in two kids came in all excited that they managed to sneak in after all and sat down on the stairs right next to me to watch (there was no seating space left for them)

lately pretty much every single time I go to see a 16+ movie I get to pull an accidental undercover employee on someone lmao

i was talking to my cousin, hes like in his late 20s and hes rly tough and stuff and he was like “i swear to god i cry every time i watch an emotional scene in a tv show or movie like when sansa and jon snow reunited in game of thrones i fucking cried so hard i was emotional as shit like the pizza guy asked if i was okay” and i was like dude same #Me