this dude is a genius

Maybe I’ve reached peak misandry here, but I don’t feel like men deserve to mourn Carrie Fisher. Mourn the loss of the sassy princess in the slave bikini if you want, dudes. But the real Carrie, the brassy genius who was so candid about gender inequality and mental illness and motherhood and daughterhood and drug addiction, she was ours. You can’t have her.

also really quick the villain in ghostbusters was a whiny dude who was like “i am a GENIUS and EVERYONE IS MEAN TO ME SO I NEED TO DESTROY THE WORLD” and the women are like “uh dude, same here and people are completely shitty to us too, if not shittier, and somehow we manage to not do that??” and if that doesn’t sum up a lot of violent shit that goes on in the world today then i don’t know what does

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I dunno if you take requests, but if you do can you draw some Leo and Casey shenanigans?

I can honestly see this shit happening. If Donnie wasnt so drunk, he wouldnt of went along with this Im sure….


Sorry for the shitty quality, by the end I got really tired. Ive been working on this for atleast two days, and my fingers hurt….comics hate me.

But I hope you like this!!! drunk Leo, Donnie and Casey are always the best.

Pissy Raph is too. Lol.

Everyone should watch Pure Genius, because the main dude is a geek and genius with some sort of autistic traits who for once wears suits and has chub instead of muscles (because literally every genius on TV is jacked???) There’s a technician who’s smart as fuck who’s asian but she’s awkward as fuck and also a hacker who likes spying on facebook. A former priest/still priest (his story hasnt been explained much) who’s also a doctor. And everyone respects each other’s ideas? Even if they’re really OUT there???!!! LIKE BEST DOCTOR SHOW EVER. 

Also Augustus Prew (Genius with chub) plays the main dude, and I will have you know that he once looked like this in a movie. 

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And now he looks like this. 

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U know, the guy who co-directed brother bear and did a lot of animation/design on it has a youtube channel n website where u can watch hour-long lessons for free or buy longer ones. the guy's really cool and super helpful. I'm not trying to advertise I just wanna spread word in case u didn't know!

yeah aaron blaise!! i follow him on all his social media haha, the dude is a genius!! he was also an animator for nala, pocahontas and beast from beauty & the beast! he was a co-director on a animated movie called “the legend of tembo” but the project was dropped :(

Namjoon wants to live as Yoongi for a day because he wants to understand Yoongi's mental world.


probably my favorite thing about back to the future is how easily everyone accepted that marty and doc brown were best friends. like. we see this hip 17 year old kid who is very into skating and metal and all the other things that the cool 80′s kids™ were into, and then we see this 60+ year old hermit dude who is a stereotypical mad genius doctor archetype and just think yes. they are best friends. that makes a lot of sense and it’s definitely not weird at all.

Just got this comment on an Office/Dawson’s Creek crossover fic that lowriseflare and I wrote in 2009 and YOU GUYS. All these years in fandom, why didn’t anyone ever tell me you were allowed to write fic with characters ALL FROM THE SAME SHOW?!?!?! Dude is pretty much a genius.

You see that dude? The one standing next to million-time-Grammy-winning-genius Taylor Swift in the studio where they wrote 1989? That dude’s Jack Antonoff. His songwriting credits include “We Are Young,” “Some Nights,” “Brave,” and Taylor’s epic song “Out of the Woods”

And this genius dude is working/worked with Troye on his upcoming album

If for some reason you aren’t ridiculously excited for Troye’s upcoming album, you should really get excited like right now

Because I honestly don’t think we’re ready at all for the complete epicness that’s coming


Ok, who ever this dude making these amazing remixes is, he is a fricking genius!

Elementary!Sherlock is the best TV version of the asshole genius dude, I think. Probably because he has empathy and is nominally open to the idea that he needs other people. Kind of like book Sherlock, but better.