this drummer was the shit

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band au where guan shan and she li are in the same band and they're playing one night while he tian, a member from a rival band, comes to watch and evaluate their performance (cue love at first sight and slight jealous!he tian)

‘Why are we here, exactly?’

‘Sizing up the competition!’

‘You just think one of them is hot, don’t you?’

‘Shut up, He Tian. This is important.’

‘Alright, Jian Yi, point out your future husband when he comes out.’

He Tian leaned against the wall, messing with his phone.

A few minutes later Jian Yi smacked his arm.

‘Ok, there they are! It’s the guitar player that…’

He watched them file out from behind the curtains.

Holy shit.’

‘Jian Yi, who’s the drummer?’

‘Mo something, I think. Why? Are you going to fight him?’

‘Why… would I fight him?’

‘Is that not how that works? Drummers code?’

‘What the fuck are you talking about?’

While the other members fucked around, the drummer checked his instrument, making sure everything was in order.

Something about him caught He Tian’s attention and he couldn’t quite pin it down.

When they started playing, he figured it out.

The look of determination and contentment on his face was something he’d felt countless times, but never seen.

He didn’t realize Jian Yi had stopped talking.

Or that he was watching him in awe.

The way sweat made the his body gleam. (He’d stripped his shirt off between songs.)

The intensity of his expression.

The way he closed his eyes when he got his brief solo.

Fucking christ.

When they were done Jian Yi literally dragged him to the stage and shoved him roughly towards the red haired man while he was breaking things down.

He jumped and stood quickly when he realized someone was standing so close.


‘Hey, I’m-’

‘I know who you are, He Tian.’


I’m in love with this idea. This would made a good fic.

Why I need feminism~

I am sick of the dirty looks for being on drumline.

I should not be called a slut when I choose to wear my drumline hoodie. It’s my body, I earned my hoodie!

I should have never been questioned multiple times in middle school for carrying my drumsticks in the hall to the band room,when a friend next to me was carrying his and didn’t get questioned for carrying a “weapon.”

“Like a girl” should not be used as an insult for my musical talents.

I shouldn’t have to deal with the bullshit of people telling me that I will never be able to march drum corps because I have boobs!

I am tired of people doubting my abilities because of my gender.

I should not have people looking down on me in the lot at a competition.

“Oh you will never get a boyfriend since you are on drumline. Boys like quiet,reserved,ladylike girls. All you do is hit shit and hangout with guys!” Excuse me, is this the 1900s? I’ll hangout with who I want whether that be guys or girls. I’ll hit shit with the support of my boyfriend for your information.

I should not be questioned when going to get my varsity jacket that I’m a girl on drumline by a grown woman.

Being a girl who is a percussionist should not define me in a negative way.

I need feminism because all I want is to be treated as an equal…not just a girl.

when the ghost who’s possessing the drummer for your band whispers some freaky shit in your ear after he resurrects literal gorillas and they grab your asshole bassist’s nutsack and the tiny girl who got shipped to you in a fed-ex box kicks their ass with some martial art flips

  • Band director: *walks into room where drummer has been for less than 30 seconds*
  • Band director: Hey I need you to-Hayden are you taking selfies??

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I wish I could be your drummer! I used to drum about 4 years ago and loved it but I don't have drums anymore and I doubt you live in south FL :( I hope you find someone soon

I know you’re being sincere but now all I can think about is how Critikal lives somewhere in Florida so I’m just reading this like “what’s up Aidan this is Critikal, I can’t be the drummer in your band, I can’t do this shit.”

I hope you get your drums back

I just love Gerard Way so much he’s so wonderful I mean this ridiculous lemon haired sassy emo dad is slaughtering me with his tiny teeth and cute smile and severe lack of jawline I just really love Gerard Way you have to understand my love for this man and if you can’t listen to me talking about Gerard Arthur Way then we can’t be friends do you even understand how much I just love Gerard Way??? He’s so wonderful and his music has helped so many people and he wishes us good morning every single day without fail and he gives trans and other lgbt people a safe place to be themselves at his concerts and he tries to make time for everyone and he’s just so wonderful if you don’t like Gerard Way then I can pretty much guarantee that you are wrong :) I just love Gerard Way have I made this perfectly clear to you yet