this drink was so good omg


J: learning how to make all the drinks is fun tho! even if i still mess up a lot right now ,,,,


Okay so Lance...

This post sparked a headcanon in my head and I can’t stop imaging it now so I’m going to talk about it and develop it a bit more (feel free to add to it, share your opinion about it, talk to me about it, etc)

Considering its pretty much canon that Lance has a big family with the photo we saw in season one I can’t help but picture him with his siblings and cousins having soccer games whenever they’re together. Family gathering or not, I can totally see lance being a decent soccer player. 

Hear me out: 

- Lance plays soccer as a kid since his older sibling(s) did and his parents insisted he try some extracurriculars

- He sticks with it for quite a few years getting pretty good always enjoying it 

- But as he gets older his dreams of being a professional soccer player are replaced with piloting and the Garrison

- Everyone’s crushed when he quits because Lance had the potential to go pro and all his coaches said so

- He doesn’t think about it much and kind of just shrugs when people compliment his soccer skills, Lance doesn’t really believe he’s as great as everyone says he is because of his self-doubt and insecurities 

- Lets be real he’d totally look good in a soccer uniform and I bet he has all the merch of his favourite team including like three jerseys, two scarves, temporary tattoos, and a ball signed by his fave player (Keith sees Lance in a soccer jersey at some point and dies a little inside bc holy quiznak he looks so good??)

- On a particularly bad day when Lance is really missing home and his family Hunk catches on and suggests that they all play a quick game of soccer which totally brightens Lance’s mood

- After setting up two goals in the training room and briefing Allura and Coran about the rules and basic concept (Altea probs had the same sport just with a different name lets be real) they split into teams: Lance, Pidge, Shiro VS Keith, Hunk, Allura w/ Coran reffing 

- It starts off fun with everyone laughing and just trying their best but as soon as Lance and Keith butt heads it turns competitive and all hell breaks loose 

- Pidge being the dork she is doesn’t understand the hype over soccer and only continues to play because she’s enjoying spending time with the group (and she secretly wants to win lol for bragging rights) 

- Shiro is all “Keep it a fair game guys! You’re all doing great! Great pass Lance!” and is just happy to see everyone having fun and working together

- Keith is ride or die with any competition and is determined to take Lance down (while also trying to ignore how amazing Lance is bc I can’t get enough of pining Keith lol)

- Hunk is probably a soccer player too so he’s loving it, he’d be the best defence player omg

- Allura picks it up easily and is wicked good totally kicking everyone’s asses, she goes from ‘innocent team fun’ to ‘you’re all going down mfs eat my dust’ (Shiro is smitten af lol he keeps getting distracted by her flawlessness which makes Lance all “Dude! Get it together I am not losing to Keith!”)

- Coran is the best ref ever and is just cheering for everyone the entire time, he’d probably dress for the part too (omg imagine Coran with the black and white striped shirt, a black cap, and whistle lol

- It ends up a tie because the teams are equally good, also the game goes on for much longer than expected so they all get tired af and just finally give in satisfied with the game

- Coran brings out drinks and they all just chill together settling down; everyone’s sweaty and out of breath, they all have goofy grins 

- Lance quietly thanks Hunk for getting everyone involved and just sighs happily at his space family

- Just imagine it guys

- Also someone should totally draw this

- Just saying…


storytime: So I follow this guy named Seryeong, or Rose which is his stage name on instagram. He’s from a hiphop group called Dickids (same one Young B is from) and he does livestreams pretty often. Well, yesterday he livestreamed in the morning for him and he was getting ready and it was fun cause he was like picking shirts to wear, how he should wear his hair, if he should wear a choker etc and he was asking for our opinion cause he said he was getting ready for a date. Well, naturally we were like, omg you look good be confident be yourself and all that cause he’s like, 18 years old he would be nervous for a date you feel? He made a big deal about telling us that he was going to buy a rose for his date. So we hyped him up he ended it goodbye. Just a little backstory before I tell you the point of the story is that this guy isnt like the other dickids members. Besides the fact he is very much into japanese culture, he doesn’t have any tattoos, doesn’t smoke or drink, went on a rant once about not giving a fuck about getting rolexes he said when he makes bank hes gonna give it to orphanages cause he feels bad about a lot of his friends who were raised in orphanages and he’s one of the few people with parents. SO, i wakeup today to this post. HE DIDN’T HAVE A DATE. 

“a rose for the most beautiful girls in the world”

he visited a freaking memorial in remembrance of the so called “comfort women which were more than 360,000 women from Korea, China and the Philippines forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese army. He bought a rose and put it on the statue. That was his ‘date’. 

Anyways, it brought me to tears. He’s got the kindest soul in the world and the fact that he exists and he did such a thing I had to bring attention to. 

Please give him lots of love @__bloodyrose__ 

i’m always a slut for a christmas au 

  • “i know we hate each other but it’s christmas eve and your flight was cancelled please come inside”
  • “i got you for secret santa so i got you this really expensive but sentimental gift that you’ve always wanted, hoping you’ll never find out it’s from me - and that i’ve been in love with you 1234567 years”
  • “hi we’re neighbours and omg are you alright i could smell cooking burning - whoaaa now that’s just embarrassing? step aside i’ll handle this”
  • person a seducing person b into taking a few steps back/backing them against the wall (”oh look, how did that mistletoe get right there????”)
  • “you’re in the hospital for the holidays so i came in while you were sleeping to decorate your room i love you merry christmas”
  • “i live below you and i was minding my own business watching the snowfall out the window WHEN I SAW A BODY FALL ARE YOU REALLY PUTTING UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS NOW”
  • “we’re strictly ‘platonic’ but we’re snowed in omg we’re gonna have to repopulate the earth”
  • “i slipped on ice outside your house and you ran out barefoot to help me quick let’s get inside under a blanket”
  • “’it’s a wonderful life’ aww it sounds so cute babe sure we can watch it! *30 mins later* “YOU MONSTER”
  • “we were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring… at each other…”
  • TREE DECORATING (bonus points if one of them is doing it completely wrong omg why am i in love with you) 
  • “we took our kids to santa’s workshop and they both wished we would get together”
    FRIENDS AU - “our christmas party turned into a tropical theme because the radiator is broken and it’s hotter than hell in here - damn you look good without a shirt i never noticed before asgdhfjgkhl” 
  • “we’re co workers who hate each other but you had too much to drink at the staff christmas party and admitted your love for me i don’t know how to act around you now” 
  • DRUNKEN CAROLLING (”that’s not a thing” “oh yes it is”) 
  • TEACH ME HOW TO SKI (lol jk i know how you’re just so fucking cute)
  • “there’s a storm and omg i’m losing signal are you okay?? hold on let me drive 489432 miles to get you the night before christmas” 
  • “i did that annoying thing where i put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face”
Hi Hello

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Neighbour!Kang Daniel AU

Note: this is what happens when you spend too much time at home, often meeting neighbours and have a soft spot for Kang Daniel

EDIT: you guys, this has gotten so many notes i am honestly shooketh™. thank you so much for reading and do look forward to my next one! you can request if you want anything’s cool really hehe

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A List of All The Times I Broke Down Sobbing During the Proshot of Falsettos

I Never Wanted To Love You:
- when Trina starts crying after Marvin hits her
- when Jason looked so shocked at his father for hitting his mother
- “I hate the world” “He hates everything”
More Racquetball:
- when Whizzer falls over and Marvin sings acapella i just . my heart shattered
- when he’s carried off by Marvin to Charlotte
Days Like This:
- when Marvin couldn’t hold back his tears
- “I’ll let you win” Jason is so terrified of tiring Whizzer and having him die
Cancelling the Bar Mitzvah:
- Jason getting super angry because he doesn’t want Whizzer to die just . His way of expressing grief got me Good.
- “When or if, he’ll ever get better”
- the mini reprise of Holding to the Ground i .
- “what good is a lover, who’s scared”
- “hold me, till winter” I UHHH . OH MY GOD
- “drink a little something till you’re dead, think of me at home, sleeping soundly in our bed”
- when Marvin says “i failed” and then Whizzer is like no no no you didn’t
- Marvin saying I love you solo without the others Im . Im big sadness
Another Miracle of Judaism:
- just Jason being so scared of his friend dying like . His transformation from caring about little things to having to carry this HUGE weight of death on his shoulders is intense and i Relate hard
You Gotta Die Sometime:
- Tbh just andrew crying while belting through the whole song
- like . Whizzer pretends to be okay with dying but deep down he is so terrified
Jason’s Bar Mitzvah:
- Whizzer being surprised and happy to see everyone
- “Don’t know why, but he looks,
What Would I Do?
- “I’d beg or steal or borrow, if I could hold you, for one hour more…”
- “once i was told that good men get better with age…” “…we’re just gonna skip that stage” ARE U KIDDINGME F . OH YMGDO - HOW THEY JUST FADE OUT THE LIGHT FROM WHIZZERS FACE SHOWING HOW HE’S FADED AWAY FROM LIFE IM .
Falsettoland (Reprise)
- Marvin’s sobbing how Dare u lincoln theater center . How dare u
- Everyone watching Jason as he puts the chess piece down

— also wanted to mention that i sat next to an older gay couple and it made me so Happy to see them being represented and :’)

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Hi PJ, hope you're doing good! Since "it's the most wonderful time of the year" (lol) how about HC for RFA+V and Saeran going to an RFA Christmas party: MC ends up under the mistletoe with another member (ошо) but OMG you can't go against Christmas rules, what do they do?! Thank you so much, have a nice day/night <3

~Oh! This goes with my icon right now haha. I’m going to have fun with this one tbh thank you for the request! (ノ^∇^)

◉ Yoosung

  • He bumped into you on accident
  •  And you spilled your drink on your dress
    • “I’m so sorry!!”
  • He was so flustered
  • Just stuttering
    • “No! Let me get you something hold on!” he ran off
    • “Yoosung it’s FINE!”
  • You tried to run after him to stop him
  • But he was long gone
  • He came running back with a napkin for you
  • Almost ran into you again in the doorway
    • “H-Here…” he held it up for you
  • You were both holding the cloth napkin when you each looked up to see mistletoe above you
  • Yoosung blushed
    • “You’re with V…I couldn’t…” his blush deepened
    • “Yoosung, you’re so cute. It’s just a harmless kiss, it’s supposed to be fun!” you laughed
  • He got a serious look on his face and bent down to press his lips on yours for a quick kiss
  • His lips were soft!
  • You noticed it was quiet now and the whole RFA was looking at you two
    • “Why did it get so quiet?” V asked (he can’t see, yo)
    • “MC and Yoosung got caught under the mistletoe,” Jumin said flatly with disinterest
  • Yoosung started to protest but V just laughed
    • “Haha, I’m just glad it wasn’t Zen,” he chuckled
    • WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!” Yoosung and Zen yelled at the same time
  • You had to spend the rest of the night comforting them both
    • “I’m a gentleman! What could he mean by that…” Zen cried
    • “I’m just as good looking and manly as Zen is, damn it. I could steal a girl, too…why did he say that…” Yoosung was brooding in a corner

◉ Jumin

  • You asked if he had any new pictures of Elizabeth 3rd
  • You wanted a cat but Zen was allergic
  • So much to Zens dismay, Jumin was always sharing photos with you
  • He was flipping through blurry pictures of her for you when you realized you were standing underneath the mistletoe
  • Jumin just stared up for a second before looking at you
    • “This is a tradition, right? It’s quite strange, but-”
  • Before you knew it he was kissing you
    • “Your lips are pleasant,” he smiled
  • The sound of your boyfriends scream could be heard for miles
  • Jaehee was holding Zen back because he looked like he was about to fight Jumin
    • “Violence isn’t the answer Zen,” she sighed
  • But Jumin didn’t flinch
    • “You’re being ridiculous and dramatic as always. I was only following holiday traditions. Aren’t you the one always telling me to be less of a robot and become more involved?”
  • You had to run over and comfort him to help him calm down
    • “Zen, please…it’s all in good fun…”
  • He sighed and held your hands
    • “What an angel. So sweet even after that jerk violated you…” he cried, “let’s get you home so you can brush your teeth you must be so disgusted right now. Don’t worry I’ll do whatever it takes tonight to make sure you forget all about it.”

◉ Zen

  • He made his way over to you to talk about his new role
  • He was really excited about it
  • It was a few minutes before he realized where you were standing
  • He glanced up and his cheeks got red
  • You were with Jumin but…
  • It was just a fun little tradition, right?
  • It was dangerous but he smiled and leaned in to kiss you
  • He was feeling the beast™ might be unleashed OMG
  • But a hard tug on his ponytail pulled him away from you and his thoughts
    • “You’ll step away now if you know what’s best for you,” Jumin warned with a seething tone
    • HEY! Touch me again and I won’t sit still, trust fund freak!”
  • Zen slapped Jumin’s hand away from his hair
  • Jumin didn’t even bother to look at him again he was just all over you making sure you were okay
    • “Would you like me to proceed with harassment charges, my sweet? It would really be no probl-”
    • “Harass-…OVER MISTLETOE?!” Zen was fuming but it turned into a sly smile, “I mean…I don’t blame you for being jealous…I am incredibly handsome and-”
  • Zen was talking to himself now
  • Jumin was coddling you and walking you towards the door
    • “…no problem at all I will have assistant Kang gather the necessary paperwork to get this rolling and brand him for the person he is I just hope you’re okay…” Jumins voice trailed off

◉ Jaehee

  • She was bringing in a bunch of baked goods she had made herself for the party!
  • But was struggling to carry them all
  • You ran to help her because she was about to drop all of it
  • Poor dear
    • “Thank you so much!” she smiled warmly
    • “No problem, these smell so yummy!”
  • You were both holding the containers and looking up now at the mistletoe above you
  • She blushed
    • “Tis the season, I guess?” you shrugged
  • You both leaned in and kissed
  • The flash of a camera interrupted you
  • Both of you turned to see the RFA FREAKING OUT
  • Saeyoung had his phone out snapping photos
  • Yoosung’s face was as red as Saeyoung’s hair
  • Jumin was coughing into his glass of wine
  • V was in a deep conversation with a lamp
  • And Zen…your boyfriend
  • Looked like he was about to drop dead
  • Literally ran over and scooped you up
  • Practically ran you home before the beast was unleashed

◉ Saeyoung

  • This guy
  • He was wearing one of those headbands with the mistletoe dangling from it
  • He was going around trying to kiss everyone, honestly
  • Zen almost punched him
  • Jumin ran away
  • He was too scared to ask Jaehee
  • Finally he got to you
    • “A good luck Christmas kiss for my soon-to-be sister in law?”
  • You shrugged
    • “Okay, a quick one because it’s Christmas!”
  • Finally someone would kiss him!!
  • He leaned in and planted a firm kiss on your lips
  • Saeran zoomed over in a second and pulled you away from him
  • Then proceeded to pour his drink over Saeyoung
    • “You need to cool down. Don’t touch her again, you idiot.”
  • You gave him an apologetic look as Saeran whisked you away but Saeyoung just laughed

◉ V

  • You were helping him around since he wasn’t familiar with the space
  • He was just wanting a cup for his drink so you walked him to the kitchen and left him by the doorway while you grabbed it 
  • He heard you giggling when you returned
    • “What’s so funny?”
    • “Well…we’re actually under the mistletoe right now,” you replied
    • “Oh, how fun! I don’t want to overstep my bounds or anything though…” he said shyly
  • You got on your toes and kissed him
  • He blushed!!!
  • Yoosung slammed his plate down
  • He had the look of fury in his eyes and narrowed in on V
  • Saeyoung poked his cheek
    • “Ooooh…Cutie Yoosung is jealousss,” he taunted
    • SO?!…What if I am, that’s MY girlfriend he’s kissing!”
  • He was so mad
  • He smacked Saeyoung’s hand away
    • “I’m sorry, Yoosung. I didn’t think you’d be so upset?” V explained
  • You had to go over and give Yoosung a big hug and an even bigger kiss to get him calmed down

◉ Saeran

  • He was helping you rehang some decor that had fallen down
  • You were on a little stool and almost the same height as him
  • He held the ribbon for the mistletoe while you tacked it in the wall
  • And then you turned at the same time to look at each other and your faces were inches apart
  • And you smiled and pushed your lips into his own for a kiss
  • He didn’t pull away
  • And when you did, his face was beet red
  • His look of shock turned into annoyance when Saeyoung teased him
    • “Ooooh, so cute and shy, my brother! Don’t get any ideas, now!”
  • Both you and Saeyoung laughed
  • He scoffed
    • “That’s it I’m leaving.”
  • He brushed past you while mumbling about Saeyoung being a dumb ass
    • “Thanks for all the help, Saeran!”
  • Saeyoung slid next to you with his phone and showed you a picture of Saeran with red cheeks and wide eyes
  • You both cracked up laughing
  • Neither of you would ever let him live this down

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aaa my first ask ! sorry if unknown’s wasn’t very good; i haven’t played v’s route yet (damn those 300 hourglasses) so my perception of him is what i got from the regular story.  anyway, thanks for the ask, hope you like it!


  • this boy is nervous as fuck
  • he’s visibly sweating, hands are shaking, going to eat mom’s spaghetti
  • he’s just a wreck throughout the whole dinner
  • your dad asks him to pass the salt and this boy spills his drink reaching for it
  • and then hands your dad pepper instead of salt
  • when dinner is over you have to take him outside for a breather
  • poor boy starts bawling so you end up taking him home
  • surprisingly your parents weren’t fazed and loved him!
  • they invite him over again
  • cue the sweating and shaking


  • zen is not very fazed
  • this boy is as confident as it gets
  • his hair is brushed to perfection, got his favorite cologne on
  • he’s very charming and smooth with his words
  • your parents are almost too impressed and they become wary of him
  • your mother pulled you aside, telling you she didn’t think it was a good idea to become involved with an actor
  • your dad however eventually warms up to him and convinces your mom to do the same
  • everyone is happy!
  • especially poor bby zen who needs some family love
  • he’s so relieved that he even finds himself hugging your parents
  • “wow way to go zen, now they love you more than me”


  • calm and composed is jaehee, as always
  • you can tell she’s slightly nervous – she keeps fidgeting with her hair and pulling at her skirt
  • you hold her hand throughout the whole dinner
  • your parents are very pleased with your decision to date such a well put together person
  • neither one of you bothered to explain that she recently switched from being a CEO’s assistant to a coffee shop manager but it’s a-okay
  • jaehee is so polite but she doesn’t speak too much
  • that’s fine because your parents approve regardless


  • boy lemme tell you–
  • he outwardly attempts to be as confident as zen
  • but on the inside this man is as much of a wreck as yoosung
  • when your parents ask him a question he completely ignores them
  • he doesn’t mean to, he is just zoned out throughout most of the dinner
  • his replies are short and to the point
  • your parents are Not Impressed
  • they would probably even be less happy if they knew his hand was on your thigh the whole night but it was for comfort
  • jumin barely acknowledges their presence as the two of you zip out of there
  • “MC… I’m so sorry.  I panicked.”
  • you’re not mad at him but you definitely call your parents the next day and explain what happened/apologize


  • Error 707
  • Information Cannot Be Processed At This Moment
  • honestly he did better than you thought he would
  • he made too many jokes and your parents didn’t really get them
  • they didn’t really get him
  • he was very polite, talked to them the whole time
  • they were happy that he at least tried
  • your mother was definitely happy when he ate seconds
  • she wasn’t so happy when he admitted he lived on chips and soda
  • you stomped on his feet under the table but no one noticed
  • your parents ?? aren’t too sure about him ??
  • it takes a few more times out together for them to really warm up to him


  • this man is very similar to zen
  • he’s confident, got a nice outfit on
  • his confidence is very gentle
  • he is, without a doubt, the “Nice to meet you sir” type of guy
  • and the “Your daughter calls me daddy too” but your parents don’t pick up on this
  • they really like him.  he doesn’t talk too much but isn’t shy either
  • v is definitely the Perfect Guy your parents always wanted for you
  • they weren’t even taken aback by his blindness, and were only slightly unimpressed with his profession
  • overall the dinner went even better than either of you could’ve hoped for
  • your parents invite him over a lot


  • he appears very… uncaring?
  • of course he knows it would mean a lot to you if your parents liked him
  • but he’s just sort of got an “eh” attitude about it
  • regardless he’s polite to them
  • your parents are kinda weirded out by him?
  • he’s silent, only moves when he’s eating, barely blinks
  • he grabs your hand during the middle of the dinner and that’s when you realize:
  • he’s actually scared out of his wits
  • unknown is trying so hard to keep calm (which is where his cool demeanor is coming from) but you can tell from him clammy hands he’s scared shitless
  • you reassuringly squeeze his hand and he’s a little better
  • this night also ends with a phone call to your parents

• rough sex. all the time. kylo is very vocal in bed and is ridiculously talented in dirty talk.

• hair pulling!!!!!!!! he always takes you from behind so this is a constant thing.

• “gotta sound like white people runnin’ in flip flops” - kylo’s motto

• all! the! moans!! he incites that shit from you all the time. no mercy.

• he uses “pussy” and “cunt” a lot. a. lot.

• because the sex is SOOOOO rough he goes all out with it. he bites you in the heat of the moment all the time.

• speaking of which: bruises. all over your body.

• you know that song “side to side”? yeah. the next morning is almost unbearable. kylo is notorious for bruising the cervix!!!!! fuck yea

• drunk sex with kylo???????? a whole other level of amazing.

• because when kylo gets drunk he doesn’t get sloppy - he GETS PRECISE.

• when he’s drunk he’s more than happy to just go down on you for an hour or so. like, he doesn’t even need you to return the favor.

• shit is GOOD too. like he is bomb ass at oral sex ya’ll.

• forgive me lORD but kylo’s oral technique is sloppy good. lots of noise going on down there. he also doesn’t give a SHIIIIIT about your cum on his face. it’s fine.

• anyway drunk sex with kylo is fucking brilliant. but kylo only drinks whiskey or dark shit like that. he has no interest in wine or vodka or anything like that. he thinks that shit is weak.

• this bitch omg he’s super into public sex.

• he’ll definitely bang the shit out of you in the command shuttle while a technician is working on it. he doesn’t give a shit. kylo ren does not give a SHIT.

• sometimes he takes you RIGHT THERE in the conference room. it’s obviously empty but it’s dark and WALL SEX!!! he easily lifts you up against him and holds one leg on his shoulder. HOT DAmn. he also covers your mouth when you scream because wtf??? you’re so loud but he’s so into it.

• ok so ugh let’s talk about attire when it comes to sex

• sometimes when when the two of you can’t wait he simply pushes you into your quarters, pulls down his pants, and moves his robe aside. that’s it. he doesn’t even take off his mask. he leaves on his gloves because he knows you fuckin LOVE THAT.

• btw he’s got a big dick but it’s got more girth than length which is fuckin brilliant

• so AFTERCARE. ugh okay so it depends on where you are in your relationship!!!

• if you’ve just met him he wants you out of his room. he doesn’t care about you honestly. he just wanted that dick/coochie real quick. he won’t be very nice about it, let’s be real. he’ll just get up immediately afterwards and head to the refresher. he expects you to leave. boy doesn’t even hand you a towel damn

• if you’re in an early relationship with him he’s so-so. he’ll hand you a towel afterwards. depending on the intimacy between the two of you he’ll MAYBE flash you a smirk.

• if you’re in a secure relationship he expects you to stay with him in his quarters. he’ll hand you a towel. he won’t cuddle at all but he’ll let you sleep in the same bed. in the morning he’ll greet you with a smirk.

• if you’re married to him he’s super fuckin’ in love because he does NOT form romantic attachments in that severity. it takes a damn badass woman/man to entrance kylo ren. after sex he wipes you clean with a washcloth and puts one of his undershirts on you. you’re allowed to snuggle against him but he’s always the big spoon. he wraps his arms around you and even though you move around a lot in your sleep you’re still in the same position when you wake up. in the morning he kisses your eyelids and then fucks you mercilessly if you wanna.

• kylo likes morning sex btw. it relieves tension for the upcoming work day.


Summary: Dean buys the reader her favorite holiday treat to cheer her up.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,711

Christmas Request by: @feelmyroarrrr

“Supply run, people. What do you guys want?” Dean asks striding fast into the library.

“Bananas, apples, green beans, bread…see if you can find a wok somewhere.” Sam answers instantly.

“A what?!” Dean exclaims looking a little scared.

“It’s a pan.” Sam says sighing.

“Right. I’ll make sure to look for that.” Dean scoffs giving him a funny look.

“What about you, Y/N?”

“Oreos, IBC root beer, frozen pizza and candy canes.” Dean nods relieved like you’re finally speaking in a language he can understand.

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college! minhyung

a/n; inspired by a series of unfortunate events that happened to yours truly, and it’s my first time writing a college au so please enjoy:’)

Originally posted by nctaezen

  • major: music and audio tech
  • mark really liked music and making music so when he heard there was a course for it he immediately signed himself up for that
  • and he’s in the school’s dance club,, a very underrated dancer
  • tbh he partially got in because of his looks
  • also an underrated visual in nct
  • but mostly because this boy got those sick moves and he does music too?? yes please
  • i’m not saying that he’s the campus hottie but that’s exactly what i’m saying
  • but he’s really low-key and just wants to pursue his passion in music
  • and do well
  • you and mark met through this thing where you get admitted early into a course you like
  • you,, chose communications and media management or mass communications, as you would like to call it(i shall refer it to cmm)
  • and mark was there for the early admission exercise too because he had it as a backup if he couldn’t get into music and audio tech
  • at first the whole room was super tense because,, cmm is fiercely competitive
  • and you needed more than just language to get through this whole thing
  • when you arrived, you took a seat at the back because,, isn’t that what students do
  • and then mark came into the room like a really awkward bean
  • literally bows to everyone while saying excuse me
  • and he takes his seat beside you(!!)
  • you were lowkey screaming because,, why would someone as hot as mark sit beside you,, an average girl who just wants to get into the damn course
  • and your school didn’t had guys like that
  • let’s take a moment to imagine mark in casual clothes, like that red lacoste polo tee and ripped jeans and black vans and a kanken?? did that made your heart race? because it made my heart do just that
  • ya’ll know exactly which pic im referring to
  • so you decided not to be a chicken and make friends w him
  • “i’m really nervous,, i’ve yet to internalize my script for the screen test later”
  • “same,, i’m more worried for the written test tbh” with that shy smile of his
  • ok b4 we move on there are 3 components of your early admission exercise thing
  • 1. written test 2. screen test 3. interview
  • and basically you have to go through all of that lmao
  • ok let’s get back to the story
  • “i’m sure you’ll do well, uhm..”
  • “mark”
  • “mark, yep”
  • “and you’re?”
  • “y/n”
  • “that’s a pretty name ^^”
  • you swore your heart dropped
  • fast forward to the interview, you and mark were in the same group
  • and the damn lecturers had their radar on you bc wow reader you’re a catch
  • “so y/n, we saw that you write fiction in your portfolio, right?”
  • you broke into a sweat bc they ain’t gonna reveal that you write fanfictions in front of mark
  • “yeah i do”
  • “so could you please come up with a plot and characters for a current affair you know?”
  • you were pretty shook because fanfic ideas only hit you when it’s the right time(ff writers do you feel me)
  • so you were stuttering,
  • “i lost my childhood friend in a tsunami??”
  • and the lecturers literally cracked up at your idea
  • but they couldn’t blame you though, its hard to come up with an answer on the spot
  • at the end of the interview, mark was also lowkey cracking up
  • “omg i can’t believe you said that y/n, but i gotta admit it was pretty creative”
  • “i know right, why did i say that…” 
  • “i thought it was really creative and different though, i liked it”
  • there goes your heart
  • fastforward to the beginning of the school term
  • mark and you exchanged numbers on that day and when you guys received the results of the posting he wasn’t in cmm but music and audio tech
  • tbh you were rlly happy for him bc you guys were convenient friends from that day on and he was so excited and passionate about making music its just so so heartwarming
  • and well, the first assignment the lecturer gave was about a collaboration?? article
  • it can be between any student as long as its a different major
  • and it applies to every student on campus gdi
  • so the first person that came to your mind was mark
  • so after your lecture you ran straight to the block mark’s lecture hall was at
  • and as soon his lecture ended you ran up to mark who was busy chatting with his newfound friends
  • “mark! did you get the collaboration assignment?”
  • “yeah i did, why?”
  • “c-can i collab with you?”
  • and all his friends were all stunned like,, why is this girl suddenly coming up to mark to collab
  • “s-sure, why not?” with the mark giggle, you know what i’m talking about
  • “good, i’ll see you soon then,” you winked, leaving mark dumbstruck
  • and when you left your heart was leaping out of your chest and you mentally slapped yourself for winking at mark
  • anyhow, you and mark would meet up every other day to work on the assignment, with mark as your protagonist of your article
  • and mark makes a music piece, as you take part in producing the music piece
  • but the song is actually about you!!
  • basically mark talks about what he learns in the course, like making music and stuff
  • he also plays the guitar which is a plus
  • whilst you guys were collabing
  • mark gained attention for his insanely good looks, which he often denied and pushes the campus hottie title to taeyong,, his senior
  • and also his music making and lyric writing talent
  • have you seen his rap freestyle in snowball project??? like how did you even mark lee 
  • and you gained attention for your writing, one of the top cmm students in school with a bright personality and media sense
  • and rumour goes around the campus that the best students of both majors are collabing and are already scoring those As lmao
  • that rumour was true and everyone was looking forward to the finished products of the geniuses of the school
  • while you two were collabing you two got to know more about each other
  • and you know,, you,, like,, like,, each other its so cute 
  • you two keep sending signals to one another
  • for mark its adding smileys to his texts and a few hearts and like holding the door when you enter the recording studio and all those gentlemanly stuff ugh so sweet
  • for you,, its just more affection and skinship and playful slaps on the shoulder
  • the rest of the school; “pLEASE DATE ALREADY”
  • both of your friends literally could sense those signals but the both of you couldn’t
  • so on the last day of doing the assignment you and mark would show each other’s completed assignment
  • you showed mark your article of him, alongside with a candid picture of him working on the music you took secretly
  • “omg y/n,, this is so good, thank you so much”
  • “you’re welcome mark,, it’s nothing,, really”
  • and mark showed you his finished music piece and you were so proud of him because the song actually sounded legit and not by a college student
  • after the music ended, mark looked at you seriously and started fiddling with his hands
  • “you know,, y/n,, i’ve been wanting to tell you this in the longest time…”
  • “what is it?”
  • “that,, i really like you,, since the d-day we met, i really like how you are so passionate about writing and stuff… and how pretty you are and…”
  • “i like you too, mark, i really really like you”
  • and the you two hug and boom youre dating aAAAA so cute
  • dating college!mark would be the softest thing ever
  • he would memorise your favourite drink and buy it for you every morning without fail
  • you reckon mark would be broke by the end of the year from buying your favourite white chocolate mocha from starbucks every morning lol
  • and wait outside the girls’ dorm for you
  • and the main point is he looks good while waiting for you that sometimes you come down a lil later to just take candid pics of him waiting for you LOL
  • if mark’s lectures end earlier than yours, he would wait for you outside your lecture room like omg sweetest boyfriend ever
  • basically you guys are like inseperable
  • but he’s a lil shy with the pda during the first steps of the r/s so expect loads of blushy mark
  • but when he’s warmed up to it he’s like the clingiest baby ever
  • he does give you space tho,, which youre thankful for
  • and when he stays up too late to do his music assignment you would creep into the studio to bring him some snacks and coffee
  • and make sure he gets sleep because this boy can’t be stopped unless youre around
  • you joined the dance club soon after he joined an like you two are the literal power couple with the visuals and talents just,,, debut together please
  • when ya’ll did 1million dance studio’s All I Wanna Do choreography iT WAS LIT AND SLAYING EVERYONE WAS CHEERING
  • mark is generally rlly shy with compliments so you always compliment him so that people dont take advantage of his humility if that makes sense
  • like there was once he had a group project and je did most of the work and everyone was like “mark you did all the work!! this isnt a group project”
  • mark was like no omg my teammates did the work too
  • and his jackass teammate was like “oh mark only did half of the work and we did the most”
  • you were ready to fight that asshole and mark had to literally hold you back 
  • mark really likes it when you steal his hoodies and wear it to lectures bc you look so cute in them
  • and his graphic tees too this boy has gr8 fashion ngl
  • when the break rolls around you guys would go cafe hopping and eat till your stomachs were almost exploding
  • and also shopping for clothes and all that
  • mark was willing to be your human guinea pig when you buy makeup when your hand runs out of space for swatches
  • and when its time to pay mark just shoves his credit card to the cashier and youre like
  • “mark youre gonna be so broke thats $128 worth of makeup”
  • and you pouting and mark had to use his fingers to lift your lips up into a smile
  • “you’ve done so much for me for just being my girlfriend, babe, just let me pay for it this once”
  • and it was the 34th time he paid lmao
  • anyhow dating!college mark is all pure and fluffy and innocent
  • please give mark lots of love

anonymous asked:

can you please do some laurens x thomas??? it's a severely underrated ship and there's so many possibilities,, like thomas being SUPER possessive / overprotective of john omg i love that

I haven’t seen too much of this ship…LET’S GET TO IT MY LOVLIES! What’s a good ship name? Jomas? Thohn? Lomas? Thaurens? 


Thomas growled under his breath, eyes narrowing dangerously at the man drunkenly flirting with John. James was sipping his drink, looking between Thomas and John, mixed emotions going over his face. 

“You know,” James spoke up, “You could always just, go over there?”

Thomas downed the rest of his beer, making James jump at the rough slam. “No no, John’s a big boy. He doesn’t like when I get too possessive,” James rolled his eyes, “Besides it’s not like - “

The man’s hand had clamped down on the upper of John’s thigh, and the freckled man was clearly uncomfortable. He was all but trapped back into the bar stool, uncomfortable grimace set on his face. 

The man leaned in, John leaned back, but he still got close to his face, whispering something in his ear.

“Oh hell no!” James caught the beer bottle before it fell, watching as Thomas all but stormed over to his boyfriend.

“Hey baby boy,” His southern accent drawled out stronger, arms wrapping around John’s slender shoulders.

John turned quicker than ever, and Thomas leaned down, lips soft but firm as he deeped the kiss. He pulled back, smug looking smirk at John’s flushed face.

“Hi there, I’m Thomas Jefferson, one of the top lawyers in all of America and on top ten for some in Europe, also used to be on the football team in High School and College. Perhaps you’ve heard of me?”

The man was wearing a UVA jersey, the college Thomas went to (and his family helped found) and the guy looked almost star struck.

“Dude holy shit! You’re a legend at our school! Thomas Jefferson number forty three!”

Thomas grinned, “Oh so you a fan?”

“Dude hell yeah! Man - you’re like, an inspiration! Every big game with nationals coach still plays one of your speeches!”

“Oh cool,” What the hell? “So I assume you also know how strong I am yeah?”

“Dude even if you hadn’t played football - shit man you’re ripped!”

John raised an eyebrow, confusion as to where this was going. Thomas let out a fake laugh. “Oh thanks, so here’s a thing.” He clapped his hands together sarcastically.

He reached a hand out, gripping the man’s shirt in his fists, pulling the shorter man close to his face. “Listen here, you arrogant prick. The guy you were flirting with - quite clearly is mine. You know about me good. You know I can knock a grown man three times my height and weight out without breaking a sweat imagine what I could do to a piece of shit your size. Lay another hand on me, and you’ll end up in the hospital, being sued for every damn thing you own.”

He let go of his shirt, patting the wrinkled out. He sent one of his dazzling smiles. “So we good?”

The man was shaking, hands gripping at his shirt as he backed up. “Y-Yeah man! I-I’m sorry bro! I-I’ll go I - I.” He ran off, and Thomas smirked. If he were a dog the damn thing would have run off with his tail between his legs and piss dripping down them.

John tried to hide his amusement with a pout. “You didn’t have to do that, I had it under control.”

Thomas kissed his cheek, leaning on John’s back. “I know baby boy, but he was touching what was mine and I do not share well.”

John rolled his eyes, “You talk of me as if I’m a possession of yours.”

“You are, a prize I hadn’t had to fight for, and prize better than any damn thing I’ve received in my life and I’ll be damned if anyone take you from me.”

John gulped, seeing the fire in Thomas’ eyes as he spoke, and he found himself speechless. Whenever Thomas got like this…

Tonight was going to be a fun night for sure…

  • Jisoo: C'mon, Jennie, I didn't drink that much last night!
  • Jennie: You were flirting with Lisa.
  • Jisoo: So what? She's my girlfriend.
  • Jennie: You asked if she was single and cried when she said she wasn't.
Adventures at Starbucks
  • Customer: Can you make a pumpkin cheesecake frappuccino?
  • Me: ...Let me look up the recipe. (Internally screaming)
  • Customer: (Goes on and on about how delicious the frappuccino is, how she's had it before but half the baristas won't make it)
  • Me: It's no trouble (FUCK THE SECRET MENU)
  • Customer: (Takes drink) OMG IT'S PERFECT, THANK YOU SO MUCH! (Leaves)
  • Me: (pours leftover in cup and tries it) Fuck. This really is delicious.

anonymous asked:

Omg I just read you cheating headcanons and they were so good. If it's okay can I request a continuation of them? Like what mc does after and do the rfa try to win her back?

hi there thank you so much! ❤
if you haven’t read the first part, here’s the link: [x]


- he’s drunk and he sure as hell knows drinking isn’t going to solve the problem

- picks himself off the ground and tries to get a warm bath

- when he thinks he’s sober enough, he tries to find out what motel you’re staying at

- obviously he can’t ride his motorcycle because he’s still under the influence of alcohol

- so he takes a cab there and asks the staff over the check-in counter immediately

- by the time he reached the motel, it’s already 7a.m. the next day

- he hopes you haven’t left

- rushes to your room and knock on the door

- his heart is beating so fast in his rib cage as he waits for you to open it

- you’re a mess - your hair is terrible and your make-up smudged

- you scowl seeing Zen and slam the door in his face but he reacts quickly and slips inside your room

- you start yelling at him and he just takes everything in

- you eventually cry and he hugs you

- he apologises over and over, repeating that he was a fool to have cheated on you

- because you are the best thing that ever happened in his life and he can’t live without you

- whatever punishment you want he’ll take it, but he begs you not to break up with him

- you know you love him too much too, so you think of giving him a second chance

- but one more mistake, it’s over without a doubt


- he pushes the client away and runs down the hallway to catch-up with you

- he doesn’t care what his staff thinks of him because all he wants is you

- he manages to grab your wrist and pull you towards him

- but you slap him across the face then get out of his grasp

- you’re about to turn and leave when he sinks to the floor on his knees and start begging you

- you tell him to stand up but he doesn’t move

- he starts talking about how he was a fool to have given in to the temptation and he should’ve known better

- he will do anything to win you back

- so you said, “get that woman out of the office, then we’ll talk”

- consider that done


- you’re walking back to your shared apartment to get your things and leave

- but while you’re packing, Jaehee runs through the door, disheveled and clearly worried

- she tries to hold your hand but you push her away hard

- she’s crying and begging you to please listen to her

- you throw your jeans into your briefcase before looking angrily at her

- she explains it was all a misunderstanding

- that customer was her ex and when her ex kissed her, she was too shocked to respond

- her ex wanted to get back with her but she made it clear she doesn’t want to see her ever again because she’s got you now

- so please forgive her for her ex

- you feel bad for not trusting Jaehee

- you two hug and promise each other that no one is ever going to be in your way again and if they are, they’re gonna get hell


- the girl pulls back Yoosung back he pushes her away

- he yells “we’re through” before chasing after you

- he manages to catch up with you so you try to get away from him but he holds onto your arms

- he apologises and admits that he was indeed two-timing you

- he never had a girlfriend before so when that girl showed interest in him too, he got carried away

- still, that was no reason for him to be with her because you’re such a caring girlfriend and he doesn’t deserve you

- you still love him but your heart still hurts

- you tell him that you’re staying over at Zen’s house for a while

- he’s upset but at least you’re not breaking up with him

- believe me, he’s going to do everything to make it up to you


- of course he manages to track you down

- and guess what you’re cooped up in Jumin’s penthouse

- you came running to Jumin because you didn’t know where else to go and he immediately let you in

- you were crying as you told Jumin everything and you pleaded him to not let Seven in no matter what

- when Seven arrives, Jumin’s bodyguards stop him immediately

- somehow manages to push through and finds Jumin and you sitting in the living room

- you yell at Seven to leave but he doesn’t listen and goes straight towards you

- Jumin comes in between the two of you

- Seven apologises to you and wants to take you away from here and back home but you still refuse

- you tell him this not something you can just accept right away and you need more time

- he understands and leaves

- he will be coming back for you soon and take you home

- because he’s going to quit his job

Boyfriend Tag

Request: Can you make one imagine where you and Shawn started dating and you’re a YouTuber and you make the boyfriend tag, but more like the one Jc and Lia did, you know the one with cakes? Love youuuu. 💟

You attached the camera to the tripod you had set up on your roof, watching as Shawn danced around to some song that was playing from his phone. “You’re gonna fall off of my roof again,” You spoke, fixing the angle and where the camera focused.

Shawn stuck his tongue out at you, and Aaliyah laughed from her perch on the corner of the firepit. She wanted to watch you guys film something for your channel, and your fans had been asking if you could do a boyfriend or girlfriend tag. “You sure you wanna watch your brother and I answer dumb questions about each other?” You asked, looking at her.

“If he gets one wrong can I smash one of the pies in his face?”


“Yeah.” Aaliyah giggled, nodding rapidly. She was all for smashing one of the whipped cream pies in her brother’s face, to which Shawn complained.

You rolled your eyes and patted the seat next to you. “Shawn, c’mon, the camera’s all set up!”

Your boyfriend walked over and plopped down next to you, still singing. You pressed record on the camera and looked at him. “If you don’t turn off the music this video will get taken down for copyright reasons and I’m not about that.” You spoke, and Shawn paused the song, setting his phone on the ground in front of him. “Thank you, baby.” You smiled, fixing your hair and starting the intro to your video. “So, I’m back! And I have a super special guest here today!” You jabbed a thumb towards Shawn, who waved at the camera.


“Say who you are, dummy.” You elbowed him. He had been on your channel before, he just wanted to be stubborn.

“I’m the best guest on this channel and no one can argue with that fact.”

You rolled your eyes for the third time, snorting. “Anyway, we’re gonna do the boyfriend tag today, since a lot of you have requested it. And it’s gonna be intense.” You picked up one of the pies. “If one of us gets a question wrong, a pie is gettin’ shoved in our face.”

“What kind of pies are they?” Aaliyah asked, off camera.

“A variety.” You informed her, picking up your phone. “Ok! I’m gonna go first.” You looked at Shawn, and smiled at him sweetly. “So, this is gonna be a super easy question and if you get this wrong I swear to God,” You started. You glanced at your phone and nodded. “Where did we meet?”

Shawn’s eyes lit up. “We met when your sister dropped that ice cream cone on my shoe! It was at the fair!” He laughed.

You nodded, smiling. “Yeah!” You nudged him. “You’re turn.”

Shawn looked at his phone. “When was our first date?”

“It was at that one Italian place down the road from my old house. I remember you ordered the chicken parm and spent the rest of the night with food poisoning so we never went there again. And then they closed like a week later.”

“Did they really?”

“Yeah, my dad told me that some guy was like, stabbed or something.” You shrugged.

The questions continued to get harder and harder, until you finally stumped your boyfriend. “What movie did we see on our first anniversary?”

“Oh, um, I think it was, um, wasn’t it Beauty and the Beast?”

“No!” You laughed, nearly falling off of the stool when Aaliyah let out the loudest cheer. “It wasn’t even a Disney movie! It was We Bought A Zoo!” You lifted the top off of one of the pies, and looked at the camera. “So, before we started filming I told Aaliyah she could smash her brother with one of the pies, and since this is the first question we’ve gotten wrong, and also because I’m nearly out of questions, she can do the honor.” You handed her the pie and she faked it a couple times, before slamming the dessert into Shawn’s face, and he let out a rather girly scream.

“What flavor is it?” You asked, smirking.

“You tell me!” Shawn said, kissing you. You broke the kiss after a couple seconds, not wanting too much PDA in the video.

“Lemon meringue, eugh.” You scrunched your nose, lemon wasn’t your favorite flavor.

Shawn laughed, wiping the rest of the pie off of his face. “My turn!” He grinned devilishly and looked at you. “What do I get to drink when we got out?”

Your eyes widened, and you thought for a moment. “Don’t you get iced tea?”

“Dammit,” Shawn whispered, and you cheered. “You’re such a good girlfriend.”

“Mhmm,” You nodded, seeing the battery warning light up on your camera. “Ooh, teh battery’s about to die! I think that’s the end of this video, see you guys next week!” You waved, screaming when a pie hit your face.

“Shawn!” You laughed, wiping whipped cream off of your cheek. “You little shit!”

a/n: i watched that youtube video so much omg

licagd  asked:

OMG! Drunk!Obi-Wan was so good! Please contue! Maybe, what happens on the next morning

Oh Force his mouth tasted like a mix of stale alcohol and morning breath and if Obi-Wan didn’t have a good drinking constitution, he may have been sick.

As it was, he only had a raging headache as he pushed his face more into the soft pillow he had captured in his arms as he tried to remember what in Force name he had been doing the day before since he was usually very responsible when dri-



Cow eyes…

Oh no.

He struggled to sit up, sheets tangled around his legs as he looked around blearily as he stared at the room he was in. A guestroom in Padme’s condo.

Little stars…

Perhaps he could sneak out before they noticed he was awake?

No, no that wouldn’t work, he’d have to deal with Anakin at the temple and they worked with Padme often enough as it was in regards to trying to find peaceful solutions to the war and relief effort. He buried his face in his hands, groaning quietly to himself as he did.


The copper haired man yelped and fell out of bed, landing on his back and hissing at the pain.

And then he stared up at Anakin when the man bent over him, the two staring at each other for a while.

“…If I pretend I said nothing, would you both pretend you never heard anything?”

Blinking heavily at him, Anakin sighed and shook his head. “No.” He offered the others his hands to pull him up. “No we won’t Obi-Wan.”

“…No I figured as much.” Obi-Wan sighed as he was pulled to his feet and swayed a bit. “Can I at least go wash my face and rinse my mouth?”

“Yeah, sure, Padme has the kitchen droid making food for us and I’ve set a kettle to boil tea for you.” Anakin eyed him before deeming it safe to leave Obi-Wan alone to the fresher, certain the other wouldn’t do something stupid like jump out of the window.

By the time Obi-Wan was done and was at least halfway presentable, breakfast was done and both Anakin and Padme were waiting on him at the table.

Obi-Wan settled down and poured himself tea while avoiding looking at either, taking a slow sip to try and ease his hangover headache.

And then the silence is just awkward.

He sighed and looked at them finally. “Yes I know, yes I’ve known since the beginning, yes you two are both idiots for thinking you could hide it from me and yes I am hurt you two didn’t tell me.” He pinched his lips together before reaching for the toasted bread. “Frankly, I don’t know why you thought I’d tell the Council Anakin, considering I’ve always defended you from them in the past when they put your judgment into question though clearly you think very little of me since you two can lie to me with straight faces.” He took a small bite, checking that food would not make him nauseous.

“We…I…” Anakin was struggling.

Padme took pity on her husband and took his hand, stroking it. “We just didn’t want to put you in a difficult position Obi-Wan, you’ve always be-”

“I lost my Master on Naboo.” Obi-Wan said flatly. “If I see you leave the order to be happy and live a full life then that would have been enough for me. If it wasn’t for the war then that’s exactly what I’d tell you to do.” He took a bite out of the toast even as Anakin seemed to flush sharply.

“I…see.” Padme blinked. “We…we have your blessing.”

“Mmm…though there is one thing I don’t get.” Obi-Wan leaned back in his chair. “Why in all Force name did you marry him? I mean, you were close to twenty five and he was barely twenty one, young human males tend to still find fart jokes funny at that age.” He offered dryly. “Just…what did you see that made you fall for him enough to marry him so young.”

“Someone awkward who wanted to charm me and was willing to risk everything for someone he cared for.” Padme smiled softly at Anakin who smiled sheepishly back before sticking his tongue out at Obi-Wan.

“And for your information Obi-Wan, I never found fart jokes fun-”

“You spent most of your fifteenth year telling fart jokes to me.” Obi-Wan offered dryly back.

“Anakin!” Padme hit him in the arm.

“It was a phase!”

Obi-Wan snorted, watching the two.

‘Well, at least that’s something.’

Perfect - Sidney Crosby x Reader

Anonymous said: Omg that Jake one has me in an Ed Sheeran mood now! It was so good! Could you maybe do a Sidney Crosby one to his song Perfect?

A/N: I’m sorry, the angst hit me hard with this song, I had to do it. pls forgive me.

Warnings: drinking, fighting (verbal), language

Word Count: ~895

Originally posted by ohhhdreamer

I found a love for me
Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead
Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet
Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

He lifted the bottle to his lips once again. The pain of losing you being too much for him to handle.

You had told him that he needed to spend more time at home, more time with you.

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Girlfriend Yuri

Originally posted by gingerfany

  • yuri’s the kinda gf who does that cute thing that girls do, when they squirt out too much moisturizer then wipe the excess on your hands
  • so cute
  • brings you warm drinks on cold days or when you’re having trouble sleeping
  • yet is so taken aback and resistant when you return the favour
  • “you don’t have to do this! I can get my own drink” she’ll insist
  • outdoor dates where you go on hikes or long walks or discover new cafes and restaurants together. then other, chill dates, where you cuddle up on the couch and watch dramas. particulary dramas her members have had a role in
  • “hahaha, look at Sooyoung’s stupid face!” she’ll tease, sending Sooyoung pics of you both watching the drama to drive the girl crazy. but in actual fact yuri is so proud and supportive of the girls omg she loves watching them shine
  • wears white often to bring out her tan which drives you insane
  • “baby, you look so good in that white sundress”
  • *coy look* “wouldn’t I look better without it?”
  • likes to sit on your lap, in almost every situtation. watching tv, while bored, while reading a book … etc. she just likes the warm, safe feeling of being surrounded by your arms and resting her head back on your shoulder
  • she smells so good
  • like, really really good
  • between her shampoo, moisturizer and perfume, her scent lingers on her pillow, the clothes of yours she steals and hangs in the air when she leaves
  • when the scent disappears is when you know she’s been on tour too long
  • so she leaves her perfume behind before going on long tours, so you can spritz the couch cushions and her pillow every so often and feel less lonely
  • smacks your butt while passing
  • melting everytime she interacts with kids. although she’s not the smoothest with them, she is pretty great and most kids fall for her charms easily. and the more you watch her play and make them smile, the more you wonder ‘What would a family with Yuri be like?’
  • she makes you eat healthy
  • so sorry if you’re not into sweet potato chips, kale and all that good stuff
  • judges so hard if you’re caught gobbling up something greasy
  • “you know those foods lead to cancer, right?! don’t you want to spend a long, healthy life with me?”
  • you imagine her as the mom who gives her kids fruits for snacks then maybe some chocolate once in a blue moon
  • you already have plans to sneak your future children sweets under the cover of darkness, hiding a stash from their super healthy mom and slipping a bar or two into their lunch box
  • but kids are far, far in the future
  • yuri’s still trying to get recognized for all her hard work. despite her all-rounded talent (singing,dancing, acting, mc'ing, etc) she’s not recognized enough for it imo :/ so she’s busy with that, leaving little time to think about kids
  • also, you already own dogs which are your children … for now
  • you even act like they’re your kids
  • “no, no, do you want to be put on time out? DO YOU? bold, bold boy!”
  • the kinda girl to bite your lip while pulling away from a kiss
  • gets rough and passionate and can leave your lips swollen and neck covered in bruises
  • she’s a super cool person, that’s not going to be overly jealous or domineering. while she can speak for herself and will speak up if she feels the need to, she knows that a relationship is build on trust between 2 ppl. cares so much for you, always going out of her way to show this. but expects nothing in return. which means you need to show this beautiful, dedicated woman just how much she’s worth, how special and amazing she is
  • while the relationship isn’t one of those fiery passionate ones, there’s an undeniable love and bond that will overcome the test of time