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For fanservicefriday I would like to see Remi in a beautiful poofy af wedding dress. O///O I just think she's such a wonderful Scrafty. I don't care which pose you choose: sitting down or standing. I loved her winter ball dress. Slim dress was great, but now it's poofy dress time. >:3 I hope this request isn't too late.

(( Ahhh gosh thank you! It always makes me so happy to hear when people enjoy my characters ;w; Here’s the blushing bride! But who’s her soon-to-be spouse?))

So…this Hungarian woman at church approached me a couple of weeks ago to tell me that she had a dress she wanted to give me (internally I was like ???? I’ve never spoken to you in my life why would you give me clothes??) and today she brought it and gave it to me after mass. It’s a traditional Hungarian dress, in about five parts (underskirt, blouse, over skirt, vest, apron..) and was also her wedding dress, apparently (again…why me????). But yeah, since my dad’s from Poland she thought it was similar enough to traditional Polish attire, and therefor I’d like it (I do!). It’s super authentic and fun to twirl in, I just tried it on now, and am still wearing it.

forever starts right now.

For Patater Week. Set in Careful the Tale You Tell verse.

It’s about two months into their relationship. (Their proper relationship, not the year of fumbling that led them there.) Kent’s bugging Alexei about his stuff taking up too much room in Kent’s dresser drawers. “Can’t we, like, pick a drawer that’s yours and you can have that one, so your shit isn’t all messed up with mine?”

“You’re wanting to share drawers?” Alexei says, merrily putting a pair of pants in right next to Kent’s pants, god damn it.

“At least can we fucking talk about it?”

“Pff. No, too early. We talk about it when we get married,” Alexei says breezily.

Kent nearly trips face first over his own dropped jaw.

And from then on, it turns into a thing.

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I decided to try on my wedding dress tonight just for the heck of it! I’ve been really negative about my body lately and I think I needed this. I actually told my husband the other day, “I’ve lost 60 lbs. and I look exactly the same.” Clearly that’s bullshit. Anthony has lost 75 lbs. himself and I’m so, so proud of us right now.

Oh, my…

I really am a lazy ass. I can’t believe I started this like on Friday. I am ashamed of myself. Now, maybe the fact that I only worked on this while watching Allesia’s stream may have something to do with my slowness. 

I got the idea for this on the stream. We know that in Alessia’s “behind the scenes” AU, Sans and Alphys are not married, tho they still have a cute little baby. Anyway, I thought that Alphys would look really good in a wedding dress, so I drew her. This is TimeTale’s Alphys by @allesiathehedge but really it could be any Alphys you want.

Dunno if this really looks like a Wedding Dress, I mean, I got the idea for the dress from Leannkan and Drawingwithgreen (i really hope that this is how it was spelled). I don’t know if they have a tumblr so I can’t tag them.. I didn’t want to do the traditional white dress, but maybe i should have.

Y’know, I have the impression that this dress could be worn even if you aren’t a bride. Really, If it was black in place of white I would wear this.

Edit: I knew it. This really is @leannkan ‘s blog. 

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High school and friends with benefits au with Seven, Yoosung and Saeran (Zen if you don't write for him). Thank you!

A/N: *(the sheer amount of times i’ve had to “americanise” my spelling is unbelievable. I’m still to stubborn to change colour to color tho)

(Also I have a copious amount of aubergines in my inbox now, ya’ll are so nasty)


  • “You keep on sexting me in binary and now my friends think i’ve joined a shady hacktivists group ”

You were sitting at lunch with Saeyoung he was explaining about how internet cookies are extremely misleading in the title. You were half concentrating on him and half on what your friends Mina and Jisoo were snickering at. You could tell they were talking about the two of you. After another five minutes of their whispers they finally approached the two of you.

“Okay you two we know what’s going on” Mina said as she slammed her hand on the table.

You and Saeyoung looked at each other both thinking the same thing.

  1. Shit they know we’ve been fucking in the supply closet 
  2. How’d they even find out
  3. Which of the three exits can we make our escape

“So is it cool?” Jisoo asked pulling you both out of your thoughts.

You decided to play innocent by asking what the hell she was talking about.

“Oh come on we both know you and Seven are in a super underground hacktivist group” Mina said her elbow propped on the table in an act of secrecy

“Yeah we saw all those messages you sent in that nerd code” Jisoo piped in nodding in approval, “So spill the beans already”

Seven finally decided to speak up from being unusually silent

“Well girls we’d love to tell you but we’d have to kill you” 

Mina and Jisoo gawked in amazement. You sighed as you realised the deep hole you two had dug for yourselves.


  • “I accidentally told my *mom we were dating after she found your bra under my pillow and now you’re invited to my cousin’s wedding”

“I can’t believe your making me do this” You grumbled as you stalked past countless shops searching for a dress for this stupid wedding. 

“I already apologised like fifty times” 

You ignored his comment following him into a dress store. He scanned the racks looking for something that would please me. He picked out five dresses and piled them into my hands before directing me to the dressing room


“I just don’t understand how this involves me” you sighed stepping out in a light pink dress with some questionable frills.

“Well what would you do if your mother found a random girl’s bra in your room”

“Don’t you have a sister couldn’t you have said it was hers” You whined now in dark red dress that make you look like ornate blood stain.

“First of all my sister is 12 and second of all I hardly think that’s her style anyway”

“What would you know about style Mr. WearsTheSameRattyHoodieEveryday” you scoffed, “plus if you hadn’t stolen my bra in the first place we wouldn’t be in this situation at all”

“Wha..What..I didn’t steal it I merely kept for safekeeping till i could return it to you”

“Sure, Jan” you muttered “Yoosung you are many things but you ain’t slick”

Yoosung pouted now knowing he’d been caught. You took a glance at the dressing room then back at Yoosung

“So wanna have a quickie in there” You said pointing to the dressing room behind you.

“I swear to god you have a shorter attention span than me,” Yoosung scolded “we came to look for a dress remember?”

“Boo, You’re no fun”


(headcanon that Saeran has a hella extensive mourning routine and knows all these natural remedies)

  • “Just cause I let you stay the night doesn’t mean you can use all my eyeliner”

“Who could have guessed ‘scary edgelord Saeran’ has a fucking morning routine” you smirked rising from the bed to see Saeran sat at your vanity table

“Fuck you”

“I already did” you retorted shrugging on one of his oversized shirts.

“Why am I even friends with you?”

“Cause I’m the only one that can deal with your hipster emo ass”

“I thought you liked my ass” he quipped setting down a moisturising cream.

“Cute” you replied now eyeing him as he emptied out your makeup bag picking out the eyeliner.

“Just cause I let you stay the night doesn’t mean you can use all my eyeliner”

Saeran ignored your comment and continued applying it with expert precision you were a bit jealous cause it usually took you like three tries to get it right.

“You better not do a better job than me, i can’t have you showing me up at school”

“Where the fuck do you keep your Vitamin E Oil” Saeran asked exasperated

“Do you even hear yourself, and who the fuck has Vitamin E Oil lying around the house” 

“No wonder your skin is so dry you’ve been living like a savage”

“Boi you about to catch these hands if you make anymore comments about the state of my skin”

~Admin Petty

The Joker x Reader - “Apart”

When you sent him the invitation to your wedding, you didn’t actually expect The Joker to show up. But here he is and now you have to deal with the situation; you are usually such a good actress, but…this is different. Very different.

“You came,” a smile appears on the corner of your lips as J gets out of the car and the valet takes it away, leaving your ex in front of you with a wide smirk on his face.

“Of course I came, I wouldn’t miss this now, would I?” he opens his arms and you go to give him a quick hug. “Hi, Doll,” he quickly pecks your cheek and you hold him for a few more seconds before breaking the embrace. You didn’t spoke or touch each other in about half a year.  

You take a deep breath, analyzing him and start walking up the stairs towards the mansion while you try to keep the conversation going without getting awkward:

“You still look the same J,” you state the obvious and he snickers, amused.

“I never change; you should know that by now. Would you look at this place,” he struggles to impress himself. “It’s a fortress, took me a while to find it. At least I know my girl is well taken care of, hm?”

“I’m…I’m not your girl anymore,” you whisper, brushing off the weirdness of his statement, but you know he just talks like this all the time anyway.

“Right, thanks for the reminder,” he elbows you, scoffing, and you ignore what he just said and point towards the huge property, excited:

“Let me give you a tour.”

“Where is the groom- to-be? Can’t wait to meet him; he’d better make you happy otherwise he will have to deal with me,” he keeps on yammering and you take his arm, not reacting to the last part of his tirade, guiding him through the maze of the outdoor gardens.

“He is away with business; he will be back in two days for the wedding. You’re the first guest to arrive, the rest are coming tomorrow.”

“You sure hired a lot of people for the event, Pumpkin. I can tell it’s going to be a huge wedding.”

“It will be,” you giggle, watching everybody running around, setting up flowers and the humongous tent where the gathering will happen.

“Wow, I already like it, no expense was spared,” The Joker addresses you, witnessing a few things coming together in a very nice way.

“Miss Y/N,” someone approaches, “do you want more red roses or pink ones?”

“Red,” J answers and it pleases you. “It’s her favorite color.” You also nod a yes and the guy walks away, trying to count how many more to add now. “Who else is coming?” he asks, frowning when a waiter passes you by in a hurry. “ I don’t like the way that man looked at you, want me to take care of it?”

You start laughing, caressing his shoulder.

“Noooo, lets’ not do that, it’s all good.”

It surprises you how much effort you put into trying not to look nervous, you are usually such a good actress, but…this is somewhat different.

“A lot of people will come, you know some of them,” you show him the guest list on a nearby table. “Don’t worry, you’ll seat next to me so you don’t really have to small talk with the others too much. I know you hate that.”

“I sure do,” he grins, kissing your hand and you sigh, continuing to pace alongside him in perfect silence for a few moments.

“Oh, no, it’s starting to rain,” you point out, looking at the gloomy clouds. “Thank goodness the tent is up so it won’t rain inside; they can still continue to decorate, it really needs to be finished by tomorrow night. Let’s go in the mansion, I’ll show you what we got.”


As soon as he steps in and sees the crystal chandelier he looks in your eyes, puckering his lips:

“Same one we have at the penthouse!”

We had,” you correct him but The Joker didn’t get the fact you were referring to his statement involving the two of you. Or maybe he pretended.

“No, it’s still there, Doll. You always had good taste in decorating so I kept it.”

“That’s nice,” you avert your gaze, feeling your cheeks getting warm.

You walk him around, explaining what’s what, just like a well learned lesson.

“I’ll be damned,” he stops, stunned. “You kept it?!”

The enormous painting you two snatched from Gotham’s art museum two years ago is the centerpiece in the living room. He didn’t want to go because he couldn’t care less about stuff like that but in the end you convinced him to steal it together. You had it at the penthouse until…you left and took it with you. Now it’s here.

“You know how much I love it, Mister J,” you tease him by calling his full name, which you only did when he got in trouble. “I could never get rid of it.”

“I can understand that; I know your mind gets set on something and then you don’t let go,” he mocks, starting to walk upstairs.


“And, ummm… this is the master bedroom,” you present it, a bit uncomfortable.

“It’s so you, Y/N, I can see it everywhere. Look at the bed, reminds me of the one we have at the penthouse,” he points towards it and you fix his mistake:

We had.”

“No, it’s still there,” he continues and you are still not sure if he really doesn’t get what you’re saying, but you don’t want to insist on the issue. No point really.

“I wonder if…You do have a mirror here too!” he sits on the bed, looking up and sure it’s there. He lies down on the pillows, gesturing you to come by him and you humor him. “Remember ours?”

You scoot over by him, smiling and grab his hand, looking up at the mirror too.

“Yes, fun times. We had our moments, right?” you have to agree, turning your head towards him.

“U-hum,” he replies, taking your fingers to his lips and kissing them, absent minded. You squirm under his touch and have to break the spell J apparently is unaware he still holds upon you.

“Why did you push me away?” you suddenly ask, squeezing his hand tighter.

“I push everybody away, it doesn’t mean that’s my intent,” he replies and for once he sounds sincere.

“Hey, wanna see my wedding dress?” you hurry and get up, heading towards the walk in closet.

“Might as well,” he lifts his shoulders up, resigned. He doesn’t really want to see it but he can’t upset you now that you are finally on speaking terms again. It takes you about 10 minutes to get ready and step outside, anxious for his reaction.

“My God, Princess, you look so beautiful,” he has to admit, jumping from the bed, coming to meet you in the middle of the room. “Turn around,” The Joker suggests and you slowly spin so he can see your gorgeous dress. “I really like the gown, it suits you.”

“Thank you,” you mumble, playing around with the delicate fabric because you feel edgy.

“My Princess always looks beautiful anyway,” he unravels his silver teeth, chuckling.

“I’m…I’m not your Princess anymore J,” you step towards him, fighting with all the feelings inside of you.

“You’ll always be my Princess,” he simply states and then rolls his eyes. “Come on, you’re gonna cry on me? You know I always talk like this,” he makes fun of you, seeing your lips quivering but has to admit something makes him uneasy.

Fuck it all, you think, deciding on the spot and go kiss him which surprises The Joker and in the same time it doesn’t.

I’m not sure if I like diamonds anymore,” you clearly enunciate and he freezes with his hands around your waist.

This is the phrase you two decided to use when you were together as a warning for grave danger, just in case you couldn’t say anything else and you wanted the other to know something is up without getting busted.

“Well, that’s a first, Doll,” he lets you go, understanding someone is listening, carefully looking around as you put your finger on your lips, signaling him to be quiet. You point towards the corners of the room, quickly scribbling on a piece of paper that you stash in his pocket.

“Yes, I am so bored with diamonds these days,” you try to control your voice from breaking and you hug him tight, barely whispering in his ear:
“Run! A left, two rights around the stairs. Don’t take the car, just run!” and you drag him towards the door, peeking outside to make sure nobody is passing by. He has such an intrigued expression on his face and you cover his mouth, shaking your head as a no.

“Ssstttt,” you soundlessly shush him. “Don’t let anybody see you, they’re all undercover! Go!” you whisper one last time before pushing him away and he doesn’t linger anymore but signals you to follow.

You mutter a NO, watching him walk as he turns around one more time to see you in your wedding dress. He takes the corner and he’s gone.

What the hell is going on? The Joker wonders, carefully sneaking around, hiding behind a wall so he can read the piece of paper you placed in his pocket:

“I’m not at Arkham or Belle Reve, not sure where. Warn as many as you can not to come. After you get out, keep left under the trees until you get to the main road. Don’t let them catch you.”


It was a difficult break up, at least as far as you were concerned. You got sick and tired of everything and left because he didn’t seem to give a damn anyway. You were on your own for about a month when you got ambushed during a heist and couldn’t escape. You were taken to a place you haven’t been before and they were sure thrilled to see they got The Joker’s girlfriend; well, ex, but you didn’t tell them that part; they found out on their own.

You were sentenced to 40 years in prison but offered a deal: if you help the Secret Service catch the elusive Clown Prince of Crime and many others, your verdict will be reduced to only 10 years. It was such a sweet deal and they spared no effort in planning the perfect stakeout: for 3 months they put everything together, using your fake wedding as the bait: they wanted to get as many most wanted criminals as possible with minimum casualties, away from the public eye on that hidden property, rehearsing day and night to make everything seem like the real deal. They knew many would come to the occasion if you invite them. And you agreed, sure hoping J won’t show up. When he did, you didn’t want to care but things didn’t go as planned. You and your stupid feelings for him; you always pay for them no matter what.


Of course the deal went sour and they retaliated for what you did: your sentence changed to life in prison and you weren’t treated nicely, to say the least. You had days when you regretted your stupid decision, crying yourself to sleep in the dark, cold cell. And some days were better, hoping he might find you and get you out of there. Hours, weeks, months and then two years passed with heartbreaking solitude and doubt, and you finally realized The Joker will never save you.  Even if you helped that day, knowing him he probably hated you with passion after tricking him with that well devised scheme and he is not the one to forgive such transgression. Or maybe he just can’t find the location. You tried to cope but the thought of never getting out of there was slowly driving you insane. How you missed the outside world and the freedom of doing what you please.

And you missed him…You couldn’t get out of your mind that last time he looked at you. You wanted so badly to run with him, but had to stay behind to hold them up, pretending he’s still there for a while to give him enough time to flee…Like he appreciated the sacrifice…Too late now for remorse, yet you can’t hide from yourself.

You slowly chew on your bread, deep in thought, sitting on the mattress, examining your skinny hands. You got so much thinner due to the special menu and treatment you were subjected in the last two years. Fit for a Queen, as they like to laugh at you.

“Oh, great,” you pull out the piece of plastic out of your mouth, unnerved you are always given such disgusting food. This is where you usually stop eating, nauseated at the crap you find in the meals. You glance at it for a second before wanting to toss it on the floor when you notice something.

You have to bring it really close to your eyes since you are not allowed to wear your contacts.  

I’m here. Cover your ears,” you read and gasp, dumbfounded, having a hard time processing what just happened.

The loud explosion to the right wall of your cell throws you to the ground and your ears start ringing .You struggle to get up, covered in dust and debris, stumbling to keep your balance, dizzy from the blast.

You stare at the gap in your wall, seeing so many bodies moving around on the other side, not knowing what to do.

“Would you hurry up, woman?! I don’t have all day!” you hear the familiar voice and J creeps inside your prison, coughing and trying to move the flying ashes out of his way.

You can’t even move and stare at him wearing your favorite suit, starting to cry in a frenzy.

He sighs and comes in front of you, his blue gaze going up and down your body, growling when he realizes how scrawny you are.

“So you didn’t get married, hm?” he bites on his lip and you barely manage to utter, whimpering:

“N-no…” and you continue bawling , rushing in his arms and he hugs you, taking each other in for a few seconds. “You…you look the same,” you cry your eyes out on his shoulder, hoping you are not hallucinating from the meds.

“I never change, you should know that by now,” he purrs in your hair, ecstatic he found you. He’s been looking forever; my God you were well locked away or what?!

“Sir, we need to get out of here, they’re coming!” one of the mercenaries yells and J lifts you up in his arms, carrying you outside. The sun hits you and you hide your face in his chest, wincing in pain.

“My eyes,” you complain, wiping your tears and slowly readjusting to natural light, fastly blinking to make it better. “You can put me down, I think I can walk,” you turn his face towards you so you can see him.

“Queens don’t walk,” he grumbles, kissing your forehead, continuing to carry you.

“I really missed you,” you confess on the verge of crying again. “I thought you will never come.”

“Meh, I was bored staring at that chandelier all day,” he tries to joke and you sense his hands holding you tighter.

You sniffle, smiling for the first time in so many months and ask when he looks down at you:

We still have it?”

We do,” The Joker answers, walking faster as all hell breaks loose behind him.

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A coworker sets down this bucket of candy on the ledge of my desk and says, “I hope you aren’t trying to fit into a wedding dress anytime soon.”

1) I will not be “fitting into” a dress. I will be wearing a dress that fits my body. I wear clothing, clothing does not wear me. Fuck you and your diet culture.

2) You’ve pissed me off and now I’m determined not to eat ANY of this damn candy just to spite you.

Illusion of Choice (M)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Summary: You’ve grown up with the Jeons, Jungmin and Jungkook, for as long as you can remember, your parents being very close. But little did you know that this is because you are in fact arranged to be married to the Jeon heir, Jungmin. However, a tragedy causes Jungkook to take up his brother’s mantle, and that includes becoming your fiancé.

Word Count: 7.3k+

Genre: Heir!AU, Arranged Marriage!AU, angst, fluff, smut

Warnings: Smut and mentions (but not depictions) of death

A/N: Honestly one of the thoughts going through my head while writing this was “What’s the best way to make the readers suffer?” I’m not even sure if I’m kidding.

You always wondered why your parents let you have boy best friends. After all, being from such an affluent family, as well as being the oldest child, you will be expected to marry someone for the good of the company. Letting you be around boys would just risk you falling for someone that you can’t have.

These are the thoughts running through your mind as your parents call you up to their study on the eve of your 18th birthday, and you know that the day has come. They would finally tell you who you were betrothed to. You stand in front of your father’s big wooden desk, listening to their spiel about your duties as the heir to their company, only listening for one thing: a name. However, what leaves your father’s lips is not what you expected. The words “Jeon Jungmin.”

Jeon Jungmin, whom you had grown up with, along with his brother Jungkook. You had always been closer to Jungkook, having been closer to him in age, but Jungmin would always show you his drawings and sneak you an extra cookie at the dinner table.

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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 15 Full Translation.

The Ceremony


pages 158-168

Human world.

Karakura Town - Sakurabashi park.

This park constructed on the hills overlooking the railway track was Inoue Orihime’s favourite place. Even though it is only a small park with a few dozen or so trees and couple of benches, every bench is placed in front of a great view and there is no disappointment wherever you sit. Amongst those, Orihime particularly liked the bench facing opposite the railway track, she loved watching the trains and the town from there.

Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji were currently sitting side by side on that very bench. The time was around 10 p.m. and the small night view of Karakura Town was spread out below them. Because Renji was not as familiar with the Human World as much as Rukia was, every time a train would pass by he would curiously follow it with his eyes.

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Eyelet Lace, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: It’s your sister’s wedding and one of the groomsmen is awkwardly hitting on you. 

Word-count: 1,295

Warnings: Like one curse word and mentions of alcohol consumption.

Note: DAY ONE WHEE. This was a bitch to put up because my Internet went to shit yesterday, but it’s here now and we’re all good. Sorry about the delay. 

Now enjoy the pointless Lin fluff. I love you all! xx

P.S.: The gradual change of tone is intentional; by that point, Reader is a bit drunk. ;)

It felt a little bit like an insult, wearing white.

Then again, it wasn’t your wedding, and any comment you had was largely kept to yourself, but god, if anything, you would expect your sister to make wiser choices when it came to the entourage dresses.

The dress was beautiful, though, you had to give it to her; pulled in at the waist, the skirt flowing out softly, lace details crawling up the bodice. The only consolation you had was that your sister’s dress was guaranteed to be much more ornate and impressive (you had seen to that) and that you were allowed to wear a soft blue ribbon around your waist to distinguish who the bride was (in this case, your sister) and who the maid of honor was (in this case, you).

“I still think you should’ve gone with pink,” you said, twisting around to get a better look at yourself in the mirror.  Your sister was beaming at you through the glass.

“It’s not your wedding,” she sang, grabbing another dress (this one decidedly more. More than you were going for. More than you wanted. More) from one of the racks and pushing it forcefully into your hands.

Ah. Right.

You waddled off into one of the changing stalls, although you and your sister both knew that the dress for you had already come and you were doing all of the theatrics was for the sake of humoring her.

(Soon enough, when the seventh or eighth dress had been slipped on and off, your sister placed a reservation for that one, the one from the rack right in the middle of the bridal section, with all the lace? Yes, that one.)

It had taken six months of planning (a whole six months of crying, stressing over floral arrangements, worrying about the most aesthetically pleasing center pieces) the entire thing, but watching your sister walk down the aisle, smiling so wide it surprised you that it hadn’t broken her face open, made the long and tedious process worth it.

It felt like the blink of an eye, how quickly the ceremony wrapped up, and then suddenly you were in the ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria, dancing to the playlist you and the other bridesmaids spent four hours putting together. The lights were low, and the wine was a simmering haze in your bloodstream. You felt an inexplicable fondness for everyone in the room.

“Great turnout,” someone said from beside you.

You whipped around. It was one of the groomsmen. His name was Lin, if you weren’t mistaken.

“I guess?” you said, raising a brow at the rather odd opener. To your surprise, he groaned.

“Shit, I’m kind of terrible at this? Well, not kind of, more like absolutely abysmal. But I was watching you from my table and you were alone and I thought it would be nice to maybe keep you company—“

“Wait,” you said, turning fully to face him now. “You were watching me?”

Lin’s (admittedly quite cute) face crumpled at once. “No! Not like that, anyway. In a more I’m-observing-things-from-the-sidelines kind of way.” He used his hands a lot as he was talking, and he was not the tallest man you’ve ever encountered but he was long-limbed and in his wild gesticulating, nearly hit a passing waiter in the face. You bit back your laugh and decided to keep his near-mistake to yourself.

He kept looking from you to his shoes to some point beyond your shoulder, at a loss. And then, he began to deflate. “I’m dumb,” he muttered, arms falling down to his sides.

You couldn’t help but laugh then, holding your stomach as you did. You couldn’t help yourself, really. He looked ready to melt down into the cold glass floor, stick himself to the grout in between the tiles and remain there. Eventually, your giggling subsided, and Lin was looking at you with his jaw slightly slack, expression an endearingly adorable mixture of dejection and hopeful. You held out your hand, feeling something well up in your stomach.

“Y/N,” you said. He grabbed it, smiled. The thing in your stomach gave a merciless jerk. (God, he was cuter when he smiled.)

“I know,” he said, shaking your hand. “Lin.”

You grinned. “I know.”

You weren’t too sure when the minutes began to smooth together in a cloudy blur, but you were sure that Lin was to blame for that.

The man could talk, and when he got over the initial veneer of awkward fumbling, he was endlessly charming.

He wrote, you found out as you sat together in a near-empty table, glasses of wine in your hands and inhibitions lowered.

“What do you write?” you asked. The music had long since switched from the fast up-tempos you had hand-selected to the slower jams expected in a wedding.

“Music, mostly. Musicals, if we’re being specific.” Lin said, leaning forward in his seat and voice going down a pitch or two as if he were saying an immense secret.

You leaned forward as well, eyes still on his, and you weren’t exactly sure if it was the wine or it was the company, but you were far too warm.

It was probably the wine.

(It was most definitely the company.)

“You want to dance?” Lin asked you, almost shyly.

The newlyweds were on the dance floor, with a few others, cheek to cheek as Ella Fitzgerald crooned from the speakers. You looked to them, and then to Lin. Without thinking, you had nodded, and your hand was in his, and he was leading you (or maybe you were leading him?) to a less densely populated corner of the dance floor. As Ella passed on to Barbra, your arms were winding around his shoulders, and his were wrapping around your waist.

God he was warm. And it wasn’t just his body too; his eyes were the clearest shade of brown you’ve ever seen, and the light and emotion in them made you feel light on your feet and slightly weak in the knees.

The silence was comfortable, and you didn’t feel like talking when things felt damn-near perfect. Instead, you tucked your head into the crook of his neck, breathed in his cologne.

“I’d like to do this again,” he said into the dewy-eyed evening. You were in the garden, sitting on the rim of the fountain while your feet soaked in the water below. Your heels were in a tangled pile on the grass behind you, having cast them aside carelessly when you caught sight of the fountain.

Your feet nudged at a few cold coins that sat at the bottom. “Me too,”

His hand was still in yours, and you looked at his slightly overlong hair that flopped into his face at the slightest gust of wind, at his shoes that he, too, had thrown aside, the socks stuffed into them lopsidedly. You looked at the suit he was ruining, sitting out here with your feet swishing in the water. (He hadn’t bothered to roll up the pant legs.) The moonlight and distant lights were soft against the tan planes of his face, and you felt like if you looked close enough, you could see all the spare bits of stardust caught in his eyelashes.

“You’re very pretty,” you said without thinking. He laughed, the sound from somewhere deep in his stomach and hitting you like a shot of espresso.

“Nowhere near as pretty as you,” he said.

His face was perilously close now, and you were right about his eyelashes; they were full of things like potential energy and noble gasses. Or maybe you were talking about his eyes.

His lips met yours, and you were filled head to toe with sensation.

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18 nurseydex

18.  “I think you’re beautiful.”

So I’m going to try to keep these short (try being the operative word–I’ve never been great at brevity when it comes to writing fic)

“Derek, have you seen my tie?” Will shouts out as he steps out of the bedroom and into the hallway.

“I thought you draped it over the baseboard?” Derek replies, his voice coming from one of the kids bedrooms–he can’t tell which.

“I did, but now it’s not there,” Will says, walking toward the sound of his voice, peeking into each room as he passes it.

Derek grunts.  “Walter, would you please–I just need to get this shirt on,” he says, sounding wholly exasperated.  But then again, a morning spent trying to wrangle four kids under the age of eight into appropriate clothes for a wedding–and then keeping them on–would do that to you.

Will steps into Walter and Greg’s shared room.  Greg is seven, and he’s sitting on his bed, glaring at Derek (Greg made his displeasure at being forced to attend very clear several days ago).  Walter is five, and currently only has underwear on as he tries to squirm away from Derek, who looks calm, but Will can see the strain in his eyes.

Will smiles, and takes pity on his husband.  “Derek, why don’t you go finish getting ready.  I’ll deal with this,” he says, placing a kiss on his cheek (which earns a snort of disgust from Greg).

“But you’re not finished getting ready,” Derek protests, stumbling slightly as Walter makes another attempt at escaping his arms.

Will raises an eyebrow.  “At least I’m in nice pants and a dress shirt.  You’re still wearing sweats.”


“Yeah, oh,” Will mimics teasingly.  “Not to say that you don’t look good even in sweatpants.  I think you’re beautiful no matter what you’re wearing.”

“Ugh, gross!  Daddy stop it!” Greg groans, flopping backward onto his bed.

“Your dad isn’t being gross, he’s being very sweet,” Derek says, leaning over and pecking Will on the lips.

“Why are you guys like this?” Greg complains.

“It’s what people who love each other do,” Will shrugs.  “You see it with your uncles all the time.”

“I’m never going to be like that,” Greg replies insistently.

“Give it time buddy,” Will says, chuckling to himself as he walks over to pat Greg’s head.

“Um–” Derek utters and Will turns around and sighs.  Walter has escaped his grip, and across the hall, he can see that Maria has managed to pull her dress most of the way over her head.

“I’ll get Walter, you handle Maria,” Will says.

“We’re going to be late,” Derek responds.

“I doubt Ransom and Holster are going to mind much,” Will says.  “In fact, they might even be late to their own wedding.  I’m sure Christian is giving them hell–you remember what two year olds are like.”

“Please don’t.  I’m trying to block that out of my memory.”

“I’m just saying they’ll understand,” Will says as they both step out into the hallway.  “At least now half of our kids we can trust to stay dressed while we chase the other half around.”

“Yeah, well, let’s try not to give Greg any ideas,” Derek replies, and they both laugh.

Jitters - Alfie Solomons

Request: I love your work!! Can I request a wedding day oneshot with Alfie Solomons please? Maybe the reader is feeling nervous so Alfie goes and finds her, calms her down and all that good stuff (trying to not to look at you because it’s bad luck too haha) Thank you 

Jitters - Alfie Solomons

There was a knock on the door followed by a rather quiet voice, “Alfie.”  

Alfie had always told himself that marriage was not for him. He enjoyed the company of women to a certain point but passed that he had no interest in them. He would never be the type of person to court a woman, dote on her hand and foot, then marry her properly in a synagogue. Other men sure, but not Alfie. Except he was standing in the back room of a small synagogue getting dressed for a wedding. For his wedding.  

“Alf.” The voice came again, and another tap on the door.

“Oi, I’m trying to get dressed here love.” Alfie called.  

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#55- I fell in love with my best friend

Authors Note: I have been wanting to write this for a little bit now, and finally my idea can just be thrown into a requested blurb. Xx

You stand staring into the depths of the mirror in front of you, your hair curled immaculately, your earrings corresponding beautifully with your necklace, your eyes shining a radiant shade, your dream wedding dress caressing your body in a comprehensive fashion; your veil dangling over your shoulders— trailing to the floor, combining the sovereign appearance.

You turn around, your mind overlooking your bridesmaids as they adjust the trail of your embroidered dress and veil, complimenting you through their own tears of happiness.

Every girl dreams of their wedding from the moment they notice their first wedding dress flawlessly posted in a magazine, or from the first moment they lay their eyes on a stunning bride as she looks charmingly at her husband.

You take a deep breath trying your best to fake a smile but the unsettling swirl in the pit of your stomach doesn’t make things peaceful. Your Father steps in, his eyes meeting yours as holds back a few tears, his voice suddenly making things real.

This is actually your wedding day. This is real. You are getting married.

“I wish I could keep you, my little girl, forever, but it is time for you to walk down that aisle.” He smiles, your Bridesmaids instantly circling around you, waiting for your cue to adjust your dress for the hundredth time.  

“I uh.. I need some more time.” You clear your throat, your own hands feeling shaky as you hold your lovely bouquet in your hands, the bouquet that your soon-to-be mother-in-law insisted on you holding. Your Dad nods and steps back out of the dressing room, your eyes looking down at the engagement ring on your finger.

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I’m just gonna say it: I love Emma’s wedding dress. (x)

Aside from the fact that I’ve always adored that style (both my grandma’s wore similar dresses for their weddings) but also because of the inspiration.  Grace Kelly is famous for many things but one thing that people may immediately know her for, alongside her Hollywood career, is her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco.  She had no ambitions to be royalty (Hollywood royalty perhaps) but the woman from Philadelphia became just that because she fell in love.  Princess Grace was the fairy tale that little girls dreamed about.

Now we know full well that Emma has no desire to be a princess of any kind.  She got a taste of that life in the Wish Realm and found it lacking, for many reasons.  We also have an idea that she’s not the biggest fan of the clothes from the Enchanted Forest if her wrestling with that corset is any indication.  What she does seem to enjoy though is dressing up for the occasions that warrant it.  The main example is her first date with Killian.  For the first time we saw her really opening herself up to the romance and the potential of what could be and her dress reflected that.  It was soft, in both color and design, and showed that she really cared about how she presented herself to someone she could truly see a future with.

Which brings me to her wedding dress.  Emma, growing up in the world without magic, wouldn’t have had many encounters with princesses and elaborate gowns outside of movies and television.  Even then, with her upbringing in and out of foster homes, the shine and romance of them might have worn off long before she could romanticize them for her own hopes and dreams.  It’s only because of Henry finding her, reuniting with her parents, loving and being loved by Killian that she’s opening herself up to the dreams and fantasies that many have had for years.

Emma would probably reject anything that even closely resembled the dresses she’d seen in movies, especially ones of the Disney persuasion.  She also probably wouldn’t consider anything that reminded her of the dresses in either the Wish Realm or the Enchanted Forest.  They aren’t her worlds, even if she was born in the latter.  It wouldn’t be far off to say, though, that she would want to look like a princess.  Just not one that you could find in a story book.

For her, the first princess to jump into her mind would be Princess Diana.  Look how quickly she jumped to use the name Prince Charles during her and Killian’s trip to the past.  Princess Diana was and is still known as a fashion icon and her wedding dress is iconic.  Yet, even if Emma didn’t remember the dress in exact detail she would most likely almost immediately dismiss the possibility of it being her dress.  I mean look at that thing:

Originally posted by rememberdiana

A quick Google search would have been enough for her to decide that there was no way she was getting near a dress like that.  Then, maybe in the results of that search or from some distant memory she might remember a princess named Grace.  One or two clicks later and she would find this:

Simple yet elegant.  Beautiful and soft.  Regal and modern.  A princess but not a spectacle.  Perfect.

Emma Swan has found a wedding dress that not only embodies the grace and bearing of a princess but one that doesn’t overwhelm or overbear the strength of the woman wearing it.  It’s a dress that somehow encapsulates the magic and romance of a woman who became a princess not because she wanted it but because it was meant to be.  A dress perfect for a woman who is marrying the man she loves.

I know this dress is sparking up a lot of debates, sneers or smiles, and probably a lot of dissections like this.  I didn’t write this to bully people into falling in line with me.  I just had a lot of thoughts about how I feel about it and I wanted get it down.  I love the dress, I love Emma in the dress, and I’m sure I’ll be a mess when the episode airs.  The Savior Princess is marrying her Pirate Hero and I couldn’t be more elated.  Even if they were both wearing potato sacks.


Juice @ineedthesons 

3) He’s been gone quite a while

Reader’s POV

The SAMCRO parties were legendary throughout Charming and all the nearby towns. They always had a special place in my heart since that’s where I met my Juice. I had gone to the party with my friend who was crushing on Jax Teller at the time. She had gone and disappeared on me at some point so I was awkwardly leaning against the wall by the pool table when he came up to me.

He was cute and flirty and I liked his smile. He was also incredibly goofy, the first words out of his mouth were a cheesy pickup line I giggled at him and that smile came out. It took my breath away and I couldn’t help but melt. He took me to his dorm and we spent the rest of the night just talking and getting to know each other. We only kissed but it was the most intense night of my life.

We started dating shortly after that and three years later, we were still together. Still going to SAMCRO parties and everything. Except now I had his crow and we both had wedding bands. Even with all of the time that had passed we never lost our hunger for each other. Which lead to the last SAMCRO party that had juice ripping my favorite dress off of me and I don’t mean figuratively. He literally tore the dress apart. Now while it was incredibly hot at the time, it was very annoying the next morning. Which leads us to now. I dragged Juice to the mall to buy me a new dress.

I had dragged him to three different stores and still hadn’t been able to find anything I loved. I could tell Juice was starting to get bored and hungry since he wouldn’t shut the fuck up about it.

“Fine, you can go but leave the credit card and you have to meet up with me back at the first store we went in two hours okay?” I told him. I figured I could surprise him with new lingerie. He handed me the credit card and wandered off, probably to the food court.

I went to another two stores before finally finding a dress and some lingerie that I loved. I went to the first store that we visited and waited for Juice who should have already been waiting for me. I sat down on the bench and waited for about twenty minutes. He’s been gone quite a while, I thought. I started to worry and got up to go look for him at the food court.

When I couldn’t see him there I really started to panic. I grabbed my phone out of my bag and cursed as I realized that it was dead. I started to look in every store I could find then to look for him. I came up to this hallway that I hadn’t been done before but had a couple stores in it. I nearly sobbed in relief as I came to the last one and saw Juice. The store was a little animal rescue place that helped people adopt dogs and Juice was sitting in a pen with a pitbull puppy rolling around on his lap while he giggled like a third grader. I smiled as I watched the two interact.

Juice hadn’t noticed me yet and I went up to one of the girls there and asked about what it would take to adopt the puppy Juice was playing with. Since he still wasn’t paying any attention the lady helped me start the process. It took about 30 minutes before all I had to do was get mine and Juice’s signatures. I headed back to the main part of the store and Juice was still playing with the puppy. I leaned against the side of the pen behind Juice and the puppy barked and wagged his tail at me. Juice looked confused until he turned around and spotted me. His face grew sheepish as he looked at me.

“Fuck baby! I got caught up.” He said as he got up with the puppy in his arms. I smiled and pet the puppy’s forehead. He started licking my hand and I giggled.

“That’s alright. Guess you’ll just have to get me him to make it up to me.” I smirked at Juice and held up the papers that just needed his signature on them. He looked from me to the paper a couple of times with his mouth hanging open.

“Seriously!?” He said excitedly.

“All you have to do is sign the papers and give him a name.” I told him. He grabbed the back of my head with one hand and pulled me into a kiss which was interrupted by the puppy kissing our chins and cheeks and us giggling. Juice passed him to me and signed the papers against the wall quickly before taking the puppy back.

“I love you baby.” He told me.

“I love you too,” I smiled. “What’s his name?”

“Hmmmmm… “ He held the puppy in front of him and the puppy liked his nose. “Reaper?” He looked at me with puppy dog eyes. I laughed at his choice.

“Perfect.” I told him.

~ @dolphingoddess81, Thanks for the help sweetie!~


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: You and Sam go out to dinner for you anniversary. Back at home, you surprise him, and he surprises you.

Word Count: 2,486

Warnings: oral sex (female receiving), in love, anniversary, passionate, love-making smut, Sam being a complete goober

Submitted by: @cyrilconnelly

A/N: This is slightly crack fic-ish. The gif is totally SFW, but the text is not. This is also totally not a drabble, it’s a full blown fic.

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With You By My Side - Seven

A/N: I am now finished writing this series. There will be in all ten parts, and I will try and post every day, but I make no promises. Thank you to everyone that has liked, reblogged or commented on this series. I loved writing it, and it keeps me motivated to read all of your kind words. Special thanks to my beta @thorne93.

Characters: Jensen x Reader. Jared x Genevive

Warnings: This is pure fluff.. All the way. I got cavities writing this.

Wordcount: 2731

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Originally posted by black-little-demons

“What?” you whispered in disbelief.

“Marry me..” he repeated a little more confident this time.

“We can’t get married, Jay!” you exclaimed, shooting out of the bed. “I can’t make any plans for the future when I don’t know how long it’ll be. I can be gone within a year.” You paced the floor, running a hand through your hair.

“All I know is that I want to be with you, for as long as I can. I don’t want to waste anymore time (YN), I want you, and I have wanted you for years now. Take this leap with me,” he pleaded, placing two strong hands on your shoulders, making you look into those emerald orbs of his. Before you could say anything he was down on one knee in front of you, looking up at you. “I love you, more than I ever thought possible. You are an amazing woman (YN), and you make me a better man. You have been there to support, encourage and motivate me for years, and you always manage to put a smile on my face. Will you (YN) (YLN) make me the luckiest man in the world and spend the rest of your life with me?” he finished with a smile.

“Are you really serious about this?” you asked carefully.


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