this dream was so intense


I haven’t drawn these two in awhile but I miss doing stuff with them T_T I intend to start my Magnus comic at some point this year when things lighten up.

I had a stupidly intense dream about Magnus and RGB last night that inspired this pic (just outta the blue), and I wish I remembered more details about the dream, because I was so into it. Work has been equally stupidly intense so even if I did remember the dream I dunno if I’d have time to draw it out in comic form, but I’ll figure something out.

How to Cope with Flashbacks

Flashbacks are memories of past traumas. They can occur in a number of different forms – as sounds, images, smells, body sensations, numbness (or a lack of sensations). Often they’re accompanied by a feeling panic, where the individual feels trapped and completely powerless. Flashbacks can also occur in dreams. Because the sensations are so frightening and intense – and are unrelated to what’s happening in the present - the person often feels as if they’re going crazy. What to do to cope with flashback:

1. Tell yourself that you are having a flashback – that it will pass in time – and soon everything will return to normal.

2. Remind yourself that the worst is over – as these terrifying feelings are re-experienced memories. The event that took place is now lodged in the past, and you managed to survive it, and will survive it now.

3. Allow yourself to express the powerful feelings of terror, panic, hurt and/or rage. It is right that you honour your experience.

4. Ground yourself firmly in the here-and-now. Breathe deeply. Notice the sounds and sensations around you in the room. Allow the feelings of panic and terror to slowly dissipate. Keep breathing deeply, and exhaling deliberately. Allow a sense of calm to gradually replace the faintness, shakiness, dizziness and tightness.

5. Reorient yourself. Keep focusing on what you can see, hear, feel, smell, touch and feel in the present. Feel the chair supporting you. Use your five senses to bring you back to this point in time.

6. Speak to your terrified inner child. Reassure them that they are going to be OK. Tell them they are safe in the present. They are not trapped. They can escape at any time.

7. Seek professional support to deal with your flashbacks. Find an experienced therapist who is trained to guide you to a place of healing. You do not have to do cope with this alone. There is help available for you.

I had a dream last night that I was Megamind

and it was E X C E L L E N T.

It was pre-movie; I was in the middle of an evil plot that was outside the Evil Lair and Roxanne was there (!!!) and tied up, only it was really windy out and she said she hadn’t gotten her hair cut in a while, so it was a little long. 

And it kept blowing in her face, so she finally got annoyed enough with it that she told me to get a pair of bobby pins out of her purse and pin it back for her.


aaaaaaahhhhhhh and I brushed her hair back from her face and I ALMOST DIED OF HAPPINESS, LET ME TELL YOU.

Also, it is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to pin someone’s hair for them when you have never had hair of your own, so I was S T R U G G L I N G, but Roxanne thought it was funny and she laughed (!!!)

And I finally got her hair pinned out of her face, and she jokingly asked if she looked funny and I was already pretty flustered so I was like “no no; you look really pretty!”

and she raised her eyebrows at me and said I must rate my skills as a hairdresser pretty high and I started babbling about how she always looked pretty and it was EXCRUCIATINGLY EMBARRASSING OH MY EVIL GODS.

But Roxanne seemed to think that was funny, too, which (!!!! ??? !!!!)

And then Metro Man showed up, only I’d been so busy with Roxanne that I hadn’t actually even set up the evil plot, so I decided to pretend that there…wasn’t an evil plot. And we were still technically on the Evil Lair grounds, and Metro Man isn’t supposed to attack there unless there’s an evil plot happening.

But Metro Man was all suspicious, so I was like “no, really, nothing happening here” only he insisted that Roxanne was there, and barged past me to look for her and I was like ‘shit’, but when we got to where she had been tied up, she wasn’t there.

(she must have escaped while I was gone)

So Metro Man left and I was like “well, this day is a bust, might as well take a nap,” so I went to my bedroom and took off my shirt and lay down on the bed and okay, maybe I wasn’t exactly intending on napping, per se, but luckily I didn’t do much more than think about…that…because 



And I screamed and launched myself off the bed.

When Roxanne finally stopped laughing at that, she told me she’d gotten lost looking for the exit after she escaped, and had hidden in the closet. 

She also added “now you know how it feels when people break into your house and jump out at you, Megamind.”


And she was leaning up against the doorframe of the closet and I was on the floor in front of her, trying to find my shirt so I could put it on, only it was all inside out and I was flustered because Roxanne (!!!) was in my bedroom (!!!) and she was looking at me with this–expression of amused fondness and it was really difficult to try to function with that happening–

She was teasing me about screaming, which she never does, when I woke up.

…and I just realized, typing this out, that she could have easily waited for me to fall asleep before sneaking out to find the exit, but she deliberately came out of the closet while I was still awake, so she must have wanted to–see me–talk to me–interact with me more–


Fată Verde / Zburător aesthetic

Fată Verde is an old romanian folk-rock song (the song here) about a “Green Girl” with “forest hair”. The night weaves her a “ie” (romanian traditional blouse) for the Flyer’s visit.

Zburător / Flyer is a romanian folklore roving spirit who makes love to maidens by night. He appears as a ghost, as a shooting star, sometimes winged, coming down in the shape of an incredible handsome man and, sometimes, in the shape of the man the girl loves, although he cannot be seen by other people. He is actually the personification of the intense feelings of erotic desire and longing for a man. They met and consume their love in the world of dreams but everything is so intense, almost real that the young woman becomes exhausted and obsessively in love. Some old books even tell stories about young girls haunted by this mysterious man, becoming so desperately in love that they started acting like lunatics, walking almost undressed and untidy, obviously exhausted and sometimes semi conscious.

The “zburător” or “sburător” can also refer to a demon that takes the shape of a young handsome man, visiting women in their sleep: incubus. 

No really guys i’m so hype about Dream Daddy Simulator

Not only because i have an intense desire to have a dadsona because i have a need to dad, but because it’s all gay guys raising children, just trying to find other gay guys to settle down with. 
Like aside from the wording, its just a cute thing and has different body types. 
There’s a fat romance optioin! There’s a fat little girl too and it’s a good thing and omg like. ok i kinda cried because there’s never fat little girls in anything.

im overcome by her presence ok

Why is any of this a problem? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds to me that it’s more like a dream come true than a crisis.”

“I…it’s so much, Pans. It’s too intense. Feelings all over the place. It makes me feel like I’m going to explode.”

Pansy’s mouth quirked into an understanding grimace. “Feelings.” She sighed. “Well, feelings aren’t necessarily evil, even if they often are.”

“Luna says that feelings will get me orgasms.” Draco buried his head in his hands.

Pansy laughed. “She’s not wrong. Well, of course one can obtain orgasms in any number of ways that do not involve feelings. But I have a hunch that if orgasms from Potter are what one is after, one must endure the feelings. He is a Gryffindor, after all.
—  Moldova’s Magical Tea by anonymous (part of H/D Wireless, now posting! Will update author info after reveals.)

Plot: You and Yoongi are best friends for years but now you’ve to leave for studies. Italy, your biggest dream. What’ll happen to your friendship with him once you’re gone?   

Pt 1; Pt 2; Pt 3; Pt 4; Pt 5; Pt 6; Pt 7; Pt 8; Pt 9 

Reading the last message you heaved your head and began to look around, search for your best friend.

It seemed almost impossible, maybe you were just dreaming. The desire to see him was so intense that your mind had started to play tricks on you.

Yet he knew that you were wearing his favorite hoodie, you had stolen it before departure. You wanted to smell his perfume and that was the best way.

“What’s up, Y/N?”

“Nothing Katia… Maybe I’m just imagining it. ”  You muttered looking at your roommate in the eyes.

“Sure…? You loo—Wow he’s so fucking cool.”

“Who?” You asked while your body, automatically, turned in the direction your friend were watching.

And your heart lost some heartbeat at that time. Sejin was walking toward you, but as you was happy to see one of BTS’ managers it was the guy next to him what your attention was riveted.

Yoongi lowered his black mask and had that smile, his famous Gummy Smile that always managed to make you feel better. Without realising you got up from your chair, while tears annoyingly itchy your eyes, beginning to walk towards him.

Before were slow steps but after a few seconds your body as if it were completely disconnected from your mind, started running in his direction.

It was difficult that he hug someone in public, but when you jumped on him his arms were immediately on your hips. They gripped around your hips, leaning you and doing your body to stick to his.

The feeling of peace you felt every time into his arms invaded you immediately, making you feel at home for the first time in weeks.

“Hi Y/N” He whispered in your ear while you remain silent.

You hid your face against his neck, clutching more against him, trying somehow to hold back tears and sobs.

A few days before you had thought it was all ruined between you two and he had just surprised you by arriving in Italy, upsetting all your conviction.

“What … w-what are you doing here. ”

“I had to apologize in person. Just now I realized how I was an asshole. ”

You nodded, pushing aside your head to look him in the eyes. He brushed your cheek, while the presence of Sejin beside you was almost superfluous, because for you at that moment there was only Yoongi.

“It’s okay.. So now I’ll have to hit you, but I’m sure you’ll endure. ” You stammered, snatching another of his best smiles. “Or maybe I just have to keep my roommate away from you because she has already stated her judgement on you and is very positive.”

“I gotta go then?”

“Don’t you dare… You’re here, really. I have the best friend in the world. ”

“Yes, I can say the same thing.”

I hope you like it! - M. 

anonymous asked:

aunt scripty! thank you for all your work on this blog, it's amazing and I've learnt so much and so many useful things (my poor characters). My only question is, out of curiosity, do your co-workers know about this blog? Imagine one day someone tells you they've found this really cool blog, and it turns out to be this one

I would probably shit my pants. 

Kids, if my employers found out about this blog, I could be in deep deep shit. I use pseudonyms – yes, Samantha Keel is a pseudonym – because I don’t want my bosses to know about this. It would be very easy for them to misconstrue this as medical advice, or as something they don’t want their organization affiliated with, and give me the boot. 

Also, most of my coworkers aren’t really into reading/writing the way I am (or you guys are!), so I doubt they’d come across this blog. 

So I pretend I’m a secret agent, sneaking around, posting on the internet like a spy in the house of love, dodging detection everywhere I go! 

Trust me, there are things I want to do for you guys so badly that I’ve been afraid to do. I want to do videos. I want to run a podcast (hah, as if I have time to Do Stuff that’s so time-intensive!) My dream is to have this blog, and the names Aunt Scripty and Samantha Keel with it, take over the Internet. I want that name spoken with the same reverence as K M Weiland and Angela Ackerman and Joanna Penn and Simon Whistler. One day I hope my fiction will rank up there with Neil Gaiman’s, though I have no reason to think that any of those ambitions will come true. 

And maybe one day I’ll care less. If it turns out I’m successful – if I start making double or triple my salary from this blog and whatever books I can write, fiction or non- – if I can get my life to a place where I won’t actually lose anything if I lose my “real job” – then maybe I’ll relax and show you all my face. But until that day, like a great many people in this day and age, I live in fear. 

I love you guys. And I have no plans to stop doing this just because it’s a threat to my career. I like it too much, and we’ve had some amazing successes together in less than a year. I’ve got some really great things coming for you, and I’m desperately proud and happy about this blog. 

I just…. can’t tell my boss or my coworkers, or post on my Facebook, or let on that I have anything else going on in my life. I tell them I’m working on a novel. (I am! It’s not even a lie!) 

But if they found out, I’d have a lot to worry about. 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


fitzsimmons + perthshire aesthetic
but for now i’m out at the hideout / far enough outside of town [x]

i had a dream that i had recurring dreams (meta) about john hungerfuck and of the two dreams i remember one was on this weird citadel-from-mass-effect-esque spaceship where he almost drowned in a pool and the other was him effortlessly climbing a row of 10 foot tall fences in this weird neighborhood and talking to a little kid while he was breaking into their house. he was trying to run away from said spaceship

i then proceeded to make a post abt this on my in-dream taz blog “trams-mel”

so that was. something

The Dreams

Just a little thing I wrote because I felt like it. Enjoy!

He’d wanted and he’d wanted and he’d wanted. But Inuyasha always knew better than to give into those feelings. The two of them were from different times. Just to stay together one of them would have to give up their own world for a completely different one.

Then there was the fact that he was a hanyou and she was a miko. A taboo relationship if ever he saw one. Although probably not to her. Still, very few others would have accepted it. Especially in his time. 

And on top of everything else, he owed Kikyo a debt he couldn’t ignore. 

Still, the dreams came. 

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There is a silence in your eyes that drives me wild;
It sneaks up from my gut and pours through my
heart with every beat in your presence and spills
out my mouth in words to fill the quiet.

I want your entire being.

You lay back on my bed, your eyes pools
of darkness, black holes, already set suns,
empty like the ocean in their mystery,
drawing me into their event horizon until
I can’t escape and I fall into you
so deeply that I would die for the chance
to hold you, to kiss you, to touch our tongues
to each other, to feel the heat of your body,
to have you press yourself against me in the
candlelight vigil of my bedroom and whisper
in my ear words that shall never be spoken
but to each half of this heaven.

Wrap me up in your being, my love, and
take me like the summer storms off the Gulf
and like the humid dew of the shattered air of
May and like the promise of peace from a
mind whose swords cut deeper than
a thousand blunted knives I have held
over the years.

Our bodies were made from the same clay
and they yearn to be one again.

We have talked late at night,
past the hour where rationality
has bid adieu, about the future.

We have talked about children and
the cause-and-effect function of their

We have talked about growing old

And I will tell you right now that
every morning that I wake up alone,
I fantasize about being next to you
until I can drag my body out of bed
and into the day, always waiting for
the night where I can once again
dream of you.

I fantasize about other things, too.

I fantasize about your skin
pressed against me, the heat
working me into a frenzy,
and I fantasize about those eyes
as round as the planets staring up
at me and melting my heart and
I fantasize about placing my hand
beneath the arch in your back and
pulling you up into the air and kissing
you like my arm is Atlas and you are
the earth and I fantasize about
kissing your throat and your shoulders
and your chest and your back and your
stomach and your thighs and your calves
and your feet and the parts of you that
I’m not supposed to mention just yet.

I fantasize about making love to you some day,
the kind of love that tells us “Yes, this is
why we live and die, to find a love
like this.”

I fantasize about having children with you,
the stereotypically masculine virility
of impregnating you and knowing that
we share the ultimate bond of creating
life (albeit down the road).

I fantasize about you wanting me.

I fantasize about giving you full devotion,
about pleasing you with all my body can give,
with the absolute madness of a boy who know
that this is the woman that he is meant to love.
I fantasize about you everywhere,
all the time, in every way.

Writers use words to bring to life
things that either cannot be spun into
true life or cannot be built out of actions
and dreams just yet.

So, imagine the passion and intensity
of these words translated into actions
some day in the future, and you will
be able to understand a fraction of
how badly I want you.
—  5.23.17

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I keep waking up with a faint feeling that Mitch was in my dreams but I can never remember how is this normal

i have a lot of really intense mitjo dreams so i feel somewhat

Just A Friend...Maybe (pt.2)

Artist/Person : Lee GwangMin

Group/Crew : Yelows Mob

Genre : Smut

Word Count : 1087

Requested : No

A/N: So this is part 2 to my Lee Gwangmin smut. If you want to check out part 1 you can click here. I hope you all enjoy~

“Tell me about your dreams, Kitten. I promise I’ll make them true…”

My eyes went wide and I felt myself clench at his words. A smile almost sinister pulled onto his lips as he watched my reaction. Our eyes were locked, our stares so intense and distractions that I didn’t realize he’d backed me up into wall until the cold surface came in contact with my heated skin, a moan leaving my lips at it. “Come on, Y/N. Tell me.” He purred, nipping at my neck and leaving wet kisses over its base. “What do I do to that sweet little pussy of yours?” I moaned at his words and stared up at the ceiling with my head leaned on the wall, clenching again around nothing. “Do I use my fingers, Kitten?” I nodded, breathing speeding up as he placed his hand on my clothed core and pressed his fingers roughly against my slit. “Do I use my mouth?” I nodded, only for my jaw to be grabbed by his free hand and force me to look at him. “Use your words, Princess.” “Y-yes..” I moaned, making him smile and nod. “Now tell me…do I ever fuck you senseless in your dreams?” His gaze was so intense, his dark eyes darkened with lust as he waited 

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God, Prince of Egypt was such a good movie with good music.

Prince of Egypt was a movie that I have adored for years. Ever since I was a child. I suppose besides the Mummy series, it was also a movie that grew my love for Ancient Egypt and the only biblical story I enjoyed. Also the only interpretation of said biblical story as well. I adore the movie. The soundtrack. Everything that it is. It is a story that will never lose its awe.