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Out of Step

Fandom Writing Challenge | blissfulcastiel
Prompt: Marching Band
Pairings: Destiel
Tags: high school au, marching band, enemies, enemies to friends drummer!dean, color guard!castiel
AO3 Beta-ed by @adoringjensen <3

“Everyone reset back to set one. Come on, move with purpose! We haven’t got all day!” Crowley bellows into his megaphone from the top of the scaffolding tower.

Jesus Christ.

Every year, Dean hides that stupid thing but Crowley always seems to find it. Looks like he’ll just have to go for the batteries.

“Dean, can you please take one for the team and ask for a water break?” Jo pants beside him as they hustle back to set one.

“Yeah, we’re dying here, Winchester,” Charlie agrees as she jogs up beside them.

Dean sighs dramatically. “Why does it have to be me?”

“Because Crowley has a soft spot for you,” Jo says with a smirk.

He rolls his eyes. “That’s not true.”

“Sorry brother, but it is,” Benny calls, already in position on his dot about five yards from them. Dean groans, scrubbing a hand down his face where droplets of sweat are beading on the surface.


Jo and Charlie share a conspiring smile before racing ahead to their dots. Dean slows down, hovering around the fifty yard line where The Tower is set up. It stands twelve feet tall, with Crowley barely adding any height on the highest platform. Chuck sits silently, as usual, on the lower platform which is just above head level. Maybe Dean can get away with asking Chuck instead.

“Uh, hey Chuck? It’s been about two hours since our last water break. Think we can take five minutes after this run?”

Chuck glances down at Dean, looking frantic at the question. God, after four years of being in this band, Dean still has no idea how this guy is even the director.



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You Me Her

1 || 2 || 3 ||

Chapter Four: Drama Club

Word Count: 2674

↠ ♥ ↞

After Kai whisks Riley away from Lucas and Maya, he leads her out to the courtyard where they first met that morning. The boy sits himself on an empty table top and rests his feet on the bench seat attached. Riley quietly sits herself adjacent to him at the end of the seat. 

“Back to the scene of the crime..” Riley lets out a nervous giggle. 

“Again I stress, that was not me.” Kai crinkles his nose in disgust at himself. 

“And bursting through doors crying like a weirdo isn’t me either.” Riley tries to make light of it even though she was actually embarrassed. “May I ask why you were out here?” 

“Well considering I already know why you were upset I suppose it’s only fair I share my truth.” Kai sighs. 

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friendship headcanons for nishinoya and tanaka??? (i love these so much you have no idea!!)



  1. The ‘personal cheerleader’ friend. Whenever you tell him there’s an event or game that you’re participating in, he makes sure to get there extra early to get good seats. He comes in with a handmade sign and a didgeridoo.
  2. He gets very physical with his friends and tends to invade their personal bubbles. He likes to give a good slap on the shoulders, punches you when he’s dying of laughter, and rub in a nice and aggressive knuckle sandwich.
  3. Like Oikawa, he’s the friend that’s also friends with your mom. Your mom adores him because he’s so small and cute. When Noya’s sick, he always requests the famous soup your mom makes and she panics, making sure it is extra good and special just for him (sometimes you question if Noya is your long lost brother your mom gave up because she loves him so much).
  4. He’s stolen your panties so many times that you have to pat him down and check his backpack every time he comes over.
  5. He likes to rant to you about all of his girl problems, although they’re never too serious.
  6. He’s really bad at crafts, so his gifts are always messy and child-like, but he puts his whole heart into them and you have a special shelf in your room for all his gifts he’s ever given to you.
  7. You spend like 50% of your time with him trying to tutor him. Trying.
  8. Asks you to dye his lightning streak different colors for the holidays.
  9. Is veeerrryyyyy protective of you, but in a good way. He always walks you home, especially when it’s late, answers your phone calls almost immediately, and sticks around you the whole time when you’re watching his games because he knows boys will be giving you googly eyes and doesn’t want people like Terushima to flirt with you.
  10. Drags you to the movie theaters when a hot new drama is released because he’s too embarrassed to cry in the theaters alone so he makes you cry with him.


  1. Now that Saeko has short hair, he uses you as a his model to practice braiding and other hair styles. His excuse is that it’s a way to get to the ladies, but you know that’s a lie.
  2. Asks you if you would eat ass.
  3. If you haven’t cut your nails in a while, he’ll plop himself on the floor in front of you and asks you to massage his scalp.
  4. He’s actually a little self-conscious about the way he looks, because everyone on the team has lots and lots of hair. On the days he’s feeling down about it, he asks you to pull up pictures of bad hair styles so you can bash about them together.
  5. When he gets super excited, he’ll pick you up and twirl you around; both in a hug and one where he looks like he’s about to slam you in a wrestling ring.
  6. Takes your underwear that you have lying on the floor or sneaks into your drawers and puts them on his head.
  7. He’s a very attentive listener and likes to say his opinion on your matters, but he’s very respectful about it. If you have a problem you’re not sure how to approach, he’ll say what he would do in that situation. He gets a little self-conscious about his answers because he’s afraid he’ll end up being wrong, so he always ends them with, “but that’s just what I’d do, you can do whatever you want!!”
  8. He’s the type of friend that needs his space a little bit when he’s not feeling well, but then he feels guilty for not telling you what’s wrong so he’ll call you and talk to you for hours. He doesn’t expect an answer or solution, he just wants someone to listen to his side for once.
  9. He named Tubs from Neko Atsume after you.
  10. Casually scratches his balls in front of you.
  11. If you cry, he cries, both coincidentally and on purpose. If you were so upset about something that it made you cry, he’d hug you and cry with you because he’s very empathetic. If you were crying because of a sad movie or drama, he’ll most likely be crying, also.
  12. Like all the other aggressive haikyuu boys, he would also love to beat the shit out of anyone who hurt you.
  13. When you ask him to judge your outfits, he has two responses; “Yeah, I’d bang you” and “Yeah, you look like my grandma”.
My current favorite Simblrs/Legacies/Stories

I was assigned a separate phone for my  work caseloads…hooray! So now I can use my personal phone to receive notifications on my favorite Simblrs! So needless to say, I’m currently reading ( stalking!) these Simblrs, and you should too! LOL

1. @tinwhistletoo I just finished reading her Isolde story and it was ah-mazing! I have an irrational fear of vampires even pixel Sim ones ( I’m weird lol) but her story was so good…I didn’t even mind the scary ass vamps! Plus the romance was so storybook perfect, in a bloody terrifying vampire way, lol! Currently reading her latest story, and yeah, it’s got me hooked too.

2. @thefoxandhersimblr If you’re into complex love triangles, well developed characters and beautiful Sims…please read the Ivy Legacy. What amazes me is that it’s one of those legacies where there isn’t a long block of text to read in order to understand what’s going on…the dialogue itself is so well written you feel the drama in just a few short sentences. I want to master this skill, for real lol. I be writing essays, lol.

3. @simlishanddreams Ever read legacies or stories where the Sims feel like real people, and you just get super invested in them? That’s how I feel about this Simblr, I just adore it. 

4. @cinamun  Reading this Simblr is like watching a movie unfold! Alex and Larry had me laughing, crying, cheering…all kinds of roller coaster emotions, and I’m feeling the same way with Indya. Her pics are so detailed, I’m just in awe.

5. @simazinblr I love the Richards Legacy! I just discovered this Simblr not too long ago, and Jovan and Crystal are my dream couple! Plus Jovan is sooo sexy lol. 

I have so many more Simblrs I adore as well! Reading stories and legacies is such a relaxing pastime for me. This community is so talented, it’s so inspiring.

so im watching mikeneko holmes(im kinda bored so im catching up on dramas after yokoso wagaya e in the kizoku tantei hype lmao) and i thought of the fic i read on ao3 about ninoneko holmes and i realised how i really really love it in a normal way like not aaaaaaaaah my favourite fic ever!1!1! or like this is so deep and its a perfect plot or anything but like how ohmiya was depicted in the story??? my favourite was probably part 2-4 of the series although the rest is rlyl fluffy and nice so i really recommend people to read it if they’re free! it’s fairly short and sweet but rlly nice so yeah. this was a random fic rec (lol) i’ll talk more about specifically why i like it in the tags to prevent complete spoilers



My first ever K-Drama review! Spoilers will be marked, no worries.

Because this drama just ended I thought it would be the perfect start to my blog. Without making this too long or too short, I will try to give my 100% honest opinion. For starters, I loved this drama, I loved it in the beginning and I loved it all the way to the end. There were so many cliches broken and moments included that I feel are sort of taboo in Korean entertainment.

1st: The concept of the woman being the hero isn’t new but it was definitely played off differently here. I like how they didn’t make her act like a stereotype of any sort, she was relatable AND badass. The way she kicked butts in almost every episode and even had a group of followers who adored her, made me so happy.

2nd: The love triangle. (Warning, spoilers may be ahead) I don’t usually like love triangles in dramas because the lead always ends up with some jerky guy and breaks the heart of the sweet dude that was always there. This, however, was different. There wasn’t too much focus on the love triangle itself and rather than the girl falling head over for a jerk, it was a gradual and mutual love that was extremely sweet. And to top it off, the guy who was rejected didn’t throw a fit and leave like most 2nd lead males often do. He supported them and even came to their wedding, which shows actual love.

3rd: The hinted gay romance. I’ve seen a few dramas with hinted gay couples, surprisingly older ones, but I was very happy to see it here. Not only was the lead male accused of being gay but he didn’t react in a homophobic way. No screaming out or being offended that someone thought he was gay, no homophobic slurs. One of the employees even continued to hit on both him and his secretary but they both were just casual about it! They handled it so well and that made me happy because during the few moments that gay characters are presented in dramas, they often lowkey degrade them which is not cool.

4th: The comedy. This drama was hilarious. I swear even the moments that weren’t supposed to be funny, were absolutely hilarious.

5th: Chemistry. It’s always good to have good actors with great chemistry. You could definitely see that between all three of the leading actors. They were very comfortable in delivering their emotions on screen and as someone who is a fan of all three of them, I liked seeing the versatility compared to the roles they usually play.

6th: The soundtrack. This isn’t a very great reason to watch a drama but as someone who loves music I really love the soundtrack of that they put together. My favorite was the 7th ost and basically her theme song!

Overall I would give this drama a 10/10. It’s funny, relatable, and breaks a lot of barriers. Definitely would watch again and enjoy it just as much. Thank you for reading! 💓

(I apologize as this is a bit rusty because it is my first time but stick around, I will get it right!! )

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iamhisgloriouspurpose reblogged your post:I kinda want to write another short fic based off…

Take the Drama-meter to 11 and write about Loki finding out Hela is his daughter. Does he tell Thor? or anyone?

Oh but I hope they don’t go down that track in the movie, though. Loki’s way too young in MCU to be Hela’s father. On the other hand, I’ve heard some wild speculation that Hela may be Loki’s mother (look at the cheekbone resemblance). That may be an interesting piece of mind-fuckery.

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What are your favorite web series? I just started finished Poe Party and I need more!!!!!!

Ooooh my dear you have opened a Pandora’s box of webseries fangirling. 

So because Poe Party’s cinematically shot, I’ll start with a few of those:

(Mostly) Cinematic Webseries

Firstly if you haven’t seen it, Shipwrecked’s previous series “Kissing in the Rain” is very sweet, just about 2 sets of actors who always end up playing romantic leads (usually in literary adaptations) and how different their relationships off-camera are. . Although it’s lots of mini-adaptations of pieces of writing she likes rather than a running narative, I also really like Yulin Kuang (1/3 of Shipwrecked)’s series “I Didn’t Write This”, it’s so pretty.


is about a misfit group of American College kids who basically start their own pirate radio channel and it’s adorable and funny:

 (And also this creative/production group generally have the BEST bts videos, almost as fun to watch as the actual series.). By the same team there’s

Pantheon University ,

which is a series of interlocking stories all based on modernisations of different myths about gods in the Greek Pantheon. And every episode is also really stylistically different which is cool, there’s even a musical episode :)

Bright Summer Night isn’t my favourite series by The Candle Wasters but it has moments of pure genius, it’s a modernisation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream set at a New Zealand house party.

The Vault is more of a thriller-type series with lots of cool twists where you’re constantly trying to work out what’s going on. It’s based around the idea of a reality show where college students are all trapped in a vault of rooms trying to solve this huge puzzle together but then things start going wrong and no one’s sure whether it’s part of the game. I personally wasn’t thrilled with the ending but it’s still a great ride. Trigger Warning for scenes suggesting suicide.

Couple-ish is a comedy-drama where Dee is a non binary person whose sister convinces them to pretend to be in a relationship with her crush Rachel to stop her getting deported but Dee’s also just got a new boyfriend and it all snowballs. There’s some vlog-style videos too because that’s the main way Rachel and Dee stage their fake dating to the world. It’s pretty excellent. 

Titus and Dronicus is really short but it’s about a duo of incompetent detectives trying to solve the case of Hamlet and it’s hilarious.

All’s Fair Play basically about an engagement party that goes horribly wrong and also every character is based on a Shakespeare character. Definitely gets better as it goes but it’s not that long really anyway.

Webseries about Famous Writers

The Writing Majors is vlog-style and also one of my all time favourite series. It’s basically about if Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde and Emily Dickenson were all modern day college students who shared a flat and it’s really sincere and lovely.

Words with Wilde is another vlog-style series, this time about the life of Australian teenage Oscar Wilde (Isn’t he popular)

Blank Verse I haven’t personally seen this one but I know it’s about modern versions of renaissance writers

A few more of my all-time favourites

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre is a vlog-style modernisation of Jane Eyre, revolutionised vlog-style series and beliefs about the budget and resources you needed to make one when it came out and just really beautifully told, probably my favourite ever webseries.

Nothing Much to Do is based on Much Ado about Nothing, its sequel Lovely Little Losers is based off Love Labours Lost, both made by a group of young women in New Zealand about a group of late school/early university kids in Nnew Zealand, both vlog-style and warm and inventive and excellent. They are why Jane Eyre is only “probably” my favourite ever webseries. 

From Mansfield with Love is a modernisation of Mansfield Park and their take on “Frankie” Price especially is truly amazing. It’s also one of the relatively few british literary vlogseries. . (It is also super long.) Don’t want to be too overdramatic but these 3 lots of series in combination at least helped get me through a lot of bad times, at most possibly saved my life, so they’re pretty special and brilliant. 

The Misselthwaite Archives is one I helped to develop and write a bit, it’s gorgeously shot and snarky and sad and hopeful and concise. part vlog style, part cinematic, path other styles.

Currently Airing

If you want something new to follow along with…

The Better Strangers is technically a sequel series but watching the first one isn’t mandatory and I think the crew really hit their stride with this one. Vlog-style loose modernisation of As You Like It, very funny.

The Adventures of Serena Berg is a modernisation of Cyrano de Bergerac. Again, snarky and sad and great fun. Also the first literary webseries I’ve seen with a trans woman protag which is cool

The Cate Morland Chronicles cute modernisation of Northanger Abbey where Cate is like a fandom journalist (There’s also a previous vlog-style adaptation of Northanger Abbey which I probably prefer, Northbound  but I just love that there’s 2 to pick fro. )

Project Green Gables A vlog-style modernisation of Anne of Green Gables that constantly makes excellent adaptation choices (For example Anne’s black and buys dodgy hair relaxer instead of green hair dye.) very charming, currently airing it’s second season . Again, there’s a previous, more sticking-to-the-source-text adaptation called Green Gables Fables that finished a few months back and is adorable.  

I haven’t managed to catch The Uncanny Upshurs yet but that started a few days ago, promises to have magic and drama and has a great team behind it

Mina Murray’s Journal finished like last week? It’s quite a clever Dracula modernisation with great production value.

There’s also the series I created (With a lot of collaboration and help with amazing people) Away from it All, which is a vlog-styleish modernisation of Far from the Madding Crowd and we’re releasing our 6th episode this Thursday :)

This got shorter as it went because I really should have gone to bed an hour ago xD anyway, hope that helps!! Wishing you good fortune on your webseries journey  x

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Okay good advice, but hang the fool is atrocious and should burn in a fire. You shouldn't defend that piece of crap.

I wrote a long reply to this that went off on a little tangent at one point, but tumblr derped and it was lost and I can’t be bothered to write it again so here’s the short, to the point and nothing more version.

I don’t care about HTF or its hate. I can’t attack or defend it because I haven’t read it past the first few chapters. I never looked into it why people hate it and the only real exposure I got to the hate was unfollowing someone who kept vageuposting about how much they loathe the fic.

People are different and read the same text with different eyes and in the end, it won’t mean the same thing to them. It can’t be helped. As far as I can tell there are a lot of blatantly more problematic (racist, sexist, etc.) things on the internet and in popular media than HTF, so honestly, if someone dedicates so much energy to loudly hating something that they anon message someone even mentioning it, then I think they need a new hobby.

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Seventeen as newlyweds please

S.Coups: Seungcheol sometimes suggests you both stay in bed all day just so he can hold you close. You guys always make breakfast together, and they’re always cute meals like pancakes with smiley faces on them or chocolate-filled crepes. He loves getting kisses from you and he always wants to cuddle. He’s a very affectionate husband, always telling you he loves you.

Jeonghan: You and Jeonghan always sleep in on weekends because you two stayed up late the night before cuddling or watching a movie. He’s more about hugs than kisses, so you’re always getting surprised with back hugs. He likes feeding you food because you’re his baby.

Joshua: Jisoo is still a gentleman; he opens doors for you, pulls up your chair, and talks politely. He brought you breakfast in bed on the first day of being married. He’s always blasting anime music, especially when he’s showering. Movie night means cuddling with him on the couch watching anime movies.

Jun: Junhui unleashes the grease. He kisses you to wake you up, surprises you with kisses, and says a bunch of cheesy pick-up lines even though you’re already married to him. He’s always within a two-meter radius from you because “he gets lonely”. Sometimes, he only does things if you promise him a kiss in return. He says he loves you a lot!

Hoshi: Soonyoung makes everything a game. He’s always pulling pranks, scaring you, teasing you, and making you laugh. You both always dance together in the living room on days off. He wants to travel everywhere with you so he can take pictures and capture special moments. Weekends are usually spent on a different island or city because you two love adventuring together.

Wonwoo: Wonwoo takes the husband role seriously. He’s always trying to make sure you’re eating well and feeling well, and wouldn’t mind going to the convenience store late at night if you were craving ramyeon. He likes to read on the couch next to you while holding your hand.

Woozi: It’s hard to get Jihoon out of bed, but because it’s you, he gets up right away. You both love going on coffee dates together and just walking around holding hands. He’s still kind of shy when it comes to affection, but when he kisses you, it’s short but feels like heaven.

DK: Seokmin does a bunch of cliché k-drama actions just to tease you and get you flustered. He shares scarves with you in the winter, gives you back hugs, piggy-back rides, and ties your shoelaces. Even when the sky’s dark, Seokmin lights up the room with his smile. There’s never a boring day with him because he’s always making you laugh.

Mingyu: Mingyu is way too comfortable. He walks around in his underwear, farts all the time, and burps as loud as he can. But when you two go out, he’s the complete opposite and you’re just like how. He always helps you make breakfast, lunch and dinner, and since he eats so much, you two always prepare huge meals. He always gives you kisses on the forehead because he’s so tall.

The8: Minghao is still a little shy. You’d think he’d be more relaxed, but he just got more nervous. Slowly, he gets comfortable and even sasses you in Chinese. Even if you’re going out for a short period of time, like buying something at the convenience store, he always goes with you and swings your arms while you’re both holding hands.

Seungkwan: Seungkwan doesn’t shut up about how happy he is that you two are married. He sings to wake you up, sings you to sleep, sings while making breakfast, sings in the shower; he’s always singing. He makes chores fun because it always becomes a contest of who can finish first, and loser makes dinner. Like Seokmin, he likes doing a bunch of cliché k-drama actions just to embarrass and fluster you. He tells you he loves you all the time!

Vernon: Hansol still tries to show off and impress you. He does a bunch of dumb things like juggling the ingredients or rapping about them while you’re cooking. He likes to make you laugh by singing obnoxiously loud and off-key. He gives hugs more than kisses because he likes the feeling of you in his arms.

Dino: Chan always forgets you guys are officially married. He says it feels like you guys have been married since you two first started dating. He always blasts Michael Jackson songs and you eventually learn all the dances from watching him dance to them every day. He jumps on your bed like a little kid to wake you up and rewards you with a peck on the lips when you finally get up.

thank you for your request!! ^^

End of the year Review: A good year for drama addicts (Part 1)

Another year has passed and with it another batch of dramas! And this year I have decided to make my own end of the year review. To make it more digest I have decided to break this review in several parts, each part covering a subject that has left an impression on me. So let’s get to it!

2016 might be considered a terrible year, the-year-we-do-not-talk-about even, but for drama addicts this year was a great year, an amazing year. The first half of the year may have been a little bit dry in terms of dramas but the second half sure made up for it hence 2016 being considered a good year. I don’t recall a year that offered me so many dramas to watch at the same time. I said it before but I haven’t been on a drama shortage since this past June. Of course, quantity does not usually mean quality – or in our case lovability - yet this year has proven that we could have both.

It all started with the long-awaited drama adaptation of Cheese in the Trap which, despite all the questionable choices made in terms of story, still is a high-quality drama. The cast was stellar and their performance wonderful. The adaptation in terms of characters, their development and even their facial features was on point. The music was perfectly in sync with the drama and the mood. More than anything though, it started as a refreshing story, as a slice-of-life that I could have watched for hours and hours. I confess I still watch it regularly because of how good it is but I know better than to watch further than episode 12.

After the student life, I moved on with Descendants of the Sun promising myself I wouldn’t get emotionally attached this time. I kept my promise intact…for a solid 10 minutes. But what can I say? I am weak to bromance and gorgeous actors. Song Joong Ki swept me off my feet and Jin Goo knocked me out with their looks and adorable relationship. And apparently, I was not the only one to feel that way as the viewers’ ratings went as high as 40% during the drama broadcast. The visuals were to kill for but the story did play a major part in its success. It was my first time watching a K-drama about military life and while it was highly romanticized it was still an eye-opener in term of Korean military. Just like any dramas, Descendants of the Sun had its own flaws, flaws that I gladly overlooked as I was not ready for another drama heartbreak.

Then started a dry period in terms of dramas, at least for me. None of the aired dramas at that point were catching my attention or at least none that I deemed good enough to make it on this review.

The wait wasn’t long thankfully and it’s not one but two dramas that kicked out the 2016 good drama extravaganza! To be honest I started Another Oh Hae Young while I was waiting for Yoon Shi Yoon comeback drama Mirror of the Witch. It turned out to be good surprised and while the ending was slightly confusing it still left a deep impression in me. Particularly, it’s Oh Hae Young and her personality that I found interesting. She was nicely written and broke off the code of the stereotypical female lead, despite living a life that screamed stereotypical female lead life. This drama however wouldn’t have made it on this list if it was not for Oh Hae Young’s parents. They were loving and supporting parents even if they showed it in an unconventional way. And now that I think about it this year has showed several supporting and loving parents.

Fantasy was a recurring theme this year but Mirror of the Witch brought it to a whole new level. The drama perfectly included the magical elements to the sageuk story not just through the dialogues but through the scenery and the characters as well. Despite the plot turning too political sometimes the fantasy and the witch-hunt stayed central to the story. Yoon Si Yoon made me fall for him all over again, and his ability to deliver the smallest emotion with his eyes only will never stop to surprise me. My favorite part though, is how evil Hong Joo was and how much she lost faith in humanity I can say she was my favorite villain of the year (along with Choi Yoo Jin in The K2).

Staying in fantasy, W -Two Worlds, brought another refreshing story using a different view on “two worlds”. I knew I was going to like it since it was coming from Queen In Hyun’s Man writer and it did hit my expectations. Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo were an adorable pair, the concept of jumping in and out of manhwa was great and the idea of changing realities kept me wondering about what was coming next. I do wish they burned the amnesia trope as it completely changed the dynamic of the story and it ended up being complex to understand everything.

One of my biggest surprise this year, The Good Wife. I dropped the American version pretty early-on but the curiosity was too big for me not to try it. Staying loyal to the original version yet making its own, The Good Wife proved once again tvN supremacy in terms of quality dramas. It was quite a surprise as it was different from all the dramas I watched before. It was more mature without falling into the ridicule of makjang dramas. The legal cases were all interesting to watch and the character development well-done. If they ever plan a second season, count me in.

From the courtroom we went to the operation room. There were several medical dramas this year but only two gain my attention, the summer romance Doctors and the true medical drama which ironically is called Romantic Doctor, Master Kim. I said it before and I will say it again, Doctors and the role of Hye Jung were a breakthrough for Park Shin Hye. I am thankful for her choice as it made me see her under a new light. The student/teacher love story brought a lot of talks with many disapproving, yet it did quite the opposite to me. I was drawn to this “forbidden love story” who eventually did not become canon until they both were adults. Doctors only had doctors in the background to be honest but the fluttering romance was good enough for me.

It seems that I was unconsciously looking for a true medical drama this year and found it a little by chance with Romantic Doctor, Master Kim. As I am writing these words the drama is not over yet but I am already considering it one of the best dramas of the year. More focused on the medical aspect with drops of humor and romance, this drama is what I have been looking for in a medical drama: Interesting cases, life and death equally dealt with, character development as doctors and a lot of moral/ethical questions. Add to that a story that keeps me on the edge of my seat each week and an impressive directing style, there is no way I couldn’t like it.

2016 was the first time I watched that many sageuk dramas in such a short period of time, if Mirror of the Witch was my favorite sageuk this year, Love in the Moonlight came close second. It did become way too political for my taste around the end but I loved our Crown Prince falling for our Ra On pretending to be a eunuch. It reminded me of the special drama Splash Splash Love minus the fantasy part. It was my first time watching Park Bo Gum on screen and his charisma almost got me blind. I am definitely looking forward his next project!

The end of the year had nothing to envy to the rest of the year with three dramas showing a lot of promises and fun. The long-awaited Legend of the Blue Sea, which marked both Lee Min Ho and Jung Ji Hyun comeback on screen, delivered an exciting and fluttering story. I knew I was not going to be disappointed with Jung Ji Hyun and You Who Came From the Stars’ writer but I did not expect to like Lee Min Ho that much. It is for me his best role to date and I am religiously following the show.

Facing huge competition but still managing to win the heart of the viewers Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo is the last surprise of the year. Nothing better than a light and cute love story to end the year. Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk are the sweetest couple this year and I wait for the new episode each week impatiently.

Last but not certainly not least, marking tvN 10th year anniversary and Gong Yoo’s comeback on screen is Goblin! I am rarely disappointed in Kim Eun Sook’s works and this one is no exception.  Her way of writing female characters may be questionable but she is very good when it comes to bromance. Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook bromance is making my Friday and Saturday nights much more exciting and I can’t be thankful enough for that.

I watched over 40 dramas this year and surprisingly only dropped 4. I tried hard to choose my favorite drama of the year but it was a major fail! They were all memorable for so many different reasons. One thing is sure these dramas entertained me all year long and made me feel alive like never before.

Why are you stuck on him/her?

 The world of over 7 billion people, you’re still stuck on someone who clearly does not respect, trust, appreciate, understand and love you the way you deserve to be loved? In a world of over 7 billion souls you still settle for the wrong soul mate that waste your time and steal your peace and happiness? In a world of over 7 billion different options you still tolerate someone who brings you nothing but chaos, complications, heartache and drama? In a world of over 7 billion choices, you still choose to be with a loser that holds you back, won’t allow you to shine and be great? Life is too short for such bullshit and stupidity.

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten do your favorite followers. (non-negotiable. positivity is cool,my dude) 💕

I had to think way too hard about these. Thank you for tagging me/sending this to me!💕😄

1. My hair is majestical and I can do a lot of things with it that normal people would need someone else to do (I should show you guys what I did to it for easter!)

2. I’m short. Not even fun sized, I’m travel sized(for your convenience.) Though sometimes I get really depressed about it, most of the time I like my height.

3. I’m really non judgemental and drama free???? At least I assume, I hear what other people go through and I’m like, I’ve never had to deal with anything CLOSE to that.

4. Well apparently I’m a half decent writer since you’re all following me…💕💕

5. Although I physically can’t have any myself, I’m really good with kids.

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Alec walked into the weight room, already sweaty from practice. They’d kept it short today, but it had still been intense. He made his way over to the machine he usually started on. He stopped short when he saw someone on it, and gaped when he saw who it was. Magnus Bane. He’d never spoken to him but everyone knew who he was. He was the drama kid. There were other people in drama club, obviously, but he was the president and it was definitely fitting.

And even more surprising than a drama kid in the weight room? How attractive he was. His body was well defined, but not too much. And Alec was openly staring. If he realized what he was doing, he’d be thankful the weight room was practically empty as it was later in the afternoon.


Fashion was one of the few arenas in which slaves could possibly exert a modicum of control; as such clothing could serve as a vehicle of resistance. Yet, what ways could someone use costuming to retell the story of slaves who resisted? Karyn Wagner, costume designer for the new TV series Underground, faced this very problem: reconstructing the experience of enslaved men and women who resisted their condition as bondsmen by escaping on the Underground Railroad.

Wagner had an almost genetic disposition to working in the film industry. Her grandfather was a cinematographer — best known for his work on the Hitchcock classic Rebecca — and her grandmother was an actress. Wagner’s father worked for Paramount as a sound mixe r. So, Wagner, a native Angelino, spent her childhood playing in the back lots of Hollywood.

Wagner thinks of herself as a painter, plying her craft the same way an artist paints flourishes on a canvas. She studied art history and painting in college. After graduating, she took some time off and considered going into professional art or academia. After a stint in Munich, she returned to Los Angeles, considered following in her grandfather’s cinematographic footsteps, and worked as a camera assistant. “I was the most stylist camera assistant on set,” says Wagner. She was quickly lured into the world of costume design and has not left since.

Wagner’s résumé boasts a number of blockbuster films, including The Green Mile, The Notebook, and The Majestic. Her first big break was Eve’s Bayou, a coming-of-age drama of young girl from a prominent Creole family in 1960s southern Louisiana. Coincidentally, Wagner worked with the 10-year-old Jurnee Smollett-Bell on Eve’s Bayou and again on Underground almost two decades later.

There were no major white characters in Eve’s Bayou. Wagner’s task was to use costuming to tell the story of a family in a town “free of black subjugation.” She, however, has a very different task for Underground, though both are set in the South and were filmed in Louisiana. Underground tells the story of a group of slaves who escape from Macon plantation in Georgia and undertake a 600-mile journey to freedom. Along the way, they have to avoid ruthless slave catchers while finding a way to connect with the sympathetic whites and free blacks in the Underground Railroad who can help shepherd them to the North.

Wagner explains that the show’s costuming revolves around four palettes. The slave catchers are outfitted in muted greys, browns, and tans to reflect the camouflaging needed in their vocation. The palette of the northern abolitionist consists of somber, more sophisticated monochromatic hues.

The field slaves’ palette has some neutral tones, but there are also greens and blues to evoke their natural environs. To create the wear-and-tear look of the field slaves’ costumes, Wagner had a special person on her team whose sole job was distressing. Distressing is a process that Wagner has perfected over the years as a costume designer. It takes a lot of work to “make fabric give up,” as Wagner puts it, and it involves repeated washing, bleaching, staining, and sanding the most used parts of clothing.

The domestic slaves’ palette matches the interior of the big house. “It’s not always about being 100% historically accurate. As a costume designer, there are times that I take licenses,” says Wagner. Wagner worked with the set designer and had the domestic slaves’ liveries made from the same silk as the big house’s wallpaper. The idea was that Suzanna, the mistress of the Macon Plantation, would want the domestic slaves to blend into the house’s decor as an arrogant display of her power and wealth. “In my research for the show, I never encountered anyone doing this — though it is certainly plausible. It was an intervention on my part,” says Wagner.

In preparation for the show, Wagner combed through daguerreotypes and published collections of archival photos. She learned that there was no maternity clothing in the nineteenth century — an important detail given that Macon plantation mistress Suzanna is pregnant this season. Though there were maternity bodices, seamstresses would simply let dresses out for pregnant women.

She also found that enslaved overseers were often gifted dressier garb to differentiate them from field slaves. Cato — the Janus-faced driver and friend to the master — wears a bowler hat and dresses in what appears to be the master’s hand-me-downs. Yet, his vest is purposefully too short because the master’s castoffs were not tailored to his body. Clothing was embedded in the system of rewards and punishments designed to make the plantations and, indeed, the whole institution of slavery run smoothly.

Ultimately, it is Wagner’s job to recreate the experience of enslaved men and women who escaped on the Underground Railroad using costuming. Wagner, a self-professed history buff, remind us that fashion is history in fabric. The same way historians weave primary documents and secondary literature into published monographs, costume designers for period dramas like Underground use fashion to bring the stories of historical actors to life.

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Did you think the scoring in YOI ep12 was fair? I personally don't see how Yurio scored 200 when he only had 4T (flubbed one) and 4S when Otabek had 3 clean quads, a clean program and only scored 180+. JJ's score I don't understand either, he literally messed up his biggest jump at the start and I just don't see him getting that 213 with a miss like that. Is Otabek's PCS and GOE that bad too? In my opinion the only one out of the full programs we saw fairly scored was Yuuri, what do you think?

Thanks for asking!

Spoilers for episode 12 under the cut!

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I Know

Rating: M

Word Count:1,378

Warning: cursing, smut, fighting, cheating, tears, daddy!kink, a bit of non con at the end

Synopsis: Luke and Y/N deal with the aftermath of their affairs

Previous Parts: One



Disclaimer: This gif does not belong to me, it belongs to the lovely person who made it. ________________________________________________________________

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