this drama looks so adorable!


“Why do you want to kiss me?”

“What’s wrong with kissing my girlfriend?”


when your both crushing on each other and your eyes meet

Random iZombie thoughts: S3:E9

– Ravi infiltrating the zombie hunters put me on edge. I was so worried for him!!

– I LOVED having the entire main cast together for the D&D scene. I’ve mentioned before that they have oodles of chemistry and this was a great way to showcase it.

– Rose McIver knocked it out of the park as the DM for the game. She is such a great actress and each year, she just turns out better and better performances.

– So, I guess we’ve all decided to ignore the fact that Major and Liv had sex recently and never reference it again? I’m okay with that. Moving on.

– Justin and Liv are so normal adorable. No high drama. Just two zombies looking for true love (and brains.)

– Major and his bed full of hate mail was tragic and delightful.

– Blue brains are awesome!!! Poor Don E. always seems to make the wrong life choices. Just when you think he’s up, he’s right back down again.

– Blaine tossing bits of brain down the well to his dad was wonderful. Have I mentioned that I love twisted, evil Blaine??

– Clive and Dale was so sad. Poor Clive…sacrificed love for his friends and his work. Malcolm Goodwin was so good in that scene.

– Military Chase Graves gave me goosebumps. Can I have more of that in the next episode (instead of just 5 minutes) please? Thanks.

– Yeah, I know that Chase saying “Nice dress” to Liv was completely condescending and kind of a dick-ish end to their conversation but I STILL LOVED IT! (That JD smirk gets me every time.)

– If we could get a scene with Mr. Boss and Chase Graves, that would be great. “…I say you’re a Goddamn hero….” (Cue Veronica Mars movie connection.)

Endless List of Random ドラマ Moments
└ 謎解きはディナーのあとで Episode 6

─ Milady. My apologies, I carelessly pressed the button.
─ You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?