this drama lacks a lot of things

signs as people I know (check moon and sun signs)

aries: passionate about finding new ways to show love and create love with others, willing to put themselves down so others feel better, warm hugs, prefers music without words because they understand the message better without words telling them, will drive you to IHOP at midnight because you forgot to eat dinner, they care about literally fucking everyone, easily accept that change is unavoidable, their exuberant energy can seem very intimidating, outgoing, try to do the right thing, excessive with literally everything (its okay ily), ardent, hate waiting for shit to happen, want the quickest and easiest way out of everything, their passion can be destructive and actually detrimental.

taurus: art is abundant in their ‘safe’ place, trying their best tbh, will put aside time that they need in order to help someone else, dislikes close minded people, sleeping prolly, has music too loud but they will tell you it’s not loud enough, thinks a shit ton about wether or not people like them but will never tell you that, actually very confident people, don’t really care about what people think of them but also cares a shit ton about what people think of them, so fucking loyal and expect nothing in return, can complain a lot actually, loyaloyaloyal, hate it when others see them cry, tries to ignore their problems because ‘they don’t have enough time to deal with them’ (get it together, hoes), need more time for self-reflection. 

gemini: can make anyone easily laugh, knows what’s in and what’s out, veryyyy generous people, pretty smiles, has good music taste because they listen to all types of music, relatable, seems very unattached to reality at times, doesn’t give up something/someone if they really love them, will cook for you willingly, they are ‘too cool’ for drama but typically start drama, will spend their whole night talking to you about future goals they have and the most random shit, life of the party, if you want to instantly laugh hang around a gemini, don’t consider other people in their decisions sometimes, will remove themselves of negative situations because there is nothing they hate more than negative people. 

cancer: hold a very warm and gentle soul, can push people away because they tend to be very possessive but that is how they show love, they need a two year break, tries really hard to be relatable, let’s people walk over them without realizing, they love to pamper themselves to show love to themselves, you feel safe in their home, trusts people really easily, can get very broken and in a bad place if you betray them so please don’t honestly, when they’re angry it can show physically (red face, angry tears, etc), can be very dramatic, try to help others with confidence and self-esteem, will be there for you even if you aren’t there for them, oblivious to shitty people sometimes which results in trust issues. 

leo: can be independent when they are comfortable in the situation, typically want the best for everyone, will defend you when you’re not there, will block you if you annoy them, just want someone to chill with, secretly want a partner but won’t say that out loud, they have beautiful souls, these are the type of people you should go to last minute plans with (concerts, road trips, etc), just wanna have fun and look amazing while doing it, need/deserve love and attention from loved ones, gives you food if you forgot your lunch at home, you can see their emotions in their eyes if you look hard enough, pure beauts with good hearts that will believe the best in everyone, not afraid to be petty, main hoes.

virgo: will try to avoid being honest with you because they don’t want to hurt you, is taken advantage of too often, will bring you a cookie if you’re having a bad day, courteous, organized, the person that always smiles at strangers just because, not really sure what they want out of life, can be very whiny, always want to be doing something to pretend like they have it together, if they are your friend please take advantage of how supportive they are to you, will very randomly give you compliments that can literally save your life because they’re always very thoughtful, amazing listeners, capable of fulfilling their dreams if they believe in themselves too, having boundaries is okay and you deserve to respect them if you want to. 

libra: passionate about making others’ lives better, cuddle bugs, energetic, gives their time to anyone who actually listens to them, thinking outside of the box, probably really pretty, kind souls but a tough exterior, wears sweats to the store because who honestly cares, makes jokes with people on line at checkout, they probably have a tradition to cook breakfast on saturdays, knows how to look good and feel good, once they find their self-worth not a fucking bull-dozer can take it down, please try to fight them on facebook because you will lose, gentle people and will try to make you feel at home (problem: they don’t know how), quiet but their minds are spinning, need to learn to say ‘no’, stop worrying about what others think of you (who gives a shit??), hate silence and being alone, queens.

scorpio: very honest but also very petty without shame, fun and funny, blasts old jams in their car while trying their very best to avoid accidents, hates high school and loves college, just want to find a group that they fit in with, will try their best to make your birthday amazing I swear, open minded to literally everything honestly, critical friend, will tease you about something that happened five years ago, a total nerd about things they really like, very smart and efficient if they are motivated by their passion, unique style in all ways, beautiful minds, they can come across as two-faced but they are very indecisive when it comes to opinions, embraces new experiences, secretive. 

sagittarius: flirty and prolly is dating someone right now, wants everyone to be happy but forgets about making themselves happy, cooks pancakes for you at midnight on a Wednesday night, will almost cry but then remembers a funny video they saw and starts to laugh, hates themselves but shows themselves a lot of love, makes jokes out of their pain, lovable, look intimidating but are actually very welcoming, hides emotions like a pro, very optimistic about literally everything, if they get bored or annoyed they will move on from you, need to believe in themselves, don’t express gratitude but they really should, seemingly perfect(?), can sometimes compare themselves to others in order to make themselves feel better (stop.)

capricorn: “doesn’t study” (yes I’m onto you bitch) for tests but still gets amazing grades, can be very fake but honest with people they are close to, traditional without trying, will be there for you, they are very observant and will remember if you did something that meant a lot to them, honestly needs a hug and affection a lot more than they say, takes long hot showers to make up for the lack in physical affection, lovely people, good people to sit with in the back of the movie theater so that you can talk the whole time, will accidentally spill tea and start drama, trying their best, work well with people who have a good drive for things they are passionate about, doesn’t express emotion unless they can’t hold it in any longer

aquarius: so fucking funny, constantly trying to be a better person in order to make up for the shitty world, watches documentaries about the sex industry, sticks to their morals, thinks a lot about life and the meaning of all of this, thinks (knows) the government is hiding something, will kill you if you hurt an animal, super chill and loves music, passionate, indecisive to the extreme, smokes weed to see if food tastes differently, interesting individuals, don’t open up to others easily simply because they don’t want to, if you mean a lot to them they will try to protect you from the world, is hard on you because they want you to succeed, moves from one passion to the other (you guys are super adaptable if need be), an amazing friend if they choose to put effort into the friendship. 

pisces: very confused about life and that makes them very sad, protect them because they are amazing friends, cries about failing a lot, not judge mental, hates it when people accuse them of something they didn’t do, beautiful people with caring hearts that let in people who shouldn’t be let in, offer you a hug if they see you upset in any way, wants people to like them, trying to find who they are, tend to let people laugh at their pain, shuts down their feelings when they feel attacked, doesn’t purposely hurt anyone, will change themselves in order to be accepted, I notice that these people lose themselves too easily, once they find out who they are they are very stable and more content

I know that a lot of people are saying we shouldn’t be forgiving the show runners for 2x07 and I mean I don’t “forgive” them but it makes me happy to see that they listened to the fandom. They listened to the issues people had with 2x07. They want to make the fandom happy and they’re learning. How many other shows actively have done this?

So far in 2B Magnus and Alec have been having far more moments of affection and cute, couple-y moments, things that people said were lacking in 2A. Magnus and Alec’s drama is centered around their political positions on opposing lines instead of their drama in the books that was centered around Alec’s insecurities of Magnus being immortal and his discomfort with Magnus’s sexuality.

Yes, the writers and show runners have definitely done things wrong but I would just like to acknowledge they’ve also done many things right in their adaptation of Magnus and Alec and in 2B I can see they’re listening to the fans.

The best thing to come out of snek culture (????) is it not only getting people interested and appreciating snakes and other reptiles, but also it countering the weird fixation with badassness and (for a lack of a better term) machoness within a lot of reptile enthusiast circles.

Its kinda like with wolves, which for a while were constantly used as a symbol of ferociousness and as calculated predators, only for teenaged girls to write elaborate comics about them crying having weird family drama and them covered in glitter and rainbows. 

shiro-225 replied to your post: SnK Season Two Commentary

Mike’s dignity lost in an instant and him dying brutally instead of heroicly was actually a good thing in my opinion. All of this was just to show how freaking terrifying the beast Titan is and they did a job well done.

The thing is, we get so much more of the Beast Titan later that we don’t really need to see with 300% accuracy that he is Scary and Horrible. The fact that his arms reach his ankles is terrifying. That he can talk is terrifying. That he’s covered in fur is terrifying. That he doesn’t know what the 3DMG is is terrifying because the implication is that he’s from Outside the Walls. That he feeds Mike to the titans thoughtlessly is terrifying. That he has no empathy or sympathy for Mike’s condition or fear is terrifying. That he grabbed up Mike’s horse and threw it at him with incredible accuracy is terrifying. That he can order other titans around is terrifying.

We didn’t really need to see Mike dying horribly at the hands of other titans to see that the Beast Titan is terrifying. He more than shows it. And he’ll show us again at Utgard just how awful he is.

(Mike never died heroically in the manga, either, but he died with less drama and I’d have preferred it here, personally. It just felt like empty gore for the helluvit to me.)

I mean, my issue is that Mike’s actual death has nothing to do with the Beast Titan beyond him giving the order that allowed the other titans to move. He didn’t kill Mike himself. Mike’s death doesn’t make me terrified of the Beast Titan. All of the above things do: the reasons that Mike is scared is why we should be scared. All that gore and lack of dignity and the extra tears that weren’t in the manga: that was all a show. A lot of bluster. It didn’t mean anything.


You looked at the envelope that your manager gave you.

I have to pretend to be married to Kim Namjoon, oppa? You questioned your boss as he sighed and nodded.

Yes. It will be good for publicity on your upcoming book and his groupmate, Jeon Jungkook, is in the drama that you’re writing, so it helps everyone. You rolled your eyes and looked back at the paper. There was a list of rules that the two of you had to abide by for the week. When you got into this business you were strict about not doing these gimmicky shows, although they were fun to watch, they lacked substance. You felt as though it was just a joke and not reality. But your manager was right. Although you were a big writer, one of the youngest and most successful, you still needed publicity. Plus you were trying to get into the drama writing business, with your first series being the first series that Jungkook would act in. There was a lot riding on these next few months, so maybe this show wasn’t the worst thing for you to do.

On the other side of Seoul, Namjoon sat in front of his manager, his eyes wide when he read the paper.

Y/N? The writer?! Namjoon exclaimed. He was an avid reader and he loved your style of writing, but he also heard that you were totally against things like this. Everyone in the entertainment industry had tried to get interviews with you, and you only did two. Yet somehow your books were major best sellers for men and women, you seemed to write in an intelligent, yet fun way. Namjoon was captivated by your writing, but heard your personality was rather hard to handle.

Yes, she’s doing this to help with her upcoming book and Jungkook’s series. It will be good for her writing if she gets to know you and the rest of the guys. Namjoon’s superior spouted off as Namjoon continued to scan the document.

It says that filming ends around 9pm everyday for about 3 weeks … 3 weeks?! I thought it was a week?! Namjoon looked at his manager. His manager raised his eyes from the computer and shrugged.

They film for 3 weeks and make it seem like just 1, they want to make sure they have enough footage of the two of you all cute and in love. His manager rolled his eyes. Namjoon needed a “personality rebranding” as the entertainment industry called it. Namjoon had been molded into this idol that was only focused on work and books, so fans started to think he wasn’t interested in love and was against romantic things. So in a last attempt to have fans fall in love with him as a romantic bachelor, BigHit signed him up for the show. Now because you live with the guys, the filming is going to be at Y/N’s condo, we already have someone ready to take you once you grab some things. You can come back to the dorm after 9pm and you have to be back at her place by 9am. It’s only for 3 weeks, but please try to get along. His manager told him and Namjoon nodded.

Of course, I will try. Namjoon said and bowed as he left the room. He scanned the paper. Let’s hope she’s as good of a wife as she is a writer. He mumbled and made his way to the dorm.

The show was letting the two of you meet before the actual shooting began. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes again as you realized just how fake this show was, the “first time” meeting was actually a total set up, the “romantic dates” were all planned by the crew, and all of those beautiful moments you share during the week were just choreographed by the studio. You continued to read over the guidelines of the show, when the buzzer went off. You had straightened up your place and put on a ripped pair of jeans and a dark gray sweater. Throwing a hand through your hair you looked at your makeup-less face, a moment of panic rushed through your veins. You had gotten caught up in writing this afternoon that makeup and styling your hair had gone out of the window. Smacking yourself in the forehead with your palm, you looked at the camera and saw it was Namjoon. Buzzing him in, you thought about frantically putting on makeup, but just let it be, he was already at your door by the time you could have gotten everything together.

Hello! Namjoon said in a nervous tone and you laughed a little as he stuck flowers out in front of you.

Well, thank you. Let me put these in water. You took the flowers from him and made your way to the kitchen. Namjoon looked around and smiled at the place. It wasn’t a massive apartment, there were pictures on the wall of you with friends and family, you had books everywhere, and your notebooks lined the shelves. The TV hung on the wall, but from the way that the remote had dust on it, he could sense you didn’t watch it, and he could hear you making coffee in the kitchen.

Would you like a cup of coffee, Namjoon? You said politely and he nodded. You seemed to be well-mannered and quiet. He looked over to your kitchen table and his eyes widened. It looked like a tornado had hit it. Balled up pieces of paper, pens, and rough drafts were laying around your computer. He walked over as you tried to stop him. Ah! It’s a work in progress over there! Book writing is a bit crazy when I get towards the end like this! You tried to apologize, but Namjoon shrugged.

It’s actually really cool to see it like this. You know, people think you’re a bitch. He shrugged and took the coffee from your hands. You looked at him with a shocked expression on your face and tried to grasp what he had said. Sure, you were a bit hard-headed, but a bitch? You continued to go after yourself when you noticed that Namjoon had turned pink with embarrassment. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that, it’s just that no one really gets your personality in the entertainment industry. I’m not the best with words. Namjoon continued to try to backtrack, but you stopped him. All I meant, was that it was cool to see that you look normal. Not bitchy, just normal! He exclaimed and waved his mug around in discomfort, spilling coffee all over the floor. Aigo! He exclaimed, dumping more coffee and getting more upset. You giggled and grabbed a rag.

It’s fine, you didn’t spill on my computer or my rough drafts, so we can just clean up. You handed him a rag and the two of you knelt down. It was an immediate comfort between the two of you, which you found surprising. There were very few moments that you felt that way with anyone, so it was nice to have someone like Namjoon around. Maybe this show wasn’t going to be too bad.

Author’s Note: I hope you guys like this one … I really like the ideas I have for this series 

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Hey I just wanna say your blog saved my sanity and ruined it at the same time I'm jikook obsessed now like I legit cannot read anything else besides jikook so thanks for that.... I read your post before about the twisted jikook joker au and I was wandering if you know anymore smutty ones that are based on the Harley joker relationship.... if you don't it's cool and have a lovely day cause like I said your blog is the only thing that keeps me sane👀👀👀👀😂😂😂😂

Hey! Lolol I don’t know whether to be proud or apologize for dragging you down the rabbit hole that is jikook, but know that you can always come to me for fics ;) And hmm there’s not a lot of jikook fics based on Joker/Harley, it seems to be a more popular trope for other pairings ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ If you’re interested I have them listed below, but if I come across any other stories that are jikook-centric I’ll be sure to let you know!

Title: Lovely Insanity
Author: loving_bangtanboys1
Rating: Mature
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Drama, Angst
Summary: “I don’t know a thing about him. I only knew that when he kissed me I felt alive again and my whole world became something different. It was heaven and hell brought together in my head. My own secret world and I would burn there.” Or Jimin is the top psychiatrist at the asylum the notorious villain The Joker or Jeon Jungkook is being held. Its his job to help him try to regain his just a little bit of his sanity back but instead of helping Jungkook find his sanity will he lose his own?

Title: Metallic
Author: snarcsics
Rating: Explicit
Length: 25–50k words
Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff, Humor
Summary: Jimin finds Jungkook in an alleyway with a rusted knife and a body at his feet.
Note: Not explicitly based on Joker/Harley, but kinda similar?

Title: Survival Instincts
Author: parkguardian
Rating: Explicit
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Drama, Smut
Summary: Min Yoongi, a police officer who lacks credibility because of his drinking habits, gets kidnapped by the newly infamous Busan Sender, a serial killer who leaves love notes with the bodies of his victims. And Yoongi will do anything it takes to survive.


Title: Blood and Poison
Author: WillowSong
Rating: Mature
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Angst, Drama
Summary: Namjoon doesn’t move, standing frozen in between the two most insane criminals of his generation as one of them steps closer, a coy smile on his face. “You should’ve checked a lot of things, warden,“ he says softly. “But it’s too late for that now.”
Note: Part 1 of the “BTS Suicide Squad AU” series, Part 2 being Guns and Roses

Title: I Need a Gangster to Love Me Better
Author: minpio
Rating: Explicit
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Smut, Fluff
Summary: On some really rough nights, when Jimin has all the flashbacks, he needs Yoongi to hold him just a little tighter. (Or: Jimin is really needy and bad-ass Yoongi has a huge soft spot.)

Title: Mad Love
Author: BloodLikeRoyalty
Rating: Explicit
Length: 10–15k words
Genre: Smut
Summary: Kim Taehyung is a psychiatrist that is supposed to evaluate Gotham’s most dangerous criminal—Jungkook aka The Joker. His initial motivation was to have a breakthrough in his career, but he slowly begins to realize that there could be another side to the city’s Clown King.
Note: Part 1 of the “Vkook as Harley Quinn x Joker” series, find the rest here

I wasn’t going to make this post, I really wasn’t, but I can’t help it. It’s been bugging me for a while.

To the most recent person, and the several that came before you, I’m sorry I have “too many” sims and that you wish I focused on less of them. It was comments like that, that made me skip all of generation g’s childhood. I had 4 houses I had planned to play, but no that’s too many.

I see people on here playing more sims, playing multiple households. It’s fine for them, but apparently I have done something wrong in my writing, and I suck at making memorable characters or something.

I don’t know how I can have less sims than I do now, I really don’t, unless I wouldn’t have had Gardenia and Laila have kids together, or I wouldn’t have had Gardenia find someone else at all. Then that’d be 3 less sims. I spend a majority of my time on just the one household. Was playing the bachelor challenge too much? Was giving Hope a friend, Gardenia coworkers too much?

I’m not asking people to remember every single sim that has ever been posted on my blog, but the more I see that message, the more it’s too much for me. I would have taken any criticism besides that. I know I set myself up for it by saying you can say anything good or bad. If that’s your opinion that I have too many sims so be it.

I also am getting tired of the occasional things that pop up in the community about people having too many gay sims. That it’s “stereotypical” to have a gay couple have any of their kids be gay. How it’s tiring to see all girls end up lesbians like their moms or gay like their dads. I play this way because that’s what I want. Because as a lesbian, I want to play a game with women who like women and other LGBTQ+ identities. It makes me feel guilty for doing so, like I’m perpetuating some harmful stereotype or way of thinking.

I also don’t feel like my stories are good enough. Everyone wants drama, and I don’t do drama. I realize it’s unrealistic. Everything about my stories is unrealistic. People don’t always end up with the first person they date, relationships and marriages don’t last. There needs to be cheating, fighting. I saw how there’s a lack of drama stories in the sims community, so maybe I need to reevaluate what I write.

I don’t even know why I write because I’m not a writer to begin with. Maybe that’s the issue, and I should quit while I’m ahead.

For now I’m not posting for a while because I just don’t feel good about my legacy. I think I need to change a lot about it. I was excited and had things I thought would be fun. Now I know they’d be too boring and/or confusing.

It’s not just messages I get, it’s things others say on their blogs too. They’re entitled to their opinions, I’m just overly sensitive to these things and they affect me even if not directed towards me.

I’ll still be on here reading, just not posting. Sorry to fill your dash and your day with this post.

Tldr; I’m a too sensitive baby who can’t just let myself enjoy things.

Podcasts and genre weird, or, what the everloving fuck is Greater Boston

So podcasts are this quirky little medium in that most of the time, you have no visual in what you are consuming. Because of this, I feel that the bounds of genre are a little bit blurred because you can’t see some of the defining characteristics of what makes a certain genre, like you can’t see the magic wand, or the starship, or the monster lurking in the shadows. Now obviously there are other ways than visuals to get this across from the obvious “hey look at the dragon over there”, to the more subtle hum of a spaceship locked on some beautiful sound scapes, and things like horror use the lack of visuals for there very purpose. This works for some of the more “high” genres, like sci-fi and fantasy, but what about the more down to earth “slice of life” podcasts? Especially difficult in that a lot of pods are non-fiction, and some audio dramas like to use the “mockumentary” style storytelling (hello the black tapes).

I’m talking, of course, about greater Boston.

When I first started listening, I thought greater Boston was pretty sturdy magical realism, mostly normal but with a few weird quirks like Leon Stametes ghost and the redline, but then I remember back to many hours I spent researching that same genre for when I had to do a paper on chronicle of a death foretold. One of the main characteristics of magical realism was that people saw “magic” as normal and seemingly mundane things as fantastical or sublime. By that metric, welcome to night vale would be magical realism! But I think that show has enough what-the-fuckery that’s off the walls enough to be considered surrealism or something. And the citizens of greater Boston don’t think things like the referendum to make a city on a train are normal, but they aren’t completely shocked by it either, same with Leon and the writing tree, so what does that make it? And it’s not like the “magic” isn’t a part of the overarching world, I mean the situation of redline even takes into account racial housing issues and other social factors! (Which I am thoroughly enjoying by the way, it feels very refreshing and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a media, especially one with fantasy elements, tackle these issues so head on before, but I digress). But like, it’s not realism so

What is greater Boston? Id love to hear some thoughts or the genre-weirdness of other podcasts, due to the medium or not!


170907 ✧ the 12th seoul international drama awards (© bogumfeel)
bogum accepting his ‘outstanding korean actor’ award + short interview (where he congratulates song joongki and song hyegyo on their upcoming marriage
[!] Please do not gif, crop watermarks or re-upload.

(from 0:46)
I would first like to give this honor to God who is always beside me and leading me down paths of blessings.

It was an honor in itself just to be invited to this meaningful festival where I can meet productions from all over the world, but thank you so much for giving me, who is still lacking, an award as major as this.

There were a lot of blessing like things that happened to me last year. A sincere thanks all the fans who still haven’t forgotten 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ even though it has been a year (since it finished), and those who loved the drama. I would also like to sincerely thank the directors including director Kim Sungyoon, who is here today, director Baek Sanghoon and Kang Suyeon, cinematographers Kim Sihyung and Lee Minung, and lighting director yoo cheol etc, as well as the staff members, actors and seniors who worked hard while sweating during the hot summer days. I want to tell them (staff/actors) that I was happy (while filming for the drama). Because I was working on a production with such great people, it felt like it made me, in turn, want to work harder and become a better person a well. I think that’s how I came to think “Ah, I want to become an actor who others want to work with, while being a good influence to staff members as well as other actors”. I will work hard to become a warm (hearted) actor, an actor who is able to relay his sincere feelings, and an actor who others want to work with.

(Thank you to) Our Blossom Entertainment family including (chief) director/president Joo Bangok, vice-president Seung ByeongWook, and director Kim Jihye, who help me both emotionally and materially to become an actor like that. To Kwangjoon-ie hyung, who is always quietly loving from behind, Jiyeon noona, Yeyoung-ie(?), and Yejin noona, thank you so much for being in this together with me.

My beloved family, I love you so much for praying for me.

Last of all, to all the fans who love me with one (the same) heart and mind even though we speak different languages, and live in different places.. 'terima kasih’ (indonesian/malaysian), 'duo tse sai’ (cantonese), 'xie xie’ (mandarin), 'kob khun krup’ (thai), 'arigatou gozaimasu’ (japanese), 'thank you so much’ (english).

Thank you everyone, and God bless you.

(translation of the short interview + message to song joongki)

[!] please do not repost in any form on tumblr, and link back to this post or mention ‘prkbgm@tumblr’ when posting elsewhere.

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HI! I just got enough courage now to say that I really love your art and the klavipolly blog gives me so much life I can't handle all of it!! And is it okay I'd like to ask for some Klapollo fic recs? Also I'll say this again, I love your art so much!!

OH! Hi!! It’s the first time I’m requested to give fanfic recs!! I’ve never done this so I hope I’m doing it right~

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been reading klapollo fanfics for about three years now, and I haven’t bookmarked them… but, I remember ones being so good I never forgot how they developed.

SO, without further ado, here’s my list of the fanfics (some of them, really. The list is longer but I’ve been here for about an hour haha) I truly liked! (I like h/c the most though, so if that’s not your cup of tea, I’m so sorry!!)


Complete works:

I Want To See You Smile Again by TheLesbianGavinners. In my humble opinion, it’s one of the best post-AA4 klapollo fics ever written. It gives you such bittersweet feelings you’ll end up wanting more. I recommend it 100%, and more if you like angst and h/c. 

sleep no more by Prinsipe. A character-study fic that centers in Klavier’s three most important relationships, with Klapollo being the main focus. It includes Gavin family backstory, and it’s pretty well written. 

For Your Consideration by SummerMermaid. A post-AA6 fic that makes you feel a lot of things regarding these two idiots obvioulsy in love. It makes you feel desperation at one point, but the ending is so good.

The Straight and Narrow by Neriede. A down-to-earth Klapollo (I like to think of it that way, because it almost tastes like real life.) and a slow-burn fic that leaves you very warm at the end, despite dropping a big bomb.

Incomplete works still updating:

Turnabout Dungeons (And Dragons) by Synthpop. I must confess I’ve never played Dungeons&Dragons, but this fic makes me want to do it (even more). I like it because it insert them (Apollo, Klavier, Trucy, Ema, and Athena) in a fantasy world where they act the same but with magic. Except Apollo. Also, Klapollo, and the slow-burn that feels amazing and goes pretty well along with the stories (yes, there are two stories due to the roleplay being played.)

Sent Messages by SummerMermaid. Seven years have passed since Apollo established himself in Khura’in again and he’s coming back to the States. Klapollo? Yes, but it’s complicated. You’ll find how seven years really changes a relationship.

loose ends by greatcatsby. Ahhh how could I forget this one? It’s basically Apollo forgetting to tell Klavier he’s staying in Khura’in until the very end. Then, something big happens and– It stills need to be updated! I’ve been waiting for the next chapter with great desperation~

Backup Vocals by SummerMermaid. I’m noticing a pattern with any fandom I’m in. I always tend to end up in Band AUs about my otp. This one though takes the cake. An AU in which an important character (now) lives, and changes everything, except Klavier’s prosecuting career. Apollo is a musician!! APOLLO. GOD OF MUSIC. As it should have been!! And they both form a band. And drama is just starting!!

And that’s it! Of course there’s a lot more, but I can’t really find them due to my stupid mistake of not bookmarking them. 

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! I’m glad you like the askblog, but I must apologize for the lack of updates and good content. I’m working on new things though, so stay tunned! 

How YOU can write Sonamy

Step 1: Make a scene. If you’re coming from Sonic’s POV, give the setting a lot of nature, subtle wonder to it. He likes to look and be apart of it. If it’s Amy, city or domestic life. Write her at home, cooking, gardening, or out grocery shopping. Either way, give them some elbow room, these characters don’t like tight environments. They’re moving, breathing creatures. If your going 3rd person, omnipotent, God almighty, then you can go all war-zone or adventure/action scene on the audience. Sonic doesn’t think to himself during fight scenes, he’s too focused and instinctive too. Amy would also want to be where Sonic is, so straight into the fray of battle she goes!

Step 2: Create a problem theme. There needs to be something that propels interaction between the two. Common stereotypes work, but be creative. Amy is constantly alone and bored. Sonic is either trying to relax or looking for something fun to do today. Either way, they’re common goal is to find something interesting, because they’re always moving. Drama themes need emotion, as in characters need to feel things and then you purposefully try to pull what they’re concealing out of them through your writing descriptions and dialogue. Lots and lots of dialogue for these scenes. Fight scenes need attention, as in, Characters are seeking praise, to be noticed, or lacking something basic in their relationship and seek to fill in the gap. Again, stereotypes of Sonic not paying attention to Amy and then whisking her away on an adventure tumbling through leafs and then coming out to a beautiful setting to get away from the previous victory of defeating Eggman works, but be creative about how you execute it. DO NOT HAVE THEM AROUND PEOPLE. If other characters are involved, lead them away or pull the other characters away. Sonic is a private person, he can’t fully open up to Amy (fully for him, anyway…) when he knows he has an audience… (lol) Angst is fueled through misunderstandings and confusions. Make sure you give the characters the proper theme and keep it as the spine of your story.

Step 3: Finale! Finish it off with a moment of clarity between the two characters. Give her a wink. Give him a smile. Say a touching line that could mean more than it appears. Hint at them not wanting to part by not saying goodbyes. Move the audience by having Sonic or Amy promise something with a cheeky smirk. Give the world a finishing touch by having these two come to an understanding, not always compromise, but a moment of ‘I care’ without truly saying it so ‘on-the-nose’ or bluntly.

When you’ve completed your story, be fearless and post it. See what others say, but ultimately, be confident about your Sonamy and let it fill your needs for feels :)

Oh, and dear Reader, if you have any further questions, even if it’s not this ship, Cutegirlmayra’s ask is always open ;)

Happy writing!

[TRANSLATION] Yamada Ryosuke’s SODA Magazine (Full Interview) November 2016

This is the continuation to the SODA Magazine (FMA Cut) November 2016 Translation. Big thanks to @ichigoainosuke for helping me clarify some difficult metaphors that Yamada uses, LOL. As usual, please do not publish or re-post without permission.

“Efforts are common in any field. The tenacity of being able to do what you like, is hard work in the real sense.”

Then, before even taking a moment to breath, his next appearance that is about to crank-in soon is the upcoming October TV drama, “Cain and Abel”. Fuji TV’s Monday 9 o’clock drama, is known as “getsu 9”. In that drama Yamada plays Takada Yu, a younger brother who has a complicated relationship with his excellent older brother. His hair that was dyed gold [for Ed] is now restored back to a calm tone, immediately getting into his [new] role.

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Kizana Concepts

Per Anon request, i’m now tackling Kizana. Sorry if it’s confusing, wrote this at literally 3 AM x_x.

  • Kizana comes from a single parent household. Her mother is a retired actress who is really doting and only wants the best for her. She doesn’t know her father, but her mother told her that he was the director of a movie she was working on at the time.
  • Kizana loves her mother, and the pressure of meeting her expectations is her driving force and main flaw. She’s determined to don’t end like her, and to become a sucessful person. She’s conceited and perfectionistic, but actually means well and is more mellowed to her club members and juniors.
  • Despite her looks, she’s actually unpopular at school and her few friends are fellow drama club members. Has a lot to do with her personality. 
  • Also a complete romantic and believes in things like love at first sight. 
  • She doesn’t exactly has a crush on Taro, but is interested in him since he shows skills in acting, and she believes him to be a good adition to the club, who is critically lacking members. To put it, a mild attraction.
  • The times she crosses path with Ayano, she’s cordial with her, but has a gut feeling that something is not quite right with her…she just can’t put her finger on what.


If i was yanderedev, i would totally roll with this hairstyle:

(credits to kjesch for original sketch)

It fits so well with her. I’m also fan of silver-haired Kizana, too.

Hope this is what you expected, Anon!.

- Mod Alpha

anonymous asked:

What do you think is behind the serious lack of great sci-fi shows right now? (As good as most of them are, I'm not counting the Marvel Netflix series as sci-fi) I feel like for awhile there were a ton of decent to great shows on and now I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything I can find. Wondering what your opinion is as someone who keeps up with all things pop culture

i think there are a lot of great sci-fi shows at the moment! the problem is, there are SO MANY tv dramas in general, it’s easy to miss them because only a few get media coverage. (case in point: i BARELY heard about Black Sails the whole time it was on air, and now i firmly believe it’s one of the best shows of the past decade.) for current sci-fi,  i recommend Westworld and Stranger Things, which are both critically acclaimed, interesting, and ~expensive.

i also hear good things about Orphan Black, Humans, 12 Monkeys, and Killjoys, altho i don’t watch them. the Expanse has good production values and worldbuilding, but i find it emotionally unfulfilling. and while i’ve only seen the first episode of Cleverman (an Australian aboriginal political sci-fi/fantasy drama), it was AMAZING and i’d highly recommend it. there have also been like… 4 or 5 different time travel shows launched in the past year? but i haven’t heard anything especially good about them.

altho if you’re talking specifically about spacefaring sci-fi….. GOOD NEWS, because Star Trek: Discovery starts soon, and it looks awesome. :)

The Cusps Pros and Cons

Aries-Taurus, (April 16-22):
“I’m in love with being queen.”

Pros: A natural born leader; ambitious and always have their shit together; simultaneously dependable and fearless; the zodiac’s resident night-in-shining-armor. usually use their fiery emotional energy for good.
Cons: lack creativity and versatility; One- track mind; rigid in their ideals; often use their ambition as a crutch; hide vulnerable side from even closest of friends

Taurus-Gemini, (May 17-23): 
“If you can afford me”

Pros: Have the eye for beauty; super charming; intellectual and appreciate art; good planners; hilarious and fun to be around; value versatility; mature and direct; excellent critical thinking skills
Cons: Greedy and superficial; judgmental; sometimes insensitive; sometimes come across as mean; sometimes lack consistency in behavior

Gemini-Cancer, (June 17-23)
“I’m born to dance in the moonlight”

Pros: An old soul with a well-meaning heart; complex; tend to be super artistic; clever, emotionally intelligent, deep thinkers; flirtatious and romantic; can be some of the best friends you’ll ever have; some of the deepest, most emotionally satisfying connections 
Cons: Tendency to overthink; self-descructive; may be insecure, gossip-y, and untrusting; can be spiteful and manipulative; make it purposely hard to get close to them

Cancer-Leo, (July 19-25): 
“I see things that nobody else sees”

Pros: Artistic; Spontaneous and fun; usually clairvoyant; very good at reading people well-meaning and excellent listeners; self-disciplined; romantic; generous; extremely loyal and holds onto those they love fiercely; in private, are very gentle and nurturing; great at giving advice
Cons: Extremely moody; easily bruised egos; sensitive to criticism; irrational at times; obsessive and controlling when insecure; can easily fall into self-absorption

Leo-Vigro, (August 19-25):
“Hit me with your sweet love, steal me with a kiss”

Pros:  Detail-oriented and logical, extremely loyal; decisive and direct; always trustworthy and thoughtful with those they care about; hard-working; oftentimes, artistically talented
Cons: Oftentimes confused but refuse to seek counsel; takes criticism personally; sometimes secretive; not very flirtatious; sometimes too clinical

Virgo-Libra, (September 19-25):
“Control freak, catch the light; Hyper self-awareness”

Pro: Sex kittens for sure; as a rule, aesthetically pleasing; party animals; can have a large circle of acquaintances; good at networking; real crowd-pleasers; excellent at getting things done; romantic; perfectionists
Con: Prioritize social formalities over well-being of themselves and others; obsessed with appearances; anxious; workaholics; can be passive-aggressive; sometimes lack emotional depth or personal ambition

Libra-Scorpio, (October 19-25):
“I’m really lovely, underneath it all”

Pros: Deep intense feelings; dark sense of humor; charming; intense; mysterious dedicated to their partner; complex thinkers with excellent judgment skills; sexy af
Cons: Selfish and lazy; drama queens; stressed out all the time; manipulative and lie a lot; temperamental;  can be super-critical; can never chill

Scorpio-Sagittarius, (November 18-24): 
“I can be your bad girl, but only half the time”

Pros: super intelligent and super outspoken; fearless; passionate; excellent lovers; great sense of adventure and a yearning to explore; knows a little bit about everything; usually excellent cooks; love to share life experience with others; down for anything
Cons: tendency to lash out against others; manipulative; say intentionally hurtful things; must have the last word about anything; get bored with people easily

Sagittarius-Capricorn, (December 18-24): 
“I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart”

Pros: charismatic and outgoing; adventurous but practical; impossible to be awkward around them; great small-talkers; fair; impulsive; self-reliant; make great parents; responsible
Cons: commitment-phobes; sometimes tactless in their words; oftentimes reserve emotion in an unhealthy way, unnecessary need to dominate everything; tendency to push people away; get annoyed easily

Capricorn-Aquarius, (January 16-22): 
“I’m now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy” 

Pros: the definition of a go-getter; another natural-born leader; strong, grounded work ethic; progressive and idealistic; a yearning to weed out corruption; creative; disciplined; philanthropists at heart; usually eloquent and communicate well; natural-born achievers
Cons: Refuse to see the other side of the story; entitled; inflated sense of heroism; A god-complex; competitive

Aquarius-Pisces, (February 16-22):  
“Day-dreaming into the night, but I’m alright”

Pros: Crave experience; want justice for all; great conversationalists; progressive; oftentimes creative and eccentric; clairvoyant; genuinely care for others; very thoughtful; tolerant of others; sensitive
Cons: hard to understand; sensitive to criticism; feel the need to tell everyone how to live; moody; stubborn; shut down easily; dwell on failure

Pisces-Aries (March: 17-23):

Pros: Energetic; direct and assertive; very honest and very trustworthy emotionally in-tune to themselves; nurturing; good at giving advice; imaginative and oftentimes creative
Cons: Oftentimes, misunderstood; can be too clinical with words; impatient; sometimes ruthless; pessimistic

anonymous asked:

I was really excited but now I can only think they're doing the live show to tell us they're moving out separately which is just ridiculous bc 1 they would never announce it on a live show they would probably just tell us in a tweet or mention it without making a big deal out of it 2 it's obviously okay if they are moving out and I shouldn't get anxious about it 3 basically someone needs to make my brain stop I'm so sorry I'm just rambling anxiety got the best of me

ok before i actually answer this i just want to give you a digital hug and let you know that everything is fine and when i talk about this i’m not trying to invalidate how you feel. i understand the nerves especially after making such an emotional investment in these two guys and the life they’ve built together. but with that being said, i think the prospect of dan and phil moving apart is incredibly implausible, to the point of being absurd. leaving aside the fact that dan has spent nearly the entirety of his adult life cohabitating w phil and the fact that neither of them honestly would know how to function alone bc they’ve lived together for half a decade, and in that time clearly fallen into deeply ingrained habits involving each other, and also leaving aside the fact that i just altogether don’t see why they would have any desire to move apart whatsoever, i think on a purely practical level it makes no sense. like, at bare minimum their careers are inextricably tied together and they spent all of this year hammering home the idea of them as a partnered duo (what better confirmation of that does one need than phil sharing an individual award w dan at the boncas). so they’re going to, AT MINIMUM, continue creating together. in which case, how would it make sense for them to go to separate places when they need each other to make their videos?

but obviously i think all of this cuts far deeper, and dan and phil are partners in every sense not just professional. they share everything. tv viewing habits, breakfast lunch and dinner, a massive dvd and games collection, a plushie collection, a mug collection, all of their filming equipment and cameras, their art and their rave tree and their Tetris light and their golden pig and their muse poster and also nearly all of their friends. they’ve got each other’s fingerprints saved to their phones. they skype after only one day apart. they’re literally just as grossly co-dependent and obsessed with each other as they seem and the idea of them suddenly throwing all of that away makes no sense to me in any capacity. i’m sorry if this seems overly emphatic or critical, and i don’t mean any of it to be rude or patronizing, i just really disagree w this idea that i’ve seen become more and more widely discussed for no apparent reason. i think a lot of it has to do w phil’s age and it frustrates me that people in this community think that life has to end when someone turns 30 lol, that’s honestly not that old and it doesn’t mean he suddenly has to dive into some heteronormative understanding of “family” and settle down w a wife and kids. for all intents and purposes dan and phil already are settled down. they begin and end every day together. they have for the last 5 years and probably also the two years before that even when they were long distance bc skype existed. it makes no sense to ignore all of that and presume that due to some combination of phil’s age and idk …stable contentment, a lack of drama, etc. that something dramatic needs to happen now to shake things up. to me, it’s a lot simpler to just accept how happy they are together and not question it. i hope this is reassuring to you and that you feel a bit better about all of it xx

// hey, guys, thanks for bearing with me in my slump! it’s not a lack of muse, it’s just overall exhaustion. more details once things have settled down, but basically, we’re housing my brother’s homeless girlfriend and there’s been a lot of drama with some of his other friends and crap. it’s honestly wearing me out, so i may take a temporary break from tumblr to sorta recollect my thoughts.

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On ‘Getting into Classics’
Written by studiesinaonesie for thestudyblrs

I know most people find classic literature a chore, even those of us that generally love reading, and honestly it’s easy to see why: Grappling with ‘ye olde pantaloons’ language can be confusing and a lot of people get bored with plots that seems to be nothing but ladies fanning themselves and wandering around in crinolines. I’m the same and used to be very dismissive of classic literature, but over the years I’ve read my fair share and can now say that I while I certainly haven’t enjoyed all of them, there are a lot that I have really loved and a few that I would count amongst my most treasured books. I put it down to the way in which I select and approach classics, so if you’ve always been apprehensive of them, or have tried and disliked them in the past I thought I’d come up with a few tips and tricks that I think would help anyone looking to try out classic literature.

01. Pick the sort of book you enjoy. Seems like a no-brainer right? Well you’d think so but this is something I see a lot of people overlook. What you enjoy in a modern book is probably the same thing you will want from a classic. If your ideal book is an immersive crime thriller, the frilly gossipy world of Pride and Prejudice is probably not going to be something you’ll enjoy. Conversely if you love a good, girly romance, the Sherlock Holmes stories are unlikely to be your cup of tea.

You might think that classics lack the sort of gripping action and human drama that you love in modern books, but you would be surprised. Don’t believe me? A monk who is drawn into and consumed by a forbidden world of lust, violence and black magic by a girl who sneaks into the monastery disguised as a young boy. Sound good? You’ll like The Monk by Matthew Gregory Lewis. Beautiful sweet story about a boy growing up in Edwardian England trying to come to terms with his love for another man in a world that would call him sick and sinful, anyone? Read Maurice by EM Forster. How about a young woman who falls in love and gets married, only to find herself haunted by the vengeful ghost of her husband’s first wife? That’s Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. There are plenty of amazing books in the classics section, it doesn’t start with Austen and end with Dickens.

02. Be mindful of form. This is a nice cheaty one. What I simply mean here is some classics aren’t supposed to be read. If anyone talks smugly about how much Shakespeare they’ve read, you have my unreserved permission to give them a good clip round the ear. Shakespeare wrote plays, they were supposed to be performed, not read in text form! Having done a Shakespeare module I can tell you that reading the script barely scratches the surface of the sheer genius that is some of his work. The text can’t capture the eeriness of watching Lady Macbeth sleepwalk through the castle, trying to claw imaginary blood off her hands, and you’ll never belly laugh just reading the end of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in which the actors at Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding bumble through a production of ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’, a supposedly epic love story that’s a car crash of soppy clichés, accidental smuttiness and bad acting. What I’m saying here is if you want to ‘read’ Shakespeare, or Marlowe or Arthur Miller, don’t read it! Watch it instead! I promise you it will be easier to understand and far more enjoyable which, at the end of the day, is what these writers wanted their audience to get from their work. Another great idea is a modern adaptation in which the same dialogue is used but in a modern setting. David Tennant in the film adaptation of Hamlet is a perfect example. You would be amazed how easily 16th Century speech can be understood when the person talking speaks naturally and is in a context we can recognise.

03. Don’t worry about not understanding. There are often a lot of dense narrative passages and references to things you might not understand because of the time period but it’s no reason to give up. Reading Maurice, written in the 18th Century, I often came across bits of speech or words that I didn’t understand, but with a bit of googling and the ability to just shrug and move on to the next line I persevered and it is now one of my favourite books. If you are worried, start with books that are more recent and work backwards as you become more confident. Daphne Du Maurier, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Vladimir Nabokov, H.P Lovecraft and Evelyn Waugh are all great writers who published mostly in the first half of the 20th Century and the language isn’t really any different from how we speak now so it’s one less thing to deal with.

04. If you’re really not enjoying a book, stop reading it. I’ll let you into a little secret. I didn’t really like Pride and Prejudice. I didn’t really enjoy Catcher in the Rye. I have never actually finished anything written by Charles Dickens. His stuff just bores me to tears and that’s ok! He doesn’t care! He’s one of the most revered British writers of all time! Also he’s dead, what’s it to him that one snotty little literature student doesn’t think much of his books? The thing about these well-known classics is that they seep into popular culture and become this thing that all educated, well-read people have to read, understand and enjoy but the truth is they’re just like any other books, you just aren’t going to get on with all of them! This harks back a little to my first point. Ultimately to really allow yourself to enjoy classic literature, you need to stop seeing them as these fusty, highbrow works and start seeing them for what they are. They’re just stories, written by people who wanted to make you laugh or cry or to teach you something, and some you’ll like and some you won’t. There aren’t any that you HAVE to read, whatever book snobs tell you. I’ve tried a lot of the so called ‘canon classics’ but it was only when I stopped thinking about what other people had said about the books and simply went for stories I thought I’d enjoy that I began to find books that really spoke to me and stayed with me.

05. A few of my favourites. Ok not necessarily a ‘tip’ but I thought I’d share a few of my absolute favourites with you that you may not have heard of – just to get you started breaking away from the obvious choices.

Maurice – E.M Forster. A young man struggles with his homosexuality in a time period in which it is considered a sinful disease. Incredibly sweet and very sad.

The Necromicon – H.P Lovecraft. A collection of horror and sci-fi stories, all of them beautifully constructed and chilling to the bone, some are actually scarier than modern horror.

Lolita – Vladamir Nabokov. The story of a man’s sexual obsession for his young step-daughter, might be a bit uncomfortable but the language is just divine. This guy weaves words like no one else.

North and South – Elizabeth Gaskell. Young, clever middle class Margaret Hale moves from the south to the industrialised north of Victorian England and deals with the horrible class divide between the maltreated factory workers and the seemingly cruel owners and meets people from both sides of the struggle. Also a nice bit of fiery romance too. What I wanted Pride and Prejudice to be.

King Lear – Shakespeare (play). An old king is manipulated and betrayed by two of his three daughters, very intense and incredibly cruel and tragic. I utterly adore it. There are some good productions available free online. 

So those are my tips and tricks for reading and enjoying classical literature, hopefully if you’ve been put off in the past you might find this useful and feel a little more confident giving the classics a try! Thank you for reading!