this drama is the funniest shit ever

kin drama is the absolute funniest thing to ever exist…. like when did we as a society go from embarrassing teenagers yelling at each other for stealing art over the internet

to embarrassing teenagers listing 30 characters as literally them and telling all their friends to unfollow people who like the same characters and having breakdowns over this shit

like. take a step back. take a step back. i know people use it for coping but take a step back and realize that neither you nor the greasy 14 year old on the other side of the monitor is literally sans undertale, holy shit, you just like the character how has this become an excuse to fight over the most MEANINGLESS thing possible

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Not sure if you've seen this review of RFI, but it's awesome and funny: "Somehow, We Are Absolutely Ready For Taylor Swift’s Rapping-About-Being-Horny-Over-Dubstep Single" stereogum(.)com/1960873/somehow-we-are-absolutely-ready-for-taylor-swifts-rapping-about-being-horny-over-dubstep-single/franchises/sounding-board/

this was positively the funniest, most accurate best read ever. i posted it separately but here are my favorite comments, and they are so good i’m posting them again here. “inner drama nerd”.  Taylor: why thank you

Somehow, We Are Absolutely Ready For Taylor Swift’s Rapping-About-Being-Horny-Over-Dubstep Single

But if the timing of the release makes its own kind of corporate sense, the song itself is a fascinating fucking pileup. Within its first 55 seconds, “…Ready For it?” pinballs from monstrous dubstep stomp to feverish quasi-rapped shit-talk to sweet, lilting dancehall-flavored tropical house. Her delivery on those verses is like over-enunciated Rihanna or under-enunciated Nicki Minaj. She rides a beat better than anyone could’ve reasonably expected, staying in the pocket the way pop stars never do in those invariably ill-advised moments when they try to rap. The song is also almost cartoonishly horny, Swift rapping about a dude (reportedly Joe Alwyn, the British actor she’s been quietly dating lately) like she was one of those tongue-hanging-out Tex Avery wolves. It’s all theater, and the way her voice cracks on the “he act like such a man” line is straight-up Betty Boop. These things — rap, trop-house, sudden and jarring pop-genre juxtapositions, sexual intensity — are all pretty new to Swift. The track works like her version of what Rihanna does, with the crucial distinction that Swift’s effortful honor-student attack is essentially the opposite of Rihanna’s preternatural cool.

And yet! “…Ready For It?” fucking goes. The sheer audacity that goes into a song like this is a thing of beauty. Five years ago, when I first encountered the massive dubstep drop on “I Knew You Were Trouble,” I burst into delighted laughter. The new song is that feeling, multiplied. “…Ready For It?” is doing a lot, but all of it works. The hammering beat and convoluted wordplay — the “Burton to this Taylor” bit really underlines Swift’s inner drama nerd — are so unlikely and so ridiculous that I can’t help but admire them. And then that glorious pre-chorus kicks in, and all the song’s nonsensical silliness snaps into focus. The song’s central hook — “In the middle of the night, in my dreams / You should see the things we do” — is pure diamond popcraft. It’s what “Look What You Made Me Do” didn’t have. It’s the moment that Swift suddenly sounds like herself again.