this drama is the funniest shit ever

kin drama is the absolute funniest thing to ever exist…. like when did we as a society go from embarrassing teenagers yelling at each other for stealing art over the internet

to embarrassing teenagers listing 30 characters as literally them and telling all their friends to unfollow people who like the same characters and having breakdowns over this shit

like. take a step back. take a step back. i know people use it for coping but take a step back and realize that neither you nor the greasy 14 year old on the other side of the monitor is literally sans undertale, holy shit, you just like the character how has this become an excuse to fight over the most MEANINGLESS thing possible

anonymous asked:

Ok ngl I would *kill* for an office au with the brandon rogers type humor because tbh that is some of the funniest shit I've ever seen

TBH it would be pretty funny but I’m thinking that I’m leaning towards teacher because that can have a lot of drama

ghosted4life  asked:

Oh gosh... I'm from the forums too. But by the time you joined you were banned, so you don't know me but I've heard of you. I left the place a couple years ago because people were so mean to me on there and somebody started stalking me after I told him 100 times to leave me alone and drama with this 'Condor' person creating new accounts and posting. if you wanna talk to me anytime that's okay, I'll be here!!

Condor is the reason why I no longer frequent the forums, we both got banned because of shit with him stalking me and sending me threats (dude threatened to hunt me down and kill me a couple of times, funniest shit ever), he even followed me off the forms on to other sites like deviantArt and even here on my old blog, he seemed to just vanish one day though thankfully and not had to deal with him and his shit for years now, I’m not surprised he tried to get back on the forums multiple times (I remember he used to ban evade before he got his perma ban) kid never knew how to just let go.

Sorry you had a bad time on the forums though, that place was a cesspool of bullshittery and tbh I’m glad I got banned, didn’t think about going back a few times but never did, never will.

And thanks, I’m never sure of what to say to new people but if you wanna ask me stuff go for it ^^