this drama is so stupid but so funny

you know what i want? i want cheesy teen lesbian movies. I want stupid teen cliché lesbian books. I want to see a lesbian movie that is not a drama, and it’s funny and have a big musical number for no reason bc - dammit-, I need representation. All my life I have wanted to have something like Troy and Gabriella, Danny and Sandy or even Cady and Aaron Samuels so when I had to deal with realising my sexuality it was harder. bc I didn’t have any examples.
so fuck this heteronormative culture, I want a girl asking a girl out for a bet, I want the popular/nerd trope, I want best friends falling in love…
I m just a stupid gay cheesy teen and I want representation. fuck this shit.

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I swear I tried to animate this but I was laughing so hard when it was done I couldn’t bring myself to post it.


currently surrounded by some quite good creatures. this is only a temporary peace however, as I’m about to move these Tragic Cat Figures so that I can sleep in their my bed

not to worry, doesn’t take long for them to resettle over my legs

I hate my grandmother sometimes. We were gonna have lunch at my parents house and she brought Mill Billers. Turns out she didn’t get a tub of coleslaw she was supposed to get so she called them to not only get it but also complain and make everyone feel like the lowest scum on earth just for forgetting a tub of coleslaw. I had to go to another room because I couldn’t stand to hear the things she was telling the manager over the phone otherwise I would’ve started a while bunch of family drama if I hadn’t. But before I left I heard her say things like “I understand that you’re human and we all make mistakes but this is SO UNACCEPTABLE…” Which it’s funny that she started out saying something like that when she later told the girl that she “had no right to be in a manager position if she’s that stupid to make a mistake like that and you ARE NOT INDISPENSABLE!” I’m so sorry for anyone who crosses her path and anyone else like my grandmother. If you live anywhere in TX and near any Mill Biller locations then you’ve probably met her. She has said that she’s made a new receptionist cry at her doctors office for some small mistake with her paper work and when I told her that it was wrong to treat ANYONE that way she just scoffed and said the receptionist needs to grow thicker skin.

EXO’s reaction to you having a bad day:

Request: Hey! Could you do exo’s reaction to you having a bad day and needing some love and comfort?

Kim Junmyeon

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He would be able to tell that you had a terrible day from a mile off. You wouldn’t need to tell him, he’d just sense it from your voice over the phone or your facial expression when he saw you. He’d make you some hot chocolate (or tea) and cuddle you for as long as you liked. He wouldn’t make you talk about if you didn’t want to, silence wouldn’t bother him. Expect him to leave soft kisses on your forehead and hands randomly to make you feel better.

Kim Minseok

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He’d want you to tell him exactly what happened so you could find a solution. He would make small hums between some of your sentences to show you that you have his attention and is listening and would not interrupt you until you’re done. He would give you honest advice and tell you not to stress or worry about little things, he’d then cuddle you to sleep while softly stroking your hair lovingly.

Zhang Yixing

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Would honestly be the cutest bean EVER. He would give you loads of cuddles and kisses, all over your face. He would allow you to tell him what’s wrong but (like Junmyeon) wouldn’t mind if you didn’t feel like it at the time. He would ask you what he could do to make you feel better and put on your favourite show (even if his was on) just to please you. He’d play with your fingers and give regular kisses on the check, whispering to you to not dwell in the past and look forward to tomorrow. Yixing is really positive so if you did tell him what was wrong he’d try and find the good in the bad. 

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun would do his absolute best to try and make you laugh or just be happy. He’d smile at you and tickle you after tricking you into a hug just to hear the sound of your laughter. He’d not want you to be moody or unhappy so would entertain with silly singing or dancing to brighten your mood. Just expect him to not leave you alone until you’ve cracked a smile. 

Kim Jongdae

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Jongdae would immediately pull you into a hug once you walked through the door, knowing that something was wrong. He’d be sympathetic and ask you about it, listening and not talking. He mat not give the best advice but whatever he had to say at the end (his opinions/feelings about the matter) would make absolute sense and be understandable. He’d want to to take your mind of things asap, so would be similar to Baekhyun in the sense that he would try and cure your bad mood with jokes and laughter. He’d put on a funny movie or tell a stupid joke to make you smile. Once you do smile he’d say something like, “see your day isn’t so bad! You just smiled!”

Park Chanyeol

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He’d try and cheer you up with fun. He’d figure that staying at home wouldn’t help as you need to get your mind of things in order to cheer up, so expect to come home just to go out again. And he would not take no for an answer. He’d take you somewhere like a lowkey funfair or just go for a drive. Just imagine going to a funfair with Chanyeol, late at night and him forcing the two of you to have candyfloss and everything else sugary and unhealthy, not caring how much you’d have to work out at the gym to get rid of it or any potential tummy aches and just primarily on your happiness. He’d win you (himself) a teddy bear and name it something cute like happiness or sunshine to emphasise the fact that he’s trying to cheer you up. He wouldn’t want to go home and by the time you’d eventually get home, you would have forgotten all about your day and literally fall asleep on top of him because you were so warn out after chasing him all over the funfair.

Do Kyungsoo

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This cutie 100% gives great advice, his advice would not try and sugar coat things, he would be honest with you. He’d give you loads of hugs and would make your favourite food. He’d be really concerned, but would not constantly ask you if you were okay, he’d just stroke you hair or give you a pat on the back to make you cheer up. Don’t be surprised if you catch him staring at you and then quickly looking away as if he wasn’t; he’d be really concerned and constantly be trying to think of ways to cheer you up.

Kim Jongin

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Exo’s angel (also known as Kim Jongin) would literally make you throw up a rainbow from all the cuteness he’d exert. How could you possibly be in a bad mood after all the stuff he’d do? He’d run you a bubble bath and put waaayyyy too much so there’s bubbles everywhere which would just be so nice and soothing to look at. He’d bring you coffee and sit on the side of the bath tub or on the floor and talk to you about something random. He’d probably end up making you laugh because he’d eventually say something stupid or unintentionally funny. He’d make sure that he was in the brightest mood to make sure that you were also. The night would end with the two of you snuggled up on the couch either laughing or crying together over a drama. 

Oh Sehun

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He’d be annoyed with whatever and whoever you were annoyed at and had put you in a bad mood but would do his best to hide this. The thought of someone pissing you off at work or one of your friends making a stupid comment would just boil his blood. He’d listen to you ranting and agree with you, but not say anything to make you more annoyed with the situation even though he could. He’d pull you into a cuddle, with your head resting on his chest and tell you to “ignore” whatever had put you in a bad mood. He’d change the subject by telling you a funny story, or even something that isn’t funny but just interesting. He’d stroke you hair and leave kisses on your head. Being in his arms would make you so comfortable that you’d end up falling asleep while he was still telling his story. He wouldn’t even notice until like 15 minutes later and chuckle softly at your exhausted state. 

This is my first time writing for all members…it was fun 💞. 

I hope you like this anon. Requests are open xx

Cover Up (Supernatural)

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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Sam Winchester x sibling!reader
Warning: None
Rating: PG
Summary: Dean and the reader are having a prank war and the reader decides to be gutsy and get back at him by doing something to his car. 
Author: Dizzy
A/N: This is my first Supernatural imagine! I decided to make it gender neutral and I really hope you all enjoy it! We also have Tom Holland and Brendon Urie imagines in the works.

Masterlist Request a Prompt

“You know, Dean said he’s gonna put us up for adoption if we do anything to his car.” Sam said to his younger sibling while he kicked at a rock on the ground.

Y/n held a roll of plastic wrap in their hands, crouching down next to the Impala as they moved around the car and made sure to cover it top to bottom in the sticky plastic.

“I don’t care, Sammy. Dean started this prank war and I’m going to end it.” Y/n replied, looking up at their brother.

Sam was not pleased with this answer as he stood with his arms crossed and a frown on his face. He had been watching Y/n’s handiwork for thirteen large commercial rolls and two hours.

“Oh, come on, Sammy, lighten up!” Y/n laughed at the sight of their brother’s face and finished off their last layer of plastic wrap on the car. “This will be funny. And Dean really does deserve it since he dyed my hair orange. Orange! That color looks so bad on me!”

Sam rolled his eyes. “You are such a drama queen. Also, next time you and Dean have another one of these stupid “Stars vs. Jets”, “Biggie vs. Tupac”, “who is better?”  wars, don’t drag me along for the ride.”

Y/n rolled their eyes and stood up, dusting themselves off as they looked at their masterpiece that was the Impala Dean held so near and dear.

“Hey!” A voice called out from behind the two.

Y/n quickly shoved the roll from the plastic wrap into Sam’s hand before sprinting away from the scene, leaving their brother to deal with the scenario.

“Sammy, what the hell?! You aren’t even part of this prank war! Why would you help Y/n!?” Dean asked as he approached his brother.

Sam dropped the roll instantly since he could see how angry his older brother was. He quickly turned on his heel and ran in the direction of where his younger sibling went, leaving the oldest of the three to clean up the mess the youngest made.

“This is your fault.” Y/n grumbled as they knelt down on the ground beside Sam, covered in grime and suds.

“How is my fault?”

“Because you let me do something to the car!”

“That was your own choice!” Sam exclaimed, throwing his hands up and causing soap to go flying in every direction. 

“He should of just put us up for adoption…” Y/n sighed, looking over at Dean who was watching the two work.

“Quit yapping and keep scrubbing!” Dean chuckled, taking a swig of his beer as he watched them clean his car. 

Revenge was sweet.

Surprise! The Sequel. [TVD 1x12 Review]

Welcome to the 12th review of season 1! As per usual, here are the guidelines: Considering that I haven’t sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I will start with my usual disclaimer: I write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena senitments and I feel the need to say there may be some anti-Jenna sentiments too. I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism and anti-blackness. OK. Ready? Let’s go.

I love how Stefan and Elena are lying down on her bed, talking about what’s happening in the town, that level of intimacy just in the fact that they’re together on her bed and it isn’t sexual, it’s about how comfortable they are with each other.

I still think it’s bullshit that Jeremy would invite the pizza guy in. I also really hate this scene because I want more details, like at least see vampire hoodie dude get into a car with the actual pizza delivery guy bleeding in the backseat.

Paul’s jeans fit much better now.

Omg Paul is just all chiselled features. This man is beautiful.

“Oh yeah, Elena and I had a blast!” You two were barely together.

Yay, more lunch! Sorry, I just couldn’t recall when they ever ate lunch so the fact that I’m seeing them eat it makes me happy because DETAILS. If only we got a class other than history that wasn’t in a dream.

“If it’s what you and Matt want then it’s not about me.” We don’t ever get a conversation like this about Steroline, like Elena just kept her mouth shut and she never talks about SC as a couple, which I find telling.

I also never understood why Nina uses her left hand to brush the right side of her face, like her hair out of her face, I always found that weird.

Lol Elena leaves Bonnie with the bill. Of course. And doesn’t say thank you.

It really annoys me that the first guy to show interest in Bonnie in the show is just using her. Ugh.

Especially since they could’ve been really hot. And cute. I’m annoyed.

“It’s because we’re predators, Elena. We hunt, we stalk, it’s often as exciting as the kill.” See, Stefan never once distances himself from the darker aspects of vampirism, so I don’t know where the DErs get of saying he pretends to be a saint.
The way he strokes her face, omg.

Matt and Caroline are so cute, their almost paint fight and the way he says, “I MEAN I thought you always told everyone else what to do.”

OK so Elena and Jenna do have separate cars.

“I’m really sorry it won’t be any help for your Diabolical Plan. The Sequel.” I love dry Stefan so much.

It’s kind of funny watching Ian’s hyperactive eyebrows against Paul’s pretty stationary ones.

“See that’s your problem, Damon, you apply all of your shortcomings to everyone else.” Ha, could say the same thing about DE shippers.

So, funny story. When I had cable and would watch my teen dramas, my mother would always complain about them and say how much she hates them but then I would see her standing in the hall watching them over my back. Happened with OTH. Happened with Gossip Girl. And it happened with TVD. So I’m at the scene where Elena is doing her hair and the compass is on her bed. I remember being soooooooo into the scene, like OMG THE SUSPENSE THE COMPASS IS MOVING and then I just hear my mom yell, “She is STUPID. If you’re in a town overrun by vampires and your vampire boyfriend gives you a vampire compass that finds vampires would you not have that damn compass everywhere you go??? SHE’S AN IDIOT. What’s her name? I don’t like her.” Lol. And now eight years later, I tend to agree.

It’s funny, in KDramas when a loved one’s number is saved it’s always something like “My Yoon Jae” or “My Gyu-woon” so just seeing “Elena Gilbert” on Stefan’s phone is like … aww, come on, can’t it be “My Elena”??? lol. Although tbh I probably wouldn’t like that. Kdramas get away with a lot of things that American TV can’t.

Aww Stefan’s hand on Elena’s leg as they talk about the vampire. So sweet. Simple gesture but it shows his protectiveness and his need to comfort her.

And then when Elena slips her hand over his to comfort him for being worried about her. My feeeeeeeeeeeeels.

Also Paul is total James Dean here. Who was that person who said Ian was more James Dean than Paul? Like … WHAT?

“What’s Damon doing here?” At least Bonnie looks mildly indignant.

Also it takes some kind of gall to stand before Bonnie and Caroline, two people who Damon had tried to kill and not feel a type of way.

I do still find Elena’s *turn to Stefan* “May I have this dance?” to be hilarious and necessary. And Stefan’s smile is amaaaaazing.

Paul’s hands are kinda low on Nina’s hips, lmao.

Anna’s hair is a little weird.

“You’re doing that thing again, where you pretend we’re dating even though we’re not” LOL that was a little harsh. The way Anna brushes it off is cool though.

I actually just noticed that when Matt walks up to Caroline and Bonnie at the Grill he’s actually smiling until Caroline is classist af.

Also totally forgot that Stefan and Elena actually have a blast dancing before he pretends he won’t dip her, like they’re smiling SO goofily.

And Damon is looking at them jealous for absolutely no reason because he’s hardly spent any time with Elena but seriously, that’s what love looks like Damon.

The fact that Damon can call himself Stefan’s legal guardian and none of the adults side eye his relationship with Elena? When she’s supposed to be the Rory Gilmore of Mystic Falls, beloved by the town?

“Tonight was so much better on paper.” Just like how the SC relationship was so much better on paper? I get it, Caroline.

Lmao I’m watching all these other people dance and yeah Paul’s hands on Nina’s hips has me like mmmhmm.

Lol he moved them up to her waist.

Oh back to the hips.

Their dance kiss is still one of my favourites, like it just shows how much he loves her.

The way Damon dances with that blonde is utterly ridiculous.

ALSO LOL. “My Boyfriend’s Back” is a song I did a vid to for Steroline and Stelena back in the day, I didn’t realize they played it in 1x12.

It’s actually good to see Elena active in a scene. This is one of my favourite Elena’s scenes [when she fights with Noah]

One of the things I actually like about the Stefan torturing Noah scene is Damon’s facial expressions in the background because he knows how much Stefan loves Elena so he’s just like lol yeah you shouldn’t play tough because he WILL make you suffer. Also seriously, Stefan’s intensity in this scene, that type of protectiveness over Elena that isn’t shown through “I will break your arm” so much love.

I think I really like Mattoline because it reminds me of me and my best friend in high school and it’s really realistic.

I also like the Mattoline kiss, it’s very cinematic.

Also find it cute that Elena is on her couch and Stefan is making her tea in her kitchen because they’re just so at home with each other.

And the way she looks at him giving her the tea, like isn’t my boyfriend so considerate?

“It’s going to take a lot more than a road trip and a rescue for me to forget who Damon really is.” Oh, so the necklace was the dealbreaker then? Also, it wasn’t a road trip, he kidnapped you. Also y’all are acting like he hasn’t damaged this town and that he’s just a dick. For Stefan that makes sense but Elena honestly should not be this calm.

At least with Spike, Xander and Willow only stop fearing him when there’s a chip in his head that makes it impossible for him to feed on humans so he’s no longer a threat to them.

This was a weak ending.

Tony - London Serial Killer

Unemployed and unemployable Tony is a sympathetic recluse with severe social problems, an addiction to VHS action films and a horrible moustache. Occasionally he snaps and murder is the result.
Featuring a star-making lead performance from Peter Ferdinando, Tony is dark, brutal and bleakly amusing and will stay with you long after you finish watching.

Outstanding debut from Gerard Johnson, Tony has been compared to classics Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Taxi Driver and is one of the most important and disturbing British films of recent years.

buy here

not so important note: the cinema in my hometown used to make free movie nights for movies no one wants to see. So in 2009 I saw “Tony” with a friend of mine for free and i thought it really weird and funny! unfortunately no one else in the cinema seemed to be interested - so we watched it while others where talking, screaming, throwing popcorn and making stupid jokes about the scenes and actors. i have to admit it was the best time i ever spent in a cinema 

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i missed the drama on markiplier, what does your post about pro life and not warning markiplier mean?

“its about the post where its like “someone warn markiplier of gang wars in LA bc the gangs r gonna kill ppl there” + the picture where its like “claims to be pro life, dies anyway” SO the post is supposed to be “claims to be pro life, but doesnt warn markiplier about the gang wars pwease warn markimoo” oh my god the post is so stupid why did it get notes and its not funny dodoemdlsjdkqoansk” ITS JUST A JOKE FROM MY GROUPCHAT STOP REBLOGGING IT PLEASE IODFSGGMRSDGS

Reasons to Watch The Mysteries of Laura

1) It’s a cop show. Who doesn’t love a good cop show?

2) Debra Messing.

3) Jake is a cocky motherfucker and he is attractive and even though he’s an ass, I really like him for some reason.

4) The twins. Omg the twins.

5) Alicia. Sassy babysitter. Nuff said.


7) Debra Messing.

8) It’s not only action/drama, but it’s funny too.

9) Like really genuinely and realistically funny. Not really stupid “make fart sounds and penis jokes funny” like so many other comedies.

10) Did I mention Debra Messing?

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5 - pretending to be married - Kakashi/Naruto, R27, OR Ichigo/Urahara

Okay, I’m actually a fan of all three pairings, but I think I’ve seen some KakaNaru marriage fics floating around already, and R27 is like my go-to pairing when given the choice, so I figured I’d try Ichigo/Urahara this time just to switch things up a bit.

Check under the cut!  Hope you like it:)

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Goblin Review: Episode 13

I’m still awe of what a heartbreakingly brilliant episode this was. The acting in this episode was undeniably amazing; every did such an fantastic job, especially our male leads. Wow.

Eun Tak: I had my theories when we saw that her mark was fading and she was losing her ability to see ghosts, but to see everything come to fruition in this episode was intense. I didn’t quite realize that Park Joong Won was waiting for the mark to fade so he can control her—that was utterly brilliant writing—but what an interesting concept. I’m wondering if Yeo will go through what he initially promised Shin in erasing her memories. Her fate is sealed now right? She pulled the sword so death should no longer come for her and she’d be free to live her life. But Shin told her to wait two days while they figured out the answer to the fate question the deity gave them, I feel like there’s more to the answer than just in killing Park Joong Won with the sword.

Grim Reaper/Wang Yeo: I have to praise Lee Dong Wook for such a brilliant performance this episode; he had so many emotional scenes and he executed them perfectly. It was interesting that getting his memories back was his punishment for breaking the rules. In the end he finally got what he wanted—he found out that he’s Wang Yeo. While he was obviously disappointed in his younger self, he finally understood why Shin was so angry. It was also nice to see him continue to warn Shin about how he keeps receiving Eun Tak’s name card. Despite the fact that he couldn’t do anything good for anyone when he was a king, he was able to do that now. Honestly though, I felt so bad for Yeo when Shin called him out on what his younger self did. While he wasn’t wrong, I kinda just wanted scream “that’s not who he is now, leave him alone!” Lol.

Shin/Eun Tak: I loved that he took her out a cute date before everything went to shit. Watching him break down while reading the contract broke my heart. That was honestly such good acting. And the scene where they were saying good-bye? Ugh. I have a feeling that Shin’s death just meant his freedom from his life of eternity. I can’t imagine them killing him off permanently so I expect him to come back mortal in the upcoming episodes.

Goblin/Grim Reaper: My heart honestly broke watching them fight but it was just so organic and brilliantly done. Despite his anger, I love that Shin acknowledged the moments where he and Yeo actually bonded in present day. Those flashbacks gave me the feels. I love that those two were still willing to help and trust each other; Yeo continued to warn Shin about getting Eun Tak’s name card and Shin entrusted Sunny’s safety to Yeo. In the end though, Yeo did fulfill Shin’s final request to do something good for once. While he may have asked him to protect and save Sunny like she saved him, saving Eun Tak from Park Joong Won also counts, right? We haven’t seen the last of their bromance, especially not with 3 more episodes to go, so I’m excited to see what’s next.

Sunny/Yeo: I knew that she didn’t forget anything because all her memories with him—both good and bad—made her happy. Ugh, I loved that scene. While it was sad to see her wipe his tears, return the ring, and say goodbye I’m satisfied in the consolation that they’ll meet again and they’ll get their happy ending for once. If the writer doesn’t give them that then I’m going to be so disappointed. Also, I love that Yep was watching over Sunny even before Shin asked him too. He arrived while PJW was staring through the mirror at her and attacked him and I was honestly like “boy, damn.” We again saw Samson mention these two paying a hefty price so I guess the question now is will they still have to pay now that they both know everything or is knowing everything but not being able to be together (because they’re being stupid) their punishment?

The drama has been pretty static in terms of plot development. While we got lots of bromance, romance, and funny scenes, the plot didn’t develop much until last weeks episode. But they certainly delivered amazing episodes in terms of plot and performance in these last two episodes. They honestly closed a lot of loose ends with the sword and Eun Tak’s destiny nicely in this episode. I honestly hope that this Special tomorrow will actually tell us something useful and not just be a stupid recap.

Drop an ask and talk to me! I’d love to discuss!

(Review Episode: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 )

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: people want dan and phil to collab with other people and then phil does and does it with a female and suddenly shitstorms start because people ship it and others don't like that it's become a ship and everything is so childish and pathetic and i wish that more people would realise that phil can collab with whoever he likes and that just because the person beside him isn't dan doesn't mean that it's any less of a good video. and it's funny because if he'd done a collab with a dude none of y'all would be salty or starting stupid drama.

idk I kinda want to be friends with 5sos. 

Like I want to hang out with Michael and lounge on the couch with him eating pizza and laughing at a dumb movie. Throw popcorn at him when he’s being stupid and boo his jokes when they’re not funny. I want him to tell me to shut up when I’m ranting about a boy that doesn’t deserve my time or when I’m talking about drama that he doesn’t care about. And I want to see his face as I surprise him with a kitten for his birthday, how he holds him so gently and gasps when he starts purring and nuzzling into his face. I want to read beside him while he plays video games until he notices I’ve fallen asleep, so he carries me upstairs and tucks me in and kisses me on the forehead. 

I want to be friends with Luke so I can annoy him by asking how the weather is up there and he’d get me back by putting my favourite makeup and hair products on the top shelf where I can’t reach them. I want us to get McDonald’s at 3am and tell each other secrets and hear him say I knew you wanted the extra large fries as I steal some off his tray but I know he doesn’t mind because he smiles and nudges it towards me. I want him to teach me how to play guitar but grin when I keep messing up and ultimately sigh and give up because Luke I’m sorry but I just can’t do it…..maybe I’m better at drums? I want to go out clubbing with him and as we leave sigh super loud and drag my feet until he rolls his eyes and reluctantly offers to piggy back me as I jump on his back in seconds. I want to find him sulking on his bed after a long day so I can crawl onto his bed and spoon him, chuckle as he huffs softly in protest before relaxing and resting his hand on top of mine.

I want to be friends with Ashton so he can take so many videos of us together, when we go out for lunch or when we’re backstage before a show or when he not-so-secretly sneaks into the shower to record me singing but then run away when I scream for him to get out because damn it Ashton I’m naked get out of here! and all I can hear is his giggling down the hall telling me to lock the door next time. I want to go to thrift stores with him and laugh as we pick out the most ridiculous outfits for each other to try on, and of course take tons of photos. I want to surprise him on tour and sit snuggled on the couch and listen to him talk for hours about all of the cool experiences he’s had, and all the cool people he’s met as he plays with my hair absentmindedly. 

I want to be friends with Calum so we can go for a drive to a quiet spot on the outskirts of town and sit on the hood of the car and talk about our dreams and our fears. I want to attempt to out-drink him at a party but fail miserably and cringe the next morning when he tells me I puked on his shoes. I want to go to amusement parks with him and go on all the rides, and apologize for crushing his hand on most of them, but smile when he bumps me gently and says thats okay pipsqueak, I got your back. I want to sing along (loudly) to r&b songs with him and laugh as he tries (and fails) to be sensual, and laugh when he laughs at my (even worse) attempt. I want to fall asleep on the couch and when he finds a spot next to me snuggle into him and enjoy our quiet nap together. 

yeah……I’d like that.

exo reaction to watching a drama with you in it and they come across a really sexual scene

Xiumin: “Yeah right say what you want to say, it’s just a drama not a big deal”


Kris: "Let’s just change channels, this is awkward for everyone”
Baekhyun: “Not for me!”
Kris: “Shut up and change the channel”

Suho: “You’re so immature, you better all be quiet and cover your eyes and mouths so you won’t be making anymore  of those stupid comments”

Lay: *Doesn’t care about the teasing*  See how good at acting my girlfriend is?

Chen: “After what you did with Sehun in your drama, what she’s doing it’s not a big deal after all”

Chen: *Someone made a comment*

Chanyeol: “How about we just skip this moment and forget about this?”

D.O: “They should have hire me to play with her in this drama, not him”


Kai: *Hides under the blanket so he doesn’t have to watch it anymore*


Being a Fangirl

As a Fangirl, you will go through many emotions. The emotion where there’s so many emotions that you just…: 

You will also feel pretty sexual…

There will be times when you have no idea what’s going on in the fandom. (Check Twitter-whatever you missed, Twitter will know about it. Twitter is Fandom news *drama* central.)

When people hate on your fandom, you may feel anything from this: (thinking them hating is so stupid it’s almost funny)

…to this: (strait up wanting to get into a fight with somebody) 

This has been a (short) demonstration of what it’s like being a fangirl. Thank you for your time. :)