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Sometimes i wish ppl would appreciate art more. I feel like its one of those things people are like “wow cool!” and then forget about. People take it for granted. Art is literally everywhere and all around us yet people kind of brush it off. Its not really supported in schools and wages are low for people who do art/design related jobs. 

Not only that, people think art is easy. Yeah you dont need to be academically strong to get into a good art college, but all of that stress is shifted onto creativity, talent, skill, originality, style and more. It takes years to develop skill and creativity and it takes hours, weeks, months to create major works. One time some boy told me “I could win 500$ too in that design competition if I paid someone to do the work lol” Ill never forget how disrespected i felt, it was literally a slap in the face to all the time, effort, skill, and creative process i put into my work. Not only that, hes literally suggesting stealing and taking credit for someone’s work is rewarding lmao

People think artists live a life of passion, enjoying their jobs, stress free when in actuality its probably just as stressful if not more than jobs in science, math, law, etc. you have to constantly be creating new stuff, and its not always things you love. you have to cater to people too if ur going to be a successful designer. 

I’ll always have an appreciation for people who put art out there, and im glad i can be in a community here where art is embraced. Ill always appreciate artists of any kind, in any field, whether its abstract, graphic, illustrative, design, sculpture, photography, etc. even creative writing, drama, and poetry is art. Artists’ brains are all built differently, we see things others don’t and it can be either a terrifying or a beautiful world. Ill always appreciate artists who pour out their feelings and messages in their works because its great to have an outlet when you don’t want to state things directly or its impossible to. Whether your art is visually pleasing, hyperrealistic, a mess of colors, strange, twisted, its all beautiful. It’s a beautiful personalization. it all has a message and a significance, because there is a reason why you made the piece and spent time creating it. 

I feel like in this world we are all just losing passion and appreciation for these things. People don’t want to fund art schools or build programs for artists. You tell people youre an artist or you want to go to art school and they look at you as if youre less intelligent than them. but you’re not, you’ll always have something they don’t. You’ll always have a skill and a mind that those people who have shamed you or judged you for wish they had. Dont let them just brush you off. 

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Relationship status: In love with cats

Favorite color: Blue, purple and black.

Lipstick or Chapstick?: Chapstick. Good for dry lips.

Last song I listened to: Change by Monkey Majik (because I was watching a Hanyu Yuzuru program)

Last movie I watched:  I’m currently watching one, but in parts over a few days because I keep getting inspired and writing down thoughts. It’s Double Mints, watching a screening of it for Psycho-Drama, a Japanese film and drama website.

Top 3 fictional characters: I’ve got too many and it’s really impossible to rank them so I’ll just throw out the ones that come to mind first. They may not be the best or ultimate faves. In no particular order,

Yeo Un of Warrior Baek Dong Soo: Yoo Seung Ho’s acting is just out of this world despite the terrible writing. Singlehandedly saved the show from ruins.

Ninomae Juuichi of SPEC (the jdrama and jmovie franchise): Because he is Ninomae-sama, that’s why. He’s evil yet retains the freshness and childlike innocence of a kid. Ninomae is literally the embodiment of childlike cruelty, like the child one sees at the bus stop, squashing ants for the fun of it. The incongruity is fascinating and Kamiki’s layered and skilled performance is captivating.

Thranduil of The Hobbit: Lee Pace’s acting and aura outstrips everyone around him by miles. This guy has got skill and added so much charm and beauty to what was originally a normal side-role and elevated it to a memorable fan-favourite.

Top 3 ships: 

Akabane Karma X Okuda Manami (from Assassination Classroom)

Hori-senpai X Kashima (from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

Hanyu Yuzuru X Pooh (you didn’t say that the ships can’t be real life hahahah)

Bonus (because I am greedy): Sad Eyes X Namsoon (The Duelist [the kmovie])

Currently reading: Nothing right now, but I just finished 有匪 by priest. It’s a pretty well-written wuxia novel with organic growth of characters and minimal unnecessary angst that are there just for the sake of being there. It has the current trend of the imperial sphere overlapping with wuxia sphere but executes it really well and avoiding most of the tropes (most. it does have a bit of tropeyness which, lbr, is unavoidable since so many works have been using this and one is bound to cover the same ground). The main character is a girl who grows in all aspects (personality, maturity, skills, martial arts) throughout the course of the story and is a layered character. Neither the female nor the male lead overshadows the other overwhelmingly in most aspects and both have their own strengths and weaknesses and they complement each other very well. The male lead is also a rare gem who deviates from the oh-so-cliche macho chauvinistic aggressive alpha male stock so common in Chinese yanqing/romance/historical online fiction these days. Their relationship also progresses from strangers to friends to confidantes and to lovers. tl;dr, READ THIS BOOK.

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Working with Cream Shadows: A Few Tips

I don’t often work with cream shadows in my tutorials, because most of the time I want to let the shadows speak for themselves. But there are times as well when you need a cream base to really take the intensity up a notch.

Above is a very quick tutorial for a metallic silvery-minty party look, as well as lots of swatches plus a couple of before-after shots to show you how I like to layer creams and powders.

1.There are 4 types of cream shadows in general

  • Old-school creamy - MAC Cream Color Bases and elf Cream Shadow Duos are the creamy kind that don’t really set. I usually give this a miss on the lids as they will crease in 5 minutes.
  • Solid pots and sticks - Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, Maybelline Color Tattoos, MAC Paint Pots, Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams all belong in this category. They are hard at room temperature but will melt slightly on contact. These are the most common, but also problematic because many of them dry out after awhile and become impossible to use.
  • Bouncy creams - Chanel came out with the first ones in their Illusion d'Ombre range, and then Dior had Fushion Monos which are equally beautiful in texture and color. Lancome came up with limited edition Hypnose Drama Eyes creams but the textures are a little more hit and miss. But overall, these jelly- and mousse-like textures are the latest generation cream shadows and combine smooth intensity, incredibly dimensional multi-pigmented colors AND long-wear. Even when they start to dry out, they don’t go all hard and are still usable for a long time. By far my favorite texture but they tend to only come from more expensive houses.
  • Liquids/Creams - These easy to use creams come in tubes with doe-foot applicators or squeeze tubes and many are available in drugstore ranges. They set and stay on fairly well, but the textures tend to be quite sheer once blended out, although they are also easiest to work with for beginners who want subtlety.

2. Pick complementary tones for a quick win. 

If you’re working with neutral brown toned shades, pick a brown cream shadow. If you are doing a blue-toned look, try a blue toned shadow.There are no rules, but just remember that applying cool toned shades over clashing warm toned bases and vice versa and neutralize colors and make everything look muddy or just sludgy and grey. (On the other hand, if you have a shadow that is too brassy and orange or yellow for your taste, a silvery base can help to cut the yellow-ness.)

Beige and black goes with anything so it depends whether you want a smoky look or a soft look. 

3. There are different textures/finishes. 

  • Matte and Satin - and I include beige eye primers along with this group cos they work the same way; these allow shadows to stay true to their original textures
  • Metallic/Pearl - usually the most popular and commonly available finish; these can help intensify the shine of shimmery shadows and help them look even more metallic.
  • Sparkly - a lot of the bouncy mousse-like shadows tend to be in the sparkly category where you see a ton of little flecks and sparkles when you look close. Often, the little sparkles show up through a layer of shadow, so if you want to jazz up a regular powder shadow, a sparkle shade works.

4. Play with duochrome shadows and pigments.

Often, the same color will look completely different when applied over different bases. (See the last image above; Winter Veld mica from Coastal Scents is a beige pink pigment with an icy blue shift when it hits the light.) This means you can combine different creams and powders and come up with completely different looks. 

A cheap source for duochrome shades is mineral makeup sellers online. Often, these loose pigment shadows aren’t formulated with enough or the right type of binders (it’s easier to get the formulation right with pressed shadows) and don’t stick to the lids very well, so pairing them with cream shadows is perfect. 

Ultimately, you CAN just pop a cream shadow on your lids when you have 2 minutes but I find many colors tend to look patchy and uneven on their own, and they’re really at their best as intensifiers and transformers for powder shadows.

If you’ve never tried interference pigments, go check out elf’s Eyeshadow Transformer palette and pop each of the shades over a dark cream shadow.

My favorite sources for pigments are and Not every color is great for use directly on the lids (these are almost pure color pigments and supposed to be mixed with fillers and binders), and I’d stick with the shimmers and metallics unless you’re a pro and DIY blending and formulation.

Just make sure you get the sample sizes because you can get a ton of colors for just $20. Invest in the full 1 oz packs/jars only if you’re a makeup artist and need to use truckloads of pigments on a regular basis.

Anonymous asked: Please write nerd!cas getting asked out by popular!jock!dean, but he says no bc he thinks it’s a joke.

On a scale from most-likely-to-happen to least-likely-to-happen in the life of Castiel Novak, Castiel was currently in the no-way-in-hell-that-this-is-actually-happening zone. There had to be a logical explanation for this. Maybe Castiel was dreaming. Or maybe he had hit his head without remembering, meaning that he was actually in some strange kind of coma, his mind making up this entire scenario.

“Well… Will you? Go out with me, I mean?” Dean Winchester asked for the second time, his green eyes mesmerizing enough to paralyze Castiel and keep him in place right where he was standing in front of his locker. Dean was standing close, too close. Castiel could easily count every glorious freckle on that gorgeous face.

They were alone, seeing as their last class had ended thirty minutes ago, which meant that most students had already left the building. The only reason Castiel was still here was because he’d been at the library, doing research for his Biology project. The reason Dean was still here… Was apparently to ask Castiel out. Which made no sense whatsoever.

Dean was captain of the football team. Dean was the guy everyone wanted, boys and girls alike. The guy who made Castiel’s palms turn sweaty whenever he so much as looked at Castiel. Which rarely ever happened to begin with, because Castiel was pretty much the invisible kid. He was the nerd with whom no one wanted to be associated, which made Dean’s proposal all the more suspicious.

Castiel opened his mouth, but no sound came out. This would probably be an effective way to communicate with the average goldfish, but it was clearly a foreign language to the most popular kid at Lawrence High; Dean was still staring at Castiel expectantly, waiting for an actual reply.

Dean’s lips, plush and pink, had been turned up into a half-smile during their one sided conversation, but they were slowly twisting into a pout now. Castiel nervously pushed his glasses back up his nose, his other hand fumbling with the notebook that he was holding.

“It’s a simple question, Cas.” Dean said mildly, casually leaning one hand against Castiel’s locker now, so that they were even closer. “Can I take you out on a date, yeah or no?”

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Tear You Apart: Chapter 6

Listen to When We Were on Fire while reading.

“Drifting apart, getting harder to hold you. Days getting dark and the nights are growing cold. Are we burning out?… Take me back to where it was before when we were on fire.

by: @joshhutchersn & @jenniferandjoshua

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I wanted to post the WIP before the day was actually over so I could thank everyone and celebrate with the fandom, etc!

I was hoping to have it TOTALLY finished, but unfortunately my cat had other plans and chewed threw the wire of my tablet and so now coloring is basically impossible. So I’m going to take another crack at it tomorrow. So expect a lot of belated Courtney Appreciation Day shenanigans.