this drama :(((

Like ok maybe this will come across wrong but whatever I just want to point out, with all this drama about YouTube restricted mode, that like. It’s not really about the fact my videos are blocked?? Like I’m not HAPPY they’re blocked but tbh that’s not why I’ve made such a big deal of it.

It’s because of the implications that queer identities are inherently sexual or adult? Like, that the words “gay” or “LGBT” aren’t for kids to hear. It’s gross.

And yeah, I talk about how many of my videos are blocked. Because it’s a sizeable chunk, and it’s frustrating, and it could have ramifications if I want to monetise my channel down the line.

But honestly????? As important as I obviously think ace rep and ace education is, I’m more worried about the fact people’s transition diaries and girlfriend/boyfriend tags are being blocked.

Like, you can explain away my content being blocked as being because of sex references or the occasional swear word, but YouTube is literally blocking videos that are completely PG because they mention LGBT issues and that’s not cool.

“oh, it’s just that men are mad the protag of horizon zero dawn is not attractive”

me: “lmao, what do they consider attractive? she looks like a supermodel!”

“well… i mean, she is stocky and doesn’t have a traditionally pretty face. she is a bt ugly but that’s good!”

me, looking at this character that’s like half my size and has a button nose, and great skin: “right :’)”

  • *soo ho as a police officer interrogating yeo wool part 1*
  • soo ho: dude, just because we're friends doesn't mean i'm letting you off easy, alright? you're here for questioning.
  • yeo wool: honestly, though- i have no fucking clue why i'm being questioned. like, why am i here?
  • soo ho: well, it says here that... oh my god, yeo wool. AGAIN?
  • yeo wool: what?
  • soo ho: you strip danced at okta and got illegally paid again?
  • yeo wool: don't be silly. it was legal. it was all in cash.

I’m just horrified because I thought I had you blocked? Apparently you made a new blog. My favorite thing is the ‘you never dated her’ accusation. Gaslighting? Gaslighting. You don’t have to meet someone online to date them. It’s… online… for a reason. Also, once again, I have never ONCE mentioned when I’m leaving for bootcamp on THIS BLOG, aka that leads me to think you’re also stalking my other blog.