this drama :(((

Please if you respect the Voltron team and crew, and don’t fucking care about ships reblog and read this

I’ve done one of these before and it just seems like some fucking klance shippers can’t stop! I’m a klance shipper and I know when to stop, some of you need to learn when enough is enough and cause an artist draws klance once doesn’t mean they have to keep drawing them for you! They can draw whatever the fuck they want! I’m so done with half the klance shippers in this fandom cause most are negative. But I’m not going to stop shipping klance cause that means there would be one less nice and respectful person that does. And I’m a multishipper so idgaf What becomes or doesn’t become cannon. BUT ABOVE ALL ELSE LEAVE THE VOLTRON VA’s AND CREW OUT OF YOUR FUCKING SHIPPING DRAMA

if nothing else, the flash has told us again and again that couples who are villains have more stable, drama-free relationships than the heroes

there’s earth 2 deathstorm and killer frost, obviously in love

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there’s cold and heatwave, who while not a canon relationship, were coded as such and were…. fine (at least recoverable) UNTIL they began getting heroic tendencies

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there’s sam and rosa, together from before the particle accelerator exploded to the future in 2024 with no drama whatsoever

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and now we have the mechanic x the thinker? (thinkanic) from this preview which i believe is a flashback 

and all the heroes have break ups and back togethers, drama for the sake of drama, misunderstandings galore.

what exactly is the moral they’re sending out here

A Gillian love PSA

As this thing gets kicked off and we all gear up for the barrage of pics and updates, can we please please remember to keep it kind and focused on how lovely Gillian is and not throw shit and be cruel? I think we owe it to this beautiful creature we adore to give her the respect she deserves and honor her by not making her private life fodder for debate and ugliness. Let’s just ooh and ahh over her *jumpsuit* and makeup and face!


Yura to Beka: WELCOME TO THE MADNESS that is my unbelievably extra family.

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