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“When it’s one of them, it’s fine, but as soon as the other walks in, they light up and their ages seem to drop by 30 years. It’s like the difference between having one puppy in a room and having two puppies in a room – like it really is, they increase exponentially.”

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Quick doodle of Hiccup fixing his own clothes (because he don’t need a woman to fix those for him when he’s quite capable of doing so himself)

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Plus, ok, I know that a lot of you that follow me are not here for HTTYD art, but I was wondering if you guys wanted to know more about any AU’s I have?? I have quite a few but if there isn’t much interest its fine with me as well and i’ll keep them warm and safe in the darkest corners of my mind, hehe.

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I’ve had this sketch done for a while but was worried to post it, but I really really wanted to, because I think it’s just dorky and cute <33 

Agent Compromised

So many people. Was this normal for an RFA party? Saeran felt completely overwhelmed even standing in one place, everything around him blurring to vague objects moving about and melting together. His brother had promised him he would be back soon, and that was what? Five, ten minutes ago? He wasn’t even sure anymore.
Maybe he was really good in hiding his discomfort, or perhaps no one was really paying attention to him. One of the guests tried to initiate a conversation, but all he did was nod and she soon left with a glum expression. He decided he had to get out for a moment; calm down a bit.
The balcony was an oasis in the desert of noise. Staring into the distance of the cloudy evening allowed him to take a breath. Going to a party this large had definitely been a move too bold for him. Saeyoung and MC had offered to stick around him all evening, but he hated the idea of being babysat and pretty much told them to do what they normally did.
Down below, he saw some men in what he called penguin uniforms patrol around, scanning the surrounding area with a critical eye, metal C&R pins glowing in the lantern light. Saeran spotted Vanderwood easily, his shabby long hair standing out among the short-shaven men.
He looks really good in a suit…
Vanderwood peered upwards and Saeran instinctively bolted away from the marble ledge, nearly bumping into someone in his rush backwards. His face felt hot despite the goosebumps on his arms.
This wasn’t fair. All he had wanted was a simple kind of life, and he didn’t know what was happening to him, or why, and he was too embarrassed to ask Saeyoung anything.
A server carrying a tray of wines in slim glasses approached him and Saeran was desperate for any type of distraction right now.
His feet ached with how many times he had patrolled the perimeter. Multiple times Vanderwood had bumped into several members of the RFA, each of them offering him a drink, a chair or some form of comfort, but his own sense of duty and possibly paranoia allowed him no rest while he was working.
Every guest looked the same to him and how they could all keep up their smiles while talking to strangers all night was a mystery to him. The first people he saw when he walked into the large building were Seven and Saeran, the two of them apart from the crowd.
Wait, did Saeran just wobble? Vanderwood rushed over to them.
“Are you seriously drunk?” Seven glanced at the 3 empty wine glasses on the table nearby.
Saeran looked like he was about to throw up, flushed from his own body heat, his handsome party outfit slightly crumpled. Vanderwood quickly confiscated the glass in Saeran’s hand and MC popped up around the corner.
“I will bring him to the car.” She gently guided Saeran away who offered no resistance, making sure he didn’t trip.
“It’s my fault.” Seven said distraught. “I got too caught up in fixing the animated presentation for the speakers, and I nearly forgot about Saeran. And now he drank himself into a stupor because he get too anxious. If only I-“
“Don’t blame yourself. We all assumed he would be ready for a big event. Even Saeran claimed so.” Still, Vanderwood chastised himself for not taking better precautions.
Before Seven could counter argue how he was to blame, Jaehee approached them in a hurry, nearly masking all her worry.
“Luci- Saeyoung. We need you and MC to help out with the guests.” Knowing Jaehee, she wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t needed.
When Seven started to panic, about to explain why he had to go, Vanderwood rested his hand on the redhead’s shoulder. “I’ll bring Saeran home. You guys have a job to do and I’m finished with my shift.”
Vanderwood smiled when he received a relieved nod.
Things were blurry inside Saeyoung’s fancy race car. His head buzzed happily but his heart hurt. He had ruined things for his brother and his future sister-in-law all because he was stubborn and tried to solve things his way.
The door opened and a blurry long-haired brunette came into his view. Saeran sighed.
“I’m sorry MC.”
MC didn’t reply, seeming to rummage with something in the front seat. He didn’t blame her; no doubt she was upset.

“I didn’t want you and Seven to feel bad. Damn, this is not how I wanted my first RFA party to go.”

Saeran bit his lip. “I just got so nervous. Not the party but…”
He sighed. If there was anyone that might understand him, it might be MC. The liquid courage inside of him helped bring out the words easier as well.
“It’s Vanderwood. I just… I can’t stand it! He’s always just around! And I feel… I always feel… weird when he’s around.” Saeran waved his arms in the air as if doing so made it all clearer. “And the worst part of it is that… I want him to be around. Around me. It also feels good. And I don’t understand. But it does and I don’t know what to do.” 

Finally he rested his hands on his silk trousers, clenching the fabric.

When MC didn’t reply again, Saeran looked up from the car seat. To his confusion, there was no one. Had he imagined it? One thing was for sure, he wouldn’t try alcohol anytime soon again.
“Thanks Mary.” MC accepted Seven’s keys from Vanderwood. On behalf of the twins, she was able to find a compromise where she could leave the party to bring Saeran home. Normally Vanderwood wouldn’t have allowed it, though now he was only happy.
He should have told Saeran he wasn’t MC when he entered the car. Hearing the redhead talk about him like that… Vanderwood gripped his uniform, feeling his heart trying to jump out of his chest.
Facing Saeran tomorrow was going to be extremely difficult… But he knew he had to.