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I could totally see you doing like a Matsuno dating sim or something where you'd draw the situations and make them say super cheesy things, idek, but I could totally see you doing it.



I frikkin love making fake dating sim screenshots anon–and you just gave me an excuse to do that +u+

THEY’D BE SUPER EASY TO ROMANCE THO LET’S BE HONEST. Would not be much of dating sim >uO

either way, enjoy!

Uhm excuse you guys? ANOTHER GIVEAWAY?!

Holy hamsters and cows you guuuuuuuuuuuys ;3; I hit another follower milestone and that means another giveaway! 


  • Like or reblog this post, or both for 2 counts~! 
  • Giveaway ends at 25th November. So a short window to enter so make sure you have your reference ready~! 
  • If you do not reply within 48h I’ll pick a new winner. 
  • If this post gets over 100 notes I’ll add another doodle. So there will be two winners. 
  • I’ll draw OC, fanart, maybe your DnD character? Not just GW2 fanart. 

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I want to learn how to draw but I have no idea from where to start. Do you have any advice for me? I'm desperate seeing all of you talented people drawing amazingly well but I can't even draw a line T_T I love yr blog <33

alright i suck at advice and stuff but i legitly just got on desktop so i could answer this ;)

So you might not know this but ive been drawing for almost three weeks, i mean as a hobby, i have to draw on art class but nothing so big or meaningful so yeah.

So i have no idea where to start, i’d say just do what feels right so you can find your own style but you also gotta know how things work, something i’ve found very very important is:

  • References i swear theres nothing more important than this.  (i’ll add links at the end). If youre gonna start you need lots of references, like a lot, just stare at things arounf you, figure how they work, how they look. Stare at pics of your favourite idol (i stared at pics of Namjoon for like 10 mins before i drew him for the first time, hes too beautiful #blessed)
  • Finding inspiration: what do you wanna draw? do you wanna draw humans? doggos? inanimated objects? potatoes? you choose, you can do it
  • Dont mind of it doesnt look good. there’s always place for improving, if you check out my fanfics from three years ago and compare them to now theyre shit. Shitty english, shitty writing, 1ST PERSON LIKE WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME, im using writing as an example bc its what ive been doing the longest, (im as Jahssel on AO3 shamelessSelfPromo) So yeah dont mind much if you cant draw a line, keep on trying! you’ll get better 
  • Don’t be afraid of trying new things. You wanna start drawing? do it! You are free to do as you please, who knows you might be the next Van Gogh (no one liked his art back then like EXCUSE YOU)
  • Don’t be afraid of asking for help!!! I’ve literally being going around asking for advice bc im not good at it (yes im scarred for life thanks mom) If you cant draw something if you dont seem to get it right just ask someone you consider good at it for help, most ppl on tumblr are really nice (esp in the ask blog community) and they’ll help you with no hesitation
  • Dont Give Up: even when you think things are just not going right dong give up, never give up, Even if youre seeing no improvement dont give up on it. You’ll get better at it you just have to remeber Practice Makes Perfect you just gotta keep on trying and trying until you get it right. When i was younger i couldnt swim for shit, i couldnt even get in the water, but i didnt give up on it and i’m now Haruka Nanase (i love swimming so fucking much) so o dont give up  Heroes never die!

Here are the references i use most of the time (ive got them saved pls

Theres this thing called same face sindrome in which al your charactesrs look the same? here’s how to avoid it (all links are on tumblr dont worry)(also long thingies bc i hate when im on app and i have to press the goddamn x like my fat fingers cant do that)

Ref 1      Ref 2      Head ref  More heads

These also help with face drawing

Hair! Drawing hair is hell, i hate it, these two help but you might as well pull a me and draw random lines and hope it looks good lmao

Ref 1     Ref 2    Bonus!

Eyes are also hard, you dont have to make it realistic if youre just doodling but gotta know how shit works

Ref 1   Ref 2

Expressions and mouth also a hard one (everything is hard when drawing tbh)

Ref 1    Ref 2    Ref 3    Ref 4

Noses! everyones favourite, fun to pick at them fun to draw them (lmao im sleep depraved pls excuse me)

Ref 1

Everyone’s fucking favourite HANDS!! THIS SHIT IS THE WORSE BUT IVE FOUND A WAY TO DRAW THEM (gonna post it later kay)

Ref 1    Ref 2    Ref 3   Ref 4    Ref 5 

General anatomy, yeah gotta give them bodies, because aparently humans have bodies???? wth 

Full body   Legs   Arms   Body types 1    Body Types 2    Tips  Poses

Feet! I still havent learn how to do this but gonna link you either way

Ref 1   Ref 2    Ref 3


Boobs 1    Boobs 2   Fabric folds    Dicks    :3    Profiles    Dicks 2   Kissing

Check the pages i use the most for more ref 

Anatomy–ref       ThunderCluck (Tutor thursday)

Yup thats it i think, im gonna post the way i draw shitty hands later  

Hope this helped (wow this was long asf)

“thank you tumblr!!”

in short:

asdfjkl; thank you guys so much??? ;A;;;;; omg I would have never thought I would get this far in tumblr asdfjk;l TTATT I started this blog 2 years ago just for random doodles and stuff :’D thank you guys so much asdfjkl; your support means so much to me and it really makes me happy to see so many people who enjoy my art TTvTT I’ve never done an appreciation post on tumblr before (unlike other social medias) which is a bit odd, but I wanted to take this opportunity and say I love y’all <3

I might hold an art raffle here but idk if anyone would be interested TT7TT I’ve seen others do it but I’ve never actually done it myself on tumblr *v* we’ll see

and excuse the super quick drawing lmao there will be a speedpaint for that too but idk if I want to upload it or not *v*


Doodles of Akechi and protag that I drew between working my previous short comic. Excuse my messy jpn handwriting, but it’s just me being angry overly excited about the protag.

Middle second pic translation:
Akechi: Do you wanna get killed or something…?? (I told you to not do that outside, right?)
Protag: Sorry but I don’t think violence is the answer (It hurts)

I like to make draw Akechi cry apparently.

-(posted) 05/02/17

here’s one of my recent ocs i haven’t posted art of. his head shape changes a lot so this isn’t a definite version of him just a test doodle. he’s a v nervous n skittish robot praying mantis scientist. that’s a mouthful. he’s kinda nervous but when it comes to his job he’s dedicated and usually very accurate. he just can’t rlly talk to people normally. his body structure is a bit different from a normal praying mantis

[plz dont make this nsfw i needed an excuse for him to b laying down like that. laying mantis.]

[[plus he can probably fall over like super easily]]


thanks for being so patient. here are some doodles to hold you over.

👍 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

(i excluded kenny’s tattoos that i normally give him, because i wanna make a post about that later on)

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Would you ever make yourself a south park oc?because I would lovee to see that.

Oh! Actually I have made one before I’ve just been pretty shy to post him.. But now I have an excuse! Thank you Anon!
Here’s a quick doodle of him~

His name is Ryan O’Riley and he has a terrible haircut, because why not. If you’d like to know more about him I’d gladly share

Update of some sort

Alright, I feel like I need some stuff to address about my social medias and activity in general

Im still alive yesyes I know it doesnt seem like it, its mostly because Im so scatter brained I can barely finish one doodle without making another one, I also hardly check tumblr anymore so Im not exactly caught up on current on-goings

I do want to update my art blog, pokemon blog, and eventually full-time work on my original comic/ask blog but currently Im having issues doing that

If I can Ill post whatever I finish, although because Im trying to broaden my poses, sketches, and in-all quality, it’ll take a long time until Im happy with it

I dont have any excuses, so Im just gonna say, dont expect tons of art but occasional doodles of random ideas and shitposts,
(@ my pokemon blog: Ill probably post interactions, asks, more so then Ill post on my art blog)

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[Flirt meme:] Yao-san, it's been awhile.. yes? You never change since we last met. Maybe you still hated me.... but... ah, I don't want to make you uncomfortable.. I just want to tell you that... I miss your cookings. and so you. *smiles gently* Please excuse my interruption. *bows then walks away*

“… Still hating you? Uncomfortable? Don’t just decide for me.”


“I feel hungry, I’m taking a little break. Hey, don’t just drop by and leave… You miss my cooking, right? 老实说(Be honest) I missed you a bit too so…”

1) Vic: “Kellin?”
2) Vic: “What are you do-”
3) Vic and Kellin: “…”
4) Kellin: “I’m sorry I’ll just”
5) Vic: “Kellin wait!”
6) Kellin: “Wha-”

I’m trying out side view doodles so yeah here’s a cute lil kellic kissing scene for all you kellic trash. Still needs some work but I’m pretty happy with it.

Excuse the shitty picture quality and it looking choppy and weird. I swear it’s not photoshopped or anything (besides I don’t suck at photoshop THAT much) it’s just my shitty pano camera taking skills.




In light of Markiplier’s call to spread goodness into the tag, I decided to post these doodles I did a while back (obviously, judging by the glasses and floof). I’ll never finish these so I just decided to ink them (plus it gave me an excuse to use my new .01 Pigma Micron pen *artist squee*)

Drawing real people is very odd to me but he’s so gosh darn animated, it actually makes it easier XD

An average week illustrated with beverages.

I’m going to try posting a new comic or doodle everyday this week. I wish I had done hourly comics over the weekend, but really, I just wanted an excuse to make more doodles and less polished comics. So just that is what I’ll do!

noyzzkapow said: When I draw fanart I do the same #fff white skin just so I don’t have to think about skin color haha. Makes it easier.

sometimes I do the same esp in doodles because it’s faster than coloring and shading everything and making it fit into a color palette, besides it’s just an harmless neutral color and people can see it as they want

but of course they use that as excuse to say “I draw everyone white”, and they even expect me to take them seriously when they say that

excuse my crappy art

I just wanted to make a quick doodle of the seriously amazing flapflaps aka mortem3r!

If you ever see this suzy, just know you’re a huge inspiration to me! If I ever have a bad day, I just turn on one of your videos and it cheers me up so much! Thank you so much for what you do and keep being amazing! 

and seriously if you haven’t checked out her channel morem3r or kittykatgaming you totally should! <3