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While I am studying for my exams in February (pity me), I work on my world as some form of relaxation :) Still no clue how the world should be named.

I also opened a blog on the new equus sims forum and I am really excited :D At least, I have a name for my upcoming stable and a whole story in mind that hopefully makes any sense on why I changed my stable name (once again). Can’t wait to fully enjoy the new Equus once I passed all my exams :)


hey, you know what i really want ? interlocked muses ! like i want to have backgrounds where my muses first love could have been your muse and my muse gets to talk about them in all their other verses as being their first love and how great their first love but i also want heart breaking backgrounds where maybe my muse broke your muses heart and that’s okay but your muse can have that background in verses with their actual ships and i want my muses to be best friends with your muses and i want my muses to love your muses so much and would take a bullet for your muses in all of their verses ?? and i don’t exactly know what i’m saying but my point is i want your muses to be apart of my muses backstory and i want them to be able to talk about it 

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nicknames: Nerinn
star sign: Scorpio
height: 175cm
time right now: 11:30 pm (right on the dot)
last thing i googled: define magnet school
fav music artist(s): ohboy do I suck at choosing favourites. Ummm. All Time Low. Panic! At The Disco. Pentatonix. Fall Out Boy. 5 Seconds of Summer. McFly. Move On, Be Strong. 
song stuck in my head: Shadowland from The Lion King (the least it’s not anything from Annie again)
last movie i watched: It was probably actually Magic Mike (that was about a month ago, that’s so long since I watched a movie)
last tv show i watched: Brooklyn Nine Nine (my sister and I got our mum hooked so we’re rewatching)
what i’m wearing right now: a Matilda the Musical t-shirt and a pair of Batman shorts
when i created this blog: about 4 years ago, I think
the kind of stuff i post: anything and everything I like. So humour, theatre, Les Mis (gets its own category due to also being several different media formats), Harry Potter, Team Starkid, Brooklyn Nine Nine, books in general and TV shows in general.
do i have any other blogs:  I can barely manage one, so no
do i get asks regularly: not regularly, on occasion though (I’d love more, if people are ever curios or want me to know something)
why did i choose my url: really silly inside joke I used to have with some friends/cast mates. Would take a lot to explain, and probably wouldn’t seem funny (if you want to know, for some reason, feel free to message you and I’ll try to explain it)
hogwarts house: Slytherin 
pokémon team: Valor
fav colour: maybe green? or purple? but I do love a good orange or yellow
average hours of sleep: over the past 2 weeks, probably about 6. Usually closer to 8 though
lucky number: 21
favourite character: (I already said I suck at choosing favourites, so I’ll try choosing a very small selection). Changes regularly but at the moment they include (but are not limited to): Bahorel, Bossuet Fleur Delacour, Remus Lupin, Charlotte Branwell
number of blankets i sleep with: I prefer sleeping with at least 2 but it’s an Australian summer so I’m down to 1 (actually more like a quarter, considering how much actually covers me, I just need some of the weight on me to be able to sleep)
dream job: actor, stage manager, translator, performance translator
following: 1703.

number of posts: absolutely 0 ideas of how many

I’m tagging some of my beautiful people I already know quite well, because I want them to do this and so they can pass it on, as well as a couple beautiful people I know less well, but would like to know better: @ten-past-three @captainbeckles @booksarenotboringyouare @punalious @brokenyellowcrayons @nottheorphanannie @booklovey (and anyone else that sees this and wants a go, I hereby tag you).

Don’t feel obligated to do this. If you want to do it, have fun, don’t stress over it Love all you lovely people.

Wow. Just wow. So I missed the episode live and just finished watching and I am literally having all the emotions right now. I mean I don’t even know where to begin with this, honestly.

More under the cut because I’m not even sure what this is, or if it even makes sense because it’s late and Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle have broken my brain once again.

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I keep thinking about what that anon said earlier about whether or not I think of my friends whenever I criticize social justice and I’m like. No. I don’t think of my grandpa when I criticize the Republican Party either.

bbc sherlock opinion under the cut. i haven’t watched the latest season, just about the show in general.

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I’ve been stewing all day thinking about this and I figured I would get my thoughts out. I’m sure there will be people that disagree with me and I’ll probably get a lot of hate for this, but I still feel like it needs to be said. If it it helps one person, then I did what I came here to do.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and replies and messages from people saying that Calvin is doing all of this because he loves/misses/regrets breaking up with Taylor and that he doesn’t know how to handle it/channel his emotion/cope/etc. I’ve seen others defending Calvin’s behavior, saying that Taylor started it/deserves it. Still, I’ve seen others cheering Calvin on for behaving the way he has over the past couple days (and weeks, arguably, if we are to include the instagram posts and twitter posts when Hiddleswift was first made public). While I understand wanting to defend your fave, there is a distinct line that should not be crossed and, in my opinion, it has been crossed in this situation ten times over.

What Calvin has done is not only rude, manipulative, and uncalled for, but absolutely emotionally abusive. He has taken a situation where Taylor has virtually said nothing on the matter, and turned it into a Taylor Swift bashing party. He has turned himself into the ultimate victim. 

With that said, I’m not being naive Taylor Swift fan, as I’m sure plenty of you are dying to accuse me of being.I’m aware that Taylor has flaws just like the rest of us. I’m sure she had her part in this break up and am in no way blaming Calvin for their relationship falling apart. However, I am blaming Calvin for his behavior after the fact. 

Let us start with the instagram comments. He felt the need to get his story out there without Taylor having said a thing. He claims she controlled the media, while the only confirmed media source we saw was People magazine when the break up was announced, which claimed it was mutual. He tweeted that it was as well, so we have no reason to believe that, at that point, the break up was not a mutual decision. They seemed friendly, as exemplified by the instagram like shortly after the announcement. As far as I can remember, there were no damaging articles written about him, other than opinion based articles from bullshit sources. Now, I’m not one to believe “a source close to Swift/Harris”, so I’m not going to drag in the numerous articles bashing Taylor that supposedly came from Harris’ camp. 

However, Calvin made it so that I didn’t have to. He spoke openly about his ongoing beef with Taylor. He made comments such as “I’m free”, making it seem as though she was controlling. He made comments about her being calculated. He made comments portraying her as manipulative. He painted himself as the victim in what he once claimed was a mutual decision. 

Moving on to recent twitter activity. After remaining silent on her split from Calvin, Taylor confirmed she had written “This Is What You Came For”. ALL that was confirmed was that she had written the song. She didn’t bash Calvin. She didn’t accuse him of forcing her to keep the secret. She simply came forward with the fact she had written it. While I can understand Calvin’s frustration, as he was apparently blindsided by her admission of this, what I cannot understand or excuse is the comments he made regarding Katy, her new relationship, and her character. 

Here is a man who knows this woman’s every insecurity. He knows what makes her tick. He knows what hurts her. He was in a relationship with her for fifteen months. He loved her as she loved him. And what does he do? He turns around and uses every insecurity he knows he can use against her. He attacks her character, he attacks her as a business woman. He makes out as though when she’s bored, she finds someone to drag down. He uses the fact that so many people dislike her because of a distorted view the media has placed upon her as serial dater, Regina George in sheep’s clothing to his advantage, knowing that if he says what people already think, he’ll only be “confirming” their beliefs. He knows that she can’t speak out against it, because it’ll only make the situation worse. He knows she’s already getting flack for her relationship and can’t defend herself without being told it’s fake. He knows how long she’s been fighting the reputation other’s have placed upon her. He attempts to guilt her for her new relationship, for moving on, as if she’s somehow done something wrong by being happy when he’s so miserable. 

Yet all I hear is that he’s upset. He’s sad. He’s having trouble moving on. He still loves her. And I’m here to tell you that that isn’t love. You don’t intentionally seek to harm someone you love, emotionally, in their career, in their love life, no matter how upset and hurt you are. You don’t attempt to destroy their image because your feelings are hurt. 

This man is 32 years old. STOP saying he doesn’t know any better. STOP saying he can’t help it. STOP making excuses for him. Feeling hurt, angry, sad, upset, jealous, etc.  Those are ALL valid feelings to feel during and after a break up, whether or not your ex has moved on. He is entitled to feel those things. It is his behavior which is inexcusable. It’s not romantic. It’s not cute. He knows how to behave like an adult. Being upset and hurt and still loving her are not valid excuses OR explanations for what he has done recently. STOP acting as though he is a child. He knows what he’s doing. He knows that it’s wrong. But because there is a HOARD of people standing in his corner saying things like “Poor man, he’s just so sad, he’s hurting. He doesn’t know how to handle his feelings. This is how he copes, let him cope the way he needs,” he is going to CONTINUE to act like this because these people are PERPETUATING  the belief that it is okay for a man, for ANYONE, to tear another human being down because their feelings are hurt. 

We have GOT to stop perpetuating the belief that this is normal break up behavior. This is NOT normal. This is NOT acceptable. This is ABUSIVE. This is HARMFUL. This is DAMAGING to every young person, every woman, who believes that someone who “loves” them will show them that by behaving in a destructive way, whether to themselves or to another person. It is NOT normal to try and garner the sympathies of others by using another person’s insecurities, relationships, past, etc against them. It is NOT normal to publicly humiliate someone else because your feelings are hurt. Do not let ANYONE tell you otherwise. It is manipulative and destructive behavior, and the fact that there are people willing to stand behind him and hashtag “TaylorSwiftIsDoneParty” while he all but ENCOURAGES it, yet tear a woman down for claiming credit on her work, the fact that SHE Is the one being called a snake while a grown ass man sits behind a keyboard and singlehandedly attempts to destroy her career because he is bitter and jealous and upset is what is wrong with this society. And if you continue to defend him, if you continue to stand behind a man who has shown nothing but animosity and pettiness since a break up over two months ago, you are part of the problem. 


I have always wondered how did shadow learn to control his chaos energy. But then I also thought about how he was created. Gerald had used chaos emeralds, and shadow has a huge amount. And he can sense the chaos emeralds and any form of chaos energy. So that got me thinking what if he had some sort of special connection to the master emerald. So here’s where my head canon starts the master emerald is a sort of warm presence constantly there in his head. Now then he would sometimes accidentally go into the master emerald. Where he met tikal who still sealed in it with chaos at the time. I believe she is the one who taught him how to use chaos energy and what is. As time went by on the Ark he would keep going there subconsciously while he slept. As time went by they got attached to each other.

My bab is still gross and sick. Just like me. C: 
Have a doodle cause I dunno I guess I’m in a real artsy mood.
Which is strange cause I wanna write, but I just- can’t get myself to do it?
It’s weird.

anonymous asked:

hey, i just found your blog and i _adore_ your art! out of curiosity, whats your favorite char to draw?

asdjfhjksjfhs thank you!! 

this probably doesn’t come as a surprise lmao

The OTP Cycle (aka The Decent into Shipper Hell)

1. “What? People actually ship these two? Hah! No. That doesn’t even make sense!”

2. “Holy shit! These two are perfect for each other! Oh my god how is this not a thing?!?!” 

3. *obssessively reads every single work of fanfiction on every possible site about said ship* 

3.5. “Oh what am I reading on my phone? *looks down at 200k fanfic* Oh it’s nothing! Just some book you wouldn’t possibly have any interest in at all!”

4. *obssessively writes fanfiction about OTP nonstop*

5. *finally starts to reach a noraml level of obssessive fangirling…………………then the cycle repeats immediately after.

*whispers quietly while typing* quicksand

I’ve just noticed that a lot of autistic characters are read as asexual disproportionately compared to other characters.

There’s a stereotype that autistics don’t feel sexual attraction and I can’t help but feel that it has something to do with that.

There’s nothing wrong with headcanoning a character as asexual.

It’s a problem when you headcanon every single autistic character as asexual.

As a group we have a history of being desexualized, along with other disabled people. When you code all autistic characters as asexual, it delegitimizes the identity of autistic asexuals and their orientation is seen as “because of the autism”.

For sexual autistics, the stereotype affects us and leads to the belief that autistics don’t feel sexual attraction. This stereotype is harmful because developmentally disabled girls are sexually abused at a rate of 90%, in large part due to the fact that no one thinks we need to know about sex or will ever be in a sexual situation.

Just be aware of this when you headcanon an autistic character as asexual. Are you invested in the idea of the character being asexual or are you reading all autistic characters as asexual?

*this does not apply to ace spectrum autistics or any other autistics for that matter. This is directed towards allistic people.

even if that’s not really how any of us imagined things to go, i am incredibly happy and satisfied with the new 19 days chapter, and since my mind is not as much of a mess as it was after the last chapter came out, it’s time for some thoughts and considerations

  • of all the things i had imagined to happen, i would have never expected for jian yi to appear and tell she li off, but thinking about it, it actually makes sense, because the first glimpse we got of she li was of him saying jian yi’s name and showing some kind of interest in him, so a meeting between the two was bound to happen sooner or later. it surprised me that they met under this particular circumstance, because i didn’t expect jian yi to be interested in helping guan shan, but again, it does make a lot of sense: assuming that the fight between guan shan and jian yi was really staged, and that guan shan started it because she li ordered him to do it in exchange of money, it only seems natural that guan shan would somehow be the cause of their meeting, since he is the only link that connects them. it will be interesting to see how this is going to set their interactions from now on, because i don’t think she li is very happy about jian yi interfering with his business, which will probably bring a lot of trouble to all four of our main characters, so now im thinking that even if a confrontation between he tian and she li is going to happen, maybe the ultimate showdown is going to be between she li and jian yi

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I rarely ‘break character’ but...

I’ve noticed (and have even been received it recently) an increase in animosity both amongst fans and in relation to the Carmilla cast and crew. I know that I have no power over the actions of others but what I CAN do, what we all can do, is spread kindness and respect.

With the viewing party being less than a day away I think it is extra important to take a few moments to think about the consequences of our actions. A very lucky bunch of Creampuff’s will get the opportunity to watch the finale with the cast. I think it is a little sad that I even feel the need to vocalize this but:


I mean i’ve had the great fortune and pleasure of meeting natvanlis and Elise myself and let me tell yah I GET IT. I truly do, but please if you are one of the lucky few that get to meet them please don’t be disrespectful. Be mindful of their personal space and boundaries, just because we FEEL like we know them it does not mean that they have any idea who WE are. I think it is such a brave thing for them to be dealing with being thrust into the spotlight. To have so many people overanalyzing every Tweet, picture, video etc you are ever linked to. 

That generosity gives us the illusion of having any knowledge about who they really are. It is true that often times we post highlights on our social media and people get the idea that that is all there is to our lives. What is presented on the internet is not all they or any of us are. Just because they present themselves one way does not mean that they have no other interests or faults.

 It is easy to give into the illusion that everyone else’s life is so much better than our own or that their online personality is their only personality. We like to cling to what we think we know and don’t like think about what is unfamiliar/uncomfortable. This is why it is sometimes difficult to (or sometimes we choose not to) separate the public persona/their characters to the actual human beings. But we must.

Please do not give the cast reasons to feel uncomfortable or to no longer want to interact with the fandom so actively. Do not feel entitled to their attention/physical contact with them/for answers to things that they have not openly talked about before/etc.  

Also, it really is unfair to attack people anonymously (or otherwise) on social media. Especially when it is someone who has over 20k eyes on them and (who might) feel the obligation to not react publicly in order to protect themselves and the people involved. This does not make them invincible and should not be used as an excuse to say hurtful things to them. 

Cyber bullying is still cyber bullying no matter who the target is and is not okay. Trying to bring down someone else does not make your own troubles disappear. Trying to knock someone down will not ever truly make you stand any taller. 

Why not be kind to one another? I realize some people go the hurtful route to garner attention but really is that necessary? Does it really fix anything in your own life to try to break others down?

Kindness/positivity might not always attract the most attention (drama has a way of keeping people at the edge of their seats wanting more) but it can bring the most amazing people and experiences into your life. Trust me, give kindness a chance more often!

There is already enough hate and negativity in this world, why not try to undo some of it one small act of kindness and respect at a time?