this dog puts up with so much shit

tbh most people dont know dog body language either, and ignore it when a dog is saying “leave me alone” and “stop touching me” but dogs are so much more willing to put up with our shit than cats are. so the same person will be bothering a cat, and when the cat says “fucking cut it out” and claws them they’re like “FUCK CATS, DOGS ARE BETTER ANYWAY” then go over and bother the dog. even if the dog is uncomfortable it probably won’t bite or lash out like the cat did, because most pet dogs are trained to not be aggressive towards humans. but you can’t train a cat to take your bullshit

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talk about Keith and his dogs

Shit you’re right


Keith has three huge dogs- one pit bull, one boxer, one Rottweiler.

He calls them his girls, his babies, his little angels.

When they all get back to Earth they show up to (wherever tf Keith put his dogs I’m not gonna think this thru) and these thrEE GIANT FUCKING BEAST COME BARRELING AT THEM

Pidge, Hunk, and Lance all scream and prepare for death, but Keith just runs and starts hugging and roughhousing with them while saying, “How are my girls? How are my beautiful babies? I’ve missed you so much!”

so okay like

my dog is really getting on in years like. her end is probably coming within the year. 

and see, she really loves wearing clothes and being primped, which sounds really crazy and unbelievable but its true. she loves being treated like a little doll of a dog. She gets excited and wags her tail when you put clothes on her, she likes to take a warm bath and be blow-dried after, she likes to ride in the car and go places (especially if I carry her.) 

The thing is, I am horribly embarrassed to put clothes on my dog unless it’s really cold out and she needs them and I’ve never really thought highly of painting dog’s nails and shit but like

She’s so old, and she loves it so much, and she doesn’t really enjoy doing shit like running and playing or even going on too brisk of a walk; she just wants to walk nice and slow.

Should i just give in and dress her up in little clothes and take pictures and take her places to show off her clothes and nails and shit or what 

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Wanted to come and say congrats on 3k...Yayyyyyy, and if I can have a ship?... If so, I am 5'8, Brown wavy/curly hair, Brown eyes, and I have a curvy body. I lift weights to keep my stregnth, I enjoy cars, bikes, and all things classic. I LOVE dogs (I have 5 of them), and I like hard liquor, because that shit gets you fucked up real quick.😂

6am, let’s see if I’m sane enough to do this :)

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I ship you with Dean. You two would get along great considering your interests are pretty much identical. Dean puts on a show whenever there’s a dog involved (especially in the car). He loves your body and will spend his whole day admiring it if he can. And if all else fails you’ll always have a drinking partner.

listen Wesley jumped so quick for that phone call, like dude was ignoring Fisk up until he got in the zone and forgot to put that shit on silent and forgot the gun, he forgot the gun - he’s not dumb he wouldn’t just leave it there, dude is so conditioned to hear his phone ring and answer it asap

Fisk just calls him a lot, so much, and I would bet any amount of money that half of them aren’t emergencies or even business-related but “james you’ll never believe the dog I saw today” or “james I embarrassed myself in front of vanessa what do I do” so Wesley has to be so vigilant for him in case it’s something important

so really it’s Fisk’s fault. 

Escape Artist

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::Their head pounded from the onslaught of attacks by Papyrus, and yet, they knew that they could have ended him just as easily as they had done in the past. But yet, they found themselves taking so much damage that they got captured and thrown, literally, into the dog house. Their forehead was laced with dried blood that they hadn’t had the chance to wash off yet. Their HP hanging at a small 1… 

“S-Shit,” they muttered as they crawled through the bars, finally finding the energy to straighten themselves up and stretching. They winced as they felt the bludgeoned lumps on their head. God, that skeleton really wanted to put them out. 

They shimmied near the door and carefully opened it wide enough to slide through, successfully crashing into something.

“O-Ouch!” They remarked as they stumbled and regained their posture on the wall of the building. 

Only to see who was standing there waiting for them.


They blinked and tried to find words… But yet, none would come. This could be bad.::