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for @forestpenguin​ for the prompt: i see you carrying around a bowl of dog food and calling for your dog and, let’s be honest, i definitely think this is trap but on the other hand there is the potential to pet a dog at the end. so i stop to help you and you’re so relieved as we spend the next several hours searching for your dog until we finally give up and i take you home since you’re inconsolable only to find your dog asleep on your fucking porch wtf.

in which Cassian’s adopted ex-racer greyhound, K2-SO is awful, willful, misbehaved, and the light of his life. When K2 goes missing, Cassian frantically searches the neighborhood, his desperate calls awakening Bodhi, his neighbor, who offers to help. Just as Cassian has given up hope and gotten drawn and surly, Bodhi walks him back home - and lo and behold, K2 has been scratching at the front door and nearly knocks Bodhi out bounding into Cassian’s arms.

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Princess Au where a dragon named Emil try's to steal princess Sara but takes her brother instead. But the reason why Emil is taking people is because he is lonely and trying to break a curse.

oh my gOD OK LISTEN (and listen carefully because this will be L O N G)

  • Emil is no cute dragon, he’s frickin’ HUGE AND SCARY, but there are so many false legends and stories about him, like he can breathe fire and he once destroyed the whole kingdom with just one foot and the huge storm that caused so much damage last summer was because Emil just flew by and his wings are so strong… Basically the kingdom thinks all the bad stuff that happens there is Emil’s fault
  • Emil is a dragon from the Czech lands
  • He used to be the only son of King Nekola II
  • Prince Emil was the sun of the kingdom, even when things weren’t looking the best, everyone knew prince Emil would lead them out of the darkness one day
  • A terrible war broke out in the central Europe, though, and it wasn’t a good time for the Czech lands. They kept losing, people were starving and at the time the neighbour Slovak kingdom asked for help. King Nekola was really sad and tried to consider every option, but, in the end, he had to decline the help. There was no way to do it. And so the Slovak godesses cursed Emil.
  • At the day of his 18th birthday he changed into a dragon
  • The people only knew that the prince disappeared and all the hope for the kingdom was lost
  • Emil fled the Czech lands and flew for as long as he could until he landed in the King Crispino’s kingdom

  • Emil lives in isolation in the forest for months. He’s a sad, big dragon that can’t deal with loneliness, he needs people around him, he misses that he can’t sing or dance, he misses his family…
  • Eventually he gets spotted by the villagers and causes a bit of a panic, but no one really does anything since Emil doesn’t go near the town.
  • One day prince Michele is on a hunt in the forest, but his dog gets lost. Michele is desperate, he’s had the doggo since he was a puppy and he’s been his best friend since he was a child
  • Emil spots the prince and falls in love with him. Prince Mickey is so beautiful and charming and, though he can’t understand a word he says, Emil finds his voice soothing and kind
  • Emil finds the dog two days later, scared and starving. He feels so bad that he can’t just cuddle that little fluffball. But he decides he HAS TO take the dog to the concerned charming man that was looking for him. So he takes the doggo in his hands and flies out of the forest to find the nearest town.
  • Once he appears above the town, though, everyone starts panicking and screaming and they start attacking Emil.
  • Emil does all he can to protect the doggo because the doggo doesn’t deserve all the stress you stupid people! Leave the doggo alone!
  • The castle launches a big attack on Emil and, since Emil is not that good at flying, he gets hit pretty bad. He finally spots the beautiful man at the castle wall, though
  • He lands very clumsily right in front of Emil and everyone starts panicking because holy SHIT he’s gonna fry our prince alive!
  • Emil just leans down, gently places the doggo to Michele’s feet and flies away

  • Emil lands back at his usual spot deep in the forest and legit thinks he’s not gonna live through the night
  • He’s badly wounded and cries quietly all night because everyone is scared of him and he just tried to help, even the man he helped looked just terrified
  • Michele knows he should stay at home and try to get the kingdom back to normal, but he keeps thinking about the dragon everytime he snuggles his dog, he feels bad for what the people did to him
  • He ends up running around the woods all night with his doggo trying to find the dragon, he wants to thank him
  • Btw the dog’s name is Alfredo, just for the record
  • They finally find the giant dragon near the lake at the sunrise
  • Michele is really scared to get near, he knows injured animals can be quite agressive. And he’s also really scared that they might have killed the dragon, looking at the giant pile of flesh and skales, not moving. He really hopes the dragon just fell asleep
  • Before he can do anything, Alfredo the doggo runs towards Emil and starts nudging him with his snout. Alfredo can sense the dragon is just a giant dog lover inside
  • Michele decides to go near, too, because he trusts his dog
  • Emil finally opens his eyes, he looks tired and miserable, but visibly happy that his new doggo friend (and his owner) is there to keep him company
  • Michele almost starts crying, seeing how badly the people hurt Emil. He starts thanking him all over again and apologizes for what happened, he keeps repeating how grateful he is for getting Alfredo back because he’s his only friend and he wouldn’t be able to live without him (believe it or not, prince Michele is a very lonely prince)
  • Michele ends up placing a thankful kiss on top of Emil’s snout because he can’t think of any other way to show him how much grateful he is for his help
  • At that moment Emil feels a weird sensation in his body and in a few seconds a beautiful Czech princ lays in front of Mickey in the grass
  • Beautiful and badly injured

  • Michele takes Emil back to the castle (while Alfred keeps whining all the way home because his friend is hurt)
  • King Crispino immediately realizes who the young lad brought in is
  • Everything ends up well, Emil is treated and healed and brings the sunshine back to his kingdom along with a beautiful and charming new prince and his doggo baby Alfred because they both absolutely fall in love with Emil and will never let anyone hurt him again
Always Come Back to Me Spell

Some dogs like to wander off to someplace new, but what if your dog gets lost when it goes on a stroll and can’t find its way back home? Whatever the reason for your dog getting lose, it could be a potential nightmare for you. Helping your dog to never leave home sweet home without you may need a little magical help. This charm will help keep your dog from getting lost so it can always safely find its way home to you.

You will need:

  • Any “good luck charm” that is metal and small enough to put on a collar with the rest of your dog’s tags, maybe a star or a small sun or a clover symbol.
  • You will be drawing the rune for the Norse god Tyr on the charm. It looks like this:
  • A green pen
  • A green candle
  • Matches

Take the charm and place it next to the candle. Now light the candle and put a simple arrow symbol on the charm with the green pen. Light the candle and say, while looking into your dog’s eyes:

Tyr, hear, always stay.

You will never run away.

Always be by my side,

Never vanish, never hide.

If you do someday run free,

Always return to me.

Put the charm on your dog’s collar, put it on your dog, and say:

On the earth

He does roam.

Bring him to me,

Bring him home.

It is meant to be,

He will come to me.

Make him see

That near me

Is where he ought to be.

By Thor’s hammer

Protected be.

Blow out the candle and go out for a walk.

- “The Book of Dog Magic: Spells, Charms, & Tales,” by Sophia and Denny Sargent


-1.5in Clear Acrylic
-Comes with plastic star charm + strap

Each is $8 USD (Both is $15 USD)

Atsushi: 4 left !!
Dazai: 2 left !!

I will update the stock very frequently! Please message me if you are interested in purchasing or have any questions^^

Keep in mind that if the preorders do not reach the minimum quota by November 30th, then the entire order will have to be canceled!!


For the record, this is super creepy to me. Also, she told Dexter to “just say it”, why doesn’t she go “hey Dexter, I have a crush on you?”

I feel like this is a version of the “friendzone” bullshit. She’s acting sweet and like his friend in the hopes that he’ll become aware that she’s interested in him without her having to do anything herself. It’s Not Healthy– not because Dexter is doing anything wrong by asking her for advice and then being interested in Raven, but because Cupid doesn’t want to risk rejection and getting over her crush by actively putting herself out there.

It’s established that she knows Dexter has a crush on Raven. She either needs to woman up and get over him, or woman up and tell him she likes him so he can either accept or reject her interest. If, after that he’s still obliviously asking her for advice, that would make him a jerk. But as it is, he has no way of knowing and Cupid’s being creepy and immature.

Everyone has such beautiful headcanons or AUs for people like “I bet Akaashi plays the violin” and “Suga would totally be loving and gentle with children.”

But all my headcanons are along the lines of, “Hinata smells like straight up nasty sweat 24/7” and “Suga CANNOT handle children whatsoever,” and of course “Akaashi is a total glutton who eats with HORRIBLE etiquette.”

I just really enjoy making these boys more awkward than they already are I guess…


MY NEW BEST FRIEND AXEL. Picture an Anatolian shepherd, shrunk to half the typical size, add a heart of gold and a penchant for putting his face as close to your face as possible, and you have Axel.  (I could hardly get any pictures of him because every time I leaned down he was like, “hello friend, what is? you are lie down? you need face in face? here, face.”)


“I picked these for you” (Gray x Reader)

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You were mad at him. He knew he shouldn’t have been that close to her, but you were always so confident and you never got mad when he played around with Hoody, but when he saw you walk out of the club without saying goodbye to anyone, he realised how bad the situation was.

He knew that when you got mad, there was no way he could go around it. You were usually very calm and collective, but if you get mad, lord have mercy on his soul. The first time he saw you get angry, he was legit scared shitless. He gave you some space, he tried to talk with you, nothing happened. You just gave him a glare and the cold shoulder

He decided to go full on cheesy mode. He bought a bouquet of white, pink and red roses, a teddy bear and chocolate with strawberry in it. He knocked on your door, waiting for you to open

You opened the door, you looked at him pursing your lips together, leaning on your doorframe

“What’s this?”

“I picked these for you, as an apology”

He said. Your hear was melting, but you couldn’t saw it. Just as you were about to close the door, your little puppy ran to him, standing on it’s to feet to reach him


“Hey buddy”

I mean it makes sense, he was the one that got it for you, it was a birthday present. One of his friends dogs had given birth and he got one of the puppies for you. He kneeled down, and started to pet it

“at least someone missed me? She’s trying to keep us apart, she’s a meanie”

He cooed at the dog. You crossed your arms over your chest, playing the offended role.

“If i’m a meanie then why are you here?”

“Cause I love your mean, stubborn ass”

He replied, still petting the dog. You smiled at his answer, him saying ‘i love you’ to you still got a reaction, it made your heart skip a beat.

“Come in”

“Yay, she grants me passage”

He cheered making you giggle. You took the stuff from his hands and placed the to the kitchen.

He had already sat on your couch, playing with the puppy, who was super excited to see him.

“She’s so charming when you are around”

“even your dog gave in to my charms”

You smiled, you sat behind him, wrapping your arms and legs around him, placing your cheek to his back

“I missed you”

“I missed you too”

Life is Strange ~ Ships asks!

This is for @max-amber ! Thank you for the asks!! Here’s the answer to all 3 :D

Drinks all the coffee:
Maaaaax. OMG. Nathan gets so upset, too. But then he sees her big blue eyes light up with that freckled pouty face and he’s putty in her hands. He then gets his fill of coffee-flavored kisses. The cycle continues.

Brings up adopting a pet:
Max hints every now and then at getting a puppy, but after the way Pompidou acted around him, Nathan’s a bit skeptical. Still, he takes her to the pet store/adoption agency and enjoys watching her cute expressions at all the different animals. He can’t help but fall in love with all the kittens. :3

Kills the bugs:
They both freak out and argue over who needs to do the deed depending on the type of bug. Spider? Max hands Nathan a shoe and he rolls his eyes, taking care of it with an annoyed growl. Centipede? Fuck that shit, Nate’s out. Max beats it to a pulp JUUUST to be sure it’s dead. Wasps? It lives for another day. They lock themselves in the bathroom and snuggle in their big bathtub until it goes away…which really doesn’t solve the problem, but they don’t mind.

Cooks the meals:
Nathan enjoys cooking for Max, especially breakfast in bed. He feels so proud when she says it’s even better than Joyce’s cooking. He knows she’s lying out her ass, but is proud nevertheless. Max tries so hard, but always ends up burning something. Nathan tries to help her, things get sensual, and everything burns anyway :P

Starts getting into holidays way before they should:
Max loves the holidays and will literally coat the entire house in anything and everything for the advertised month. The moment Nathan wakes up with candy hearts or fake snow on his person is where he draws the line. During Christmas, she retaliates with mistletoe and thats all she wrote.

Initiate the couples selfies:
Really? You have to ask? Nathan’s such a grump sometimes when she does it, too. Max often takes chances with inopportune times or times when Nathan isn’t quite prepared.

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries:
Max wonders why Nathan has set up the house so nice and arranged a beautiful dinner before realizing it’s their anniversary, and Nathan would wondery why Max was on the phone with said birthday person ALL. DAMN. DAY. Especially if it was Chloe. They’re both forgetful at times lol. They forgive each other, though.

Always ends up with too much junk food after shopping:
After a few trips, Nathan has to go with Max to the store and secretly put back all the “no-no’s” she places in the cart. He can’t help but smile when her face contorts into confusion at the lack of “groceries” at the checkout.

Nicknames the other
I…don’t really know what they’d call each other. Though, even if they were married and Max took his last name, I can still see him calling her “Caulfield.” XD

Drinks all the coffee:
Chloe. I can see Rachel as more of a tea kind of gal. Rachel’s still more wired than Chloe, even after Chloe drinks several cups. Rachel’s hugs and snuggles and kisses calms her down, though, if she’s grumpy. :3

Brings up adopting a pet:
Rachel doesn’t just bring it up, she demands that they get a dog. Pompidou just isn’t enough puppy love for that girl! Chloe’s more of a dog person as well, so she gives into her charms rather easily.

Kills the bugs:
Both them bad bitches don’t fuck around when it comes to killing bugs. Like hell are they gonna let some little insects mess with their–wait. Is that a spider?! *”Fuck This Shit I’m Out” plays as they bail.*

Cooks the meals:
They both try so damn hard, but no matter what, they mess something up or make a huge mess. Chloe pesters Joyce to make them breakfast instead, much to Joyce’s chagrin.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should:
Chloe secretly sets up things while Rachel sleeps, excited to see her angel’s face when she wakes up. She especially loves Easter and hiding eggs around the house. It’s a time for them to feel like little kids. Sometimes, Max joins in and everything is too perfect.

Initiates the couples selfies:
Rachel loves taking photographs of herself, especially if it’s with her Chloe. Most of the time Chloe is caught off guard, but she never minds, loving the real-ness of the moment they capture.

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries:
Both of them forget EVERYTHING. They often buy celebratory things for themselves whenever they DO remember, forgetting about the event…again.

Always ends up with too much junk food after shopping:
Rachel and Chloe give no fucks when shopping, even if they end up with a cart full of Oreos and Nutella. They swear to one day eat healthier…one day.

Nicknames the other:
While Chloe calls Rachel “angel,” I can see Rachel calling Chloe her “little bluebird.” :3

Drinks all the coffee:
I can see Warren as an energy drink kind of guy, so Max most definitely. He loves to snuggle her and absorb her scent mixed with mocha afteward.

Brings up adopting a pet:
Both of them tiptoe around the idea until one day they pass an adoption center/pet store. They stop in and can’t decide on a dog or a cat. Warren jokes about getting an exotic pet, and somehow they end up coming home with a lizard XD

Kills the bugs:
White Knight Warren to the rescue! However, if it’s an interesting enough specimen, he’ll capture it and keep it in his growing collection. As much as she wants to, Max can’t stay mad at him. She just tells him to keep them as far away from her as possible and in air-tight containers.

Warren: “But they can’t breathe if–”

Cooks the meals:
Warren is so adamant about letting him cook for her, but sometimes he can go overboard with how accurate every recipe has to be. She helps him and relaxes his nerves and they indulge in delicious baked goods and hearty meals. :D

Starts getting into holidays way before they should:
WARREN. OH MY GOD. Max has to keep him from going overboard, even though she loves the holidays as well and can go crazy with decorations.

Initiate the couples selfies:
Both of them love to! They love taking goofy and sweet photos and making all the memories possible!! <3

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries:
Max gets so wrapped up with everything that she often forgets more than Warren. He never holds it against her, though. He often puts funny, well-placed post-its around the house to remind her.

Always ends up with too much junk food after shopping:
Warren gives Max that face whenever she comes home with a heaping pile of unhealthy snacks. He then makes sure to eat them all for her. Max tackles him and shares Hershey “kisses” with him for revenge.

Nicknames the other:
Max embarrassingly calls Warren her “graham cracker” and he can’t help but look like a little school kid every time she does so. He loves her so damn much X3

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Loving the blog! Was wondering what your headcanons of the characters getting pets with s/o would be like? (Did I do this right? First time requesting. Also, loving the gender neutralness! :) )

A/N: You did perfect nonnie! And welcome to the blog, I hope you’ll send in more requests! And thank you! I want everyone to be able to enjoy my work!


  • Lance actually has a very sensitive sense of smell. Lance refuses to go into Keith’s room if his pet’s litter box isn’t clean and Shiro makes sure to wash his pet regularly so the smell doesn’t bother Lance. So you decided to get him a pet chinchilla. He LOVES her and named her Silky.
  • Since chinchillas don’t smell if their cage is kept clean Lance makes it a point to clean out Silky’s cage at least every two days.
  • He loves petting her, he literally cannot keep his hands off of her soft fur. It’s actually very therapeutic for him.
    • One time you had to take Silky from Lance because you wanted to spend some time with her.
  • Lance carries Silky with him wherever he goes, she usually stays in his jacket pocket whenever he’s walking around the Castle.


  • Keith will probably adopt a quick and agile cat because it reminds him so much of him. He gets a Bengal and names it Sasha.
  • Keith spends most of his time playing with Sasha and has a large assortment of cat toys that he uses on a daily basis. That leaves you to do the less pleasant stuff such as cleaning out the litter box, bathing Sasha, and trimming her claws.
    • Luckily she never thrashes around when she’s given a bath, but she’s got a grumpy expression while you’re bathing her.
  • He’s set up a cat oasis all over his room so Sasha can climb up and down and move around the room however she pleases.
  • Keith has gotten scolded by Allura more than once because Sasha keeps chasing after her mice.
  • Sasha is definitely the type of cat to lie across your laptop while you’re using it, and Keith has definitely woken up to find Sasha lying on his face more than once.


  • You brought Hunk an abandoned baby bunny and told him that you both had to take care of it and eventually the two of you nursed him back to health.
    • When you both tried to set the bunny free back in the wild, it decided that it preferred to stay with you two. You named him Cotton.
  • Cotton likes staying with Hunk and sits on the counter while he cooks food.
    • Hunk secretly sneaks Cotton a few carrot slices.
  • When Cotton isn’t with Hunk he’s usually curled up on your lap whenever you’re reading a book or working on your laptop.
  • Cotton always goes to you for petting, you tease Hunk by saying Cotton likes your petting more.
  • Cotton likes spending most of his time on top of Hunk’s head, Hunk doesn’t mind.


  • After what had happened to Rover Pidge had always been hesitant about getting another type of companion.
  • One day you gave her a cage with a small lovebird named Peaches inside of it to try and cheer her up. Initially she didn’t want anything to do with the pet so you were the one left to take care of her most of the time.
  • Eventually she warmed up to Peaches and now constantly carries her around on her shoulder wherever she goes, they’re inseparable.
  • Pidge will always give her scrapped papers to Peaches, who likes tearing up the paper and putting it in her feathers.
  • Whenever Pidge starts getting stressed out Peaches will rub her head against Pidge’s cheek to help calm her down, it works like a charm every time.


  • Shiro gets a large athletic dog, preferably so he can bring it with him when he goes for runs outside of the castle. He gets a German Shepherd and names it Buster.
  • Both you and Shiro take turns training the dog and he’s the most well behaved dog any of the paladins have ever met.
  • Shiro is the one that brings Buster out for his walks and plays with him outside, while you take care of feeding and grooming him.
    • Both of you share bathing Buster and giving him cuddles.
  • Sometimes when Shiro wakes up because of his nightmares Buster will curl up beside him and stay with him until he falls back asleep, it’s really helping him.
  • Buster loves both of you equally, but loves Shiro just a little bit more.
    • Sometimes you get jealous.