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M a s t e r p o s t

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Forgive Me- Jumin dealing with V’s death

Crack fic W/ Driver Kim

Zen finding MC’s hentais/doujinshis of him

V‘s art gallery filled w/photos of self-conscious MC

Mystic Messenger High School AU –CHs~6/?

How Jumin Reacts when Elly Dies

VxReader AfterEnding




Control -Hacker MC/Sworn enemies fic 707xMC–Chs~3/?


Saeyoung/707xReader -Being called wrong brother in bed

Saeyoung/707xReader -Jealous Saeyoung Sex

Saeyoung/707xReader -Work distraction sex

Saeyoung/707xReader -silly makeup sex

Saeyoung/707xReader -Camera strip show


SaeranxReader-MC who tries to be sexy but back out–drabble

SaeranxReader -Cheating on Saeyoung fic w/MC –CHs~4/4

SaeranxReader -Being called wrong brother in bed

SaeranxReader -Post nightmare sex


JuminxReader -phone sex

JuminxReader -Fluffy smut(if you squint real hard u can see the fluff)


VxReader -V calling MC ‘Rika’ in bed –CHs~2/2

VxReader -stormy night sex


YoosungxReader -Shower play


ZenxReader -phone sex


◆Reaction to…◆

Fluffy V headcanons

RFA fav pizza toppings

Saeran being guardian their kid after Saeyoung and MC die 

What S/O personality type fits each RFA member

Fluffy Saeyoung HCs 

Jumin home life with MC

Zen when MC is close to Jumin

RFA if they ran their own kingdoms & How they meet MC

Victorias Secret shopping with MC

MC who doesn’t come home cause she got drunk with friends

JuminxZen fluff 

Jumin and Saeyoung when MC turns into a cat 

Saeyoung going grocery shopping for real food 

MC gifting Jumin with another cat for V-Day

MC grieving the death of a loved one

Going to a con w/cosplayer MC

‘Special Brownies’ with MC

MC who is afraid after scary movie

Saeran adopting Sae+MC daughter after their death

MC not wanting kids

Jumin falling for barista MC

Jaehee wedding with MC

MC dancing provocatively in the club

What everyone does for Valentine’s Day

MC getting a cup stuck on her face

What style of dance they would all dance

RFA+Saeran idea of a perfect date

MC adopting an old dog without telling them

Romantic V HCs



Mafia!Saeyoung + Mafia!Jumin


Mafia!AU headcanons

Zen Workout HC+Playlist

MC coming home way later than expected

MC twerking

MC having a terminal illness

Cheating RFA boys

Drunk MC kiss on New Years

MC leaving a huge visible hickey 

New Years with MC

Nicknames MC+MM peeps have for each other

MC having tattoos

MC with super powers

MC dyeing her hair a crazy color

MC having ice cream left on her lips

MC trapped under mistletoe w/member she isn’t dating

Waking up with MC

Play fighting with MC

MC who puts cold hands on them

MM+Pokemon crossover

MC proposing to RFA+Saeran

Breaking up w/MC and months later running into MC

Random Saeyoung HCs

Random V HCs

MC saying ‘I love you’ for the first time

Stuck in an elevator w/MC whos having a panic attack

Putting up xmas tree with MC

MM Characters as parents

Random SFW+NSFW HCs for Saeran

MC being handsy with them in a restaurant

MC with bad period cramps

MC having a miscarriage

Date with MC at Carnival/Fair

MM Peeps + Their Disney Characters match

MC revealing her special rapping talent at RFA party

MM crew + fav app games

Packing up MCs apartment to move in together

MC farting

MC walking in on them pooping

Having to..”adjust themselves” in front of MC

Zombie apocalypse with MC

Staring contest with MC

MC saying Zen isn’t attractive

Domestic Yandere hcs

What Saeyoung and Saerans life would be like if they got adopted young

Figure Skating with MC

MC Announcing she’s pregnant + RFA Pregnant announcement photos

MC wedding dress for each RFA + RFA Wedding Suits + RFA Wedding Photos

MC w/ protective little brother

RFA sorted in Ilvermorny houses

MC Pouting

MC Pooping

MC Death by Suicide

If MC Were a Grandma

MC Being a Stripper

Mute MC

MC smoking weed for anxiety

MC being in ‘Chicago’ theater production

MC with bad OCD

MC Stressed out from school

MC stealing and walking around in their clothing

MC being raped + Saeran reaction

MC Self Harming

Finding a pic of Emo/Punk MC

RFA/Hogwarts AU+Hufflepuff MC + Slytherin MC + Ravenclaw MC

Short muscular MC

MC with frequent tumors

Chubby MC + V and Saeran reactions

Girl flirting with MC

Severely depressed/Suicidal MC

RFA+High School + What they studied

Blind V

Insecure MC

MC Leaving Town

RFA + Alternate Proposals 


RFA kids walk in on them during sex

Mafia!Saeyoung NSFW HCs

Zen giving/receiving oral and dominant/submissive

Random Saeyoung NSFW HCs

Dominant/Rough MC during sex

Jumin Giving/Receiving Oral

MC walking in on them masturbating

Walking in on MC masturbating

Thoughts/Feelings the moment they put ‘it’ in MC

MM Characters sexual quirks

V-7-Vanderwood-Saeran giving+receiving oral

Seeing MC naked for the first time

MC being super loud in bed

MM characters ‘first time’

Most and Least Sexually Experienced RFA

What RFA sound like when they’re cumming

This is my adorable doggie askim (ask him). He likes helping us carry grocery upstairs and pretending to drive when we leave him in the car for a minute. Overall he’s a crazy wild happy dog that steals my ice cream.

Ice Cream (fixes everything)

Pairing: Jason x Reader

Prompt:  Can you make a story where Jason and the reader are best Friends and Jason likes the reader. One day the reader visits the manor to visit Jason but has to wait because he’s on a mission ( reader already knows he is red hood) and dick starts flirting with her and Jason comes back and sees and gets jealous and accidentally confesses his lover for her I’m sooooo sorry if this is too much I love your writing.

Warnings: Swearing. Much swearing.

Tagging: @jadedhillon

I hope you like it anon!


Your crush on Jason was one of those things that just developed naturally, and entirely against your will. Like crime in Gotham or rain in April - it was unfortunate but inevitable. You had been best friends for years, ever since you’d met on your balcony back when he was still running around the city in green shorts and a cape. Nowadays the two of you were practically inseparable. Spending all that time with him made it impossible not to notice the many redeeming traits the Hood kept hidden from everyone else. Add to that his dashing good looks, and, well. You had fallen hard for the boy. 

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What Was Left Behind

April 17th

School was cancelled today! Dunno what for, mom woke me up just to tell me not to bother getting up. Thanks, mom (not!). I’m pretty glad since school’s so far away I usually have to be up and ready to go when it’s still dark.  Price you pay for some fancy private school. Gonna spend the day playing Mario Kart. Mom said she was meeting dad. I wasn’t really listening but it’s weird, I’m sure dad had work today. Maybe they’re meeting for lunch or something? Sucks that she didn’t invite me then. Leftover mac'n'cheese it is then.


April 18th

School’s still closed. Guessing there’s probably some major repairs or something, never heard anything about a strike. Pretty weird. Though it could be the boiler. It’s always the boiler with stuff like this.

Hang on, can hear hammering downstairs.

Um… Dad’s boarding up all the windows? Didn’t ask him why, he didn’t seem to be in a good mood. There’s a crapton of shopping bags in the kitchen too, been there since yesterday. Dunno why Mom hasn’t unpacked them yet. Guess a bad storm’s coming.

Must be why school’s closed.

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With You By My Side - Eight

A/N: Closing in on the end here people. Just two more parts after this. Betaed by the wonderful @thorne93.

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared

Warnings: Fluff with a side of angst. 

Wordcount: 1842

Catch up HERE

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Because Jensen had to go back to Vancouver just a week after your wedding, you didn’t get a chance to go on a honeymoon. Not that you minded, it was nice just to be able to be with each other, to enjoy each other’s company for as long as you could before he was going back to work. You had also made a deal not to talk about your cancer until you got the results back from Germany, which would happen two weeks after filming started back up. Jensen had already arranged it so he could come with you.

“I want to ask you something,” Jensen said as the two of you lay in bed, stalling for as long as possible before you had to get up. “You can say no if you want.”

“You know I can’t say no to you,” you teased. “Shoot.”

“Do you want to maybe come with me to Vancouver? I just hate the thought of being without you.”

“Of course I’ll come. I’ll start packing when I get home tonight,” you said excitedly. You had wanted to go with him, but you knew how busy he was when filming and you didn’t want to impose.

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Levy hadn’t planned on being a pet sitter when she’d moved into the city. She also hadn’t planned on pet sitting for a sex god either, but here she was.

AKA the one where Levy is a pet sitter, Gajeel is her client, and Lily is the glue that binds them together.

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poe-also-bucky  asked:

Oooh pick me! Bucky! 🙋🏼

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Word Count: 1146

Warnings: Just some good ol’ fluff and lil bit of angst. 

Song: Flashlight by Jessie J 

A/N: I love this song and I hope you like this lil Drabble😄

“Woah!” You exclaimed as you watched Bucky slam the fridge door. “I take it you didn’t have a good day?”

Bucky replied with a grunt.  

“So, you gonna tell me?” You asked, abandoning your dinner and walking over to him. He let out an exasperated breath.

“It’s nothing.” He mumbled.

Bucky.” He glared at you and you put your hands up in surrender. You could tell by the look in his eyes that he would rather do anything else but talk. Before you could say anymore he stormed out of the room. You let out a long breath.

“Don’t take it personally. He’s been like it for the past few days.” Natasha said coming up and standing next to you. “He’s going through one of his moods. He’s still getting used to adjusting. He won’t talk to us but maybe you could get through to him.”

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BTS Reaction: You being deathly afraid of dogs

Jin: Jin would find out in a strange way. You’d be walking home from the grocery store when a little lab would come up to you two. He’d feel you tense up at even the sight of the dog, but when the dog sniffed you, you started to shake and whimper. Jin would get the hint pretty fast and shoo the dog away as quickly as possible. Not gonna lie, he’d find it a little amusing.

Originally posted by pjmksj

Suga: You’d be at the park trying to get him away from his work when a couple with a big mastiff would pass by you. The dog, being a puppy, would get overly excited and come bounding over to you, sending your mind in panic mode. His initial reaction to your sudden panic would be to look around for danger, not a dog. He’d laugh and get you away from the dog quickly, buying you ice cream to calm you down.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

J-Hope: When you shrieked as a dog ran up to the two of you at the park, he instantly panicked. You can’t do this boy this way. He’d finally realize what was happening and groan, giving you a crazy look. 

Originally posted by chimchams

 Rap Monster: Namjoon, of  course, would probably be the calmest? He’d see your fear when a dog jumped at a fence as the two of you walked back to your house. You’d jump and grip his hand tightly, sucking in a sharp breath. He’d smile gently and quicken his pace, getting you home quickly. 

Originally posted by ksjknj

Jimin: Jimin would find your fear amusing but cute. He’d chuckle when you started to panic, then he’d gently coax you to pet the dog, letting you cling to him as the dog licked your hand.

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

V: I think V would mostly help you avoid dogs, but he’s cave a few times, having a dog in his arms as he attempted to have you pet the dog. He’d pout when you refused, knowing he could never have a puppy of his own.

Originally posted by beuits

Jungkook: When you first told him about you fear, he didn’t take you seriously. He thought you were messing with him, until the two of you ran into a dog on the streets. You’d froze as soon as you’d seen the dog. He’d laugh and start to push you towards the dog, getting the dog’s attention. He finally realized he’ fucked up when you started to cry. He would shoo the dog away and never take your fear as a joke again.

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a little surprise

Lukas sits in the diner down the street from his Computer Studies class and eats his burger, drumming his fingers on the table. He hates Tuesdays now because his and Philip’s schedules are exactly opposite, and they don’t get to see each other until late because Philip’s History of Photography class runs until seven.

He texts Philip. Thinking about me in class?


Always Philip replies, a moment later. You eating dinner?


Lukas picks at his fries, dipping one into the ketchup. He types out a response with one finger. Sadly. Lonely. We only get three hours together tonight before we have to go to sleep.


Lukas sighs, wishing it was Friday already. On Friday they both only have two classes early in the morning, and then they have the whole weekend off.

We’ve got date night Thursday. Then Friday and the weekend are all ours :)

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You Don’t Know How Lovely You Are (Robbaery).

Part One of the All That You Are Is All That I’ll Ever Need Series.

I would like to dedicate this to @goodqueenalys because I’ve wanted to write for Robbaery for a while now but if she hadn’t come to me to talk about them I probably never would have actually written this, so thank you for that motivation!

Robb goes round to his sisters to collect his laptop from her but is distracted when he meets her new friend, Margaery.

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anonymous asked:

How does oikawa tease iwaizumi? And how does iwaizumi tease oikawa?

i dont get the question is this nsfw or nah
but im soft so here’s an aesthetic iwaoi text post

iwaizumi has a magic trick to make oikawa’s family gang up on him; has takeru on his side 100% of the time, and they make fun of oikawa and pretend they’re gossiping about him. steals his phone to tweet weird shit. takes bad photos of oikawa - sleeping with his mouth open, unattractively eating ice cream, crazy bedhair in the morning. “you were so cute when we were younger what happened”. sneakily puts fake bugs between his things, dresser, notebooks. bickering until they burst into laughter, stopping only until their stomachs hurt.

actual lap dog oikawa; he jumps on iwaizumi at every opportunity, literally - jumping over him on the bed to crush him, jumping onto while he’s watching tv on the couch, etcetera. sitting on iwaizumi’s back during push-ups. sliding below him during push-ups. “iwachan wake up! it’s 9:30! you’re late!” no, it’s not 9:30. it’s six in the morning. tags and mentions @iwachan in memes in twitter even though they’re right next to each other. ridiculously tight im-going-to-crush-your-lungs hugs. he stops because iwaizumi can hug him with 1000x more power. out of the blue embarrassing childhood memories; “hey iwachan do u remember that time when you—” asking if he can have some of what he’s eating, he bites nearly the whole thing.

You’ll Always Be My One

Summary: Friends hanging out turns into a confession of feels
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Reader/Zelo (Junhong) B.A.P
Warnings: Cheesy cuteness everywhere
Word Count: ~ 2,300 (one-shot)

A/N: Zelo is a fluffy bunny and I really wanted to write something sweet. I’m feeling the fluff this week.

Originally posted by natwon-choi

You’ll Always Be My One

Sitting at the coffee shop, alone at the table, you checked your phone for the tenth time in as many minutes. If he was going to be late, he could at least text you to let you know. Your knees bounced restlessly as your fingers tapped out a beat on the table. The two of you hadn’t been able to hang out together in weeks, and now he was running late.

Really, you shouldn’t have been surprised. It was typical at this point. Ever since he had become Zelo, he was always late.

To amuse yourself, you thought about the very moment that you and Junhong had become friends. He had always just been another kid in your class, a face you passed in the classroom on the way to your seat in middle school. Then that day, the day, you saw him on the sidewalk, two blocks from school, getting pushed around by older neighborhood kids.

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Exo’s Reaction - When You Fall Over

Xiumin - *You’re at the concert and while the boys were performing, you fall over at the side of the stage, you look up and see Xiumin running to you and makes sure you’re okay, gives you a wink then goes back to be in time for his part*

Lay - *Starts panicking and doesn’t know what to do but after 5 minutes, he helps you up and hugs you without saying anything*

Kai - *You fall over a dog toy while carrying essays that needed to be completed, Kai comes help you up and smiles at you*

Suho - *Goes full on momma bear and takes you to get ice cream afterwards*

Kyungsoo - *After seeing you fall, he takes good care of you and makes you food to make you feel better*

Tao - *You were coming in from the kitchen with food for you both, you trip over a shoe and the food went all over Tao’s new jacket and he goes crazy about it, doesn’t check if you were okay, all he was worrying about was his jacket*

Chen - *He manages to stop you from face planting the floor and gives you cuddles and kisses*

Kris *He could see that you were hurt after you fell so he puts a film on and cuddles with you*

Chanyeol - *As the so caring, happy virus he is, he picks you up, dusts you off and makes sure that you’re okay and you ain’t hurt anything*

Baekhyun - *gif*

Sehun - *After laughing his ass off, he gets you up and kisses you on the forehead then bursts out with laughter again, the little shit*

Luhan - *He couldn’t help but giggle to himself while helping you up and a few seconds later he falls in the exact same place*

Preference #48: Crazy For You

A/N: I miss Big Time Rush so much. Here’s the song this preference is based off of (x)

Calum: Got a temperature of 103, Even sick as a dog you look cute to me, Even at your worst you’re still the best, yeah

As much as Calum was worried about you, he couldn’t help but to laugh as you let out a series of sneezes. He could never keep a straight face when you sneezed. The sound always making him fall to the floor in a fit of giggles. “It’s not funny,” you groaned, voice sounding nasally as you spoke. You sucked in a deep breath, trying to get air into your sore throat. “Aw, I’m sorry baby,” Calum pouted, biting onto his bottom lip to stop the laughter. You glared at him with dull eyes, Calum pulled his fingers over his mouth in a zipping motion to signify he wouldn’t laugh anymore. He cleared his throat, “Okay. What did you want again?” he questioned, holding an imaginary notepad and pen up as if he was taking somebody’s order. “NyQuil, more Kleenex, some soup and ice cream,” you said in a hoarse voice. Calum looked at you with a raised eyebrow, shaking his head. “No ice cream. You’re sick,” he stated, running a hand through your hair. The heat rising from your own body making it moist. Calum could feel his heart skip a beat when you looked up at him in a pout. Giving him the puppy dog eyes you knew he wouldn’t be able to resist. “Ice cream will cool me down,” you innocently said. You watched as his face scrunched up in an attempt to not look at you. This only made your gaze grow stronger and Calum sighed in defeat. “You’re so cute I can’t stand it!” he exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air in exasperation. You grinned, snuggling back into your spot as you watched him place on shoes; mumbling that he’ll be back in a few minutes. 

Ashton: How else can I say it, Feel like a broken record, You think I’m crazy and it’s true, I’m crazy for you

Ashton never failed to express how much he was in love with you. Whenever he had the chance, he would say it. In the morning, during the day, on the way to the gym, in the shower, and at least ten times before you two went to bed. It was driving you insane, but you knew he couldn’t help it. You and Ashton were laying in bed. The two of you winding down from the events that had just occurred. Limbs intertwining with one another that you weren’t able to tell where he began and where you ended. It was quiet as you stared at the ceiling in bliss, exhaustion over taking you. “My god, I love you so much,” Ashton hummed for about the ninth time that day. You giggled at his words, slightly turning so you could snuggle into his side. “I love you too,” you mumbled, sending a series of pecks across his collarbone and neck. His arms automatically laced around your body and a kiss was sent to the top of your head. “I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m so in love with you. I-I just want to scream it out into the night sky,” Ashton admitted. You began to laugh at his words, a whine leaving your lips as he pulled from your embrace. “What are you doing?” you asked, sitting up on your elbow as you watched him walk over to the window. Your eyes widened in surprise as Ashton opened it, shouting his love for you so the whole world could hear. “YOU’RE CRAZY!” you laughed loudly, falling back into the pillows as Ashton jumped back onto the bed. “Crazy for you,” he whispered, giving you a passionate kiss that quickly turned heated. Round two being the number one thing on your minds now.

Michael: A ponytail and a pair of sweats, You still look like a perfect ten, Baby, you could wear anything

For the past few days you haven’t felt comfortable with the way you looked. Being six months pregnant made you feel like a cow and you refused to leave the house due to not having anything to wear. Michael watched from the entrance of your bedroom as you threw clothes out of the closet in disgust. Each shirt, pants, or dress you tossed out, you had made a comment on whether it was ugly or wouldn’t fit. The two of you were already running late to your own baby shower and he had to get you in the car before guests started to wonder where you were. “Y/N, just choose something,” Michael groaned, sliding down to the floor in frustration. You waddled out of the closet, sitting at the edge of the bed and letting out a huff. “I’m not going,” you mumbled, making Michael’s head shoot up from his phone. He shook his head at your words. “You’re going! Everyone already showed up and are eager to see you,” he protested. He stood up, walking over to stand in front of you. “I don’t have anything to wear and whatever I do put on I look terrible,” you whined. Michael glanced around the room. It looked as if a hurricane had went through. He smiled, bending down to your eye level. “Wear a pair a sweats,” he suggested, “You’ll still look like a perfect ten to me.” Hell you looked like a perfect ten to Michael when you wore just anything. He looked at you with such love, eyebrows raising in question if you like the idea. “I’ll even let you wear one of my band t-shirts,” he bribed. A grin made its way onto his face when you smiled, nodding at his words. “Okay, I’ll wear sweats,” you agreed, standing up with his help. As much as you didn’t like how you looked while pregnant right now, Michael still made sure to shut down your worries.

Luke: Hey hey hey hey hey everybody, Girl so good good good gotta tell somebody, You can even call me insane, but it won’t change a thing

You hid your face in embarrassment as Luke began to go off on a tangent about how much he loved you. Even after proclaiming your love and sealing it in front of all your loved ones, you still felt nervous. Luke had always wanted to tell someone how he made you feel. Whatever the topic may be, he managed to bring you into the conversation. His head nearly burst when you had said yes to the proposal. Luke announcing the news on almost every social media site he had. You of course stopped him from spilling everything the two of you did. You had even went into damage control to prevent him from telling every single detail of you wedding to his fans. That even included where you two were tying the knot. Now that the day had came, the ceremony over, and the two of you just celebrating your love. You let Luke talk to his heart’s content, and so that’s what he did. He gushed over how beautiful you looked tonight, a sparkle in his eyes as he began to tear up. Calum and Michael recording the whole thing to use as blackmail later on if Luke didn’t do whatever they had wanted. “I married a goddess!” Luke yelled to the cab driver as you two slid into the backseat in a fit of giggles. You both might have had too much to drink, but it was your day of celebration. You beamed in admiration at how insane your husband was, the cab driver nodding his head at Luke’s words. “Congratulations, where to?” he questioned, you looked at Luke, “Home?” you asked. Luke shrugged, “I don’t care where we go, as long as I’m with you,” he mumbled, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. You grinned at his words, nodding in agreement. “To the nearest pancake house,” you told the driver, in the mood for breakfast food. Luke smiled in your embrace, “You know me so well,” he whispered. Silence overtaking the two of you.

punkahoy  asked:

You know what's not miserable or unhappy or ugly or annoying at all? Weimaraners. You know, those dogs with very short fur and deep blue eyes? Like the Lord Byron of dogs? Only instead of 'I'm romantic and moody', all Weimaraners I've known are powerhouses of happy craziness. You gotta love them. And you what else is not miserable at all? Any dog eating ice cream. Also Wonder Woman when she tries ice cream for the first time and tells the guy, "you should be proud". That's so NOT miserable.

Fuck man ily thank u


My visit to the Skytree village bsd cafe! Like a true crazy fangirl, I ordered a lot of food because you get 1 blind box coaster with each menu item purchase. I ended up with:
2 Dazai drinks (melon soda with 2 pocky sticks topped with vanilla ice cream)
2 Dazai cream puffs (pretty good!)
2 Soukoku takoyaki trays (black squid ink??? To make them black coloured - tastes kinda weird)
1 Steinbeck grapes of wrath drink (soda with grape jelly, 2 pretz sticks and mint leaf, pretty good!)

BTS Would You Rather

Tagged by @handsomejin  THANKYOU!!! <3

- Build a snowman with Taehyung OR Have a snowball fight with Hoseok (It seems like it would be more chill and hobi would most definitely wreck me) 
-  Get coffee with Yoongi OR Get ice cream with Yoongi (not a big fan of coffee tbh)
- Go to the cinema with Jimin OR The amusement park with Jungkook 
-  Do a dance cover with Hoseok OR Sing a duet with Jin (not like I can actually do either)
-  Kiss Namjoon OR Cuddle Yoongi (cuddling is so much better)
-  Babysit with Jimin OR Dog-sit with Taehyung (while I know more about babies than dogs, babies are just really hard and kind of no fun to watch)
-  Meet Hoseok’s family OR Have Taehyung meet your family (my family… is crazy I wouldn’t put tae through that)
-  Film a commercial with Hoseok OR Film a sketch with Taehyung
-   Hug Jimin OR Hold hands with Jungkook (I have a thing for JK’s hands okay)
-  Go to Paris with Jin OR To London with Yoongi (sorry yoongles but Jin seems like he’d be more fun with on a trip ahsnhdbfjds)
-  Film a drama with Jin OR Do a photo shoot with Namjoon (though his beauty will obviously overshadow me I am okay with it)
-  Attend an award show with Namjoon OR Wear couple t-shirts at the airport with Jungkook 
-  Spend a lazy day with Yoongi OR Explore a city with Hoseok (bro this would be so much fun)
-  Fall asleep next to Jimin OR Wake up next to Jungkook
-  Have a fun picnic with Hoseok OR A fancy date with Jin 
-  Have Jungkook serenade you OR Have Taehyung sing you to sleep (being serenaded is a lil awkawrd tbh, tae’s voice is so soothing too)
-  Have a dance party with Hoseok OR Sing karaoke with Yoongi
-  Go camping with Jimin and Taehyung OR Go to the beach with Namjoon & Yoongi (I actually strongly dislike camping, I am a beach person)
-  Have a sleepover with the hyung line OR A birthday party with the maknaes
- Celebrate Halloween with Jungkook, Yoongi, Taehyung and Hoseok OR Christmas with Namjoon, Jimin and Jin (I have never been allowed to celebrate Halloween until last year. I would go to Halloween Horror Nights with them because that is my new favorite thing ashdja)

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you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!