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late night conversations

REQUEST: Imagine like it’s late at night and you’re sitting on the kitchen floor with a bowl of cereal on your lap as you think to yourself about random ideas, then seb comes and sits next to you also with a bowl of cereal and the two of you talking about the weirdest and most random things.

WARNINGS: fluffffffffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: okay, this is the CUTEST request i’ve received in a while and I had soooooooo much fun writing it! So thank you anon! I hope you enjoy! .xx

After a long day of running around the city you just wanted to go home, take a shower, and get into bed. So that’s exactly what you did when you walked through the front door. You left a trail of clothes to the bathroom where you took a relaxing warm shower. Then, you changed into some comfy clothes and jumped onto the soft mattress.

Sebastian wouldn’t be home until later that day. He had gone to visit his mom for a bit and he was usually gone for most of the day whenever he was visiting her.

You woke up hours later, your eyes adjusting to the darkness. You saw Sebastian’s silhouette laying next to you, soft snores escaping his mouth. You grabbed your phone off the nightstand and checked the time. It was currently 2AM and you were wide awake.

Dammit,” you muttered under your breath. This is why you didn’t like going to sleep early. You always woke up in the middle of the night.

You set your phone down and tried going back to sleep but your stomach began gurgling. You remembered that you had only eaten a bag of chips throughout the day. You were getting hungrier as the seconds passed, so you threw your legs over the mattress and tiptoed out of the room and into the kitchen.

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anonymous asked:

can i request a scene where nigou help aomine,kagami and kise to hook up with their crush?


“Man, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you don’t like Tetsu,” Aomine says to the small ball of black and white fluff in his arms. “but there’s no way that’s true, right?” He chuckles a little. His disgruntled, slightly irritated expression was nowhere to be found as Nigou barks in what he assumes is agreement. “Right, well, let’s get you home then,buddy.”

“Aomine-kun?” The basketball ace freezes, looking up from the mammal in his arms to see (L/n) (F/n), the Seirin manager, the cutest damn thing to ever exist, though he would never admit that out loud.

“U-Uh,” crap, he thought, he was usually much cooler than this. Why did have to meet them of all days? Their (e/c) gaze falls upon the dog in his arms, wagging his tail and barking happily at them.

“Oh, there you are!” Another confused “uh” is Aomine’s response as Nigou wriggles out of his grasp to paw at their school uniform, panting happily as the puppy nuzzles the adorable manager while the dark skinned ace continues murmuring like an idiot. “Silly puppy ran off while I was walking him for Kuro…ko…Aomine-kun? Are you alright?” A petite hand on his forehead has Aomine brought back to reality. He shakes his head to relieve his stupor in the same manner that a puppy would shake itself free of water right after a bath. His feigned ennui returns to his disposition, as he smirks and shrugs.

“Yeah, don’t sweat it.”

“Well, since you really helped me out, could I treat you to dinner?”

“Eh?” Their cheeks light up as they glance away from his cobalt gaze, their lips poking out in a slight pout.

“Sorry, that sounds like a date invitation, doesn’t it? Though, I don’t mind…”

He really loved that little fur ball.

Kagami: Poor Kagami didn’t know what he was more afraid of: the chances of the coach returning and performing her Boston Crab move on him for slacking off during practice, or of the furry little black and white monstrosity that was currently chasing him down with an unbridled enthusiasm.

“G-Get away from me! No!” In a last ditch effort, deciding that he would rather brave the wrath of a cruel brunette and a bespectacled captain than face this beast, Kagami throws the door open to exit the gym.


“Wah!” Kagami instinctively sticks his hand out to brace himself for the fall, his hands coming into contact with something pliable and soft to the touch while his knees collide with the concrete floor. The toc toc toc of plastic meeting the ground comes shortly after, and Kagami swears that the entire world is just against him today. He opens the eyes he doesn’t remember closing, making eye contact with the familiar (e/c) that he often found himself getting lost in whenever the manager engaged in conversation with him. Their eyes were widened slightly by the shock, but it takes Kagami several minutes to realize just what kind of situation he had put himself in.

When it finally occurs to him that he is on top of them and looks like some kind of deviant he of course leaps off (F/n) with a cry, reeling backwards right into the door that had closed.

“K-Kagami-kun…” The concerned expression on their features has his heart racing, and he could hardly keep his composure, knees shaking for a completely different reason.

“S-S-Sorry! I’m sorry! Did I hurt you?” A smile graces their rosy lips, and they shake their head.

“No, I’m fine. Are you alright?”

“Yeah, don’t worry about m-me.” He rubs the back of his head. He starts to pick up the fallen water bottles they had been carrying, feeling bad. “L-Let me help you out with that.”

“Oh, no, I-” Their voice stops when their hands brush against each other. Kagami freezes like time had suddenly stopped for him. After what felt like eternity (which was only a few seconds,) he allows his eyes to drift upwards, meeting (e/c) with wide eyes and rosy cheeks.

“U-uh…” Their eyes leave each other almost immediately. The water bottles soon become forgotten props on the stage of this little soap opera.

“Kagami, after school, do you want to come to Maji Burger with me?”

“EH!? AH, EH, uh I mean-no, I mean, no I don’t mean no, I mean y-yes! Yes!” His response is musical laughter that sends his heart aflutter.

“Alright, then let’s hurry before Riko gets back!” Once all the fallen water bottles are back in their rack, Kagami walks with (F/n) back into the gym, passing by a suddenly well behaved Nigou, who barks happily at them. There was a little sparkle in his eye that told Seirin’s ace that this little puppy had planned this right from the beginning.

Kise: (I love hate my sunshine bby)

Kise is not a religious man, but if there is a deity up there, he was ready to convert. This good fortune could not have come about if there was no life after death. How convenient could things get until they were just flat out the result of divine intervention?

This is all he could think as he watches (F/n), one of Seirin’s managers, play with the adorable white and black Kuroko lookalike on a park bench beside him. What were the chances that he would find Kuroko, (F/n), Kagami and Nigou all at a street court just down the street from his modeling agency? What were the chances that Kagami spill Maji burger ketchup all over himself and have to leave? Okay, maybe Kuroko leaving to buy them drinks was predictable, but still! Whatever the cause of this great fortune, Kise Ryota could not let it go to waste!

“Ah, say, (L/n)-cchi, I was thinking…” Kise gets distracted when the adorable, beautiful, perfect high schooler looks to him with this doe-eyed expression that makes him want to hug them tight and never let go. “Ahaha, I-”

“Nigou!?” His attempt at flirtation are dashed when the small pup suddenly bounds out of their lap, and (F/n) leaps out of their seat, failing to see that NIgou’s leash was wrapped around their ankle.

“Wait, look ou-!” Kise reaches out and leaps out of his seat to grab the back of their shirt, but miscalculates his own trajectory and plants a hand firmly on their ass, resembling almost a coquettish slap akin to the ones that scum on the streets would administer to a poor unsuspecting woman crossing the street. Kise turns red and yanks his hand back like it’s on fire, helplessly witnessing them tumble to the ground with a loud ‘oof!’

“A-Are you okay…?” Before Kise can make a heroic or gentlemanly gesture, he suddenly notices two shadows looming over him. He feels the murderous intent. When he manages to meet Kurokocchi’s eyes, he knows that the bluenette thought nothing of the worst of them. Kagamicchi looks ready to throttle him, and his crush is sitting on the ground, face red and contorted in mortification. The only happy contributor to all this chaos sits near a discarded, greasy Maji Burger wrapper, having licked it completely clean in the short amount of time it took for Kise to have his reputation dragged through the mud.

But when (F/n) rises, he soon realizes that they were not mad. Embarrassed? Oh, horrifically so. But they sit down beside Kise once more, offering a calming voice and rational words to combat Kise’s shocked terror. As they’re calming Seirin’s Shadow and Light, one smooth, careful hand covers Kise’s, and he notices they’re still blushing.

Kise was not a religious man, but somehow he knew something out there really enjoyed messing with him.

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Have you always been drawing animals, or is it something you just got into recently?? Either way, your skills are beyond enviable😍

I’ve drawn animals off and on throughout the years! I went through a pony fandom stage and drew a lot of ponies and dragons for a bit..

And then I had Ginger and Cotton that I worked on occassionally.

(both of these guys are getting revamped and are cooler now than ever–)

I’d do animals for assignments!

… but I never really seriously drew animals beyond the ocassional parakeet or raven on my own. I started drawing more dogs once I owned a few of them.

But Zootopia. Man, I’ve never had more fun drawing animals. <3

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A wedding scenario of a captain of your choice!

I went with Bokuto, because I can’t get enough of this owl lately. And it’s pre-wedding jitters, I hope that’s okay!

There was a good chance Bokuto would be throwing up today.

Akaashi watched from his spot against the back of the building, eyes following the pacing captain as he walked back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

“Bokuto-san, you’re wearing a path in the sidewalk,” he noted.

“Akaashi!” Bokuto wailed, freezing mid-stride. “I don’t think I can do this?”

“Are you getting cold feet?” Akaashi asked.

“No, it’s… It’s not me… I mean, it is me, but…” Bokuto was rambling, hands moving erratically. “I’m not good enough, you know? I’m never gonna be good enough, and… And this… She deserves way more… She deserves more than I could ever give her.”

“Bokuto-san, that isn’t true and you know it,” Akaashi corrected.

“It is, though!” he exclaimed, wide and terrified eyes turning on the setter. “I’m a mess, and she’s… She’s perfect. She’s everything, and I’m just… A big nothing.”

Akaashi sighed. There was only one person who could pull him from this kind of slump, and he’d hoped to avoid that. But desperate times called for desperate measures. He pulled his phone from his pocket and tapped out a quick message.

“Akaashi, I can’t… I can’t go through with this,” Bokuto murmured. He was fading quickly. “Just… You marry her instead.”

“She doesn’t want me, Bokuto-san,” Akaashi noted. “That’s why she’s marrying you.”

“Well, she’s obviously mistaken, then.”

“I’ll bet she’d love to hear you say that,” Akaashi couldn’t help his chuckle.

“Akaashi, I’m serious!” Bokuto cried. “This is a mistake, I—“

“Are you saying that marrying me is a mistake?”

The sound of your voice nearly made Bokuto leap out of his skin. Slowly, he turned his head. God, you were so beautiful. Your makeup was only half on, your hair was pinned up in a thousand different directions, and you were in jeans and a t-shirt.

He never loved you more than he did right now, looking just like that.

“That’s not what I meant,” he croaked.

“That’s sort of what it sounded like,” you countered, drawing up to him.

You’re not a mistake,” he corrected himself. “I am.”

“Don’t talk about the man I love that way,” you chided. You reached for one of his hands, fingers twining with his own. Slowly, you brought it to your lips, planting a gentle kiss over each knuckle.

“(Name), I’m serious,” Bokuto tried again. “You’re… The most amazing person I’ve ever met in my entire life. Like, you’re cooler than Akaashi and Kanye West and that dog that lives down the street, combined.”

“Wow, those are big shoes to fill,” you bit back a laugh.

“You’ve met Kanye West?” Akaashi asked.

“You’re so cool, and awesome, and beautiful, and amazing,” Bokuto pressed on. “And I’m just… I’m a mess. And you don’t deserve that.”

“All those things you just said that I am? I think that about you too,” you said, squeezing his hand tightly. “You’re so cool, and awesome, and handsome, and amazing. I love you so much. That’s why I’m here, in front of everyone we know, probably about to embarrass myself a thousand times. Because I want them to know how much I love you.”

Bokuto’s mouth moved around a wordless protest, and you took the opportunity to lean up on your toes and press your lips to his. It took a moment, but eventually, he kissed back. The fingers of his free hand threaded through your hair, pulling you closer.

“Kou,” you murmured as you pulled away. “I love you more than anything in the world. So please don’t call yourself a mistake.”

“Okay,” he nodded.

“Now, let’s get married.”

“You got it.”

You squeezed his hand one more time for good measure before letting it go. You’d made it about 20 steps before he called out to you.

“Hey! How did you know to come out here?”

You glanced back at him over your shoulder, a smile pulling at your lips. “You’ve got a pretty good best man.”

The last thing you heard before you made it back inside was the sound of Bokuto weeping with joy, and Akaashi’s pitiful struggle to extricate himself from the captain’s vice-grip.

So I just walked my dog and this woman walked by. She looked like 40 or something. I kinda wanted to be funny and instead of saying hello I said Damn Daniel. She turned around and screamed:“Back at it again with the white vans!”

Guys, I’m in fucking Germany, it’s 8 am and a middle-aged woman was cooler than every friend I’ve ever had.

[TRANS] 140315 Jonghyun's Blue Night Radio with Toheart #5

Being Handsome + Ideal Types (ENDING)

  • “Since you two are good friends, do you have similar dating styles (girls you like)?" WH said they will never have the scenario in Delicious MV where they fight over a girl because their styles are too different. Key says they talk about girls and points out to each other when they see a pretty girl (then jonghyun cut in saying that all men are the same (look at girls and point out the ones they like), but he has never thought that any girl that woohyun point out is pretty. WH says he like cute, pure and innocent type of girls but key is not this type of girl at all. JH says his style is similar to WH too so it’s key’s problem. Key added saying that it is not that the girl woohyun pointed out is ugly, but it is just not his style. JH said they should talk more about this later while having drinks.
  • Key said he think that one of the good things is that WH is a pro (in doing music), since they are friends, he wasn’t able to feel it but when they are doing music together, he realised that Woohyun is a pro in doing music so it was easy and enjoyable. Woohyun said he agrees and said he has always seen Key as Kibum instead of SHINee’s Key so he never thought that Key would have another side of him (Musician-side) and he realised Key really raps very well, and he write good lyrics too.

  • Jonghyun: Key, do you think you’re more handsome than Woohyun? Key: No. Woohyun: I’m better looking Key: He is indeed better looking but it isn’t counted too. He looks more charismatic but it doesn’t count as ‘handsome’ in this industry?Jonghyun: Who is more handsome in our industry?Woohyun: Jonghyun,you’re very handsome. Jonghyun: L is handsome. I just look charismatic
  • Key: I will not even feel that someone is handsome if he isn’t extremely good looking

  • Jonghyun: Key, am I more handsome than Woohyun? Key: No Jonghyun: Really? Key: …yes….(source: YangMehLin)
  •  ToHeart said they did not receive any candies today but gave out candies to the fans who came to the recording today. (White Day was on the 14th)

  • Jonghyun: For Woohyun, what is Key?Woohyun: My other self! A shadow?Jonghyun: How about Key?Key: Hmm…he’s like shochu.Jonghyun: He makes you feel intoxicated?? Key: I can talk sad things and happy things with him. Jonghyun: Then, for the two of you, what is Jonghyun?? Key: Please stop that. Jonghyun: Why?!
  • Jonghyun: Have you ever thought you’re cooler than Woohyun?Key: Nope. Woohyun: Am I really that cool? Jonghyun: Woohyun’s like a dog and Key’s like a cat. Key: Anyway, we’re not the cool type of person. Also I won’t say that I  think I’m not cool!Jonghyun: Ohh is that so…

  • Key: I think it’s nice that Woohyun share a lot in common and empathise a lot with each other. Jonghyun: I feel envious seeing you guys going shopping. I don’t have friends who can go shopping or drinking with me!

trans cr: qyblingtastic, jalousied & squishyjinki (unless specified)

Creepypasta #568: The Screeching

Story length: Long

It was the first and last time I went out with Tim Aubeck. I like to think that I was a good kid in high school, and he had a reputation for cruising the gravel roads half drunk, only stopping to grab another beer from the cooler. I went because Paul, my best friend at the time, told me I needed to get out more. We were supposed to just cruise the town. That’s what Aubeck said.

We ended up hanging out with Fortner, who lived in a trailer on a farm six miles from the nearest highway. Fortner was a year older than us, a college dropout turned tractor mechanic. He had wood panelled walls, a flat screen TV, and a hound dog. Oh yeah, and a lot of beer.

I had three beers, which was the most I’d ever had at one time. To be honest, I don’t like beer. I know I’m supposed to, being a guy–a guy with a beard, nonetheless–but I just don’t. Anyway, we were drinking and talking and a few hours into it Aubeck said he had to take a piss.

I went with him because I had to go, too, having just drank thirty-six ounces of the bitter stuff. I know Aubeck had way more, though. He was close to three-hundred pounds, and he almost fell down the two steps leading outside.

“Easy,” I said.

“Holy shit, Mike.” Aubeck steadied himself against a tree and went. I went by a different tree.

The night really is beautiful in the country. The sky all stars, nothing in the air but wind, and a moon as bright as a lamp. Sometimes you have to stop and take a piss to appreciate it. I lived in the city for ten years, and you couldn’t get that there. Never in a million years.

Then we heard the screeching. It was a sound like nothing I’d heard before, and I consider myself a very good listener. A screeching noise, there and then gone, far away but close enough to know it was real.




It was the sound of a gate on rusted hinges, a loose old floorboard. I shivered and zipped up.

“Did you hear that?” Aubeck said.

“Yeah, it must be from that old barn out there.” There wasn’t any barn, but I really wanted to get the hell back inside. Suddenly the country wasn’t so pretty.

“Nah,” he said. “Wasn’t a barn. What the hell was that?”

“I don’t know man. I’m going inside.” My voice cracked, but I think Aubeck was too drunk to notice. I stepped toward the trailer, and he took two steps into the weeds.


“That!” Aubeck said. “You hear it?”



My heart fell to the bottom of my stomach, then leapt into my throat. “I… come on, man. Let’s get another beer.”

Aubeck didn’t answer. He just kept walking towards that terrible sound. I don’t know why I followed him. I guess I felt responsible for his sorry ass. I still do sometimes. I wonder if things would be different if I’d stopped him.

Now the world truly was silent. People say silent but they don’t really know what it means. Really, really silent. No cars, no people. No wind in the trees. No groaning cattle.

I waited for that screeching to break the silence, but it was Aubeck’s footsteps I heard next. We were over the fence now, in a neighbor’s pasture. A cloud had slipped in front of the moon. I had only his drunken footfalls to go by.

And then they stopped. The moon shone on the pasture again. A cow mooed stupidly. Fortner’s dog barked. Aubeck was gone.

“Aubeck!” I called out. I stumbled around in circles, too terrified to move forward. There was nothing but weedy earth in front of me, but it felt like I was teetering at the edge of a cliff.


Softly this time, as if trying to pull me off that cliff.


It seemed to float on the wind.

“Come on, Aubeck. This isn’t funny.”

Fortner, Paul and I, the state police, and the whole town of Oak Pass could not find Aubeck. Or a trace of him. I never told anyone about the screeching. “He just wandered off,” I said.

I listen for it every night now, going on three years. The fear is gone, replaced by a boundless emptiness far, far worse. I stare at the sky and listen, really listen, but it’s hard to find silence so complete.

Sometimes I try different places. A township cemetery between corn fields. The caves in Ahanu State Park. A supposedly haunted mansion on a bluff. But mostly I listen in the place where it happened.

When I fall asleep tonight, If I do, I’ll dream of that night. The grass bending under our feet, the moon in full glow, all the stars hanging in perfect brilliance. And then, setting up camp by the river. Pitching the tent with Kimmie.

And if nothing else I’ll dream of waking in the middle of the night, my little Kimmie on my chest. “Daddy,” she says. “Daddy, daddy.”

“What is it?”

“Me and Mommy heard a noise. Like a screech.”

At this point I’ll wake up, heart pounding and ears ringing. I’ll grope at my sides for my wife, and feel nothing. Then I’ll listen again and stare at the sky until my eyes won’t stay open, and then I’ll listen with my eyes closed, searching far and wide for that awful sound but only finding sleep.

“She went looking for it,” Kimmie tells me in my dreams. “She’s gone.”

Credits to: alanbsteeks

Sid  & Ovi Good Omens

because hat’s been yelling about it for ages apparently? and she just now tracked me down to yell one-on-one.

may I quote her? 

“I def see Ovi as a werewolf BUT ALSO now I want a Good Omens AU where in a surprise turn Ovi=Aziraphale” 

“Listen to me because this is the most beautiful idea I’ve ever had: Sid as Crowley.”

and she got what she wanted.

“Really?” Crosby said. “Pigeons?”

The pigeons cooed and fluttered their wings, disinterested in the machinations of God or man, which was interesting because they certainly had not existed until fourteen seconds ago, and they weren’t made by any man.

“Somebody have to do something,” Ovechkin said. He shrugged. “Pigeons okay.”

Pigeons were, in fact, okay, by a variety of standards and measures: pigeons were okay if you needed a charming mat of down-feathers and bird dung spread over whatever ground they were occupying; pigeons were okay if you wanted all normal and civilized people to assiduously avoid a given area; pigeons were okay if you wanted any sort of street signs, public art, or floral decorations immediately and thoroughly defaced.

In short, if you had a problem with a small gateway to Hell opening up in Regent’s Park, pigeons were a swell fix.

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tod-bowen replied to your post:[pm] So, uhm, I got a few books on magic. The…

[pm] [d: I knew you weren’t so bad!] Hey, np, we gotta stick together, right? Krypto’s a little freaked out, he got soaked in blood and, well… Long fur, not pretty. Wish I knew where to file my strongly worded letter. Let me start scanning!

[pm] You know this is a temporary arrangement, right?  Of course, Bowen. Has anyone ever told you that your last name is a lot cooler than your first? Bowen detaches me from you has a better ring! 

And I totally get it, my dog has long fur too. Getting whatever this is out of Duck’s fur was horrible. And thank you again, Bowen. 

Wait hold on you named your dog Krypto? Like Superman’s dog? Loser






nikki ‏@jalousied 

psa: pls remember that i’m translating japanese transcriptions of the show so wording and nuances might not be accurate. thanks.

  • Jonghyun: You have all waited so much, right? Today, SHINee’s Key-ssi and Infinite’s Woohyun-ssi will come! Even though we’re in the same group I’m going to introduce them as Toheart, it’s such a weird feeling.

    Jonghyun: Today is White Day, isn’t it? The writer-noona LOL. During Valentine’s Day I kept telling them I didn’t receive any chocolate so today they prepared well! I got chocolate. 

    Jonghyun: Finally we have a SHINee member here in Blue Night! When I started this radio show, I thought I’d call them here after 3-4 years. I didn’t think one of them would guest here so early!
    Key and Woohyun: Hello, we’re Toheart!
    Jonghyun: What the hell was that?! LOL 

    Jonghyun: You’re really busy lately, aren’t you? How did you prepare for this? Key-ssi’s voice sounds like he needs ice cream LOL.
    Key: I think this is the busiest I’ve been since debut. 

    Jonghyun: I’ve been with Key-ssi for 7, 8 years already so isn’t it a bit worrisome wondering what to talk about on air?
    Key: Why? Do you have something to say? LOL
    Jonghyun: LOL I said I called Key-ssi to this show but he’s already good at talking.

    Jonghyun: How do you think am I progressing? It’s awkward isn’t it? 
    Key: Really? Well, I kind of know the feeling. But I’ve gotten used to you since debut so I know you have this side/personality anyway. 
    Jonghyun: It doesn’t mean that I’m always in high spirits.

    Jonghyun: I know that you guys are really close, but I didn’t know that you call each other “My Bum” and “My Hyun”! How did that happen?!
    Woohyun: At first, I just called him, “Kibum-ah, Kibum-ah” but it sounded really boring so I played around with his name and it somehow became “My Bum” LOL

    Jonghyun: Why didn’t you tell me? Wasn’t it lonesome? 
    Woohyun: Our CEO just couldn’t keep his mouth shut LOL.
    Key: I was told not to tell anyone, not even our members… so that’s why no one managed to know.
    Jonghyun: My mother knew about your project even before I did.

    Jonghyun: Please say something about Delicious’ lyrics.
    Key: It’s about competing for a girl’s attention. Even though I think it’s obvious when one watches the MV, from the start it’s about two good friends fighting over a girl’s affection. But instead of being a serious fight, it has a playful feeling.

    Jonghyun: I watched the MV. Key-ssi, you really like this kind of control.
    Key: I thought if there’s a chance to work together I’d like to grasp it. In actuality, my style and sense didn’t really change. I’m just glad to be able to do a work that I want to do and direct it the way I want. 
    Jonghyun: It’s nice to be able to work on a project you like the way you want it and have a friend with you, too.

    Woohyun: Key-ssi eats a lot. He likes chicken a lot, while drinking beer.
    Jonghyun: What is he like when he’s drunk?
    Woohyun: He becomes really noisy and annoying.
    Jonghyun: He’s annoying everyday LOL.

    Key: During Woohyun’s birthday it was really fun and we drank a lot, even though we were to go to Japan the next day LOL.
    Jonghyun: Ah, it was that day?
    Key: I didn’t want to suddenly get drunk and be troublesome since the other Infinite members have gone home earlier, too. But somehow we ended up drinking together. It was terrible.

    Jonghyun: Until now I’ve been praising you a lot…
    Woohyun: So now it’s time to diss us? LOL
    Jonghyun: Because I know a lot, you know. You both like drinking, right? You both got in trouble, right? Because your drinking has affected your work.
    Key and Woohyun: Yeah.
    Jonghyun: Wow, you’re both honest.
    Key: I’m not the type who denies something that happened though? LOL.

    Jonghyun: Your album’s recording/editing is really good. I thought “Maze” was nice. Your production team are full of amazing people, right? Like, someone who wrote a lot of Infinite’s songs and someone who wrote A.Mi.GO..

    Key: While we were doing project planning, I thought we would eventually end up arguing. But we progressed steadily and didn’t even quarreled once. 
    Woohyun: We did fight about what to eat…
    Jonghyun: It’s like you guys are going out with how you argue over things. LOL. 

    Woohyun: We weren’t really pressured about this project because we want to have fun and make sure our fans have fun, too.
    Key: More than reaching number 1, we wanted to show the general public that we can do this kind of music. Anyway we just want to enjoy what we’re doing without worrying about the charts. 

    Key: So far I’ve been satisfied (with things). I also wanted to try out solo stages. I also want to try out things I’d want to do and get to know our fans more. But right now, I want to show a side of me that I haven’t shown before. 

    Key: There isn’t a time that a girl Woohyun thinks is cute looks cute to me. 
    Woohyun: I like pure and cute girls..
    Key: I didn’t say that your types aren’t cute, I just said they’re not my type.
    Woohyun: Key is attracted by girls who have unique personalities.
    Jonghyun: Woohyun-ssi and I have the same ideal types LOL

    Jonghyun: Since we’re talking about the lyrics to “Delicious”, but which would you choose, love or friendship? 
    Key: Even if you leave a friendship, you’ll end up returning anyway, but a love lost won’t return, right?
    Jonghyun: That’s right!

    Key: I think it’s nice that Woohyun share a lot in common and emphathize a lot with each other.
    Jonghyun: I feel envious seeing you guys going shopping. I don’t have friends who can go shopping or drinking with me!

    Jonghyun: Have you ever thought you’re cooler than Woohyun?
    Key: Nope.
    Woohyun: Am I really that cool?
    Jonghyun: Woohyun’s like a dog and Key’s like a cat.

    Key: Anyway, we’re not the cool type of person. Also I won’t say that I really think I’m not cool!
    Jonghyun: Ohh is that so.

    Jonghyun: For Woohyun, what is Key?
    Woohyun: My other self! A shadow?
    Jonghyun: How about Key?
    Key: Hmm…he’s like shochu.
    Jonghyun: He makes you feel intoxicated??
    Key: I can talk sad things and happy things with him.
    Jonghyun: Then, for the two of you, what is Jonghyun??
    Key: Please stop that.
    Jonghyun: Why?!

    Key really answers honestly. Woohyun’s answer (abt Infinite) was safe and typical of idol groups but Key’s was more on a personal level imo.

    Jonghyun got so many burns today Jinki needs to come home soon and nurse his wounds.

    Jjong: What is Jonghyun to both of you? Key: Stop that now. Jjong: Why? Key: …An employee, I guess.

    Key: Until now I haven’t appeared in Blue Night, but it’s really an honor to be able to come here like this. Please watch over our (Toheart) and Jonghyun-hyung’s progress warmly. Since we’re starting over again, please treat us well. Please look after Toheart well. 

second translation:

foxlti ‏@laetitia_aw 

  • hahaha jong said its white day and the scriptwriter complained to him cos she didnt get anything Xd
  • he said that since one of his members is gonna guest on radio as 2heart rather than shinee he feels a little peculiar this time
  • lol this listener and her friends quite interesting-> “each one of us looks like an animal so when we’re together we’re called a zoo”
  • “Hello we are 2heart” J: HAHAHAH what is this
  • Key introduced themselves as a hybrid collaboration. When Jong asked why he said its cos hyrbid = diff. companies, collab = collab
  • Jong asked Key, since we’re together for 6,7 years won’t you be worried about what i’m going to ask? Key was like I have much more to say
  • Eh is it just me or what cos I feel like today Jonghyun is really treating 2heart like his guests and himself as the DJ rather than member
  • When they knew about the collab, Key said the both of them really thought it was a joke.
  • LOL Jong: 2heart… meaning 2 hearts? Park Jisung? WH explained 2heart means toheart = to (the) heart.
  • ew my bum and my hyun. Jong said its cute though lol
  • WH said Key and himself is really similar e.g. like how they are perfectionalists
  • J: Please introduce your title track WH: This time for our mini-album, the title track is called Delicious. It’s a fun, pop, dance track.
  • WH: I come off better than Kibum (and then Jong was like pfffts hahahah)
  • Jong congratulated Key for being able to work with his fav (infinite) member, fav friend, and fav director.
  • J: Did you feel like it would be a good title track when you heard Delicious? WH: I thought it’s a good song J:But why did you laugh Key-gun
  • K: I thought it was so-so
  • Jong got them to choose one song to play over the radio, then Key chose You’re My Lady
  • J: We just heart you’re my lady. This song has a sexy feel to it.
  • J: Does the two of you like alcohol? TH: Yes
  • Jong asked them about how much they can drink. Key: i dont know. J: Wah is it because you (can) drink a lot? K: When I drink I just drink
  • Jong: How old are the both of you? TH: 24 J: I’m 25
  • WH said that when Key drinks, he speaks a lot. J: (but) he speaks a lot normally too.
  • WH says that he doesnt see Key as SHINee’s Key but as Kibum. They also said Key raps well and can write lyrics well.
  • Key said WH and him haven’t fought, not even once.
  • J: Now that you guys have released an album, it’s like war. With SNSD seniors and also DBSK seniors… WH: At first it felt burdernsome.
  • Jonghyun mentioned the angdaeyo thing and made key demo hahah key was like “boss kim, it’s good that we’re/i’m here on blue night” then J
  • Key do the angdae part and Key just did as told hahah so qt
  • oh so WH likes cute girls with natural beauty. so infinite fans who is thinking of plastic surgery… yall can scrap that idea already haha
  • jong said his ideal is like woohyun’s too.
  • Jong says that when he sees their stage he feels that the stage is pretty and the concept suits them well
  • J said he likes the lyrics of Delicious. Asking if they would choose love or friendship. Key said it’s possible for him to choose love but
  • smth smth (maybe said he’d choose friendship) then wh said he’d definitely choose love.
  • J: “I am more handsome than WH” Do you think that way Key-ssi? K: No. Definitely not. J: How about you WH? W: Yeah I’m more handsome
  • Asking who they think is handsome, they say Jonghyun, L… then J was like “Yeah L is handsome but for myself I think I’m just charming” LOL
  • then Jonghyun said that Taemin is quite handsome too, and that SHINee has Minho too, who is handsome
  • Well Jonghyun says WH feels like the puppy while Key feels like the cat… yeah… and then we all know Jong likes dogs right…. ummm…..
  • Jong asked until when key will do his activities for. Key: Until the day that its not regrettable (even if I don’t continue)
  • this listener said she worked as a staff during the shinee concert last weekend, and said then when Jong/members told staff they worked hard
  • when he himself worked hard performing on stage too she said that she almost cried even though the comment wasnt directed only at her



I appreciate the thought that my vague stammering about Sam Wilson can be considered Steve Rogers-esq, but lets be real here, Steve’s thoughts about Sam would probably sound more like the diary entry of a middle school girl:

“SAM WILSON IS THE COOLEST GUY EVER!!!! He’s so much cooler than me, and he can fly, and he so unbelievably cute!! Oh my God when he looked at me with those pretty brown puppy dog eyes today I thought I was going to faint! I want to mix my paints to make the color of his eyes, but it’s probably not humanly possible to make paint sparkle the way his eyes do, and thats so unfair. I think he caught me staring at him today. OMG he must think I’m such a freak! I have to play it cool next time I see him. I think I’ll jump off a building on our next mission, that way he can catch me and hold me in those strong arms! lol great idea, Steve! <3<3<3 *thinks about changing his name to Steve Wilson for 5 whole minutes*”


Different people have different events as life’s milestones. Graduations, marriage, the birth of a child and retirement are among those major life moments. To that list I also include the beginning and the end of my sons’ youth sports.

In 2000 Matt, my oldest, started playing t-ball and hockey. Over the next 12 years he went on to run track, play baseball, softball, soccer and hockey. Two years later Jack started sports and I was a busy parent. My work schedule permitted me more time for this than Sheila’s did.

This past weekend Jack, my youngest, had his final softball game. In the preceding 12 years Jack played hockey, bandy, softball, t-ball, baseball, soccer and football. Now Matt’s in the Navy and Jack’s going to college in a month.

After 14 years my involvement with youth sports is over.

I’ve been to countless practices, games and tournaments. Most of them I enjoyed in one way or another. I coached soccer one year and helped with hockey when the coaches were shorthanded. I’ve tied skates for plenty of little kids and gone over equipment checklists so often I could recite them in my sleep.

At early morning weekend hockey practices, inside barely heated hockey arenas, I drank hot coffee and read newspapers while whistles sounded and pucks hit the boards.

During summer practices I might go for a run or read a magazine while the kids threw baseballs or kicked soccer balls. When my boys each turned 16 they drove themselves to practices and I had a little more free time in my life. I still went to all the games.

At the winter games I watched and cheered. Sometimes I kept score or worked the penalty box which I liked doing. Summer games required a cooler and lawn chair. There would be Diet Coke for me, a bottle of water for whichever dog I brought with and extra ice for any player’s bumps or bruises.

My favorite sports moment of all time was the day Matt and Jack were on different softball teams and played against each other. In one inning they were both at first base chatting with each other and smiling. (Oh no, is dad taking another picture of us?)

Now I will have more time and money than ever to ride my motorcycle and bicycles. There won’t be any more scheduling training runs around the kids’ sports.

No more sports equipment to buy

No more stinky equipment to clean

No more fund-raisers

No more sports fees

No more overpriced team photos

I’ll miss it.