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[TRANS] 알라딘 Fansign Post-It 170223

Q: Jungkook-ah! How old are hyungs mentally?
SJ: 20
YG: 35
NJ: 26
HS: 25
JM: 21
TH: 20
JK: 21

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jimon + the sunlight

sunlight in his eyes (jimon)

this kind of turned into a ‘what could have happened at the end of the latest episode’ so i hope it’s okay!!

rating: teen & up
warnings: brief mentions of death



he hears the overly dramatic whisper of his name but does not acknowledge it. his eyes are trained on the scene in front of him. people he knew are lying on this floor, lifeless, and it’s down to him. the lump in his throat seems to grow and he attempts to swallow it down, blinking fast before the tears can form.


he exhales shortly before taking a deep breath. before he can even begin to turn to simon, a hand reaches out and smacks his arm playfully. jace’s eyebrows raise in question as simon appears in front of him, his happy grin out of place in such a morbid setting. 

‘come with me!’ jace thinks that perhaps simon is trying for a soft tone to be respectful, but his words still come out bright and exctied. he’s bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet and his eyes are glittering with happiness. jaces begins to shake his head, unfolding his arms, but simon seems to have other plans. he firmly takes a hold of jaces wrist and begins to tug him out of the room.

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(late and rushed but) happy birthday helbram and happy children’s day!!!
(modern au???? child!troublemaker!helbram au????)

i took some liberties with her color scheme, but I STILL CANT BELIEVE ALL MIGHT’S PREDECESSOR & MENTOR & ROLE MODEL IS A WOMAN!!!!! IM SO GLAD

before i say this i want to make it explicitly clear that when i say “cute” there is never a sexual aspect to it i just really like things that are cute they make me happy and that doesnt mean i want to have sex with them so on that note

the submarines in kancolle are really cute i want to give them hugs and pants also

  • fp: omg i cant wait to see you
  • me: *literal fireworks inside my brain from happiness*
  • bpd: you manipulated them into caring about you
  • me: but..
  • bpd: its fake
  • me: damn. u right. :/

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u got any headcanons for peacock!nino?

A thousand and a half. His teammates are lowkey attracted to him, the worst is Volpina and Cat Noir poor babies. Has to do with how showy and ‘strut your stuff’ peacocks are, and nino constantly has a crisis like “Why is everyone into paon??? its cause im a superhero right like… its not like im actually attractive its just…” and then he bums himself out. But then Dusuu gets sassy with him like “Boy just because i know how to work with what you have and your ass doesnt don’t mean you havent got something worth showing.” And Dusuu tells nino that maybe if he didnt hide under baggy jackets, loose fitting shirts, cargo pants big glasses and hats he might actually realize what he looks like. So Dusuu is like “You like all your clothes right? you wouldnt own them if you didnt like them or were uncomfortable in them yeah? so whats the harm in letting me pick what you wear for the day if you like it all anyways.”

and nino is like “…yeah whatever if it makes you happy, doesnt matter to me.” 

But Dusuu knows how to play up Nino’s features and actually just not hide him under a pile of baseball caps all the time and the first day he strolls into school just wearing what Dusuu asked him too (No hat, no glasses ((he doesnt need them ever since he got his miraculous he just uses them)) dark jeans, just overall complimentary everything)) his class is like “oh sHIT”

And then he has another additional crisis because wtf is he actually attractive??? i thought it was just the hero factor??? WHAT HAPPENS NOW

He starts to eventually gain more confidence through being Paon, but overall maintains his genuine humble nature. He doesnt take it as an opportunity to be like “im the shit” hes just happier because hes more confident in himself. 

He takes early morning patrols to lowkey sing with the song birds because singing in front of other people embarrasses him. He teaches the song birds in the city tunes and you can hear them echoed all over throughout the day. And he teaches them his made up theme song for ladybug and cat (the theme song he is too embarassed to admit he actually wrote) so you can hear the melody of “Miraculous, simply the best” occasionally in the city. But he starts to notice a new tune he hasnt heard before whenever the birds see him, like a greeting, and he realizes that they knew that song wasnt for him and wrote him his own theme song that they sing for him whenever they say hello. 

Birds love Nino. Adrien is not super into the fact that birds love him but over the course of several years develops a tolerance. 

When he gets pissed his tail does the thing where is sticks up and fans out and its lowkey Cat Noir and Volpinas favorite thing in the universe so they have a competition over who can get him to do it the most 

His gold eyes glow slightly brighter when he uses his power (this is my same headcanon that i have for Jade when he uses Time Crawl)

I can’t just stop thinking about it. The fact that Tom Felton had discussed Julian/Barry ship with Candice and even came up with a name for it, ‘Barrulian’. Imagine how much fun he must have had comparing this ship with ‘drarry’ which he’s been captaining for years. Imagine Tom on set trying to get everyone on board for supporting allenbert because ‘come on guys, we’re so obviously in love.’ Imagine Tom coming to the set one day wearing an ‘allenbert for life’ badge and being such a lovable dork about it. Then we’ll see his interviews where he goes on and on about why allenbert makes so much sense and then i’ll die a happy girl (◠△◠✿)