this doesnt look so good i know lol

Overwatch Chatroom: You’re The Bomb

Got a request out! It was for general junkrat x reader, so I just went with what a lil conversation might look like if junkrat had to leave for a mission. Anyways, for my first chatfic and x reader I think I did pretty solid! Expect maybe a few more as the week drags on… we’ll see how it plays out (and maybe a self indulgent fic with symmetra lol)

-Mod Bigfoot


Y/n started a private chat room.

RatJunk logged in.

RatJunk: wassup ??

Y/n: I wanted to know how your mission was going :)

RatJunk: oh ! its fine… tough without you here though …

Y/n: aww! how sweet, jamie

Y/n: you know I would have gone too if I could’ve

RatJunk: yea doesnt mean i miss ya any less

RatJunk: so howve you been ?

Y/n: its been fine here, not much has happened… keeps beating me at video games lol and I’ve been training with 76

RatJunk: and hows that ?

Y/n: I knocked him on his butt today

Y/n: you should have seen the look on his face lol

RatJunk: thats my lov !! doing the good work of annoying gramps while im gone ;)

Y/n: someone had to!

Y/n: it’s quiet when you’re not around…

RatJunk: maybe i should stick around next time then

Y/n: then who would they get? you’re the best pyrotechnic specialist we have

Y/n: in other words… you’re the bomb ;)

RatJunk: rlly ? you flatter me lov <3

RatJunk: even though that joke was trash…

Y/n: you could also say it was junk ;))

RatJunk logged out.

BTS Reaction to you having a huge ass butterfly tattoo on your back

Seokjin: He would react so dramatically I mean he isn’t an actor for nothing but he will be amazed of the fact that you actually got this tattoo. 

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them veins popping out tho

Yoongi: He’ll be amazed in the inside but on the outside he’ll be cool about it, he’ll also probably give you one of his gummy smiles.

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kjdhsjfvdhjfdjhbr im not ok just look at him the disrespekt

Hoseok: So jhope over here would probably look at you with such amusement and ask questions like “did it hurt?” or “did you really want this tattoo?” and he’ll be so cute. 

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hes so cute imma sue

Namjoon: His eyes would widen as he sees your tattoo for the first time. He’ll also try to play off the fact that he would want to get matching tattoos. he’ll also smile a lot trying to tell you that he wants to get a matching tattoo with you 

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knjfkjnerfjnerfgjnergknjgjnr im not ok hes just too cute 

Jimin: this boy will look at you shocked and then give you one of those smiles that just messes you up. Then he’ll ask “did it really hurt?” worried that it hurt a lot. 

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biased wreckedx1000

Taehyung: this boy oml he’ll be so spooked, then he’ll want to touch your tattoo bc he’s so curious. he’ll be giving you one of his rectangle smiles that just makes you melt as he’s asking to touching your tattoo 

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Jungkook: He’ll be jungshook after he sees your tattoo, then he’ll ask you all these questions about the tattoo like “did you get it because of our song butterfly?” and “wow, when did you get the tattoo?”

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he looks so cute here im biased wreckedx100000000

What is up, its yah boi lupe. lol anyways sorry for having the person who requested this wait so long its just school and family problems you know? any who hope it doesnt suck im just waiting until summer comes cause i can post even more lol anyways hope you guys have a good day or night—- love, admin lupe 

GOT7 THEORY: Thanks for the clue Jackson!

So yesterday I made a post saying that Junior was in the coma. A lot of people told me thats it was wrong, or just made theories about how juniors was dreaming/ or dead.

Well guess what, I was right about the coma, and It’s Jackson who gives us the answer ! Yes Jackson.

Let me tell you a story :

There were 7boys, 7 friends. They were in a car for a trip ! They having a lot of funs ! One of them, Jackson, films the moments in the car !

Good idea ! We can see how the time flies so fast (lol)


So everything is alright ! Then lil Junior sleeps and bam(bam lolz) car accident

So what happened ??? It’s when I saw many theories about Junior who is remembering the good moment, or the boys being dead and Junior follows them or things like that. Well nop.

Just after the car accident, Junior is dead and alive, he doesnt know what’s going on ! He’s on a road and he looks lost. He cannot find his friends  because, well they aren’t here anymore.

Then bam we see Junior who opens his eyes and his in the room with his friends.

« He’s thinking about his friends, hes still alive but they’re all dead » !

Originally posted by jaminbonbon

Look at the time : at 2 :04

And 2:09 

Yes, STILL THE SAME. And even at 3 :27 !

This is why the scene looks weird ! It’s not happening, Junior is dreaming, time doesnt flew in dreams, he is in the coma, we will talk about this later

So they all had the car accident and they all between life and death and-




Why they’re all flying but not Junior ? Everyone is flying !!!

We can suppose that flying = death. All the 6 members aren’t between life and death, they are dead.

One is still alive : Junior

We see him jumping of a building HE is the only one between life and death, will he survive ?

Yes he can’t fly. He falls down, down to the real life, he opened the eyes

But not really. He’s not really in the coma , in a vegetatif state (apparently ppl in a vegetatif state are not really in the real real coma). People in a vegetatif state can dream, and also they can open they eyes, move them but, he isn’t conscious. But he’s alive.






Well I still don’t really know. But I lied in the beginning hihi

5 are dead, and two are « alive » Junior and Jackson.

There’s something weird with Jackson

We see him flying just ONE time

That’s all. And he’s not with the others when Junior falls down. So if you guys have ideas !!

But I have two propositions ! the one is Jackson survided, and the second is that he didn’t die in the car accident, and he’s the one who stays next to Junior in the hospital


Sorry for the bad english and if you guys have ideas, well send me a message ! I really likes this concept, and I hope you likes it !

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All good points. But then you have Cat Grant recognizing James by just seeing his eyes through a slit in a mask so lol. I think at this point though it could go either way in terms of Lena knowing. If she does already know, i wouldnt be surprised and if she doesnt know, i wont be either. And i wouldnt chock it up to her not being smart enough, rather the obvious signs tend to go over your head when you dont know to look for them in the first place

But that’s what I mean. 

“The obvious signs tend to go over your head when you don’t know to look for them in the first place.”

But Cat does know to look for them.

The idea is mentioned briefly in this part of the referenced post:

From this point on, after Kara is seen with Supergirl, the concept is present in Cat’s mind, so all Cat really needs is A. (Evidence) to get the ball rolling.

All you have to do is extend this concept, that Cat knows that Kara could be Supergirl, to Cat thinking other people she knows might also be superheroes.

What stops people from realizing that Kara is Supergirl is that “this person is secretly a superhero” is not a concept that like… ever comes to mind.

But Cat has thought of this concept, and it didn’t disappear as an option when Kara and Supergirl were in the same room. She knows that superheroes having secret identities in the form of people she knows is a possibility.

So now every time she sees a superhero she can just go “who is this person, really?” 

It’s like… the reverse of the A B C thought process I outlined, which was:

A. Evidence is presented and noticed

B. Motivation and time to think about the evidence

C. There aren’t simpler conclusions to make

Now, with Cat and other people who know Kara’s secret, it’s

C. “Hey look, a superhero, I wonder if know their secret identity”

B. “Hmmm let me think about the possibilities” 

A. “Aha! The Flash showed up at the same time as Kara’s “cousin” did!”


A. “James was missing and Winn’s excuse of him being a coward didn’t sound right, plus since I’m pretty sure Kara is Supergirl and he used the same weird excuse for her so James is probably up to something and now this new hero guy that showed up in Catco of all places to save us.

…Those are James’ eyes.”

But early season one Cat would not have figured it out just by seeing his eyes. Because, despite Cat’s one-liners, seeing someone’s face isn’t enough in this universe.

The writers are making it rather clear that Cat is special in her ability to figure out who heroes are. But this ability isn’t just because she’s smart or because it’s obvious, it’s because she has the possibility in her mind already, and the motivation to analyze any possible evidence.

So no, I don’t think, given the information we have, that Lena could know. 

The possibility of someone secretly being an alien is one thing- it’s on the entire nations mind because of the Supergirl universe’s political climate. But a superhero? That’s an entirely different thing. 

It’s, in our world, “this person might be an illegal alien” vs “this person might have a second identity as a secret agent”. 

And even the alien thing, Lena would dismiss any oddities from Kara as normal human weirdness rather than alien weirdness because she already tested Kara, aaaand she also really wants to trust her since she’s like the only good person in her life right now. So she’s not likely to want to over-analyze anything.

And what I keep trying to emphasize is that there’s no way the show is going to sacrifice the drama of the reveal to Lena for a plot twist “she knew the whole time!” that we’ve already been getting hints for in Cat Grant, and when they’re trying to ensure a constant wariness in the audience that Lena might turn evil one day (even if they don’t plan to make ‘good’ on it).

Compare it to… if in season one, when Alex revealed to Kara that she killed Astra, if Kara was like “yeah I figured it out, I was just waiting for you to tell me.” (not because of the severity of the trespass, but because of the anticipation of the audience for the reveal.)

Or if Kara had said “Miss Grant called me Kara!” instead of showing Cat calling her Kara.

It’d be entirely anti-climactic.

Lena finding out that Kara is Supergirl is simply way too pivotal a character and relationship beat for us not to witness it on-screen.

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Good to know I'm not the only one who is shook about the face of the person behind this blog. How does one go from looking like a pretty squish to being able to turning so savage to the point where even Min Yoongi would pee his pants. Lol, like it doesnt add up, and I'm slightly triggered.

LOOL i dont mean to have you t r i g g e r e d

lmfao but the other day i got asked if i was in grade 7 and i was slightly shook. i mean i look very young and innocent but in my head im just thinking of savage bts so idk, looks arent everything i guess!!!

Ok it’s only been an hour since B.A.P released the cover art for their 5th mini album but I’m already ob-freaking-sessed with it. First of all, I love that B.A.P always use their Matokis for their album covers (although I’d love to see their beautiful faces on it, the Matokis are also baes af) but yo can we just talk about each Matoki for a minute?

They got Shishi driving around like a madman looking gangster af but we all know in reality Yongguk aint drivin around nowhere because he still doesn’t have his license lmao.

Just look at Joko. Joko looks pissed as hell that Shishi’s driving, cuz u know he wanna take charge instead. He’s just like “biiiiiitch lemme drive”. Typical Youngjae tbh.

I’m pissing myself rn at Dada. DADA AND JONGUP ARE THE SAME PERSON ISTG. Look at him not gving a single flying FUCK about hanging on that bar. You know why he dont give a fuck? Because he’s a part of B A MOTHAFUCKIN P, HEAVIER THAN DUMBBELLS BITCHES WHATS GOOD.

Keke is me every time my mom says we can go to McDonalds. This bitch is so excited he doesnt even give a shit where Shishi is taking them. He’s just like “woohoo.” He probably thinks they’re goin out for ice cream or something lol.

Tats is honest to God Himchan. Look at this sassy moth-a-fucka. That hand tho, he boutta slap bitches like they’re newborn babies or some shit. I got mad respect for Tats, u do u boo.

Omg Toto. This kid. Istg. This kid is boutta be the death of me. This baby, when is he gonna grow up. You got this robot child hanging on for dear life while this crazy mofo Shishi tearin up the road.

The consensus for Carnival: it’s lit.

Okay so guys i finally found out why you cant really identify who’s face this painting is actually representing.
So if you read the book Demian (which will help a lot, go read it, its short af), you probably know already, but maybe not so, well here it is:

When Sinclair fell in love (Or you could say obsession) for the first time he wanted to paint her. But when he painted her it didnt really look like her anymore (we all know the struggle lol). He described the face he drew, with features he would describe his friend Demian with. But he doesnt realize. I quote (translated into english so i dunno if its accurate): “And it had similar traits with someone, but i didnt know who”.
Sinclair puts the picture on his wall and it follows him in his mind. He has dreams about it, good and bad. And one day he realizes that it looks like Demians face.
But when he looks at it throught the sun, he realizes that the painting neither looks like his loveinterest nor Demian. It looks like himself. I quote (translated again):
“It doesnt actually look like me. But it was the thing that formed my life. It was my inner self, my destiny or my demon. Thats how my friend would look, if i ever found one. Thats how my Love (girlfriend) would look, if i ever got one. Thats how my life and how my death would be, that was the sound and rythm of my destiny”

So thats why you cant really define whos face it is, on this painting.

Yo welcum.

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he is super good looking and it's been a year we have been friends. He flirts with me and calls me a goddess. We've kissed and could of done more but i feel like he likes so many girls photos on fb and i am a virgin and dont wanna risk it. He also said he'd fuck me but isnt ready for a relationship. He is so sweet to me but how do i know he isnt like it with all the other girls photos he likes he doesnt even like mine lol yet acts like im the second coming when we are together ? love ur blog x

Ahhhh I’ve never gotten advice asks I’m excited!! Ok so what you want to do here depends on your expectations. If you want something meaningful and lasting from this dude…I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s going to happen. And it sounds like that’s what you want. My advice, for whatever it’s worth, is to back off this dude. It sounds like he wants to mess around and play the field, which is totally fine, but if that’s not what you want then it sounds like a good way to get hurt. One of the most important thing to assess when you’re considering a potential partner is your mutual expectations. If they align, go for it. If not….

lol happy birth @shoosshpap

Drawing I started a long time ago and only just recently decided to finish for my good friend Tom Duffy’s birthday. It’s basically all of his favorite characters that I know of, with daredevil included in the back, scratching his head because he doesnt get what everybody is looking at lol

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Hi! Just curious: do you perhaps have white friends that admire black culture or feel somehow connected to it in some aspects? If they said to you that they wanted to show their appreciation in a respectful way, what would you tell them?

Hi anon!

Let me start by saying, I DO NOT AND CANNOT SPEAK FOR ALL BLACK PEOPLE IN MY FEELINGS CONCERNING THIS. Some Black people feel a lot more protective but there are some who could not care less either way. So there’s that.

Having said that, Im sure there ARE White people who genuinely love the culture and feel a connection to it. As i have said before on this blog, it’s not as though I don’t feel we could not have a harmonious relationship as it pertains to sharing culture. It’s just that White people have a long long history of invading, mocking, and selling culture. We are therefore rightfully hesitant to share. Plus, people like having things to call their own, and that’s okay. Think of something you cherished as a child that you wanted no one else to have.

Having said ALL OF THAT, I would say be mindful; Treat it like a borrowed garment; Don’t go parading it around like it’s yours; Respect that it belongs to someone else; Don’t cut it up and/or repurpose it; Don’t go sell it; If and when the owner asks for it back, don’t protest, give it back. You gotta understand if we think you look good in it, we’re gonna compliment you on it. If you don’t think so, just look at all the passes Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke get.

Also, because this doesnt fit the analogy, lol, please do not approach Black people trying to relate by using AAVE or talking about some black person you love so much. First off, it’s annoying. We know we’re Black, you don’t have to remind us. Secondly, it’s doing too much. I’d suggest being the white friend in a group of Black people as you’ll be less likely to offend someone. See, Justin Timberlake.

This may seem like too much, but only if you knew half the things we do to look appropriate and respectable to White people; to not seem violent; to not confirm the fears a lot of white people have about us; to not end up as another Oscar Grant or Trayvon Martin or the countless unarmed and murdered black people.

I hope that analogy makes sense.

PLL: All Eyes on Alison: So What if Alison Could be A.D.? What if She Has Serious MPD? What if She was Once Charles? Will Anything Ever Be Explained About this Girl??

so a wild theory came to mind. we all know theres alot of things that dont add up about alison. where she comes from is questionable, who she is is questionable, her record at the police station is questionable about who she really is, who her dad is, her age etc.

With everything thats happened so far, you can pretty much connect ali to every odd thing thats been happening, like the use of realistic masks, being a different person, all of that connects to the root which is alison, ali started all that. But does this go deeper to ali having MPD? the SYBIL connection? if anyone shows the signs of this the most it has to be alison. even her being the innocent nice ali now could be one of her many personalities.

Check this video out, forward to ali and spence at radley.

Alison: was it just me or was sixth grade the best year ever?

Spence: i didnt even know you then

Alison: oh hunny, you didnt even know me when you knew me.

clearly , spence didnt even remember alison from the 6th grade, why would ali even say this? unless perhaps she was once charles.

Alison: cmon give it up spence, lets pretend that your getting ready for your first boy girl dance party.

why would ali even start dancing with spence? it was almost like ali was trying to jog spencers memory about something, maybe that spence knew charles back then, perhaps they danced together at a litte kiddie party. now we know in the dollhouse, charles had a connection with spencer, much like in this scene here with ali and spence. ali even mentions “ i left alot of stuff at your house” which could imply that ali spent alot of time at the hastings house, because maybe peter is her real father! ali knew alot of secrets about the families, she even know stuff before spencer did, what else could ali possibly know? im almost betting she already knew about mary. “ alot of things are (toxic)” -alison

Now before i go over board, lets think. now weve been given some hope that cece’s/charles storyline is false, because too many things dont add up, doesnt seem genuine. Now, if thats the case, the whole charles storyline could be something completely different from what we know. if ali is charles, perhaps charles is one of her personalities OR ali was really born a boy and transitioned….and still have mpd ( lets be real, as much as ali has disappeared and gone missing, and her connection to doctors, she would have more time to fully transition than cece, which marlene wants us to just accept her transition magically happened). This would also leave the door open for hanna being the baby  in the video, which many of us have theorized that hanna is adopted, that she is not a real marin , the yellow clues etc. also it could be both mpd and transgender both very well can connect with ali. lets not forget the mean jokes shes made about lucas “hermi”

so what kind of toxic relationship ali and cece have? if ali was getting cece to dress up like her and go to radley  “i cant believe that crazy bitch did it” - alison) whos to say ali didnt get cece to pretend to be charles for her in the dollhouse? somebody that ali once was. wearing ali’s many personalities? did ali plan all that and cece carried out the tasks? if anybody is working for ali, it would be cece and mona. (hence the name tag connection in the vid above)

Another clue that ali has MPD, is this scene with jason, fast forward a bit. jason asks ali ,remember this? ali says, it was a good day. ok well this was not a good day, ali clearly doenst remember things as they were, she remembers things differently, “she has a knack for this” says jason. perhaps she doesnt remember because maybe one of her personalities was present that day. this has to be a significant clue about ali not remembering things right.

Note: i still think that guy in the photo is pastor ted! lol and the guy holding the baby up , the back his head looks like peters 0_o

so those are just a few to wrap this theory up with. Now your wondering could ali be this crazy , i think so, marlene knows alot of fans want the old ali back the mean bitch back, to think of it it would be pretty awesome for ali to change her tone all of a sudden and shes mean again and evil. this whole innocent act could be a build up to a huge reveal. like really, she plays the mean girl to PERFECTION, and since shes been the innocent ali , its almost feels like she can explode any moment , it jsut doenst suit her to be this innocent imo.

Now mar said uber A.D. is working with mary. now if ali is A.D. perhaps ali played along with her hubby and mary why? to target EMILY, see how ali has lured emily back in, now emily is fully falling into alis trap again. maybe this is what ali wants. we know how ali can lie really good when it comes to emily, weve even seen ali play on emilys emotions back season 5, we saw that smirk on alis face during that scene where emily confronted ali about being A. at that scene, we kinda saw a glimpse of how ali can play emily so easily. she could be doing it again now.

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Sakura-chan, why is Sasuke's hair so long now? don't get me wrong, he looks good with any hairstyle (if it's okay for me to say that lol) but i was just wondering ^^

yeah i know right? he’s still so handsome..


well he decided to grow his bangs out like that because

of his RInnegan
and his general hair length is linked his brother, Itachi :)

he doesnt want to scare people with his..

glares and eye powers.
though everybody knows who he is anyway…

…..I couldnt resist

i could totally pull of that look dont you think? 


blessed with Uchiha beauty

Sasuke: “Sakura?”

Sasuke: “Sakura, what are you doing”

eh- Nothing! O-O”

Sasuke: “…”

Nothing really!

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this is so real this is the most real ohhhh my godd okay

  • he loves mickeys lips okay!
  • he likes suckin on the bottom one bc it always makes mickey make this little groanin noise and press up further on him like he’s not close enough!! u know in the club scene when mickey legit eats up his fuckin face and ian starts suckin on his bottom lip that’s no coincidence that’s bc ian loves sloppy messy devouring kisses and mickey loves havin tons of attention paid to his lips it’s a give and take okay!!
  • btw ian loves when mickey kisses him like that gettin his top lip kissed is great he loves when their lips slot together like that. lil top baby loves his top lip gettin kissed
  • ian does loves to run this thumb over mickey’s bottom lip before they kiss idk why!! he just likes it, he likes the give of it, he likes when mickey parts his lips and looks up at him with wide hungry eyes, he likes that it gives mickey a second to realize what’s gonna happen so there’s no awkward fumbling for a good position, they just look at each other and crash together in a perfect kiss :’)
  • you know what else is great?? mickey’s lips all over the rest of his body too lol. u think ian doesn’t love watching mickey kiss his way all over his body (u think ian doesnt love watching his lips stretch around his cock lol) then ur wrong idk!!
  • i almost forgot biting???? ian LOVES biting his lips i mean mickey bites his lips all the time and every time he does ian thinks to himself ‘you know what would make that better? if it was my teeth’ and mickey’s lips are probably soft who knows ian certainly does theyre probably all soft and sensitive and take his teeth really nicely and mickey gets all pushy for french kissing afterwards
  • yeah just sayinnn mickey has nice lips and ian A+ appreciates them ^.~

my first fanart for seventeen (jeonghan) its an old fanart hahah im sorry it doesnt looks really good…

idk just a feels that i have to post it somewhere so im posting it here

i want to draw more… but idk which member should i draw and which pict of them…

if anyone sees this, send request please;-;