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why can't 2012 april and casey show a love they have on each other

Capril shipper huh? Lol.

Well one its a kids show, so I dont think they can show love “on” or even “in” each other. Good gracious that sounds wrong lol. 

April and Casey, for the way I see it, they are still a mystery that can be unsolved for me. Im more of an April and Donnie shipper. Those two feel more…natural to me and not so…stale? Buuuut thats just me.

Capril will always be canon and even if its not in this series, you can always ship them! Just like Apriltello, if that ship doesnt become canon, well thats okay, Im still gonna keep shipping all the way!

So if you need Capril, look for fanarts, or fanfictions! Even videos! I know that makes me feel better!

Okay so guys i finally found out why you cant really identify who’s face this painting is actually representing.
So if you read the book Demian (which will help a lot, go read it, its short af), you probably know already, but maybe not so, well here it is:

When Sinclair fell in love (Or you could say obsession) for the first time he wanted to paint her. But when he painted her it didnt really look like her anymore (we all know the struggle lol). He described the face he drew, with features he would describe his friend Demian with. But he doesnt realize. I quote (translated into english so i dunno if its accurate): “And it had similar traits with someone, but i didnt know who”.
Sinclair puts the picture on his wall and it follows him in his mind. He has dreams about it, good and bad. And one day he realizes that it looks like Demians face.
But when he looks at it throught the sun, he realizes that the painting neither looks like his loveinterest nor Demian. It looks like himself. I quote (translated again):
“It doesnt actually look like me. But it was the thing that formed my life. It was my inner self, my destiny or my demon. Thats how my friend would look, if i ever found one. Thats how my Love (girlfriend) would look, if i ever got one. Thats how my life and how my death would be, that was the sound and rythm of my destiny”

So thats why you cant really define whos face it is, on this painting.

Yo welcum.

Drawing I started a long time ago and only just recently decided to finish for my good friend Tom Duffy’s birthday. It’s basically all of his favorite characters that I know of, with daredevil included in the back, scratching his head because he doesnt get what everybody is looking at lol

lol happy birth @shoosshpap

my first fanart for seventeen (jeonghan) its an old fanart hahah im sorry it doesnt looks really good…

idk just a feels that i have to post it somewhere so im posting it here

i want to draw more… but idk which member should i draw and which pict of them…

if anyone sees this, send request please;-;