this doesnt even have sense

let dan and phil make money without complaining 2k17

for everyone that dont know what’s up with even:

this is what happens when you are bipolar
when you have too many good days this is what happens
you start speaking non stop and sometimes it doesnt even make sense you just have so many thoughts in your mind
and then you hit your low, you become sad, paranoid, you feel as even said alone in your head

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I have a strong partiality to HQ boys in Hogwarts

I know for the plot because the show is about the ‘heroes’ they’re going to need Mick to turn back and save the Legends somehow to ‘redeem’ himself and blah blah blah but I’m gonna be honest
I might not rp that
It makes no logical sense for Mick to go back to being on the Legends team.  As of right now it sure as fuck doesn’t so unless Snart screws him over horribly somehow then it wouldn’t even fit his characterization

Don’t get me wrong I don’t like the picking and choosing what of canon to keep thing, I try to just find reason behind whatever he says and does even if it seems out of the blue to me(like him complimenting Amaya in Chicago Way the way he did he sounded ooc to me but whatever)
So we’ll just have to wait and see
But if they don’t give a damn good reason for it I might not be able to stick with this one and feel like I’m still doing the character justice

Unfortunately though I’m assuming he’ll be there for the next season so if I don’t include his return then I don’t get to rp anything taking place in that time and if I want to when it comes then well, I’ll have no choice but again we’ll have to wait and see

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Wait weren't there more than 4 main characters in home stuck? Wait did they all die? Wait what? I know the ending to homestuck even before I start reading it? Darn, is it still worth reading it? Bc I just feel now if I read it all I will get is the ability to understand homestuck references.

yes and no, also yes and no, idk how you know the ending without reading because it almost doesnt make sense even when you have read it, it’s sorta still worth it but it’s lost the fun community that came with the updates though it’s still very good on its own its nowhere near as enjoyable so do what you want with that, and i’m not sure how many references are still being made consciously bc homestuck was really a huge in the moment thing that just continued to seep into forever

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i agree with and think a lot of the stuff you say on here but i never say it or express it to anyone else so im scared that im actually stupid and trying to be smart like you

that doesnt even make any sense and i have a brain the size of an almond so yikes .

but when did not being a fan of a ship start to mean character hate?

ok but i just cant help but thinking esp with the strong parallels between kaneki and arima that arima is similarly low key suicidal like kaneki. They are emotional foils to each other– Kaneki wears his heart on his sleeve and Arima is obviously very buttoned up. But they do care for each other and have an emotional bond, something Arima doesnt usually take the time for, but now this betrayal that he knew was coming but he still seems so, so sad fighting Kaneki. And all this while, here are these two men who feel like they were just born to die in a world where they have had no say in what happens to them, how they are used, how theyve had no choice. But as theyre fighting, if one kills another, the curse really is that the other has to live. 

i am going to fight everyone who says that Scorpius is a scorpio

[oct. fic] #1 embarrassed

a/n: hi it’s October and idk. gonna try writing a lot this month.

oct. fic #1
embarrassed | Yoongi x Jimin | Fluff, Non-Idol!AU | T | ~650 | prompt: hugged the wrong person in the same costume as my friend

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