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Marichat May Day 6: Game Night

He has already lost too many times to even count with the fingers. But Chat doesnt mind in the slightest while he can cuddle around Mari and enjoy her company.

i did this too late im sorry xD

there’s been some discourse on twitter about whether or not you have to use traditional media for inktober (lmao..)

im not gonna talk too much about it bc its not even worth my time and energy,

but with regards to the “working in a permanent medium like ink forces you to commit to your lines & helps prevent bad habits like relying on spamming ctrl+z”

this is actually true, but it doesnt mean you can’t do the same thing digitally.

There’s two things you can do, first of all you can edit your shortcuts and remove ctrl+z etc. so you have no undo shortcuts.

Second thing you can do is disable the history, most all art programs will let you manually set the history count (how many times you can undo) to at least 1 in the program preferences, which will prevent you relying on undo.

I’d also encourage you to avoid using the eraser tool, challenge yourself to commit to the lines you make and you’ll grow more confident with your art!

& If you find yourself struggling a lot to get the lines you want, give these exercises a go to improve your control:
[link: Deluxe Draughtsmanship Exercise CheetSheet]

most importantly, have fun! Inktober should be a time of self improvement, how you approach this is up to you :^)

url graphics/aesthetics!!

okay yes hello all!! since summer is in full swing and im wasting away doing nothing i figured i would continue to work on my editing skillz by doing some url graphics of some sort. we’ll see how this goes lol


  • mbf this multifandom nonsense
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  • send me an ask telling me about the origin/explanation of your url (even if it seems obvious, pls just help a homie out)
  • for funsies, also tell me in the ask what the earliest url you can remember having is!
  • blacklist “maggie does urlgraphics” if you don’t want to see these shenanigans
please be patient with me as i am a lazy girl but i’ll try to do them all! *hopes this doesnt completely flop cause if it does i’ll delete this post and we will all pretend this never happened lmao*