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god keep ur fucking kink meme shit out of ao3 tag y'all make this fandom even more insufferable than it already is and thats saying something!!! The kind of shit y'all post require a fucking trigger warning it doesnt belong in a safe space

Edit: nothing to change just came to reiterate that white people are freaks
Happy Birthday nerd.

I had a thought that to get Ink away from him Error jokingly said he’d hug Ink on his birthday if he left Error alone for the next month or so expecting Ink to forget. Surprisingly Ink agrees and leaves.
Come Ink’s birthday….he shows up and reminds Error of the little promise and Error doesn’t back down. Because from what I gathered he takes promises/truces very seriously.
I also like to think Ink remembered only for the purpose of making Error suffer 💖. 

Ink belongs to @comyet
Error belongs to @loverofpiggies

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ok but like has anyone ever truly appreciated the magnificence that is baekho's teeth. like truly wondered how apt his stage name is with respect to his teeth. like truly respected his big beautiful canines that make him look like a (very cute) tiger.

I have huge thing for canine teeth t b h, anon. I just went on a google search for pictures of him and o mg- it’s getting harder to not move him up my list.dkwjew why do you do this to me, anon. His eye smile is seriously so cute, too (and that body ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). When I see him smile, I unconsciously smile because it’s just so pure?? too good for this world??? 

Btw, all these Dongho anons are all so great. Pls appreciate my child more <3

Something you consider rare

     I don’t wanna be compared
With that cheap shimmer and glitter

hi i’m dying but I wanted to try something new with lighting and stuff, so. Wallis.

[ Gloomverse | Wallis Gloom belong to @loverofpiggies!! ]

Saftey Issues

I know i try to stay out of the discourse, but this is a matter of the safety of our community, and the tumblr community as a whole. Reptiblr has seen a rise of pedophiles preying on minors in the community. I want to urge all of you to be safe, and dont hand out personal information to any one without a thorough investigation of their blog. As a 21 year old i feel like i have a responsibility to provide guidelines on how to look out for yourselves, minors or not. And as a 21 year old i know that i have no right to ask any minors on tumblr to inform me of pedophiles, ill have to keep a look out myself for blogs to block.

Things to look out for: blogs answering asks and defending their pedophilia

Blogs referring to pedophilia as “maps” or “minor attracted persons”. This includes trying to shove themselves inside the lgbtqa+ community. Ive also heard pf “clovergender” being an identifying term.

Claiming they were born to be attracted to minors. Trying to take lgbtqa+ reasoning as their own, or belittling the lgbtqa+ community, likely with harmful language (such as “at least we arent broken like aces)

Reblogging fanart or photos of minor aged characters or minor age looking people, usually they would add their comments in the tags. The tags could be anything from "loli chest” to more obscene comments id rather not repeat. This one can be a simple fanblog if there arent any red flag comments or tags, but thats why you look for other warnings first.

Some people are uncomfortable with the DD/lg or MM/lb (or other variants) dynamic bdsm blogs. Belonging to that kink set doesnt equal pedophilia or abuse, as they know they are consenting adults who have their way of dealing with stress, however those are still kink blogs and i advise minors to block them. Especially if their blogs mention “looking for a playmate”.

As i said earlier, i am 21 years old so if any one is uncomfortable with me following them i wont hold ill will if you block me. This is a matter of all of our safety and reputation, all i wish is for no one to suffer abuse that can be avoided with a combined effort.

ive definitely discussed what fire emblem classes the voltron kids would be but what about… which paladins the fire emblem (awakening bc it still owns my ass) characters would be….

i mean, theres a LOT, so just sticking to like, the ones that are actually in cutscenes ever (chrom robin lissa frederick sumia and lucina, woops thats six)… well i guess chrom would have to be black paladin. robin as green possibly? or red, right hand man, ya feel. hm. i feel like lissa could be green but i might just be thinking “smol” bc of pidge. freddys yellow. luci is… blue? yeah im feelin it. i really kinda want robin to be red but i cant think who would be green… yknow what i didnt list them but, morgan? morgan would be a good green paladin. okay. the list:

black: chrom
yellow: frederick
blue: lucina
red: robin
green: morgan

tiki is the allura equivalent obviously (ALTEA…….). lmao i guess sayri can be coran. naga is voltron…..? sure.


@skaylanphear ask and you shall recieve ;D

(from the last chapter of her AMAZING fic “Pick-Up and Chase,” go read it if you haven’t already!!)

oh boi so much work for something horrible that pales in comparison to the actual thing bUT HERE YOU GO S.KAY

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"someone posts pictures of CATS in the discourse tag! this upsets me and hursts me SO MUCH i need to go and post shit that doesnt at all belong in positivity tags and probably harm people who have literally NOTHING to do with the thing that upset me and are mostly mentally ill! thats reasonable and isnt at all assholeish!" - ahobes apparently... seriously how fucking shitty do you have to be to think thats ok?

The wildest thing is how many ppl have pulled this or brought it up as an “argument” for why ppl putting shit in our positivity tags is somehow acceptable or not sth we should complain about

I’m mostly thinking stuff I saw like at least weeks back, or some months ago when the aforementioned “argument” seemed to be a huge Thing it was… wtf

Let’s Fight

Feat. Fite Lizurt


Battle Theme: Mirror Mirror (Battle Arrangement) – By Jeff Williams and Casey Williams, Arr. by Jeremiah George.

Battle Intro: “Prepare to die.”

Victory:  “Only the strong survive.”

Defeat: ”Still not enough…”

Taunt: “You’re weak.”

Reacting to Taunt:  “Juvenile.”

Tie: “Hmph.”

Perfect Victory: “Stay down.  That is where you belong.”

Final Finisher: “Goodbye!”

Tag Quotes

Assist : “If you insist.”

Your muse down during Assist : “I’m sorry…”

Using item : “Here.”

Healing/Buffing :  “My thanks.”

Tag Team Special : “No mercy!”

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Tagging: literally if you see this, I am tagging you.  I absolutely love this meme and I love reading what other people come up with for their characters. <3

Dear Nintendo:

please let me wear cute clothes

this still isn’t ml someone yell at me to get back to work

                    Lilo's Ohana Network

Tumblr’s first 100% Lilo and Stitch network! A free environment to talk about Lilo and Stitch and Nani and David and Jumba and Pleakley and the other beautiful characters in this series. Plus!!!!! You’ll make friends, get reblogs on things you post (Lilo and Stitch things or selfies because you’re beautiful) and help with whatever you need help with!

Rules to join:

  • Must be following the one and only Lilo Pelekai.
  • Reblog to be considered! Liking doesn’t count, sorry.
  • Must love this stupid movie about cute Hawaiian girls and crazy aliens
  • (Optional) Fill out this really really short form

What I’m looking for in members:

  • Nice blogger!!!!
  • Quality posts
  • Maybe make gifs/graphics but doesn’t matter
  • All I care about is that you love Lilo and Stitch tbh

Other stuff:

  • I’ll be choosing 6-8 members after my last AP exam is done (May 13th)
  • Make sure you track the tag #lilosohana to get updates and stuff!!!
  • If you don’t have a skype you should get one!!! I’d like to do group chats on skype from time to time (but if you’re not comfortable sharing yours we could always use tinychat or something idk I haven’t really thought all of this through)
  • Aloha friends 。◕ ‿ ◕。