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Female hair loss

Male hair loss is discussed in the media far more frequently than female hair loss. They are both pretty traumatic, but for some reason female hair loss is forgotten about. I personally have struggled with rapid hair loss over the span of a year or so and have gotten professional treatment and advice, so I feel I’m pretty qualified to give my own advice!

1. Diet, make sure you’re getting enough nutrients (especially iron, that is a big one for healthy hair)

2. Silica treatment, it comes in tablets and gel form (you mix it in water and drink) and will DRAMATICALLY change your hair (and nail!!) strength and thickness, and grow lots lots more.

3. Use really good hair products and use them in the correct way but also the best way for you. Obviously not everyone is in a position to buy super fancy expensive hair products, but try and make sure they have keratin in them, but without silicone. Try doing a hair mask every week (I do one every time I wash my hair and my hair is so silky).

4. Heat. I know its hard, but really try not to use heat products on your hair, this makes a huge difference. Make sure if you really need to use heat to use a good heat protectant product, but the thing is, most of them do not work at all. To test if your heat protectant works spray it on your wrist and then blow dry your wrist. Does it hurt? Well then it doesn’t work.

5. For the love of all that is holy, DO NOT USE HAIRSPRAY EVER OH JESUS. It’s not the hairspray that does that damage, its the getting rid of it that does, no matter how you do it it’s detrimental to your hairs health. Try using a dry shampoo or something lighter for volume.

6. If you’re going through a period of extreme hair loss you may deal with mental health/self esteem problems. For me its been about a year and a half since I started rapidly losing my hair, and most of its grown back but will never be the same. It sucks I know. For me the thing that gave me back my confidence hair wise were extensions and this magical thing called hair luxe. Hair luxe is basically makeup for your hair, it attaches to the hair folicles and beefs up every single strand of hair, its honestly life changing.
  • me: i really like this new video game
  • me: *looks up game on the internet*
  • me: *sees that terrible things are going to happen to my favorite characters*
  • me: but maybe that won't happen when i play it

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Hi steph!! First of all I really love your blog even though it distracts me from leaning for my studies. :D I wanted to ask if I am the only one who thinks the scene in TLD where Lady Smallwood gives Mycroft her number doesn't really fit in this episode? I mean it happens in the last few minutes of TLD shortly before John gets shot. And then this is never mentioned again?! Like this never happened... Why do they wrote this scene??

Hi Nonny!!

Goodness gracious, please get your studies done!! Way more important than this trash blog, LOL!

Yeah, you’re totally not the only one, Nonny. It really felt like it was just… tacked on as an afterthought. 

I feel like it was added in only to show Mycroft’s list in his notebook:

And to show the name inconsistencies with Lady Smallwood’s first name (to be fair, it could just be an easter egg pointing to their very much awareness to the name mishap)  :

Which then begs the question: What was the point if they were never going to do anything about it??

Another Chekhov’s gun to add to the pile for S4.

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how do i deal with people who aren't necessarily anti-tattoo, but make me feel bad about my tattoos? like i'll be chatting about tattoos i love or tattoos i want with my family or friends, and i'll get comments about how they think its ugly or "too much" because it doesn't fit into this really mainstream look. it seems so small but that subtle shame about my mods is so hurtful, how do i overcome this?

Similarly to my other interests and/or personal rituals, there’s a tonnnnnnnnnn of stuff I just don’t talk about/conceal from my parents (and other people I interact with on a basic level.) I might not always *hide* my tattoos from my parents, but I don’t talk about them. Ever. I don’t talk about being vegan, depressed, nervous, in love, female, I don’t tell them when I travel, why I blog, etc etc. 

some people don’t deserve your interworkings. Treat your shamed interests like a hidden treasure that only you understand, and share with others like you. 

I never talk about my tattoos with normals. Ever. Sometimes people asked me “"oh what did you do in New York,” and I can almost always get away with “just visiting”; and they love that shit  

Fuck everyone’s fucking little petty input. Find satisfaction in giving people your half self. 

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I know you're not the best place to come for this but i always liked the backgrounds you choose, do you have any nice recommendations? Mine doesn't fit my blog at all at the moment :3 And you seem like you know a thing or two!

well hey! you might’ve come to the right place!i know a lot about backgrounds and theme editing!

lemme lay down my own personal rule for blog editing –  if you wanna have a good theme, make sure everything matches! color schemes, text, background, and side images! my blog itself isn’t really finished and i’m still playing around with it, haha! the theme i tried to do for my blog was based off of my love for living in the city and lots of lupin remixes, yeah?

personally, for you, i’d find a background that you like and that you think will fit your blog! really, it depends on your theme and colors. you can make it a scenic background, or a repeating pattern, whichever fits yours the most. if you want, you can show me your blog and i’ll do my best to help! anyhoo, here are some recommendation posts and sites where you’ll find something you might like!

it’s not much, but it’s something! maybe you’ll find something here, but nevertheless i’m still free to help!

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Music could be cool but only selectively. It would have to really fit the theme a lot. Something like The Queen's Rebuke/The Crossing by The Decemberists, maybe? Not to shove my taste down your throat. I basically think if the music doesn't fit the wickedness (and the actual folklore) of your posts, it could take away from what makes the blog effective. On the other hand, the right choices might take it to the next level. Sorry if this is unhelpful?

the hazards of love is literally my favorite album