this doesn't matter in the future

Glad to see that the YOI fandom moved on from the burning trainwreck that was the movie that shall not be named.

Lesson for the future? Don’t get involved at all because whatever terrible thing is going on, it probably isn’t what we think it is and we just end up getting swept up in the negative hype. Just stay calm, breathe, wait and think rationally until everything blows over. There’s a 90% chance that whatever drama was going on was no big deal after all, no matter how bad it looked at first.


dctv ladies appreciaton weekfavorite romantic relationship: 
Westallen ( The Flash )

” It doesn’t matter to me if you’re The Flash or not. You Barry that’s who I want to see if I have a future with. “


Molly was the last of Sherlock’s friends to be threatened.

John? Multiple checks.

Lestrade? Check.

Mrs. Hudson? Check.

Mycroft? Future check.

Now, is that because Molly is the least important? 

Sherlock himself will answer that question for you:

“Moriarty slipped up, he made a mistake. Because the one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me was the one person that mattered the most.” 


Molly was threatened last because she “mattered the most.” Eurus wasn’t going to make the same mistake that Moriarty did and she included Molly in her insane game to crack Sherlock.

And she did. The evidence of that is one seriously eviscerated coffin. 

something occurred to me today so I decided to share

When I was 17 I fangirled over The V/ampire D/iaries and shipped De/lena so hard and now I’m 23 and horrified at my previous choices because D/amon is an incredibly abusive toxic person who literally won E/lena like some prize just for being only slightly decent sometimes and he kept being awful and depended on a girl to keep him in line and went batshit crazy SEVERAL TIMES when she rejected him and it’s the absolute opposite of a healthy relationship. THE THING IS, I only fully understood what a horrible ship De/lena was when I began shipping Clexa and Lexa showed me what actual supportive partner should be like.

What I’m saying is, Clexa taught me the difference between abuse and sexual tension and the difference between caring for each other vs controlling and manipulating each other and it actually helped me mend my own relationship and prompted me to make better choices and I was so incredibly happy with myself and my life and this is why we need healthy relationship portrayal in media instead of glorified abuse and emotional manipulation that’s mistaken for sexual tension like honey if a person is looking at you with a ‘smoldering gaze’ as you argue chances are they aren’t hot for you they’re actively planning on cutting you up and control your every choice to assert their dominance over you and I just wish young teen girls like I was once would recognize that ugh



Shae’s main outfits for reference.

Next up, Scar sheet.


From the moment I understood the game, I knew United were the one.

You find something that you can identify with, something that resonates in your chest every single time you watch them emerge from the tunnel and walk onto the pitch. Something that is capable of making your heart burst at the seams in an instant for two directly oppositional reasons. When you hear your home stadium erupt into life, when you can feel the atmosphere bringing you to the verge of tears, when your entire body is immersed in goosebumps, when the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention, you know, you just know.

I don’t know how a football club can take over every single emotion possible, but it happens week in, week out. I find myself anchored to this club, attached by my heart strings. It is agonisingly painful in defeat but euphorically beautiful in victory. To remain so staunchly proud of a team that has not rose to the occasion and has let you down. To still have an immense amount of adoration for all the times you have been left bitterly disappointed with a rival defeat. For all the times your team has took you to that cup final and lost on penalties. When they do lift that Premier League / Champions League / F.A Cup, when Van Der Sar does save that critical penalty, when they decimate the rivals, when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer steals that last minute goal to solidify that victory, the colossal amount of elation and exhilaration is absolutely boundless.

Football is the most beautiful, powerful, evocative and emotional thing I have ever loved. People who are worlds apart figuratively and literally, join forces and unite to celebrate their devotion for not only their club but their country. Brought together for that same passion, pride and love that you are so honoured to possess. Enriching every single life that it touches, there is simply nothing else like it in the world.

Okay I’m sorry but I need Snow to learn something real fast and hard right now because this is getting ridiculous.

Emma is who she is because of the choices she’s made in her life. Snow did nothing in regards to that. 

I get that both Snow and Charming were afraid and simply wanted to ensure their child had the best possible future, but neither one of them gets to argue that any disgust Emma feels at their actions is a direct result of those actions. Snow saying it was worth it just made me want to scream because she is basically telling Emma that anything inside her that can’t imagine hurting an innocent baby is because her parents made it that way. That it wasn’t her choice. That Emma coming out still a good person despite all the terrible things that have happened to her isn’t because of her strength and the things she’s learned, but because someone else engineered her that way.

Snow is completely invalidating Emma and all her feelings by saying, well this is why we did it, because it made you into this wonderful person see!

I just. I’m so tired of people taking away Emma’s agency and making her feel like nothing, like she’s accomplished nothing. I’m tired because first it was Neal, then it was Regina and Rumple and now it’s even her own parents. At least her father has the decency to look ashamed of himself.

The only two people who have never invalidated and put down Emma and made her feel like nothing are Henry and Killian. And Henry is her child, he idolizes her, despite understanding her flaws. Because she’s his mother and his best friend and she is always there for him. To Henry, Emma is probably the strongest person he knows. And Killian, he’s a respectful fucking person because he understands that personal agency is important.

I honestly want Snow to realize that it doesn’t matter what she and Charming did. Emma is who she is because of her own choices. They didn’t decide her feelings for her before she was even born. And they don’t get to use her disgust at what they did as justification for doing it in the first place.

jemma simmons had to resign herself to the fact that she had NO FUTURE. nothing ahead of her but a barren wasteland, a few minutes of sunshine, and will. and now she’s back and she’s expected to hope and to plan and just to function in general under the concept of later, of there now being time and resources and things towards which to strive. can you just… that’s so jarring. so so jarring. how can you possibly readjust mentally?? how do you go from accepting the emptiness as your home to suddenly having time to fill with things again?? why aren’t more people talking about this

I will not make out with the anti-evolutionist.
I will not make out with the anti-evolutionist.
I know, and deserve, better than this.