this doesn't make any sense right

me last night: i feel so alone…. no one loves me…. wahh boo hoo

me today: i love MUD i don’t need LOVE or AFFECTION all i need is the soil that nourishes all life on this earth *listens to girls just want to have fun on loop while lying in the dirt*

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: motherfucking bill finn jesus christ fuck dude motherfuckin falsettoland bullshit jesus can you fucking believe this shit god damn created falsettos then fucking lesbians and shit right fucking weisenbachfelds god damn planning the bar mitzvah fuck yo shit i can't even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck i just watched this shit fuck bill finn man motherfucking whizzer brown whizzer brown you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking built shit with this bare hands fucking “my friend” shit bill finn i'm very tired man i'll just talk about the falsettos musical all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit i have to say about the falsettos musical fuck dude i just watched it a year and a half ago fuck bill finn man he fucked over whizzer brown crazy james lapel in directed fuck this guy who wrote falsettos i don't like dying i can't think of who the fuck wrote falsettos all I can think is who killed whizzer brown who the fuck killed whizzer brown WILLIAM FINN
  • psychic: what the fuck

I am pretty sure they exchanged phone numbers at Kosegroupa. They and Emma are partners. That’s why his name in Isak’s phone is Even Kosegroupa.. (@ralpheman

shit you’re right, it never quite made sense to me why isak would save even’s name as “ Even Kosegruppa” when he already knew his last name or why not save it as just “Even” ??? but if he got his number that night of the first meeting it makes a lot more sense

i can see it now, they’re all sitting awkwardly on the bench and the joint is burnt out and someone finally suggests they should head back inside, they all get up and emma turns to isak like well since we’re in a group together can i get you’re number? and isak’s like oh… i guess because this makes sense as when he would have gotten emma’s number too, and then even who is not going to be out played thank you very much is like well then isak you’ll need my number too and isak is shook at how in the hell he ended up in this situation

me @ myself: please stop trying to put Nienna in every single video game with a character creator. You have other OCs y’know???


Teen Wolf AU - Scott isn’t bitten by Peter on the night he and Stiles go into the woods.

Stiles, of course, sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong and ends up seeing something he probably shouldn’t have. Derek just wants to make sure that Stiles isn’t going to tell anyone about werewolves (and possibly lead the Argents right to Derek’s door step) and will stay of it, but Stiles just can’t leave it alone and gets caught up in all the supernatural drama anyways.


Last night my mom called me brave because I took the medication that’s been making me nauseous all week. As I was thinking about that comment, I realized that it was probably more stupidity than bravery–and then because Gravity Falls is on my mind a lot, I wondered if maybe that’s how Stan looks at his actions–stupid decisions people mistake for bravery. So I decided to turn it into a comic that really looks awful on here but reads pretty nicely on my giant comic papers. Enjoy.


Some things exist just to be beautiful. They don’t have to make any more sense than that.

Why I don’t buy Grace liking Zig

-The way it was revealed is so obviously a lie from the staging. He just happened to walk in at the right time and we didn’t get to see Grace’s face when she said it.

-Grace had never shown any interest in ZIg as more then a friend.

-Zoe’s “I only liked Grace because I thought she liked me” it seems very fitting here. After this line was said we see Zig being nice and saying how great of a girl Grace is, making it seem like he might like her and magically she likes him.

-Things weren’t awkward after the kiss. Ya Grace was angry but things between her and Maya and her and Zig didn’t change. (Things should have been awkward but nope)

- I firmly believe that Grace is Asexual and when she didn’t enjoy sex with Zoe she assumed it was because she was straight and tried to like someone(Zig) but it didn’t work out

-The scenes between Zoe, Grace, and Zig in 1x7. Grace was ignoring Zig and seemed upset when Zig interrupted their movie night. Why would she ignore the person she likes.

What on earth did Steve mean when he said his kiss with Sharon was “late”? Was it late because he wanted to make out with her when he thought she was a nurse living next door? Was it late because he wanted to kiss her right after Peggy’s funeral? Was it late because he’s projecting Peggy onto Sharon and is thinking about how he was late for their date? Was it late in the morning? Who knows? I sure as hell don’t.


Wow, I’m so nervous right now. 

For the one and only eicinic, whom I admire a lot. Sorry for being so late D: (also sorry to give you this, it’s so shitty I want to cry). I know it is hard to tell, but it’s Bokuto and Akaashi from Eicinic’s great Adulthood AU to Haikyuu. This song really suited me at first, but then I realized it has nothing to do with their story, I’m sorry. I had to use filters on photos, bc the colors went blank. And while I have the chance I wanted to apologize one more time for all the stupid things I’ve typed yesterday on your livestream (which was awesome btw) ;-;. Have a great day!