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Narkik Weekend - Day #2  Narkik // Inukag 

From @narqueen amazing analysis: “One of the major themes of the series is the conflict of fragmented identity; this is embodied the best between inuyasha versus naraku - inuyasha, who struggles internally with the desire to be a half demon and his humanity & love for kagome, compared to naraku, who struggles physically (by constantly shape-shifting his body) to shed himself of his humanity & his love for kikyou. this literary archetype is called the shadow - a formidable opponent who mirrors the darker psyche of the hero; a character to both compare & contrast with the hero.

in fact, inukag and narkik are one another’s “shadows” - the relationships themselves are nearly-perfect contrasting mirrors of one another.”


the clamshell bra was going to happen but then i realized he still looked smashing in it and nobody needs that kind of power

there's rage in his mouth
and it's sticky on his lips
where it drips down his chin 
while he spits words he doesn't mean ;

there's love in his soul
and it's cloying sweetness
it s u f f o c a t e s him 
makes him ache for what was never his ;

there's desperation in his gut
clawing its way to the surface
tearing him apart from the inside
making him b l e e d for sacrifice ;

there's ancient power in his chest
screaming for carnage and death 
makes him numb, makes him 
                          e m p t y ;

there is evil inside the Righteous Man
  and like a coyote stuck in a hunter's trap
   he will bite and gnaw away at what makes him whole
just to be f r e e 

(image: babypumpkindean; you light up my life and help me face my fears)