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Klaus perceiving Caroline’s sublimated feelings

What I Wouldn’t Do

I’m finally beginning my Christmas requests even though there’s barely a week left until the holiday is actually here, oops

Request: This is actually combining a request for a night under the stars, with Hoseok confessing to you (from @merrabeth​), along with my Christmas AU request of him pulling you in for a kiss with his scarf from anonymous.

Genre: Pure fluff with a capital F.

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“They told me that to make her fall in love, I had to make her laugh. But every time she laughs, I’m the one who falls more in love,”

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More AA+ Localization
  • *Maya/Mayoi says something silly*
  • Naruhodo: (Good grief...)
  • Phoenix: (Geez, Maya, what the heck. That doesn't even make sense! How does it have anything to do with dolphins!?)
  • --
  • *in court, prosecutor rubs evidence and testimony in his face*
  • Naruhodo: (Ugh... this is really bad...)
  • Phoenix: (That's it, I'm screwed. Goodbye, cruel world...)
  • --
  • *after acquittal*
  • Naruhodo: *tears up* (Yes! It's finally over!)
  • Phoenix: *to the CSI Miami theme* (Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhh!!)

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I don't want AD to be Spencer's twin (or her to have a tin in general even if they aren't AD) but I'll be shocked now if she DOESN'T have a twin, just because of the airport scene and how right before that Spencer is doing something else... Although if that's the case and airport Spencer was the twin, then Spencer and the twin both have a fringe/bangs (I've seen some people say the real Spencer is the one with no fringe etc) hope it makes sense what I'm trying to say lol

Yeah I fully understand people not liking Spencer having a twin. At the end of the day I share the frustrations too.

Ugh another secret sibling
Probably raised in Radley, so it’ll be CeCe’s story 2.0, meaning AD won’t be a ruthless psychopath who wants to see the girls’ heads on a stick
Not a character we’ve known since season 1
Not a character we’ve grown to love, hence there won’t be a sense of betrayal
MORE twins?? Really? Mary and Jessica wasn’t enough?

I get all that, I truly do. And I can’t really verbalise it but I think the reason that I do want her to have a twin is because I just want to see Troian under that hoodie. She’ll slay the scene and it’ll be a very satisfying moment when it comes out. I want to see Troian, but not Spencer, under the hoodie. Spencer would break my heart. While I want a huge betrayal, I don’t want it to be THAT big where it’s Spencer. So, I find a happy medium with it being Spencer’s twin. But still, I understand and even agree with literally all of the reasons people give, against Spencer having a twin. It’s by no means a perfect reveal worthy of a 7 year story but it is pretty damn good (in my opinion)

Hey @yetanothergreyjedi, @curious-crossover-questions, how do y’all think being an artisan worked on Kesh?

I imagine that master artists or whatever would have a workshop/studio of lower status artists, apprentices, or even kids at a tyro-level working for them. All those works of art take time to create, and kids need to learn the trade somehow. You could probably have multiple apprentices instead of just one.

What were the offical titles though? The Tribe’s normal ones were  tyro, apprentice, saber, master, lord/lady, high lord/lady, grand lord/lady. Artisans probably didn’t have as many, and they probably had at least slightly different names? (Did they have guilds or councils to govern them as well?)

What happened if your master died? First off, who inherited their workshop - did they just designate a successor from among the people working for them? Were titles inherited? You might not always have family members ready to take on your role. 

Could there only be a certain number of master artisans, or could anyone set up a workshop and call themselves one? 

If your master died and you were just an apprentice, i guess there’s a good chance another workshop could take you in. Hypothetically speaking though, could such an apprentice find themselves a sponsor, set up a workshop, and self-declare themselves a master? Or would that be seen as going against social conventions too much and just get you killed asap?

Life would be so much easier if I could hate Furuya you know?



His intentions are so pure and straightforward and what the hell he’s come a long way from that kid from the start who couldn’t even fathom that there are actual people he can trust when he’s on the mound

What the fuck this made me emotional :( Polar bear just wants to be the best for this team. 


Okay but I think here lies Furuya’s mistakes lately? He’s trying to shoulder everything? Am I right? Am I wrong? WHO KNOWS, ALL I KNOW IS T-SENSEI WANTS TO RIP ME APART _(」∠ 、ン、)_

Seriously considering leaving tumblr because some of the people here are just really irritating.

I mean fine, I get it. I’m a cishet white girl with no mental problems. I’ve got the easy life. I don’t call myself depressed or anything because I get how that could be annoying and insulting and stuff.

But I got scolded for using the word “insane.” I mean, really? Has tumblr come to this? Freedom of expression? Sure. You can do porn, triggering pictures. But you can’t use the gosh darn English language as you please, nope.

I’ll admit it. Some of the feminist posts bug me. A lot of people here bug me. I see a lot of hate, considering how much people condemn it. Some of it is hate in disguise. Most of the people in minorities don’t even have to hide it.

It bugs me that I have to choose between speaking and expressing myself how I best can and not getting hate. Is that messed up or what?

TL;DR: tumblr has become a breeding ground for overly sensitive idiots.

That’s probably ableist too, but I’m too ticked off and tired to care.

  • me: I'm not going to play this game just for romance lol @ everyone else who actually forget about the main plot
  • FE14: skinship!
  • me: oh yeah... I wonder if Leo gets annoyed when his brother randomly rubs his face
  • FE14: children confirmed!!
  • me: uh that doesn't even make sense...
  • FE14: super attractive spouses!!
  • me: ugh...hoe don't...
  • me: oh my god
  • me: WHAT NO STOP PLE--
  • me:
  • FE14:
  • me:
  • FE14: ? :)
  • me: nevermind. So you say we're getting up to 9 savefiles...

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tbh the only semi reasonable reason for them all to be ok and for komaeda to have that sick robot hand is if dr3 happened months after sdr2??? but then it doesn't make any logical sense so i mean ugh

Not just that–I know we all watched Mirai-hen play out over several weeks, but the entire anime literally takes place in the space of a day. Less than a day, even.

1st Sleep (1st victim): 2 hours. 1st Awake: 2 hours.

2nd Sleep (2nd victim): 2 hours. 2nd Awake: 2 hours.

3rd Sleep (3rd victim): 2 hours. 3rd Awake: 2 hours.

4th Sleep (4th victim): 2 hours. 4th Awake: 2 hours.

5th Sleep (Naegi): 2 hours.  5th Awake: ??? hours (probably less than 3)

All in all, this entire anime takes place in a span of anywhere from 20-24 hours.

We have no definite time frame of how long it took between Naegi & Co. leaving Jabberwock Island for him to get arrested–but we do know from those emails that Hinata finds in Chapter 6 that Naegi was already being threatened with arrest during the events of DR2,

So I imagine he was arrested almost immediately after returning from Jabberwock. 

  • Producer: Tyler, if you keep talking about the radio like this, no ones gonna play your songs.
  • Tyler Joseph: ugh fine, *quickly scribbles* "the songs on the radio are okay-"
  • Producer: good!
  • Producer: .....tyler no

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Piggybacking off that other anon-do you think Mulder and Scully have ever used pet names for each other? Like I know they're emotionally challenged, but maybe one of them *cough*mulder*cough* accidentally let some cute nickname slip out. Or maybe it was a situation/comment where they could write it off as "just joking."

Anon! I have thought about this once or twice a day for the past 12 years, and I have to say, I really don’t see them using pet names with each other.

I mean, in my more sappy moments, I can picture Mulder letting a little nickname slip out… I sometimes picture them having a glass of wine with dinner and then they start to make love and Mulder might call her “baby”… But also… no… I don’t think I really see that happening?

I think if they had kept William they would have made an effort to be more openly affectionate with each other for his sake… but I still can’t see them using traditional pet names. It’s funny- in a story that I am working on, I actually have a little passage where they address this:

Mulder came down the stairs and laughed when he saw Will’s face.“What’s wrong?”

“Mom called me ‘baby’ and said I was handsome”, Will replied.

“Your mom doesn’t hand out compliments easily, Will. You should feel lucky”. Will rolled his eyes and headed upstairs. Scully started to follow, but Mulder caught her by the shoulders and pulled her back against him.

“I’m hurt, Scully” he said, wrapping his arms around her stomach and pressing his face into the side of her neck. “You never call me baby or say I’m handsome.” He started kissing the top of her shoulder.

“Mulder”, she breathed, quickly becoming distracted. “You- you know I think you’re handsome.” He moved his hands up her stomach.“And it’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever call you ‘baby’”, she finished, leaning her head back against his chest. He kissed her neck for a moment, then turned her around so she could see his pout.

 “Ok, how about I call you ‘baby’”, he teased. She raised an eyebrow. “You wound me, Scully,” he said, pulling her in for a kiss.

I will say this however- I DO feel like when they are in their more playful moments, they might call each other “honeybunch” and “poopyhead”. So, I guess that counts as pet names? Even though it’s basically a joke?


Okay okay but one final thing, and this is really the most important:
In my opinion, Mulder and Scully honestly don’t even need pet names. Think about the fact that they have a hundred different ways to say each others names. Think about Mulder pulling her in for a kiss and then gently resting his forehead against hers and whispering “Scully” in a low, intense, raspy voice. The love and respect and desire her name on his lips conveys is more powerful than anything else he could possible say.

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How is it working with siblings? Because in my school that are these twins( a boy and a girl) and when we work together they sometimes end up arguing about something that doesn't even make sense to what we are doing.

UGH, working with siblings is the absolute worst you guys. Those two are a nightmare.

JUST KIDDING!! I can safely say that Sean and Sinead Persaud are two of the best people I know, so it’s always such a treat when I get to be around them. Being apart of Shipwrecked, this year was super special because of Poe Party where we got to work together so closely. When writing together they form this little superpower- type club where they are unstoppable.

I know for Poe Party they had a combination of methods to get the script done (writing separately, together, etc) but one of my favorite memories has to be when all 4 of us were at “Shipwrecked Headquarters” earlier this year. It wasn’t a particularly memorable day or anything, but they were sitting at our table around 1 AM just in this frenzy of writing. Ideas were being thrown every which way, laptops were typing extremely fast and it just felt super exciting to be in the room with them, watching their process come together.

I think it’s safe to say that NO siblings, or just people in general, will agree 100% of the time, but they always figure out a way to get to where we need to be - and that’s what matters. Also, just in case someone didn’t know, they are not twins - just siblings.

Overall it really is such a dream group and they are all very, very talented and lovely people and I’m lucky to call them friends:)

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ugh it kills me when Misha is doing an interview and Jensen walks passed, or vice versa, and they immediately stop what they are doing to touch each other. And like sometimes it doesn't even friggin make sense because Jensen will be talking and staring at the camera and suddenly Misha we'll appear and he'll just reach out to him. Like how did you even see him? You weren't even looking in his direction? Do you just freaking sense his presence now? So deep in the dumpster. Can't even see sunlight.

LOL! Well my only explanation is that Jensen has a Misha radar and Misha has a Jensen radar. :’) 

WAIT, what if they work on scent. :O 

I joke, I joke, I’m garbage like you. :p

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Do you consider deleted scenes from star wars to be canon?

Well that depends anon. I have an extremely rigorous process for determining whether or not a given deleted scene is canon. And that process is:

Do I like it or not?

LOL okay but seriously. I usually consider deleted scenes to be apocrypha, partly because I do like some of them a lot, but several of them are also flatly contradicted by canon in its final form. And in other cases they conflict with each other.

So, for example: in ROTS, Shaak Ti has two different death scenes, both of which were cut from the final movie. But they were also both filmed, and you can watch both cut scenes. In one, she’s on the Invisible Hand at the beginning of the movie and is killed by Grievous. In the other, she’s killed by Anakin during the storming of the Temple. Which, if either, is accurate?

Then there’s something like the cut scenes with Padme’s family in AOTC. Now, on the one hand I like the idea of Padme’s family. And they do actually appear in the final film of ROTS. But I’m not wild about the specifics of those scenes. They read far too much like a modern (and rather traditional) USAmerican family, and the dynamics don’t actually make sense for the GFFA. And Padme’s parents, in particular, act more like their daughter is a traveling performer who should settle down, rather than the former Queen and current Senator of their planet. It’s honestly weird to watch.

So in that case, I generally take as canon the fact that Padme’s parents are named Jobal and Ruwee, and she has a sister named Sola and two nieces named Ryoo and Pooja, but I don’t bother much with the specifics of those scenes, and my headcanon for the family relationships looks quite a bit different than what we see in those scenes.

And then there’s something like the cut scenes in ROTS which show the birth of the Rebel Alliance - those I generally take as canon, because they really should have been in the movie, and it honestly doesn’t even fully make sense without them.