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Show: *has a character who is short tempered, has anger issues because of his childhood, is just not the type to sit down for hours and stare at a desk, doesn't like school because it's a human thing (and he's not human), consequently doesn't do well in school because he doesn't care enough to apply himself, his brothers make fun of his test scores* Tumblr: OMG LET'S HEADCANON THAT HE HAS DYSLEXIA?? LIKE THAT WOULD MAKE SO MUCH SENSE LOLOL.

Basically they just turn their favourite characters into people like them. Self diagnosed. Honestly, I refuse to believe or even think about any character’s mental state or sexuality unless it’s a big part of the show or it has been mentioned in the show. Basically when a character has bad experiences that affect their life every once in a while, SJWs feel the need to make it about illness and I think that’s because they don’t care about back story. We can see that when they write their own stories. It’s all about diversity through mental health, etc. and they end up with no story because they focus on that.

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Heyo. Is it just me or is seeing a whole bunch of accounts shit on Sakura and laugh at her cause it's "confirmed" that she's not Saradas mom annoying? Like seriously I NEVER knew the naruto fandom could be this fucking toxic. Sakura gets all the hate but then God forbid Hinata gets any hate and the whole world explodes cause of it. Doesn't make any sense at all to me why cant we all just respect each other's ships and the characters and be a normal fandom for once.

No, it’s not just you. This fandom has always been twisted like that. 

They bash Sakura for things that have nothing to do with her. 
“Omg, how cute, Naruto is comforting Sarada.” Then they bash Sakura for apparently being a failure as a mom.
*another character kicks ass* “Omg, amazing!!” *compares them to Sakura just to bash her even though her and that character have nothing to do with each other*

They bash Sakura for things that are never her fault.
“SS is abusive” They’ll bash Sakura for it. Victim blaming.
“Sasuke cheated!” They’ll bash Sakura for it. Victim blaming.
“Sarada is Karin’s daughter but Sasuke forced Sakura to raise her!” They’ll bash Sakura for it. Victim blaming.

They bash her for things that she’s supposed to be doing. 
“she is wearing the uchiha symbol omg how pathetic and desperate.” She is Sasuke’s wife. She is an Uchiha. She’s supposed to be wearing the symbol, why are they so asshurt, I don’t know.

They refuse to give her credit because it would make their asses burn. 
“So what if she punched Shin, all she can do is punch. She’s pathetic and weak. Lol look at her pretending to be Sasuke’s wife”
“She’s not even the strongest female in Konoha. It’s all just Sannin hype.”

Sakura: *breathes*

And many many more. I could go on forever. 

They’re finding every excuse to hate on Sakura, it’s pointless to even try to reason with them because their heads are so far up their asses. Sakura prevented quite a few pairings from happening and they hate for it. Sakura sort of got in the way of some pairings until the end and they hate her for that as well. Sakura didn’t suck the nice guy’s dick and of course they hate her. She offends them and makes them insecure because she stands for everything they’re afraid of. Heck, even her platonic relationships piss them off (such as her relationship with Naruto which they so desperately try to pretend doesn’t exist).

Don’t even get me started on females who hate on Sakura thanks to their internalized misogyny, or because she gets in the way of their yaoi OTPs.

Naruto fandom will never be normal. Not until these toxic people decide to stick to their words when they say “I’M DONE WITH THIS SHITTY MANGA!!!” and actually leave. They must be a bunch of sadistic losers if they’re sticking around to be humiliated like this. Serves them right though. Respect is a two way street and they can’t understand that because they’re too distracted by the burning sensation of their asses. It never goes away, Kishi does not allow it. Every time the burning subsides, Kishi flicks his zippo to light their assholes on fire again. Poor souls.