this does not look like my headcanon carlos

Fairy Godmother/Harry Hook headcanons

- He writes poetry for her, but is secretive about it (he has a whole black notebook full) cause he doesn’t want anyone, especially other guys - Carlos, Jay, Chad and Gil - to know.

- He gets put in detention by her for making cocky, snide comments in class but he’s actually lowkey flirting and trying to cover it up by acting like a jerk.

- He loves how curvy and soft she looks, even dreams about her.

- His heart feels like it’s having an arrhythmia every time she calls on him for a question but his face doesn’t show it.

- He tells Ben, and Ben thinks it’s okay but that she’d never go for it because she’s a teacher.

- Chad finds out and teases Harry (“she’s old enough to be your mom. Ew.”) like the tool Chad is. Ben tells him to back off and pulls Harry back from almost hooking Chad in the gut.

- Gil thinks it’s cool when he finds out, says she’s cute and Harry almost hooks him, again being stopped by Ben.

- Mal thinks it’s weird, Evie thinks it’s cute and is supportive.

- No one tells Jane. (Literally that’s what Evie says and stomps on Chad’s foot when he almost does).

** that’s all I can think of for now, would help if anyone had any more. This may be a fanfiction when I’m finished with my Ghost Rider one.

I have this ridiculous headcanon that carlos has absolutely zero fashion sense

like he dresses very simply and has absolutely no idea what’s considered “fashionable” or not because all he ever buys are t-shirts and jeans and of course every kind of lab coat he can get his hands on

so when he first sees cecil’s (frankly disastrous) sense of fashion he just assumes that that’s what people find fashionable these days (and of course cecil absolutely flaunts whatever he wears because HE thinks it’s the height of fashion)

and now that he’s dating cecil he finally gets to tell him how lovely he looks every day in whatever (horrendous) clothes he’s wearing

they’ll be leaving for work in the morning and carlos will give cecil a kiss goodbye and say something like “by the way, you look so nice today cecil, that tie-dye vest looks great on you”

and he walks around town with cecil on his arm like “heck yes look at my super fashionable boyfriend isn’t he gr9” and cecil is just utterly touched because no one has ever appreciated his fashion sense more than carlos does

meanwhile the entire town is just like “jfc cecil are those camo furry pants