this documentary is the best omg

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Ugh I don't want to send you hate or anything, but I hope I can help with your boredom problem and amuse you with a random fact. So here's a random fact I learned while doing homework: 1 in 5 people across 66 countries believe that there are disguised aliens waking among us. I hope your bagel is still good even though it doesn't have enough butter

omg you’re the best srsly i love alien conspiracy documentaries & the bagel was p good ngl but there wasnt enough fat for me lol

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please send anon hate to save a life. (my life)

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Name: Haley
Nickname: Haley bug, Bug a Love.
Birthday: March 24th
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Sexual orientation: idk tbh
Favourite colour: Blue
Current time: 12:27 AM
Average hours of sleep: 3-4 
Lucky number(s): 3
Last thing i googled: “Worlds largest Mexican lollipop"
Number of blankets i sleep under: 6 omg 
Favourite fictional characters: the 10th doctor, Megamind, Everyone from The Office.
Favourite books: I can’t pick tbh.
Favourite band: The Orwells, Wavves, The Growlers and Best Coast. 
Favourite famous people: do viners count?
Last movie i saw: 9/11 documentary LMAO 
Dream Job: Anything with physics idc
I tag: badillacs siennathegoat acid-daydreams orange-nite mothurs idk I just tagged my fave blogs I don’t have 10 I love you guys k bye 💗

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