this dlc makes me cry so much

When can I stop thinking about Jumin Han? ….Probably never

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hELLO i'm a fellow filo and mysme trash and i hoNESLTY LOVE YOUR ACC AAAAAAAAAAA i absolutely love your posts bc 1) thEORIES THEORIES THEORIES and 2) its a proof that the mysme fandom aint dying anytime soon bc we're all busy crying about the april fool's dlc i jUST WANTED TO DROP BY AND SAY THAT I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY !!! (btw, do you have a twitter acc? we would love to follow you!)


Yeah I don’t think the MysMe fandom is gonna die out any time soon. I’m pretty sure Cheritz is still planning to make more DLCs so that we can all suffer together even more.

I don’t use Twitter but you can follow me on my private Instagram @je.ssyy or my other account where I’m planning to hold some livestreams in the future. Haven’t really planned that one out yet, but it’s @jejemonmon_ if you’re interested :)

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Hello Hannah, You may have been asked this before but which do you think has a better storyline The Last of Us or The Walking Dead?


Okay, serious answer…The Last of Us. But it’s such a close decision, I’d probably say something different if you asked me in a week or a month. I just watched the documentary on making the game, so have a lot of fresh memories and information in my head about it. Also the DLC.

Why The Last of Us? I’d have to do the English degree thing and break the storyline down to explain why.

Emotional Investment:

I cried within the first 15 minutes, and still tear up when watching that cutscene. When Joel called Ellie ‘baby girl’, I pretty much lost it again, and I will always have that association with that phrase. I don’t cry at things easily - the last thing that set me off like this was the end scene in Pocahontas, and that was over ten years ago. From the crying perspective, it wins hands down for even affecting me that fast.


Ellie’s reactions are so similar to mine (even some word for word), that it’s almost impossible to not feel a connection to her. She’s older than Clem, more wise to the world, and has an attitude that was so beautifully acted and written that it’s difficult not to love her. There’s humor, there’s sadness, there’s a history behind her which Clem doesn’t really have, because she’s not old enough to have lived.

I connect with Clem from a protective point of view, which was enforced by Lee’s role. She was very scared, naive, quiet - so I’ve yet to really learn who Clem is as an individual without Lee’s guidance, and am still learning. I’m loving Season 2 for this reason - as the main protagonist, I’m getting to know her much more, and I’m loving what I see. The sass thrown at the pregnant lady was a massive plus point in her direction.


That game surprised me time and time again, both with wonderful plot twists and with brilliantly delivered lines - some of it is so simple and subtly done that you’re spellbound before you realize what happened. The giraffes, the car ambush, the David thing, Joel and Ellie’s history - it all meshes and flows into a complete journey and growth of a relationship that I really hope will continue in a sequel.

Walking Dead has a great plot-line too, and the choices work incredibly well for it…but it can be predictable! It’s based in a world that was already in existence - the formula is: massive drama, zombies, escape, recovery, quiet before the storm, and then drama again. It works really well for the game, and it can still surprise you - but not on the same level as 'huh, a giraffe…?’, or 'OH FUCK THERE’S A ROADBLOCK OH MOTHER OF GOD ELLIE THEY GOT ELLIE’.

(Hope that helps!)