this didnt turn out too bad :)

09.01 happy birthday jeongguk 



(there’s obviously gonna be some angst in this one)

“Earth is our home now! Isn’t it worth fighting for?”

Lapis overhears Peridot’s lax and arduous voice, slowly turning back to glance at her and takes the apprehensive expression off of her face. Her pupils enlarge quickly to some extent and takes a moment to grasp the petite gem’s proposal. She perceives Peridot, staring directly and heartfelt at her with an affectionate smile, along with her small hand conveyed as she waited for a response to her most amorous partner.

“Please, don’t do this…” she whimpers in her head. A deep sigh was heard the more she stood.  

As much as she wanted to leave, she was brusquely struck with a suffocating decision. Clasp Peridot’s hand and partake the revolt with her, or fly away and avoid the uprising, leaving her closest partner in earth and the Crystal Gems in the course. The blue gem’s fist shudders while trying to solve this dilemma, and an anxious look comes back to her again and shuts her eyes heavily. She only had a second to decide before she could suffer any longer.

…. …..

 “Forgive me, Peridot…”

 …. ….


Without hesitating, she faces away from the green gem and quickly disregards her. She ascends awfully high with her water wings and soars while still trying not to look back. But just after taking off, a tear drop leaks out of her eye and weeps soundlessly in the firmament. Even though Peridot will probably never hear her, she still murmurs her feelings as she flies away.


“I’m so sorry…”


“I really don’t want to leave you…”


“I can’t and won’t do it. But don’t worry about me.”


“I love you Peridot…”

The grin on Peridot’s face disappears solemnly as she watches the blue gem fly aloft in extreme doubt. Her hand was still brought up, only now she was reaching for her twice as much than before.

“Lapis…?” she says disbelieved. Her heart and gem slowly felt like cracking, trying to clench the fact that she was vetoed and abandoned. Something that she thought would never happen. Soon, she felt her body collapsing and crashes on her knees.           Lapis is gone now, she couldn’t be certain of it.

“She…She left us…She left me…” The green gem sniffles but tries to force herself to stop sobbing. In the end, she fails to, and her tear drops slowly plunge to the ground.

“But…Lapis, you wouldn’t…” she laments stridently. Peridot stops looking up at the sky and now down the surface. She never had to whimper about denial before, and more tears fall out of her visors the more she thought about Lapis. Was that the last time she was going to see her? It couldn’t be. She didn’t want it to be. She thought they were going to stay together no matter what. But whatever the gem war did to her, it gave her something Peri couldn’t heal. And comforting her until she felt better was what she wanted more than anything.

Her tears were finally wiped away. “It’s fine…it’s not like this is the first time something like this has happened…” The green gem looks up at the sky again and reminisces the blue gem. Lapis had flown far enough to be out of sight. She officially left the barn.

“Be safe out there, Lapis.” Peridot laments. “Please come back when this is all over…”

“I love you, Lapis.”

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Inspired by the song Somebody That I Used To Know Tony and Bucky dated for a while and then Bucky gets in an accident where he loses his arm and he gets self-conscious and breaks up with Tony, he gets Steve to get his stuff from Tony's house and he completely removes him from his life without explaining anything to Tony, Tony is devastated and doesn't know what he did wrong and after 2 years he sees bucky again

“Bucky?” Tony ripped his sunglasses off and stared up at the man who had just plowed into him. “Buck? Uh, hey.”

“Hey. Heya, Tony.” Bucky ran his right hand through his hair awkwardly. “How are you? Been a long time.”

“Its been two years.” Tony corrected. “Not just a long time. Two years. Where the hell have you been? What have you been doing? Why did you–” Tony closed his mouth and backed up a step, folding his arms. “Hows it going?”

“Its good to see you Tony.” Bucky said quietly, letting his eyes trace over Tony’s heartbreakingly familiar face, the hair he had spent hours running his fingers through, the dark eyes he had fallen in love with. “You look good.”

“You look good too.” Tony nodded, glancing away and clearing his throat. “So. You’re back in town?”

“Visiting some friends. Um Steve is–”

“Steve. Right.” Tony unfolded then refolded his arms tensly. “Steve. How are you guys doing? Still together?”

“What? No.” Bucky shook his head. “Steve and I were never together.”

“What do you mean you were never together? What about when you–” Tony looked away again. “When you moved out. He helped you. I assumed…”

“Oh honey.” Bucky looked sad all the sudden. “No, no Tony. I didnt leave because I was with Steve.”

Then why the hell–” Tony started to raise his voice but he put his hands up peacefully. “Nevermind. You look good, Buck. Glad to see you well. Guess Ill see you around.”

Tony jammed his hands in his pockets and stepped around him, heading up the sidewalk again.

Bucky watched him go, wondering how it could still hurt this bad after two years.


“Tony wait!”

Tony turned around when Bucky grabbed his wrist. “What’s up Buck?” He looked tired, tired and just worn out and way too emotional to be having a conversation in the middle of the street.

“Tony, I didnt leave because I was with Steve, or because I didnt want you anymore.”

“I cant talk about this right now.” Tony tried to tug away.


“No, Bucky!” Tony snapped. “Its been two years! Just let it go!”

“No, no sweet thing, I wont.” Bucky whispered and this time tears made his blue eyes shine. “I left because—”

He held out his left hand, the robotic one and Tony blinked down at it and then up at him.

“I dont get it.”

“I felt like half a man, Tony. I was hurt, and you had to do everything for me. I couldnt even– couldnt even hold you the way I used to, the way you liked.”

“I didnt care about that.” Tony brushed a hand over his face, cramming his sunglasses over his eyes. “I didnt care about that.”

“I know. But I did. So I ran away.” Bucky held up his left hand, curling it carefully around Tonys other wrist. “And it was stupid and Ive missed you every day. But I figured you hated me enough for leaving that you wouldnt even give me the time of day, much less…” he motioned between them. “And then after I decided to get the prosthesis, I was worried Id hurt you while I was adjusting to it and–”

“You’re so stupid!” Tony burst out. “Do you really think so little of me that I would care–” his voice broke. “I didnt hate you, but I kind of do now. For thinking we werent strong enough to handle it.”

“I am stupid.” Bucky agreed, and tilted Tonys chin up carefully. “Can we– Can I take you to dinner? Or can I come over and cook you dinner? I still remember your favorite way to cook chicken and—”

“Im a vegetarian now.” Tony sniffed and Bucky smiled slowly, wiping a tear from Tonys face.

“No you arent.”

“Fine, Im not but— but—” Tony took his sunglasses off again and jabbed them at Buckys chest. “Bucky. It killed me when you left. I loved you and I was ready to work through anything wiht you and then you just up and fucking left me! Give me one good reason I shouldnt try to knock your ass out?”

“Ill hold you the way you like.” Bucky murmured, and leaned in close to nuzzle Tonys cheek, knowing Tony had already forgiven him, because the beautiful brunette hadnt stopped touching his left arm, hadnt stopped lacing and unlacing their fingers even as he was yelling. “I remember how to do that too.”

“You’re not as charming as you used to be.” Tony snapped and Bucky finally just wrapped both arms around him and held him tight.

“Ive missed you.”

“I still hate you.”

“Thats fine. I can work with that.”

“Im going to make things miserable for you.”

“Thats fine, doll, I wouldnt expect anything else.”

“You have two years to make up for. Two.”

“Ill make up for every second, and then some. Whatever you want, okay?”

Bucky closed his eyes and tried not to cry when Tony finally put his arms around him.

“The robot arm is a little hot.” Tony admitted, his voice muffled in Buckys jacket.

“There’s my tech genius.” Bucky pulled away only enough to steal a quick kiss. “My beautiful genius. Come on. Lets go start making up for all that lost time.

Dating Minghao (svt)would be like...
  • so this was a request for svt even tho i usually do bangtan scenarios but hey the t in svt stands for talent so why not
  • minghao is one half of the blessed china line 
  • junhui and jeonghan are my biases but thats not the point
  • minghao would have this really cold front to you before you started dating
  • he would never say he hated you but it felt like it 
  • but actually he was just shy and didnt want to make a bad impression 
  • fate worked its magic you two were a couple
  • in the first month or so, he’d be really scared of you or doing something wrong to screw it up and it’d be really obvious too
  • but after that he wakes you up at 3 am to complain about his members or smth
  • despite his cold aura he’d be the shyest baby 
  • if you pointed it out he’d turn it down so quick
  • he is thughao remember children
  • he would go from yelling at the members to hugging you in 0.0001 seconds
  • aggressive hugs
  • like yall would be in a grocery store and you would be lookin at the 100 types of beans and suddenly a giant puppy is hurdling you at 500 miles per hour
  • and then squishy hugs aw
  • he would give the squish hugs when hes overcome by how much he loves you
  • or when hes had a bad day
  • he’ll just drop his bag and w/o a word just pull you into a hug and sigh
  • if he cant be with you at the moment he’ll send you a text like ‘hey babe its weird not having your annoying presence next to me’
  • but you know its just him being like ‘i miss you pls come back’
  • sometimes if he wants something he’ll pull you into his side and pepper your face with kisses and say in this cute whiney voice ‘jagggiiiiyaaaaa’
  • he wouldnt call you jagiya that much actually
  • he would give you pet names like ‘snot face’ or ‘shampoo instructions’
  • this is cliche but roasting each other all the time
  • ALL
  • THE
  • TIME
  • svt really about to kick your asses to mars and back because yall would be chilling on the couch and suddenly minghao goes
  • ‘this selca you posted looks ugly’
  • and thus the war begins
  • but in all honestly he thinks you are the most beautiful thing on earth but he’d never say it
  • not if he knew you’d hear it
  • but he tells you if he thinks youve fallen asleep 
  • also he would do anything for you
  • in a subtle way
  • its not that he doesnt care or is this big mean cold guy who is actually a softie (lmao but he sorta is)
  • but hes just s u b t l e
  • he’ll give you gifts every now and then and its the same the other way around
  • its not even really gifts it more of just ‘hey i found this while shopping today you want it?’
  • also 
  • apart from the whole cheesiness aspect of it he doesnt need to boys screaming about how theyre gonna throw up bc cute or how they wish they had a gf
  • speaking of the boys and girlfriends
  • minghao would be so quick to shut them down if they showed any sign at all of wanting to date you
  • ‘y/n looked really nice today! you’re so lucky mingh-’
  • ‘yea thats true seokmin im the luckiest and im the only one for her and-’
  • yes hao we get it 
  • he would try to teach you some words in chinese but it’d go two ways
  • 1.) he tries to teach you some dirty words and tell you to say them to jun
  • or 2.) he tries to teach you and then just laughs at your attempts
  • unless youre fluent in chinese then you’ll insult each other in two languages :)
  • or dirty talk or something idk what do couples do
  • he wouldnt tell you he loved you often
  • it was more of an occasion thing but he’d make sure you knew you were loved and appreciated 
  • even while roasting you 
  • sorry roast made me think of a toaster 
  • my friend told me about this toaster vid where the toast flies out of the toaster and ok we’re getting off track ignore this
  • his kisses would be really loving tho 
  • soft bby
  • he’s only soft for you 
  • remember hes a man of subtlety 
  • if he gets days off he’d totally fly you two to some where and empty his account bc he’s gone alot and wants to spoil you
  • in those cases his subtlety flies out the window
  • just like the toast in the toaster
  • anything you do he’ll freak out inside and praise you but he’ll be like ‘nice job babe!’ on the outside
  • but you know he’s your personal hype man all you need to do is ask and maybe give him your best attempt at puppy eyes
  • yea basically he’d be a cute bby but also a cold baby who just loves you alot

A/N: i feel like i did terrible im sorry @jungkxmh i love you -peanut 

au where isak is a young professional golfer and even is a photographer and there’s this event in the golf club and they hire even to take pictures and its all good until isak steps on the field and even cant stop taking pictures of him and then isak notices him and even lowers his camera and they just stare at each other for a long second then isaks attention is back to the others next to him. then later when they serve all kinds of food and snacks and drinks, even finds isak again through the lenses and he captures him smiling widely with a champagne glass in his hands (which he holds in a strange way and it makes even smile) and while even’s going through the pictures on his camera,isak walks up to him whispering like “why do you keep taking pictures of me?” and even swallows hard, “i was hired to take pictures” and isak looks like a child about to whine ,”yeah but its..always me” and evens hands are shaking a little, “you just,have a photogenic face” and isaks mouth closes and he furrows his eyebrows and then even’s leaving with a “im sorry, i won’t bother you anymore”. and then its late, getting dark and not many ppl stayed behind but even did for night shots (maybe more for himself than to who hired him) and then he turns around to the sound of footsteps and its isak, walking up to him with his hands in his pockets and he blows air out of his nose, “you really made sure i didnt see you for the rest of the event” and even just shrugs and watches isak stop next to him and smirk, “i was there looking all photogenic for nothing” and even raises his eyebrows, “too bad” and copies isak’s smirk, then isak bites the inside of his cheek and nods then points to the camera in evens hands “are you done?” and when even tells him yes ,isak takes it from him with a questioning look and even lets him, then isak holds it in front of his face and clicks, “sorry, youre just really photogenic” and even rolls his eyes, “im not” and isak pulls an offended face, “excuse me? im the photographer, i know my thing” and even shakes his head with a laugh and isak clicks again then evens like, “alright, thats enough, give it back” and isak chuckles,”take it” and takes a step backwards and even tilts his head to the side, “are you serious.” and isak shrugs and starts walking backwards and even follows him but then isak starts running and so does even,and theyre shouting and laughing breathlessly and isak takes a few pictures while theyre running and then he stops and even almost bumps into him and he takes the camera and isaks laughing, “that was fun” and evens like “for you!” and isak frowns, still smiling, “okay then, what would be fun for you?” ,”going home” ,and isak snorts, “right. what about the stars?” and even looks at him confused “what about them?”, then isak just. lies on the grass with his hands on his stomach and starts saying some facts and stuff, and even raises his eyebrows still standing, “you love the stars?” and isak smiles, “im fascinated by the universe” and thats what makes even lie down next to him and they stay there, even listening to isak talk and he has to sit up after a while before he does something stupid like kiss isak. then they part ways and even walks home. and when he’s printing the pictures out and comes across the ones isak took, he cant help but smile.and after finding out which one isak’s locker is at the golf club, he starts putting the pictures in there with different facts about the stars or his own point of view on the whole thing they talked about and there’s always a reply in a little creak between the lockers and even reads them every night. on the last picture he places in isaks locker there’s smth different written on it and this time he makes sure that isak’s there that exact time and he waits until isak finds it, he waits lying out on the grass where they ran to the other night, and isaks finally walking there and he’s sitting down next to even, holding the picture out to him, “lets look at stars?” he quotes the text on the picture, “its 4 in the afternoon. there are no stars” and even turns his head to look at isak, popping on his elbows, “thats weird. im pretty sure im looking at one right now” and isak rolls his eyes and pushes even back to the ground then he himself lies down too, then they lace their little fingers and soon enough they are looking at the starry sky and wishing on a shooting star. and kissing isak may or may not have been even’s wish but it happens regardless

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winnie winnie, my super winnie winnie winnie!!! ~ so happy that you're back :) i have a somewhat angsty question: what are some fights the girls have gotten into w the boys? not like super huge fights but also not something that they just brush off. something that does get rectified though or helps them grow either together or individually.

ooooh this is a good q 🤔💭!!!!!

yoongi & hoseok: i think these both would be a time thing bc i feel like they lose themselves in their work the most n therefore lose track of time often. but the way they handle it is diff like yoongi is a “sh*t, i lost track of time. sorry.” text and hoseok is a “OHHHHHHH MY GOD IM SO SORRY I DIDNT REALIZE WHAT TIME IT WAS I SWEAR I DIDNT FORGET” phone call !!! n the girls react differently too like hoseok’s y/n isn’t afraid of confrontation so she’d vent her frustrations right away & hoseok would just take the scolding bc it was his bad u kno? and yoongi’s y/n would say she’s mad but i feel like there wouldn’t be a conversation but i can see both hoseok & yoongi being rly harsh out of frustration sometimes like a “it’s not my fault that i’m busy/ it’s not like i forgot on purpose/ god why are u so mad?” response that rly turns it into a full blown fight bc both sides are like how can YOU be so insensitive towards ME n i know ppl think opposite bc of their images but i think hoseok would be more irritable than yoongi so he’d be upset longer like it takes more time for him to recollect himself after the fuse goes off & i think since yoongi is pretty rational he’d be quicker to want to reconcile when the fight is big & feelings were srsly hurt like he’d be the first to say “sorry i shouldn’t have said it like that” & explain where he’s coming from while also trying to understand where ur coming from. hoseok would get there too but it would just take more time 2 calm down especially considering that his partner is a lil hot headed too

chokeslam: jeongguk is v attentive so i don’t think they’d fight over things like him not texting her enough or not making time !!! there’s a very tiny barrier separating what u can & cant joke about and i think on some rare occasions one of them will get one of their toes across it & the other will go off like the buzzers @ a bowling alley 🚨❗️🚨❗️🚨❓❗️n it goes from lighthearted teasing to why the hell would u say that to me 😡🤒🤧 ??? but i think the climax of the conflict ends quickly once the other person realizes what they said that was hurtful n apologizes but i think the thought of it lingers for a few days especially if jeongguk is the one that went too far i think he’d feel rly disappointed n guilty bc he kinda prides himself in knowing her super super well so he’d be upset that he didn’t read the situation well or wasn’t able 2 tell that kind of thing would hurt her feelings :( he’d think abt it a lot even after she’s already gotten over it

namjoon: “…………….namjoon are u listening to me?” namjoon, on his phone: was very much not listening. u can see where i’m going with this. joon’s world is v busy n she understands that but i think she would expect him to at least pay attention to her when they’re together ?? even if she’s just complaining abt something or talking abt food she saw on instagram and ESPECIALLY since she listens 2 all of his 3am ramblings after he just had an epiphany about how life & pringles are similar “don’t make ur hand smaller to fit into the can, just like we shouldn’t make ourselves smaller to fit in w the norms of society. if u work hard enough u’ll find another solution *turns the can upside down*” if she can sit through that without losing focus then the least he can do is listen to her talk for 5 mins without letting something else take his attention !!!!! so i think that would rly make her angry 😡😡 & u KNOOOOOOOO namjoon is the type to look up from his phone like “huh ???😴” so that’d make it worse :/ & i think he’d claim that u know it’s not that big of a deal “food on insta isn’t that important anyway. u wanna eat? let’s go eat then” but it’s not the importance of what’s being talked abt but rather the importance of the person talking like ???? he should care he should listen ! especially bc there’s a rly strong emphasis on being equals in their relationship

lost wolves of winterfell : (
asoiaf/got again : it feels a bit weird to read the books after watching the show tho, some mental images of the charas have been altered in my head

i know bran shouldnt be able to stand unhelped but this started out as a doodle that was taken too far hahaha

i like how shaggydog and summer turned out, for a first time at direwolves/wolves i feel like i didnt do so bad lol

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I don't care about that woman's music nor its commercial performance. Taylor was supposed to be better than the "Plastic Bag" singer and she just stooped on her level. I'm very happy she released her music on Spotify, and I'm actually streaming it right now, but I'm not happy with the way it was done. We both know why she chose this specific day and it wasn't so she could simply show some gratitude after we bought 100 million of her records. Let's not lie to each other, we're both adults here.

so what if it’s a little petty? If we’re both adults here then we should probably also recognize that we are both petty sometimes too when people come after us. And Katy has been going for taylors wig for EVER, inserting herself in drama when she didnt need to eg. calvin harris tweetstorm and Taylor’s not said a word back, not once. Taylor talked about the story behind bad blood One Time  years ago. A person who she thought was a friend, in her eyes, betrayed her. Isnt that a universal theme, something relatable? If we’re both adults here then we have both probably experienced a “friend” turning out to be someone we didn’t expect and hurting us. 

Furthermore, the song was about Taylor’s feelings on the situation, it wasnt a personal attack. She didnt say she was gonna put KP in a casket, she didnt call for KPs retirement, she wrote about a friendship that went sour and how it made her feel like shit. There is really a big difference there. Taylors not even had a single shady social media like, post, retweet, subtweet, passive aggressive maneuver, sideways shade in a post, speech, interview, NOTHING directed at katy, in fact she never even mentioned her by name or brought the subject up ever again. Like, idk about you but i can only imagine how hard it was to continue to take the jabs and say nothing?  And then this spring hear KP continue to trash talk her, even going in for taylor’s fans? I mean? 

So if you ask me, this is nothing on Plastic Bag’s level. Now if Taylor drops a song tomorrow, which would undoubtedly go #1, okay u got me. That would be higkey petty. 

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when i was 13 a guy asked me out in the middle of class and i literally put my head in my arms for 30 seconds so i didnt have to reply right away and when i came back up i immediately said 'uhhh my dad doesnt want me dating till im18!! thats too bad' and i thought i was so terrified of dating him because i liked him. turns out i was just terrified

RFA+Saeran Just Dance HC

trustxfundxkid-jumin because im an idiot i somehow deleted your request for this?? im so sorry but this is such a cute idea!! dont kill me pls this is my first HC



  • You thought that Zen would be at work later
  • So you decided to play some just dance, its a great way to have fun and exercise!
  • Zen got off work early, “MC im ho-”
  • He gets quiet seeing you play because you dont know hes there
  • He laughs to himself when he sees the song you are dancing to is from one of his musicals
  • He blushes when he sees how adorable you look
  • He runs to where you are playing and joins in signing every line and hitting every move perfectly
  • You play for a while You pouting when you lose and Zen giving you kisses to try to make up for it
  • Eventually he turns the game off and puts on some slow music
  • You spend the night dancing away romantically
  • “That’s enough of that silly game. Let me show you some real dance moves MC~”


  • Yoosungs playing LOLOL like always
  • You, bored out of your mind go to the living room
  • You find a box of old games and inside is just dance
  • You want to play with Yoosung because nothing is more important than making your gf happy right?
  • You walk into his room and sit on his lap and look at him with big puppy eyes
  • “MC!!! Not now! The boss is gonna kill m- ahhh too late im dead.”
  • “what do you need honey?”
  • You happily drag him to the living room where just dance is set up
  • You two have an epic dance battle
  • You win most of the rounds because of his lack of stamina too many video games
  • “Yoosung, you need to go outside more” you tease him
  • “Whatever MC, Im definitely gonna beat you this round!!”


  • Jaehee wasnt home and you decided that you wanted to dance
  • Not any kind of dancing, JUST DANCE!!!
  • You were in the middle of playing a really hard level when Jaehee came home
  • “MC! Jumin let me off for a long lunch break today~!”
  • You squealed in surprise when you heard her and nearly fell over
  • You both started blushing like mad
  • You went over to her and grabbed her hand making her papers fall all over the place
  • She was reluctant at first but you managed to convince her to play
  • She got pretty competitive and ended up winning
  • “Hey MC, can we make this a regular thing? I love having this much fun with you!”
  • “Sure Jaehee, anything for you cutie.” You say as you give her a small peck on the nose


  • When Jumin asked you to move in, you figured that there would be noting fun in the penthouse
  • So you brought alot of innocent fun things, and one of the things was just dance!
  • You were especially bored one day and decided to play
  • You took Elly and played with her in your arms
  • “MC, have you seen Elisa-”
  • Jumin was cut off as he walked out of his room and saw you in an over sized shirt and really short shorts
  • He started blushing like mad when he saw how cute you looked dancing with Elly
  • You stopped when you felt a presence behind you
  • You turned around and saw Jumin there, a blushing mess
  • You immediately put Elly down and switched off the TV
  • “No MC! Put it back on!! You are so cute dancing with Ellly~!”
  • “That’s creepy Jumin, Ill put it back on only if you play with me~~”
  • He agreed to one round but it turned into a hour of dancing (with the cat too of course)
  • “MC, that was fun hahaha. Now lets get cleaned up and ill take you to dinner.”


  • Seven was busy hacking away, doing whatever he does on that computer
  • You decided to attempt to play just dance quietly to not disturb his very important hacking business
  • The first round went successful for being quiet but it was hard to play because you couldn’t hear the music
  • You attempted to continue to be quiet
  • But it turned into you blasting the music and full out screaming along to the songs
  • Seven of course heard you and went to see what you were doing
  • He jumped in, and began to scream the lyrics and dance with you
  • “Seven? w-what are you doing?”
  • “Beating you in just dance! You better pay attention to the game MC~!”
  • You epic dance battled the night away until neither of you could stand from exhaustion
  • “Not bad MC, but I, God Seven, won of course!!!!”
  • “No way, I won for sure!”
  • “Ooooo, want a rematch in the morning?”
  • “You’re on Seven! You’re going down!!!!”
  • The two of you spent the night cuddling on the couch because you were too tired to move to the bed


  • You were bored out of your mind and Saeran didnt want to go outside with you
  • So you decided to play just dance
  • You didnt see but he was watching you, blushing, while you played
  • After the first round, you turned around and saw him watching you
  • “Saeran! Come here~~!”
  • He tried to run away but you grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the living room
  • “Play a round with me pllleeeaaseeee~~”
  • He reluctantly agreed to one round
  • “See Saerean, that wasn’t so bad was it?”
  • “You know MC, since I let you play with me, its only fair for me to play with you~~~”
  • You can imagine what happened after that hehehe

Well i hope that it wasnt too awful, im sorry if it was >~<

dont hate me pls that was my first HC


starrscript  asked:

if you dont mind me asking (i hated it too) what problems did you have with the maximum ride movie? im just curious to see how your list matches up with mine :)


  • casting on every character felt extremely off
  • fang apparently turned into your absolute cliche white boy love interest 
  • the wings in general were terrible, wingspan was Bad
  • ??????
  • nudge was abducted and replaced with some angsty annoying teenager who isn’t even a chatterbox
  • the wardrobe didn’t really suit the characters/ wayyyyy too expensive looking considering the flocks lifestyle
  • the colouring in general for the movie was just. so dull. 
  • i genuinely couldn’t tell fang and iggy apart
  • the flock just didn’t feel like a family at all? just a bunch of snarky teenagers annoying each other
  • ARI
  • the iggy-and-gazzy-blow-everything-up part was an extreme letdown - although i’m more biased here because that was just a favourite part of the book for me
  • nothing about the characters pulled me in. i honestly couldn’t care less if they died
  • angel
  • fang and nudge hanging out with hawks and picking up flight patterns and etc
  • they didn’t even bother to get fang’s actor a wig like c’mon
  • pretty sure there was a lack of delicious gooey chocolate chip cookies
  • like i think there were some cookies?? but nowhere near the books standard
  • trying to make max and fang the usual cliche ya movie adaption couple when like
  • they’re 14 and dumb
  • these are not my dumb kids
  • angel’s tests just didn’t have the lab rat feel to them that the book did
  • ARI
  • there just wasn’t the sense of adventure and exploring and being chased and everything that the book had because the filming locations were limited and again
  • like i wasn’t expecting every scene from the book to be there because it just wasn’t a big enough thing but goddamn what they had was incredibly boring to look at