this didnt turn out how i wanted it too


Overwatch Festive Icons: Tank Edition!

I felt like making a bunch of icons. Feel free to use! (Just give credit please!)

Don`t see one you like? Check my other sets:

Offense | Defense | Support


Swap and Swapfell!!

im still trying to figure out how tf to draw these boys lmao


im still indecisive af on what sf!sans’ color scheme is rip


Veda and Willa went camping to Saint Greer Islands with Bella ( @crazysim-mary ) and Betje ( @similiciousims ) to celebrate the start of Autumn ♥

exit plans (when you’re feeling bold)“when you’re a kid, you don’t always know you’re being traumatized… in the end, the monsters are everywhere and nowhere at all, education is sparse, and the moment you became abused, you were more than likely on your own.”

wishful thinking- dandelion hands / hurt everything- elvis depressedly / charon- keaton henson / lifeforms- daughter / ease- elvis depressedly / magpie- the mountain goats / stage 4 fear of trying- frnkiero andthe cellabration / kept down- mother mother / anathema- twenty one pilots / get home- bastille

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Finals Week

as told by M*A*S*H

Its that time of year again

You make your checklist

Is there even enough time for this?

You schedule every minute of the week

13 hours of Calculus is totally realistic

Your friends worry. That’s your fourth cup of coffee

They say you need a break

No time for that. Must. Study.

Cue the cramming

But a quick nap won’t hurt

Uh oh. That’s your fifth alarm. It’s time.

You hope your sweat/tears don’t stain your first final

Breath. Its going to be fine.

Did you even learn this?

You start to regret skipping so many classes.

You finish…

…and smile

You’re done! You made it. You’re free!!!

Summer, here you come


bangtan bomb throwback 3/?

tjeffthebucko  asked:

Hey how about some Jeffercles(hercules/tjeff) i just really love this pairing but it's so rare :(

This took way too long and didnt turn out like i wanted it to, Oh well. :)

“I don’t know” 

Honestly, I was going to do something else, but I wanted to try out how to practice lip syncing which didn’t turn out too bad? eh??? Idk Lip syncing can be interpreted in many ways so I don’t mind this scrap being so bad and on I just more or less wanted to try something out

12 frames and I forgot the duration so here you go—hopefully this makes up for a bit on me not posting as often, tomorrow I should be though! 

rough animation is mine


well lookie whos ready for her first day of superhero uh….anti-hero? mercenary high?? all of that, but its Lady deadpool! lets just say shes ready to attend her first day of marvel superhero high, a sister school

i finished wanda a while ago and shes completely scarred and textured and made from a DC superhero girls super girl, but i didnt know how i wanted to tackle her suit but i finally did and i think it turned out great i dont want to make this description too long so if you have any questions about it just send me a message but have i told you how much i hate making teeny tiny doll gloves? because i do. her mask was also pretty complicated but i like how it turned out too

her backpack is stuffed with smaller weapons until she can get permission for open carry of her katanas from the principal ;) (aka i need to make just the perfect pair but my hands hurt)  and she instantly bonded with harley quinn and now these two goof around the school and now a made up bio for superhero high because i can

Name: Wanda Wilson

Superhero -mercenary- alias: Lady Deadpool

Super powers: super strength, extreme advanced healing, expert hand to hand combat and martial arts…and a super mouth on her..she never shuts up

Lady Deadpool: a highly trained merc for hire when shes not attending classes, wanda wilson is a spontaneous chatter box who can not shut her mouth she talks to you, to herself and to anyone or anything she can, if shes not talking shes fighting (and talking) and earning her spot for superhero of the year award, or rather anti-hero of the month award she doesnt exactly follow all the rules, she makes her own, her super best friend quickly became harley quinn and now the two are inseparable, pulling pranks and causing mayhem

(ps. im tagging everything that this is relevant to <3 )

Smile kageyama! (Stupid sons are taking a selfie)

Bonus (I didn’t want to post this one because I don’t really like how it turned out, but whatever) :

(I’ll do the rest of the characters one day… maybe.)