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angry angsty memes
  • "Stop PRETENDING that I matter to you! Stop looking at me like I mean something - this! Stop THIS!"
  • "I know. Okay? I know, but you keep looking at me like I'm some sort of wounded animal."
  • "Since WHEN?! Since when has it been okay to go behind each other's backs like that?"
  • "I thought we were friends."
  • "Oh, you really led me into that one, didn't you?"
  • "What, did you think it was funny? Making me care?"
  • "This isn't going to be okay just because you APOLOGISE!"
  • "I don't WANT our friendship! I don't WANT to work for it, I don't want ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU!"
  • "Is that it? Do I SCARE you? You think I'd HURT you - are you AFRAID?"
  • "Believe me, you don't want to make me mad."
  • "Get out of my way."
  • "Were you planning on telling me? Not now! It didn't even have to be now, but EVER?"
  • "WHERE WERE YOU? Where were you - the ONE TIME I need you, the ONE TIME I ask for help and you can't be bothered to show up?"
  • "What, and you think that this is enough for me? You think that this - whatever this is, you think this is always going to be enough?"
  • "Don't talk to me."
  • "Get out of my house."

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Ok so what if MC used to work for C&R International and Jumin before showing up into the RFA, and Jumin didn't recognize/realize it at first? How would he react when he finds out? I live for flustered Jumin, honestly.

So like…this blew way out of proportion? Like I really planned on keeping this a short and sweet scenario but when can I ever keep myself short, am I right? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this fic!


Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating: General 
Warnings: A little cursing, but that’s all
Categories: F/M
Relationships: MC x Jumin
Word count: 3800

“You’re resigning”, Jumin asked her, hands folded on the table in front of him. Jaehee nodded. “Yes, I am. I think it is time for me to leave. I’ve gathered valuable experiences over the past two and a half years, but I think I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I’ve learned enough. I want to start my own business. Nothing big, just a little cafe.” Jumin eyes her, expression stoic and untelling as it usually is. Still, Jaehee likes to think that after spending so much time working by this strange mans side she finally understands him a little bit and somehow that thought makes her proud. She knows that you are the only person that truly unravelled him, but at least she’d cracked him. “I see”, he eventually said, effectively stopping Jaehee’s train of thoughts. “I will have to make the announcement in the following meeting and find a replacement as soon as possible.”

Jaehee felt like a heavy weight was lifted off her chest. This job had been one of the most infuriating, frustrating and draining jobs she’d ever done and yet it would have pained her to know that Jumin didn’t give her the blessing to leave the company and start a new chapter in her life. In fact, she could have sworn that there was just the faintest of smirks curling around his lips and for one Jumin Han that was a big step into the right direction. “You mustn’t worry about that, Mr. Han. I took it upon myself to look through possible candidates within the company, as I see them to be most suitable. They already know how C&R International works and have experience. According to the Chief of another, smaller department there is a Chief Assistant he would highly recommend. Apparently she hasn’t missed a day of work for as long as she’s worked here until a couple of weeks ago where she took less than a handful of sick days. And even then she handed in all the work she had to do.”

Jumin listened to what Jaehee said, thinking everything over. He wasn’t particularly fond on hiring another female Chief Assistant. Even though his father had calmed down after everything that had happened with Glam and Sarah it wasn’t to say that he wouldn’t go after his next assistant. Not to mention that he was not very fond about the idea of having to explain to her – like he had to Jaehee – why she had to cut her hair, wear formal clothes at all times and fake glasses as well. It was tiring and taking away time he could spend more productively. Still, if Chief Assistant Kang believed that mans word and the girl was really that good at her job, he should probably give it a try. At least he wouldn’t have to read through a thousand and one applications and resumes. “Alright. Tell him to send me her resume. I don’t need anything but that. If I like what I read I’ll tell him as much so he can introduce her to me at the next meeting. Thank you for going through the trouble of finding a replacement for yourself. I would have found it bothersome.”

Jaehee nodded and retreated, leaving Jumin alone in his office. It was nice to have been praised and thanked for once, but she sincerely hoped that she’d actually done the right thing. Frankly Jaehee had no idea who that mystery Chief Assistant was. After she’d mentioned that she was leaving C&R international to a couple of colleagues Chief Yie had approached her. He’d started to talk about that amazing Chief Assistant he had that absolutely deserved a promotion after she’d basically doubled the revenue of her department. Jaehee was quite sure that the only reason Chief Yie had suggested the girl was because he feared she’d otherwise get his position and he’d face either demotion or being fired. Of course she hadn’t mentioned as much. After all, it was a win-win situation for both him and her. The sooner Mr. Han found a replacement the sooner she could focus on planning her little café. Chief Yie kept his position, Mr. Han had a replacement and she was free.

The next day Mr. Han called all the Chiefs into a big meeting. He planned to announce Jaehee official resignment as well as see for himself whether that girl he’d been recommended was any good. Jumin read through her resume and work performance and had to admit that he was quite impressed. Apparently she’d started at C&R at the age of sixteen as an intern. Even then, despite still attending school, she’d performed so good that she’d gotten hired by the time she turned seventeen. She worked while attending university and got her first promotion after obtaining her degree. Over the next years she’d gone on to earn one promotion after the other until she’d become the Chief Assistant of the fashion department. Her resume also stated that while fashion wasn’t her primary goal nor passion she’d learned quickly, adapted and never once complained about it. She hadn’t even attempted to change the department despite being offered a different position due to loyalty to Chief Yie.

Apparently the only reason she was considering it now was because he’d told her to and Jumin admired such loyalty and obedience. She’d make a mighty fine Chief Assistant, maybe even as good if not better than Assistant Kang. The only thing that Jumin found confusing was that he’d never even heard of that young woman. The resume was strictly work related so he neither had a name nor a picture – he rarely looked at the ‘personal’ files when looking for candidates – but this one got him curious. He’d been sure that he knew all his employees at least by name but looking at her file he was proven wrong. Despite her performance being meticulous he could not say he’d ever even seen that woman, which probably made her only the more desirable as a possibly assistant. Discrete, invisible and hard working were the perfect traits. When Assistant Kang had told him that she was resigning he’d been worried but all of a sudden he found himself feeling excited.

Everyone had gathered in the conference room, quiet rumble filling the room. It died down the second Jumin entered the room, closely followed by Assistant Kang. Silence fell as he stepped to the front of the room, everyone including his father, looking at him with anticipation. At first the meeting started like any other would. All the heads of their respective departments discussed increase or decrease in revenue, possibly reasons and solutions. Nothing overly exciting happened. Especially now that Jumin and Chairman Han had finally gotten out of the press and everything had returned to normal. That was until Jumin announced that Jaehee was leaving C&R International. There was an audible gasp amongst the others, although Jaehee knew better than to think she would be missed by any of them. She hadn’t had the time to form any meaningful bonds within the firm and frankly, she didn’t mind. It was their shock speaking. To think that anyone would ever so much as consider leaving such a lucrative job was beyond their comprehension.

That was when Chief Yie decided to stand up, announcing that he would go and get his Assistant now. Jumin have him a short nod and the older man practically shot off to go and get her. A mere minute later footsteps and quiet walking could be heard. No one could really make out the most of what was being said, but it sounded a lot like the woman was begging Yie not to do this while he was hissing at her not to be ridiculous. Jumin frowned, confused at what was going on until Yie stepped back into the room, hand wrapped around the woman’s wrist he was practically dragging along. Her long, brown hair was falling openly over her shoulders, fringe covering a lot of her face as she was vehemently looking down. She was wearing trim clothing that was both formal as well as very appealing as it showed off her perfect, slender figure and just enough of her long legs to make it interesting. Mainly because Jumin very much recognized both the body and the legs. 

Yie let go of your wrist, instead gripping your shoulders and pushing you in front of the entire room so everyone could see. It felt embarrassing, being paraded and shown off like that. Especially considering that your fiancé and soon to be husband was standing in front of you with your best friend by his side, and you didn’t even have to look up to know that they were staring at you with wide eyes and shock written all over their face. You swallowed, entire face heating up with shame as you stood in front of the entire board room of C&R International – including your soon to be father in law – with your boss swooning over how great of a worker you are and how you deserved the position. No one knew that you were that mysterious fiancée Jumin Han apparently had. Nor did said fiancé know hat you’s forked for his cooperation for even more years than his very own Chief Assistant. You really couldn’t think of a way to make this situation any more uncomfortable.

Your boss did, though. Yie had always been an idiot and poor worked. The only reason the fashion department hadn’t gone down years ago had been because of you. You didn’t even care about fashion that much, but it had been a steady job and paycheck and tuition was very expensive these days. So when he suggested for you to present the logistics of that month to the board room it wasn’t because he was proud of your hard work, but because he himself didn’t know shit about what was going on in his own department. He knew that you did, though, so now he made it your time to shine. Just a couple of months ago you would have preened and happily done so. You would have died to stand in front of the board room and present your hard work and yourself. Now though there really was no place you’d like to be less than this particular room in that particular situation. “Mr. Yie, Sir, I don’t think this is a good idea”, you whispered desperately. “Don’t be silly, girl. Just do as you are told.” Strike.

You could practically feel the anger coming off of Jumin, even from the other end of the room. He was fuming and you knew that if Yie continued to treat you the way he usually did he’d find himself without a job rather soon. “Sir, I’m begging you, please don’t ask this of me.” The man snorted, glaring at you. “Don’t be ridiculous and do your job”, he hissed at you loudly. With that he stormed off to return to his seat, leaving you standing alone in front of the presentation that had been opened up behind you. You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. If he wanted a presentation, he would get a presentation. Your straightened your back, held your head high and proceeded to look into everyones eyes before locking with Jumin’s. You gave him a short smile before all emotion was replaced by perfect professionalism as you began the presentation. You could feel Jumin’s eyes on you the entire time, filled with wonder and fascination about that new side of you he’d never seen before.

You were quick, precise and well informed. Everything about you radiated energy and strength to the point where even the most disrespectful and misogynist of the men in the room were silenced. No one dared to interrupt you, dares to speak or so much as breathe too loudly as your presence filled the room. Jumin had never found a woman more attractive in his life than he did you in that exact moment. He loved your innocent, gentle and caring side to bits and pieces. It was that side that had drawn him in. That side that had gotten him through the darkest of moments. However, this new side, the strong almost dangerous one was bordering on arousing. He could feel his heart beat faster as he listened to your every word without hearing anything at the same time. You were like a tiger and the dangerous jungle had been claimed by you and you only. 

“Thank you for your attention. I would like to use this gracious opportunity to thank my boss, Mr. Yien, for recommending me. It will be my outmost pleasure to accept the new job offer and finally get out of that pathetically taken care of department I am currently working for”, you spat, glaring daggers at Yien. Jumin gasped, surprised by such harsh words. Then his demeanour changed, melting into pure satisfaction as he leaned back in his chair, legs crossed, to watch you tear your boss apart for disrespecting you the way he did. “I’ve been working for the fashion department for many years now and never have I ever encountered a man that incompetent and lazy. He asked me to do the representation today as he himself has no idea what it is about. I researched and composed it all by myself as I have been doing for years. His workload is thrown off onto me and the other assistants whom he disrespects and sexually harasses on a daily basis.”

“You little bitch, how dare you spread lies about me like that. Have her removed”, he shouted at the security men, obviously aggravated. You merely smiled, folding your arms behind your back. His head was bright red, sweat gathering on his forehead. When the men didn’t move your smirk grew, almost devilish, as he grew angrier and angrier. “I said have her removed! Why the fuck aren’t you taking her away.” Jumin snorted out a chuckle, covering his mouth to muffle the sound. “I think, Mr. Yien Sir, the reason for that would be that they do not dare to touch the company heir’s future wife”, you explained, calmly. You knew you had the upper hand and you were enjoying every last moment. His face fell as realization dawned on him but Jumin felt no empathy at all. He’d been eager to chew him out himself, but watching you do it yourself was much, much, much more satisfying.

“When I’d asked you politely, begged you in fact, not to do this you didn’t listen. I tried to protect you, you see, as I felt sorry for your pathetic being. Now, however, you’ve lost all my compassion. I did some digging and found out that beside not working properly you also quite frequently seemed to use company money for private businesses as well as evade certain taxes, which is why you were satisfied by staying in a smaller department, as no one ever digs deep into those. Well, I did. So, I hereby declare, for everyone to hear, that in the name of C&R International I am suing you for sexual harassment at the workplace, heavy tax evasion as well as fraud. I’m not familiar with the legal system, but I am quite sure that you are facing a couple of years of prison. Now please, gentlemen, would you do me the honour and remove that scumbag from this meeting room? I would prefer not to have such useless people working for my husband-to-be.”

This time the security men didn’t hesitate. They walked over to Yien and dragged him out of the room, ignoring his cursing and screaming. The second the door closed behind them you sighed, shoulders sagging. You hadn’t planned on any of this and while you didn’t mind holding presentations those were usually prepared and practiced on your part. Improvisation had never really been your thing. The sound of a chair moving was what ripped you out of your thought and you looked up to see Jumin standing up. You swallowed, shyly looking at your fiancé who once more had one of those unreadable expressions. “Would everyone please leave the meeting room. I would like to talk to my fiancée in private, please. The meeting is over. Thank you for your participation.” It didn’t take more than that for everyone to get up, gatherer there things and hurry out, leaving you alone with Jaehee, Jumin and his father.

When you started to apologize Jumin instantly cut you off, shaking his head. When your eyes met, he was smiling at you. Actually, grinning would be the better word, bright and excited like a little school boy. You’d never quite seen him like that. “You were magnificent! The presentation was perfect and the way you took down Yien was…I dare say sexy”, he said, chuckling in a way that made the hairs in the back of your neck stand up in the best way possible. “God, I cannot believe I never noticed you before. To think that I could have had you all these years, that you were in my reach all this time. It’s infuriating. Only the more reason to be grateful that I got the opportunity to see you in your prime like this.” You blushed, smiling shyly. “I tried…to tell everyone. I really did, but I didn’t know how to bring it up.”

Jumin walked around the table and towards you, pulling you into a warm, tight hug. Hands resting on his chest you melted against him, burying your face in his chest as well. “Is that why you were so desperate to leave when you stayed at my place? Because you were worried about work?” You nodded against his chest, so relieved he wasn’t mad you felt like crying. “I wanted to tell you but…I didn’t want you to think that I was with you to ride some sort of coattail. When Yie mentioned a promotion into Jaehee position I instantly said no, but he basically forced me. I wanted to work my way to the top by myself but now -”, you spoke quietly before Jumin interrupted. “And now you’ve made it. You didn’t ride any coattails and yet coming next week you’ll be by new Chief Assistant.” You looked up then, eyes wide and questioning. You couldn’t believe it. You’d been working towards that goal for years and yet…it didn’t feel right at all. 

“But…I’m the one who encouraged Jaehee to quit. I would feel bad for taking her position.” That is when Jaehee cleared her throat, getting both of your attention. “You have nothing to worry about, MC. When you told me to quit you didn’t do so to get my position but with my best interest in mind. I know that for a fact. You told me to follow my dreams and thanks to you I am finally brave enough to do just that so you should too. I didn’t enjoy working here for the most part but you seem to really like the job and we all know that you love Jumin dearly. I think the two of you working together could work out better than any other assistant. He’ll listen to you and respect you while you’ll be able to support and help him. So please, MC accept my position. I could have not wished for anyone better to take over for me”, she said, smiling happily at the both of you.

“You heard her. Please accept the offer, my love. That way we can be together every second of the day and I’ll never have to worry about you anymore. You’ll be safe and provided if you stay by my side and even when I have to go on business trips I can take you along without feeling guilty”, he pleaded, cupping your face and caressing the tender skin with his thumbs. Your eyes locked and there wasn’t a fiber in your body that was capable of denying this man anything. Let alone when he looked at you the way he did in that moment; like you were his entire world. So you smiled and nodded, reaching out to return the tender kiss. “If it is alright with your father I’ll be happy to be your new Chief Assistant.” Of course Chairman Han didn’t mind at all. If anything he’d be delighted to get to know his future daughter in law. Everyone’s problems seemed to be solved.

Jaehee resigned officially a couple of days later and opened up her new café. You and Yoosung helped out as much as you could in your free time. You also talked Jumin into invested, not for profit but to help a good friend. The rest of the RFA had been rather shocked at the announcement but it quickly died down. No one was really surprised that you and Jumin couldn’t be apart even for a couple of hours. Admittedly Zen was fuming for another week and even showed up at C&R International just to check on you. He found you and Jumin talking over coffee you’d gotten at Jahee’s, relaxed and beaming at one another. He left without you even noticing, finally realizing that his worry was not necessary at all. Mr. Chairman quickly learned to adore you. Not only did you make his son happy, but you were also a highly competent and good worker. A real profit for the company.

The happiest, however, was Jumin. He’d never even considered asking you to be his assistant but now he couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect. He never had to fear his father making any advances. He never had to fear betrayal or having to replace you. He got to protect you while simultaneously allowing you to keep your job like you’d asked him to. You were a great worker and reduced his stress by not only cutting his workload in half, but making him relax and smile throughout the entire day. Really, he’d never been happier to go to work then when he did so with you right by his side. “Say, now that I am your assistant, should I call you Mr. Han and Sir as well”, you’d asked one day, grinning cheekily. Jumin had chuckled in reply, husky and warm in ways that caused butterflies in your stomach. “No, my love. You only have to call me that in the bedroom.” He’d winked at you before returning to his work, seemingly unaffected while your face felt like it was burning up. Oh my, working with Jumin sure would turn out interesting…and you were looking forward to every single part of it.

Okay, so I know I’m late to the party on this, and I don’t know if this has been discussed in the fandom already, but I’m gonna talk about it anyway! 

I was reading the Rick and Morty comics and in one, the family finds a dead Rick head in the garage. Of course, they assume it’s their Rick, and immediately start freaking out that they have no idea where Morty is. And Summer’s reaction is to go out in the garage and use what looks like a portal gun prototype. Which is awesome! I love that in both the comic and the show, Summers first reaction to losing her grandfather or brother is “I’m gonna do whatever it takes to save their asses!”

The weird thing is that with the prototype, originally I thought it must have been Ricks. But in the show we see his prototypes (kinda?) and they don’t look anything like this. Plus he’s not exactly the sentimental type, so why would he keep an old piece of crap that doesn’t work as well as his compact hand held one? And I don’t remember this turning up in previous comics (though I have a bad memory and don’t have the previous issues on hand, so I might be wrong about that). So I got to thinking, did Summer make that fucking thing? 

And basically, that’s my headcanon now (until I’m proven wrong). Summer (at least in that universe) had been working on a portal gun of her own behind everyone’s back. 

My mind, apparently, works in weird ways, but I have this (unexpectedly) vivid idea of Jeff Tracy (some time before the disappearance) seated at his desk, opening up an untitled message that has a snapshot of his boys attached to it - all five of them (maybe, on a mission that got even John involved, or just at a night on the town) and a simple caption - ‘CHOOSE A SON’.

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Eventhough you said Clarke didn't betray the grounders, I don't see how her plan is going to work out. Kane and Octavia are still outside the bunker so they could get killed. Grounders won't believe Kane as Saikru has ruined their reputablity (is that a word) so many times already. And if they open the bunker to let Ocativa and Kane in, the grounders could kick/punch/run their way in. I feel like the Grounders should never believe a Skaikru person ever again after this shit

I literally don’t care if the Grounders believe an Arkadian again. In all honesty, the Grounders have betrayed Arkadians more than all Arkadian betrayals combined. So like….who cares if the Grounders get their feelings hurt. 

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Hey! I don't think the problem is so much that people didn't understand how this flavor of the month works but rather the theme was maybe too 'out there' for the first flavor of the month. 'Daddy' and eruri is not as compatible as eg. erer* & daddy.

The feedback I’ve received says otherwise, I’ve seen several people already planning what they are going to do and I don’t think we have a problem at all, I wonder what makes you say we have one.

I believe any theme is compatible, people can interpret any topic as they like and in different ways, that’s how creativity works. I don’t want to explain in how many ways ‘Daddy’ can be related to EruRi, because the idea is have each person creating content about what they think the theme means and not what I tell them it means. But if you don’t understand you can ask privately and I can give some ideas, of course they will be my own ways to see the theme, but there could be many others.

Any person that still don’t understand, can message me and I’ll gladly provide guidance. Besides if someone is not agree with the topic or wants me to manage this blog on a different way is free to say it as well, I won’t promise I will do what I’m told, because after all I already have the idea running but there is still room to improve and I want everyone that wants to participate doing so.

As for your example, is because that’s the way you are interpreting the word ‘Daddy’ but I’m sure other people are thinking in other different meanings. And I really can’t know how long have you been on the EruRi fandom or if you are in here, but as far as I know this specific word is iconic for us. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ve seen reblogs and tags of all the post of this blog and I’m pretty sure people is willing to participate. So far I haven’t received any disagreement with the theme or the way this works, but again, feel free to talk if I’m wrong so I can change things accordingly.

Thanks for your comment!

5 Times the Dupain-Chengs Didn't Understand Their Daughter (+1 Time It All Made Sense)

(@chassecroise​‘s prompt for the Epiphanies Flash Exchange! Thanks to @sarahcada for betas!)



Sabine knew her daughter’s creative habits like the back of her own hand. Marinette easily got lost in the planning (taking after Sabine herself) and instantly lost track of time in the actual work (like her father, down to the way they stuck out their tongues in focus).

So one day after school started, she was surprised when Marinette came down to breakfast while unraveling the scarf she had been working on so intently just the previous day.

“I want to get this right, it’s a present for Adrien’s birthday and I want to make sure he’ll love it.” The girl said distractedly, continuing to dismantle the scarf. Her hot drink sat ignored beside her, already growing cold.

“Adrien? The new boy who is Chloé’s friend? I thought you said he’s a bully just like her.” Sabine turned from the stove to face her daughter, curious.

Marinette’s eyes widened, completely taken aback. “No, no! Well, at first I thought he was.” She fingered the rows of scarf left intact. “But he apologized, and he’s actually a much better person than I thought. So I want to make him something nice.”

“Good, I hope that means you can make peace with Chloé someday.”

Sabine had already turned back to check the eggs in the pan, but she knew her daughter was rolling her eyes.

This must have been an amazing boy to have quickly fixed such a negative first impression on Marinette.

When Marinette proudly showed off her finished work a couple days later, Sabine couldn’t help but notice that this scarf wasn’t the same one from before.

The original white scarf laid finished on the back of Marinette’s desk chair, every knit as perfect and in order as could be. In the trash bin by the desk, there were a couple false starts of scarves that were snipped and discarded. The instruction book still laid open on her desk.

The scarf that Marinette had wrapped up as a present was a bright blue that matched her own eyes.

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OH MY GOD ok so dearsheroozle was sick and requested a Sweaty Engineering!Asami and Flustered!Korra drawing and I as usual made this way harder and more complicated than it needed to be and didn’t plan it out very well at all and had to just sort of make it work and anyway here it is 


A Sight to Behold

A short 700 word drabble based on @jiyeong‘s art of KanaDia Pirate!AU. I hope this wasn’t too bad and that you enjoy it even a little!

Kanan had seen many things. She had been traveling for as long as she remembered. She lost count of the number of times her ship landed in a foreign town, and how many seas she sailed. As a result of her numerous adventures, Kanan had also seen all sorts of people.

There were others like her, pirates who roamed the sea, most of whom were greedy savages. Then there were some like her trusted crewmates, although Yoshiko was always an odd one, always in her own seemingly delusional world, yet ever so reliable when it came to battles. Equally as strange was Hanamaru. The slightly younger teen had a knack for navigating their ship, but Kanan would be lying if she said she didn’t worry about Maru often.

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I finished FE Awakening and oh boy.. It was quite something. I’ll just say again what I said about 2 hours into the game: I should have tried this series way sooner.

Well I’ll start enjoying it now! Also Lucina is my favorite. (I’m planning out a cosplay of her!)

some october advice for the signs
  • aries: slow down, and look at the leaves. really. i know it's stereotypical, but admire their slow and gradual transition to gorgeous hues of orange and yellow. they're trying to tell you something.
  • taurus: you aren't as alone as you think you are, friend. some of your old friends are thinking about you just as much as you're thinking about them. don't be afraid to dial them up.
  • gemini: people think they know you, but they're wrong. how can they know you when you don't even know yourself? don't listen to them. it's okay to be confused. it's okay to be imperfect. take your time. no one else matters you right now.
  • cancer: it's about that time, isn't it? the cold is seeping back into the air and into your skin, no matter how many layers of sweaters you wear. just like you. no matter how much you distract yourself, it's always going to feel a little chilly inside, because there's something missing. stop trying to fill it. accept it as a part of you. it's okay to make a truce with your demons.
  • leo: what are you running from, darling? slow down. take a breath. what you fear from your nightmares won't follow you here, and there are plenty of people that love and care about you under the warm glow of survival that the morning brings. snap back into reality, and remember that you are safe.
  • virgo: you're getting distant again. don't think we didn't notice. i know you still haven't realized how important you are, but i swear, you're almost there. don't let the eery october nights spook you into relapsing after you've been trying so hard for so long. i'm so proud of you. keep going.
  • libra: what happens when you drive a different way to work? or when you take a different route while walking to class? you still get there, don't you? please stop stressing so much about how it's going to work out. if it doesn't go the way you planned, it doesn't mean it won't be okay. things have a way of being double sided. you should know that. you're smart. you're at your peak this month, love, and you need to trust yourself. trust your instincts and intuition.
  • scorpio: you came, you saw, you conquered. you fought, hard, the whole time. all the way here, up until this point. and you have become this incredible, valiant soldier in the process. i'm so proud of you. but you're starting to relax. don't let your guard down, scorpio. don't get too comfortable. if you have a bad feeling, listen to it. you've trained long and hard for this, you don't deserve to lose it again.
  • sagittarius: i know your insides feel icy and rigid, but please drink as much cocoa and wear as many jackets as you need to warm yourself back up, because your cold front is giving everyone else the shivers and runny noses. we love you so much, but you can't take out your anger on everyone. direct it back into what you love doing. not in how you treat us. we just want to help.
  • capricorn: it's not all going to make sense. it's not. when something clears up, something else will shatter and cause many frustrations and problems. you're never going to get a clean grasp on why things are happening the way that they are. and it's okay. it's okay. don't be angry with yourself for not knowing. look for reasons to admire mysteries and learn to love that you'll always have something to search for.
  • aquarius: why do you keep settling? stop letting yourself believe that you don't deserve more. you've got to stop letting that cloud take residence floating over you. fall out of love with complacency and fight the universe for all of the kindness and adoration that you know you deserve.
  • pisces: it must get frustrating when no one takes you seriously. do you realize you don't have to accept it? stand up for yourself, friend! wrap yourself in as many layers as you need to keep warm from the bitter cold evenings, but don't shield yourself from the unkind words of others. eat them, and spit them back out in their direction. they will learn your wrath and you will get the respect you should have had all along.
Deleted scene from the next AOS episode (part three):
  • (As requested by @bookedbyfandoms)
  • Daisy, May, and Yoyo: *storming into room where Jemma is sipping tea*
  • May: Simmons, we need to talk.
  • Jemma: Oh, what's this all about-
  • Daisy: You and Fitz's dating advice SUCKS.
  • Jemma: *accidentally gulps down her hot tea without cooling it* Oh god, I'm sorry to hear that. I three DID ask me how it went for me and Fitz. Just how bad are things going?
  • Yoyo: I asked Mack to get some Italian food and he drove us to a Korean restaurant. When I asked, he told me that miscommunication is key to making this work! By the way, Korean food is REALLY good so...I'm not sure if I lost? Huh, maybe that step really does work.
  • May: Phil just asked if I was planning on taking a trip anytime soon. He didn't outright say it but I got the feeling he wanted me to go to a far off place and fall for some rando.
  • Jemma: How did you figure that out?
  • May: He gave me a brochure that listed places to pick up Wakanda.
  • Daisy: And Robbie got Gabe to "betray" us just so he can confess his feelings to me before he "sacrificed" himself. Then, I did what you said and told him not to sacrifice himself and we both ended up looking like stupid idiots!
  • Jemma: Oh dear...I'm sorry!
  • Daisy: That's it! No more advice from you and Fitz!
  • Jemma: Wait, wait, wait! I guess since if none of this is working, there IS one more step that I can fill you three in on. This happened a bit later on in me and Fitz's relationship but it did work!
  • Daisy, May, and Yoyo: *leans in to hear the final step*
  • Jemma: *whispers the final step so only the four of them can hear*
  • Daisy, May, and Yoyo: *surprised at the advice*
  • (cut to the lounge, where Coulson is reading his book)
  • May: *enters room* Phil.
  • Coulson: Yeah, what is it Melinda?
  • May: Come to my room, we're going to have sex.
  • Coulson: *drops book and looks at her, dumbfounded*
  • May: We need to cross the event horizon so let's go!
  • Coulson: ...I don't know how to respond to any of this.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • sequel to this post:
Imagine Edward trying To Flirt With You

Originally posted by leonsringtrick

“Uh huh,” you nodded, flipping through the case files you needed to bag this last drug lord, “and…?”

“Yes! And… and…” He started to speak, but fell silent. After a moment, you looked up to see if he was still there.

“Ed?” You asked, concerned as he stared blankly at you, “Are you okay?”

“…What? Yes, of course,” he insisted, beginning to ramble, “I just…I knew exactly what I wanted to say, but then I actually got over here and I forgot because, gosh, you’re so attractive and when I look at you my brain feels like pudding and you make me want to throw up, but not in a bad way! Of course, not in a bad way, at all. I like when you make me feel like throwing up and everything I’m saying right now should really just be in my head, but my brain doesn’t seem to want to block it out, so I’d very much appreciate it if you please asked me to stop talking.”

“Ed?” You gave him a small smile when he went silent, “You can stop talking, now.” It didn’t really matter what he said, he’d won you over already months ago.

ziam-i-love-you-forever  asked:

I was cheking your blog like always, and I remembered I have this other blog and I have this feeling that was telling me to write you, because it looks like a little piece of our hearts has broken and it's very sad. I have no words, it hit me very hard and I don't know but think he was fired. Oh Sasha, I didn't expect this, honestly, I didn't. Read you soon.

Hey babe! It’s still a whole lot to try to get a handle on. But I do think he may have refused to play ball the way Modest wanted him to in regards to Perrie. Both sides refused to blink. So maybe this is a stunt that went left? And now he’s sitting it out until he’s no longer obligated to deal with Modest. So the stunt is gonna go on longer than planned and not exactly in the way that was planned but the new team will work it all out to 1D’s advantage? I dunno. I hope so. 

It’s hard to believe Zayn would suddenly leave his boys (LIAM!!), Preston (what is his job status rn?), Caroline and Brooklyn. I know stress is the story, but he didn’t seem stressed. In fact he seemed happier than he’d been in a while. So I keep coming back to the conclusion that what we’ve been told is not the truth. 

anonymous asked:

Did you see the video someone made explaining how Lexa really didn't have a better choice? It made me think of everything that happened in a completely different way. It basically laid out the original plan and how it had already failed. Them blowing the door was just a distraction for Indras group to sneak the 44/grounders out of the back tunnels. But that plan never would've worked because cage had already moved all of the grounders. The room was empty. I'm not sure the plan was ever to

2) go in the front door and fight/kill everyone. I think it was just to create the distraction. And leave most of the people in mt weather unharmed. The plan had already failed when Lexa took the deal they just weren’t aware of it. They couldn’t have gotten any of the grounders out and they probably could’ve only gotten a few of the 44 out because the rest were on level 5 already. Lexa really didn’t have any other choice that would have been a good one because the plan had already failed.

Oh yes I did see the video. ^^ embedded above ^^ I love how they provided visuals for people to follow along with, in hopes that people would understand the timeline of the plan or the options Lexa had. I did understand, before watching this video, about how the plan was basically destroyed once the Grounders were taken from the harvest chamber. The plan was never for them to go out the front door. The army out front was supposed to be the distraction.

Unfortunately, the people that need to watch this video (the people that villianize Lexa and her choice) won’t watch it and will just stew in their anti-lexa idiocy. Some of these people will watch it then say “well she could have stayed and fought, if she really loved Clarke she would have stayed”. Then you realized – with just that statement – that they don’t understand this show, politics, war or how this show is very real world and isn’t the typical TV ‘fantasy world’ where everything is perfect. So, to me, their opinions on everything are automatically skewed and I personally don’t value them. I sometimes try to present facts or evidence to help them see an alternative perspective, but the truth is… certain people will only hear or interpret what they want to interpret. They will be set in their ways and not want to say “I see your point, I was wrong.” They will instead continue to make pointless “coulda, shoulda, wouldas” about the situation and refuse to see it any other way. (this happens with other character/situations than just Lexa btw)

Yes, Lexa could have stayed but that would have been stupid and would have resulted in HUGE casualties…and they still might not have gotten their people back. Lexa saved 1000s of warriors from being killed, ended the reapings, saved 100s of her people that were inside Mount Weather, and prevented more people from being reaped from villages. The deal Lexa made with Mount Weather was for her to LEAVE, it wasn’t for her to deliver all of the Sky People on a silver platter. The only people that would have been killed were the 44. However, we see later that the caravan that was on it’s way back to Camp Jaha was also taken, still that is less than 100 people. 

Clarke made the choice to rescue her people and to irradiate the Mountain. Yes, Lexa played a role that led up to that choice, but she didn’t force Clarke to do anything. If you look back, Lexa has NEVER forced Clarke to do anything. She provides her with lessons she has learned and Clarke can either take those lessons or leave them. Lexa never forced Clarke to leave TonDC and she never forced her to not rescue her mother (x).  Ultimately, Lexa’s lessons helped Clarke come to terms with what she needed to do and helped her rescue her people. Bellamy even realized that if they wanted to save their people, there was no other way. “They never would have stopped”.   

I actually wrote a post about “Would Clarke have made the same decision Lexa did? Save her people and leave the Grounders.” HERE. 


“You’ve fallen a long way, little giant.”

I’m sure I’m not the only one still crying rivers of tears after the finale but I thought now would be a perfect time to keep the fandom together by having a Lincoln Campbell Appreciation Week!

What is Lincoln Campbell Appreciation Week?

Lincoln Campbell Appreciation Week is an event created to celebrate and show our love for our favorite SHIELD pikachu.

The Days!

Lincoln Campbell week will run from June 13th until June 19th.

  • June 13th: Favorite Episode
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  • June 15th: Favorite Scene
  • June 16th: Favorite Character Trait / Trope
  • June 17th: Favorite Outfit
  • June 18th: Favorite Use of Power
  • June 19th: Free Day (Whatever you like)

The Rules

  • Remember to tag all posts with #lincolncampbellweek (within the first five (5) tags, otherwise it won’t show up in the tags page)
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  • Feel free to create whatever you like in order to participate, i.e. gifsets, graphics, fan art, fanfiction, etc.
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