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visualizingabysm  asked:

Do you know of any gordos I can get to from just the basic area and the moss forest? I need more slime keys but I'm lost >_>

Okay! There are three slime keys in the basic area, The Reef, and two in the Moss Blanket.

Firstly is the pink gordo from the very beginning:

Then there’s a phosphor gordo hiding in a tunnel:

And lastly for the Reef, there’s a pink gordo on ring island:

And the two locations of the gordos in the Moss Blanket:


I haven’t uploaded in a while as I’ve been way to busy with college, so here’s some of my colour study work, focusing on enlarged sections of insects and other small creatures 🐛 🐞 🐌🐜🐝 Feel free to admire my terrible painting skills! 🎨

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*


Izzy and Alec are the best we’ve got.


upping my ga(y)me


I re-cut all the NHL super slow-mo vids from the 16-17 regular season and from the first round of the playoffs.
All video and music is from those source videos from video, just re-edited to only include Penguins footage.