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Jimon Week Day 1 → social media AU [Valentine’s Day edition]

Two months following their engagement, Jace Wayland and Simon Lewis spend a very special Valentine’s Day together as soon-to-be husbands.

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My sister has a CW-verse Captain Cold pop figure that I keep threatening to steal, since he's pretty much my favorite of the few characters I like with DCTV. Recently I was in her room and on my way out I pretended to make a play for the figure. She asked me if I wanted one so much, why didn't I just buy one for myself? My answer to her was, "As in sure he'd agree, things are so much better when they're stolen," followed by me turning off the light and dramatically closing the door behind me

You just made me think of the (coldflash) fic “Tastes Better When It’s Stolen” :)

Honestly though I’m thinking you should sneak the pop figure out of her room and have it go on some adventures. Take a picture of it in the freezer (the snyptid’s natural habitat) and one of it stealing like… freaking cookies like oreos or something. If you have a pet, have it facing off against the pet. If you have snapchat, put little captions over the photos like “Snart vs. the giant meta-puppy” or whatever. A whole series. And one with you of course, maybe to start if off like “I stole him so now he’s teaching me his ways of thievery”. Hell, each photo could be a lesson in stealing.

Gosh now I actually want someone to do this and to see the final product. 

I’ve always liked Michael Keaton but for some reason this year my ‘like’ has turned into a full out crush. Why now? I’ve been watching his stuff my entire life but all of a sudden I totally want him. Weird but I’m not going to fight it. It’ll probably vanish as suddenly as it arrived. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The turning point for me
  • I had just graduated high school. Me and my steady girlfriend at the time were hitting all the grad parties one weekend around town. Everyone we new and hung with showed there faces at these events and by Saturday night we had a large group going from party to party. We ended up at a buddy of mine who was on the wrestling teams house. I'm not an athlete. I would describe my self more of an artsy type. I was lead singer/guitarist of my band and everyone would show up when we played shows. I think that's why J was going out with me. She was your typical blonde, blue eyed, perfect 18 year old who loved going out with a guy in a band. She was way out of my league.
  • It was past midnight and most of our friends had gone home. Me, J, Clyde(my friend) and two older guys who I had just met were still hanging out in Clyde's back yard. John and Matt had been on the wrestling team when Clyde was a freshman and they were Seniors. Every one was drinking and I only lived a couple of blocks over and J would just crash at my house if it came to it. As the four of them sat there laughing and drinking I went around the side of the house to urinate. I was only gone for a minute but when I returned J and Matt were gone. I was told he took her into the house to use the bathroom. I found this odd. She had used the bathroom earlier and new right where to find it. I didn't say a word though as five minutes turned into twenty. The two of them finally emerged from the house. Matt had his arm around her as they walked through the door. J's hair had been in a pony tail when we arrived but it was now out and messy. They were laughing about some inside joke. My girlfriend wouldn't even look at me. She and everyone else started to act like I wasn't even there and it kinda felt that way. I wanted to scream and yell. Start a fight. I needed to do something but the thing is I was frozen in place. Not with fear, but with lust. I was so turned on with what was happening. The one chair that was available was a high bar stool type chai r and Matt sat down. J started to tease him telling him he should give up the seat for her. "The only way you're gonna be able to sit is in my lap girlie" he replied. And she did! I was floored. They sat there touching and flirting. Neither one would even glance in my direction. This went on for awhile. I seen his hands slide up her legs as she spread them slightly for him. She would giggle and hide her face in the nape of his neck. when Matt got up to piss I took the opportunity to talk to her. "I'm gonna head home" I told J" are you coming with?" She looked down and in a soft voice replied "I'm gonna stay for a little while I think." I was in total shock and started to wander home.
  • I sat down on my porch trying to figure out what happened. I assumed J wasn't my girl anymore. We had gone out for almost a year and I new I didn't want to lose her. I looked up from my contemplating and she was walking up my drive. J was really drunk and in tears.
  • " why did you leave me there?" She sniffled.
  • "You said you wanted to stay" I replied. I mean, what the fuck?
  • "I know what I said but your my boyfriend, you can't ever just leave me like that."
  • I was at a loss for words. I was just staring at her dumbly.
  • "You could have stopped him but you didn't did you? You let me have fun with him and you seemed ok with it. Tell me right now if that's not what happened?" Tears were running down her face now. The next thing I new I was apologizing to her. I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of my own mouth. I begged her to forgive ME! She started to grin. She had me now.
  • "Whatever happens when we're together we are still together. Understand?"
  • "Yes" I replied with my head down low.
  • "Good", she took my hand and led me into my bedroom.
you’re waking/walking, dreaming- eating cake
by the light coming in from the ceiling, pieces of you
fell from the sky or maybe they’re still floating
from mirror to mirror, your flowing pink dress
that’s caught in the clouds, this dark room
that couldn’t do us justice, but we refuse to leave it-
we’re still welcome here. we never died.
they never cried. no skin was shed, nothing bled.
our bones weren’t cotton ball snow, for the seasons we lived.
the dust that they breathe are remnants of us and
all that we see is all that’s fading; we were never here.
all this is make believe. we’re waking up again.

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I thought you'd like to hear this story my aunt told me. So basically, she got married to her wife the day she turned 18. They went to the same college too. Apparently there was another girl my aunt had beef with because she came up to them while they were on a date and said to my aunt's wife, "she's a lesbian you know. And she has a crush on you too." And they both burst out laughing for maybe 2 minutes before my aunts wife could say "I hope so, I didn't want this ring to be for friendship!"

I’m screaming dbdbfbfjcjm good! At the same time shame on that woman for attempting to out your aunt. I’m glad that that happened the way it did though. What did the rude lady say after that? I wanna know!



October Skating Challenge Day 24: Favorite national team
↳ Team Japan

Kei lets the door fall shut behind him as he drearily toes off his shoes, a finger slipping through the knot of his tie. His eyes are strained and he really just wants to knock himself out right then and there to squeeze a little more time into his sleep. The final grind for the project has been grueling, and his schedule consisted of wake up, work, eat while working, work, get home, think about work. He can feel the fatigue in the tightness of his muscles, and he’s seriously wondering if he should sleep first, or eat.

He sighs, eyes barely still open, and sets his briefcase down before dragging his feet over to the couch.

“Oh, welcome back, sweetheart,” Kuroo chirps from the far end of the couch. Kei grumbles something incoherent, not enough energy in him to put up a fight like he usually does to Kuroo’s pet names. Instead, he flops onto the couch, draping himself over the cushions and fitting his head onto Tetsurou’s lap. Immediately, Kuroo has his hand through Kei’s hair, stroking languidly, as Kei’s eyes fall shut. His limbs feel dead as they remember the comfort of home, and unknowingly, Kei breathes in deep, breathes Kuroo in.

“Hey, wait, did you eat yet?” Kuroo asks.

Kei grumbles, head lolling to the side so that his cheek rests on thigh. He’s tired, this couch is way too comfortable, and he might as well sleep now.

“Tsuki, puppy, you need to eat first.”

Kei groans, brain shutting down too quickly for him to remember words. He feels Kuroo pull the glasses off for him, and then he’s turning on his side to rub his face into Kuroo’s side.

He hears laughing, a nice rumble above his ear, and then the hands are carding through his hair again, fingers massaging at his scalp.

He’s slipping into unconscious, the sweet clasp of sleep an arm’s length away, when Kuroo has to go and pull him back again.

“Hey, Tsuki, get off me. I’m gonna bring you food. Then you can sleep.”

Kei doesn’t respond, but Kuroo’s cradling his head and then he’s shifting, disappears. He feels a kiss on his cheek, and he hears clinking in the kitchen, but before Kuroo gets back, he’s asleep.


I really wanted this to have the feeling where you’re super tired to the point you can’t really move once you lay on your bed, and how you’re hungry and tired and sleepy but you don’t want to move so now you just want to be spoiled and have someone feed you. I think I got the surface level, at least. 

(( You can tell he put a lot less time and effort into Hater and Peepers than the other two. He sure did work hard to make Wander and Sylvia pretty adorable. That’s adorable! Awesome’s a lot better at drawing than I expected!))

……….Dude, remember that time someone asked if I was awesome at somethin’ and I wasn’t?!


((Though, he did have me help a bit with touching up the lines and stuff once he was done. He definetely wanted them to turn out as good as possible. Once again, that’s kinda adorable. Uh oh looks like I’m on my way too [locked in a locker town. Later!))